New openings in Singapore: June 2024

By Phyllis Leong June 28, 2024
New openings in Singapore: June 2024
Photos (clockwise from left): Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere, Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere, Abdul Rahim Anwar/HungryGoWhere
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Looking for new places to eat in Singapore? 

Singapore is home to a bustling food scene, with new establishments and fresh concepts setting up shop on our shores every month. We foodies are always in for a treat, thanks to the plethora of up-and-coming dining options to choose from. 

This June, we see the entrance of various highly anticipated eating spots: Fortuna, a brand-new Italian restaurant with some of the best pizzas around, Michelin-approved The Coconut Club’s latest outpost at New Bahru, Lola’s Cafe’s third outlet at Tampines, and more! 

Be sure to bookmark this guide for our monthly round-ups of the newest F&B businesses in town.

New openings in Singapore: June 2024

1. Lola’s Cafe Tampines 

New June Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Seasoned cafe-hoppers are all too acquainted with popular brunch spot Lola’s Cafe, which is the go-to place amongst locals for get-togethers and dates.

It recently opened its third outlet at Tampines Mall, and it occupies the two-storied space where Starbucks used to be. And just a week into its opening, snaking queues were already a common sight during mealtimes. 

The Tampines outpost follows a similar aesthetic to its Kovan and Holland Village counterparts — homely, quaint and clean. The only difference from its sibling branches is a slightly refreshed menu, with a focus on seafood and grilled meats. 

Moreover, a handful of outlet exclusives are also added to the menu, which we find incredibly delicious.

Here are some of the new dishes to look forward to at Lola’s Cafe Tampines.

2. Kebuke

New June Openings
Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

Avid bubble tea fans, we’ve got good news for you: Taiwan bubble tea chain Kebuke has arrived in Singapore! Kebuke (可不可), whose name is a play on the phrase: “Are you thirsty?”, offers a myriad of thirst-quenchers that will undoubtedly hit the spot. 

Freshly brewed black teas take the limelight here, alongside a selection of Singapore-exclusive drinks. The local specials include the decadent Biscoff black tea latte (S$5.60), refreshing rice oolong milk tea (from S$4.70) and its Proton series of fruity drinks. 

Here are our honest thoughts on Kebuke’s drinks.

3. Cocobella Lifebar 

New June Openings
Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

One Holland Village is a bustling one-stop-shop for some of the best eats in town, including the much-raved-about Warabimochi Kamakura, Fireplace by Bedrock and Ginkyo by Kinki

But if you’re looking to chill and unwind over an ice-cold dessert, there’s Cocobella Lifebar — a new spot whipping up healthy sweet treats (you might have come across its products at NTUC FairPrice). The One Holland Village outpost also marks the popular Australian coconut water and dairy-free coconut yoghurt brand’s first retail and dine-in space. 

Menu-wise, it comprises protein smoothies, coconut-based drinks and guilt-free acai bowls, all of which are crafted with nutrition in mind.

We tried a range of Cocobella Lifebar’s desserts, and these are our favourites that we’d return for.

4. Godmama Parkway Parade

New June Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Godmama is probably a familiar name to those who appreciate Peranakan cuisine. Since its inception in 2019, the Funan restaurant has gained a reputation for authentic and comforting Peranakan fare. 

Now, it has finally unveiled its second (and highly-anticipated) outlet at Parkway Parade, where it sits in a cosy and understated semi-open alcove. 

Treat yourself to an array of its well-loved Peranakan appetisers, snacks and mains, including the Parkway Parade-exclusive crayfish nyonya yellow mee (S$23.90).

For a peek at the dishes that impressed us at Godmama Parkway Parade, check out our article here.

5. The Coconut Club New Bahru 

New June Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Michelin-approved The Coconut Club has recently opened its third outlet at River Valley! Its latest outpost is situated in the up-and-coming New Bahru compound, and it’s the first of many F&B establishments to call the area home. 

Sometimes referred to as Singapore’s “atas” nasi lemak, The Coconut Club New Bahru’s outlet presents an extensive menu of signature nostalgic dishes that diners know and love — despite prices being on a slightly higher end.

There are also a handful of outlet-exclusives thrown into the mix, such as the tantalising quail goreng berempah (S$21) and savoury wagyu beef roti john (S$21). 

Here are our thoughts on its latest New Bahru space

6. Fortuna

New June Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

With a motley of high-profile pizza restaurants popping up on our shores now and then, it’s hard to pick a favourite spot. However, Fortuna is admittedly one of our top picks in Singapore, solely because of its well-crafted pizzas and amazing service

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this popular brand is the brainchild of three friends with plenty of culinary experience and training under their belt. One of whom is master pizzeria Giorgio Sorce, who is recognised as No. 87 in the world in 2023’s Top 100 Pizzas RankingsAnd boy, do the pizzas at Fortuna impress!

For a deeper dive into our experience at Fortuna, read our review here.

7. Dal.Komm Playground

New June Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Dal.Komm Playground joins the slew of hip restaurants at the Guoco Midtown compound, and it captivates with its picture-pretty dishes and moreish Korean fareIt’s a new all-day cafe Korean coffee brand Dal.Komm Coffee, which features a unique two-in-one concept, melding daytime drinks (coffee) with those of the night (alcohol). 

Food-wise, besides the usual coffee and sweet treats, you also get an eye-watering spread of dishes that are made for sharing. 

We visited the new Dal.Komm Playgound and here’s our take on the space.

8. Filo Bistro

New June Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

On the hunt for a chic date spot? Perhaps the new Filo Bistro at Upper Thomson will catch your fancy. It’s a well-furnished space sporting a modern aesthetic — it’s also bolstered with pops of wood and textures to set the mood. 

At the helm is chef Brian Yeo, a young chef who received formal culinary training in Switzerland. He even cut his teeth at two Michelin-starred Jaan. Thus, one can expect finesse in his dishes, which are also peppered with Asian-inspired fusion twists

We tried a couple of crowd-favourites at Filo Bistro, and here’s how they fared.

9. June Coffee

New June Openings
Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

If the name June Coffee rings a bell, it’s probably because you’ve heard of September Coffee — its older sibling at South Bridge Road. While both cafes are founded by the same folks (a pair of sisters), their concepts are vastly different — while the former specialises primarily in udon-based dishes, the latter focuses on hearty Italian food with a Korean-inspired twist

If you intend to head over this weekend, be prepared to queue. The cafe currently doesn’t accept reservations and operates on a walk-in basis only. 

Here’s all that you need to know about the new June Coffee at Katong.

10. Coi Je Cafe

New June Openings
Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

Why fly to Hong Kong to experience authentic Hong Kong cuisine when you can savour it right here at the new Coi Je Cafe in Chinatown? Pronounced “choi ye”, its name translates to “god of wealth” in Cantonese. 

Right from the get-go, the cha chaan teng stands out from the enclave of northeastern Chinese restaurants in the area — and it’s all thanks to its eye-catching, auspicious red hues and vibrant posters.

But despite being the new kid on the block, Coi Je has already earned its stripes for dishing up budget-friendly Hong Kong fare in the ’hood, and with a good reason.

Here’s what we tried from Coi Je cafe

11. Toast Box Takashimaya

New June Openings
Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

If you’re in town this weekend, don’t forget to swing by Toast Box Takashimaya — the third and latest addition to Toast Box’s concept stores in Singapore. It adopts a retro, old-school concept fully decked out in vintage memorabilia from the 1950s, wooden furniture and the like. 

There’s also a litany of delicious local dishes on the menu, alongside some outlet-exclusives such as the Experience sets — think sample-sized portions of local drinks and dishes — and the Waterfall drinks that are a riff off the classic tea and coffee beverages.

Before you head down to Toast Box Takashimaya, check out our review of the new space here.

12. Within The Walls

New June Openings
Photo: Abdul Rahim Anwar/HungryGoWhere

Introducing the latest entrant to join the fray of dessert places in East Coast: Within The Walls. It’s founded by 31-year-old Maverick Mok, who’s also behind social-media-famous Ang Mo Kio coffee shop Food Haus (along with his father, businessman Henry Mok). 

The joint is outfitted to look like Kowloon, Hong Kong, in the 1980s. Within The Walls is thus conceptualised around the dingy Kowloon quarters of yesteryear, which are reminiscent of older shops in Hong Kong.

Besides its ’gram-worthy interior, the desserts are something to shout about, too — in particular, its shaved iced desserts, which are served with a creative twist.

Read about the inspiration behind Within The Walls and what you should order there.

13. Har Har Chicken!

New June Openings
Photo: Har Har Chicken!

Fried chicken lovers, there’s a new fried chicken brand in town! Introducing Har Har Chicken!, a grab-and-go concept that’s located on the basement level at Bishan, Junction 8. 

It’s also a joint venture between four close friends: Founder of one Michelin-starred restaurant Labyrinth LG Han, social media personality Lennard Yeong, restauranteur Tay Jianli and investment professional Bevin Desker.

Har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken wings) is the name of the game here, and diners can savour the local dish in multiple mouth-watering variations. Think rice boxes, burgers and of course, fried chicken wings. 

Raring to try its tasty har cheong gai? Check out our reel below on our first dibs on this tasty treat. 

New openings in Singapore: May 2024

1. The Flour Department

New May Openings
Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

The Flour Department is high up on our list of favourite cafes in Singapore, undoubtedly due to its gorgeous all-pink interior and picture-perfect bakes

And if you aren’t in the loop, it’s an uber-viral bakery that’s made its mark in the F&B scene for its daring flavour combinations and unique pastries (think tomato-shaped bagels, chewy mochi buns and more). 

It’s spearheaded by head baker Julie Tay, who switches up her menu every week according to theme and seasonal ingredients, so there’s something new to try whenever you visit. 

Note that most of her bakes sell out fast, so heading down early is your best bet to try them all.

Are the bakes here worth all the hype? You’ll have to read our review of The Flour Department to find out.

2. So Do Fun

New May Openings
Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

Sichuan cuisine fans, you’ll be happy to know that Sichuan restaurant So Do Fun — a popular brand in China — has finally landed in Singapore! If you’re not well-versed with the brand, it’s a renowned “must-try” establishment on Chinese review platforms. 

Experience authentic Sichuan cuisine here, with recipes crafted by experienced Sichuan master chef Peng Ziyu. You can expect spice-laden dishes prepared with a fiery blend of chilli peppers, aromatic spices and the like — all of which bring its flavours immensely. 

If you’re planning to make a trip down this weekend, be sure to read our review on So Do Fun first.

3. Botanico

New May Openings
Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

There’s a new date spot in Singapore, and it’s none other than Botanico at The Summerhouse

A familiar name that once called the Singapore Botanic Gardens home, it has shifted to a space in Seletar Aerospace Park that contemporary French restaurant Au Balcon formerly occupied. Conversely, Au Balcon, is now at The Garage where Botanico previously sat.

Both concepts are by the prolific 1-Group, which is also behind 1-Flowerhill at Sentosa

But it’s not just the move that makes Botanico different — its menu has undergone a revamp. Where it once specialised in European cuisine, its focus is now on Asian food

We tried a couple of Botanico’s signature dishes, and here’s how they fared.

4. Bingo

New May Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Bakeries in Singapore may be a dime a dozen, but not many have captured our attention like Bingo has. 

Nestled in the heart of Joo Chiat, it’s a quaint, cosy space built by friends who share a love and passion for baking. According to them, it’s a “community centre, but cooler”, and it’s meant to be a spot where diners can bond over tasty pastries and good vibes. 

The menu at Bingo is kept lean with only a handful of choice pastries, but each one is extremely well-crafted and delicious. If you’re craving a pick-me-up, there are also a slew of coffee drinks available. 

Read about the signature bakes at Bingo here.

5. Woodlands Claypot Prawn Tampines

New May Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Hotpot stall Woodlands Claypot Prawn is probably no stranger to most, as it made its rounds on social media for, allegedly, being the first to introduce the charcoal prawn claypot concept in Singapore. 

Its signature dish is the speciality prawn broth (S$32.80), which sees juicy prawns steeped in a bubbling prawn stock. The claypot is also simmered over a charcoal fire, adding a welcome smokiness to the prawns. 

Due to its overwhelming demand and success, Woodlands Claypot Prawn has since opened a second outlet at Tampines. It’s located in a secluded industrial area, which may be a tad difficult to find.

We put its charcoal prawn claypot to the test to see if it’s truly worth the trip to the east.

6. Toku Nori 

New May Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Traipse along the bustling roads of Telok Ayer, and you’ll come across a brand new Japanese concept that’s nestled in a quaint, two-storey shophouse. 

Toku Nori is a contemporary hand roll bar featuring an impressive selection of creative hand rolls, izakaya bites and snacks. 

It’s headed by chef-owner Aeldra Leo, who is 28 years old this year. She cut her teeth working in kitchens in both Singapore and Australia since she was 19.

It’s not your usual hand roll experience here, and you’ll be treated to a unique fusion of flavours and elements in each recipe. 

Read about Aeldra’s story here and what makes Toku Nori hand rolls different.

7. Chicco Pasta Bar — Holland Village

May Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

You may have caught wind that renowned pasta brand Chicco Pasta Bar has opened its second outlet at Holland Village!

It’s a great addition to the bustling F&B scene in the neighbourhood, and one you should make a beeline for, if you’re craving hand-crafted pasta

The difference between its new outpost and maiden outlet? Chicco’s lunch sets are going for S$25 nett at its Holland Village branch, as opposed to S$25 with service charge and taxes at Telok Ayer. 

There are also new and tasty items on the Holland Village menu, such as its duck and parma ham toastie and gramigna with pork ragu. 

We paid Chicco’s latest Holland Village branch a visit and tried its new dishes — here’s how they fared.

8. 1-Flowerhill

May Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Date spots in Singapore may be aplenty, but none are quite as arresting as the newly launched 1-Flowerhill at Sentosa. It’s an idyllic multi-concept establishment by lifestyle and F&B empire 1-Group (its other restaurants include Botanico, Au Balcon and Una). 

It’s a picturesque spot that’s designed after one of French impressionist painter Claude Monet’s artworks, the breathtaking Île aux Fleurs near Vétheuil so you can imagine how gorgeous the setting is. 

1-Flowerhill is also home to three different dining concepts: The group’s signature Wildseed Cafe, an all-new Wildseed Bar & Grill and French-Japanese restaurant Camille

We give you the low-down on 1-Flowerhill and what to expect when you’re there.

9. Wo Wo Dian

May Openings
Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

Famous Chinese restaurant Wo Wo Dian has landed in Singapore! The local outpost is nestled in the basement of Raffles City and has drawn long queues since its much-anticipated opening a week ago. 

The highlight of the restaurant is its fluffy, steamed sourdough buns, which are prepared with a century-old recipe that’s been passed down through the generations. The process entails organic flour blended with a fermenter starter to create the brand’s pillowy and tender skin, which is then wrapped around juicy fillings. 

There are also a range of Sichuan specialities if you prefer. Think — a fiery, red-hot firecracker chicken dish, boiled pork belly with spicy sauce, classic mapo tofu and more.

Here are our thoughts on Wo Wo Dian.

10. Toby’s Estate

May Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Good news, beloved Australian coffee roaster Toby’s Estate has reopened its flagship outlet at Robertson Quay!

If you recall, the stalwart coffee brand announced its temporary closure in a Facebook post on Mar 23 — leaving many coffee enthusiasts disappointed. 

Now, after two months of renovation works, Toby’s Estate is finally back in business. And as part of its revamp, the cafe has gotten a sleek new makeover, albeit with a moodier look.

Its well-loved brunch favourites are back on the menu as well.

Drinks-wise, there’s a new locally inspired pandan waffle coffee flavour, which is an ode to our Southeast Asian roots. It oozes nostalgia with every sip, and it’s one of our favourite brews here. 

Check out our thoughts on the upgraded Toby’s Estate space and if it’s worth the visit

11. The Coup

May Openings
Photo: Abdul Rahim Anwar/HungryGoWhere

Joining the fray of lively watering holes in Chinatown is The Coup, a one-of-a-kind hidden bar tucked away in an Ann Siang Hill basement. 

It’s helmed by ex-Shopback head marketer Jeremy Lim, who also has a hand in opening two of the buzziest bars in town: Moonstone and Almost Famous

His latest concept, The Coup, promises boozy craft spirits, ferments and good vibes — it’s the perfect place to let loose after a long day of work.

Tantalising appetisers on its food menu also pair very well with the drinks, with hits such as the smoked chorizo glizzy with housemade pickles, tender slow-cooked beef short rib and juicy Japanese oysters.

Here’s a peep into this new hidden bar, The Coup.

12. Tan Xiang Cai Shi

May Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

For a blast of the past, dine at Tan Xiang Cai Shi — an 80’s-inspired, old-school coffeeshop at Chai Chee that’s opened by Mediacorp artiste Ben Yeo

It’s a retro, ’gram-worthy kopitiam that’s designed after old-timey wet markets, spruced up with rustic wooden signs, colourful backdrops and vintage memorabilia. Don’t miss out on a photo op when you’re there! 

There are also seven exciting food stalls to choose from, all of which serve a variety of local cuisines. But the headliner is none other than Tan Xiang Charcoal Fish Head Steamboat, which serves up flavourful fishhead steamboat and other zi char-style dishes

Here’s a first look at the bustling kopitiam.

13. Cote

May Openings
Photo: Cote Korean Steakhouse

Enjoy authentic Korean barbecue at Cote, a famous Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse at Como Orchard. The brand hails from New York and this marks its first international outpost overseas. 

The concept is a combination of American-style dining and Korean barbecue, where prime cuts are the focus. So those with a penchant for meat, you know where to head to.  

And for a hearty gogi (which translates to meat in Korean) platter, you can savour the signature Butcher’s Feast, which comes with four different premium cuts of beef, condiments and side dishes.

Check out our review of the steakhouse here.

14. La Table D’Emma

May Openings
Photo: La Table D’Emma

There’s a new French restaurant in town and it’s La Table D’Emma. A lively new dining spot along Club Street, it serves authentic Alsatian cuisine that is sure to tantalise even the pickiest of taste buds. 

The restaurant is also affectionately named after the chef Michael Muller’s wife, Emma, who is his muse and the love of his life. It’s a gorgeous space that promises warm hospitality and good food — both of which are must-haves when eating out.

If you haven’t tried La Table D’Emma’s Alsatian fare yet, here’s our take on what to order when you’re there.

15. Nook

May Openings
Photo: Nook.Nowhere

Not sure where to go this weekend? Check out Nook, a new multi-concept establishment in Duxton that whips up European-Asian fusion cuisine

The space is uniquely designed, where it boasts an industrial theme thoughtfully accessorised with contemporary elements and artwork done by Nook’s in-house artist. 

The kitchen is led by chef Koh Han Jie, who’s served at Le Amis, Ce Soir, among others. Here, expect to tuck into dishes served with a creative twist (psst, check out our video to see what we ordered!) and expertly crafted cocktails.

Tune in to find out if Nook is worth the visit.

New openings in Singapore: April 2024

1. Ume Maru

April Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Ume Maru — the sibling concept of quirky hidden speakeasy Ume San 100 at Fortune Centre — is the latest entrant to join the fray of bars at Far East Plaza.

This time, the joint is sequestered behind a row of bookshelves filled with hit Japanese novels, manga and graphic magazines. At the core of the brand, it’s a modern izakaya that showcases hearty Japanese-inspired comfort food and hand-crafted cocktails

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, you’ll be drawn to its beverages, many of which are inspired by popular anime and manga.

Read about our review of Ume Maru here.

2. L’Antica Pizzeria De Michele

April Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Pizza fans will be eager to know that world-famous pizza brand L’Antica Pizzeria De Michele has finally landed on our shores!

This “It” restaurant is one of the most highly-anticipated openings in Singapore. Alongside a 150-year legacy, it has received compliments from top chefs around the world. 

Even culinary legend Gordon Ramsay has called the brand as a “temple of pizza”! 

But if you were hoping to get your hands on a cheesy slice or two, you may have to wait your turn for a while longer. Last we heard, it’s already fully booked out, but you can check its site for last-minute cancellations. 

Luckily for us, we managed to snag some seats. Here’s our honest review of the pizzas.

3. The Masses

April Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

The Masses has relocated to a new posh spot in Capitol Singapore. Since its move, the location exudes a more elegant and refined ambience that’s perfect for romantic date nights and intimate gatherings  — unlike its former, smaller home at Beach Road.

The new outlet also presents a new-and-improved menu, which sees creative spins on classic dishes.

For starters, there’s the legendary C&C&C&C&C&C, which was previously unveiled with 5 “C’s” (crab, caviar, chorizo, confit lemon and capellini pasta) seven years ago, but now includes the sixth: Clams. There’s also the elevated kueh pie tee, which is served in dusty squid-ink-stained shells. 

Read about our dining experience at The Masses’ new outlet

4. Swiss Butchery

New April Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

In the mood for hearty meat platters? Then, make your way to Swiss Butchery’s newest flagship and retail dine-in outlet at Holland Village — also named House of Swiss Butchery. 

Seats are usually filled up in the evening, thanks to its extensive menu of quality meats and seafood at an affordable price. 

But what makes its flagship outlet so special? Besides shopping from a range of ready-to-eat items, you can pick from premium cuts of meat and have the skilled butchers prepare them for you a la minute, as you savour them at the dine-in area. 

You’ll get to choose between gourmet cuts, housemade hams, artisanal sausages and more, depending on your preference and budget.

Read about Swiss Butchery’s newest flagship outlet and what to expect when you’re there.

5. Gu:um

New April Openings
Photo: Gu:um

Chef Louis Han of one-Michelin-starred contemporary Korean restaurant Nae:um, is back with an all-new, casual grill concept Gu:um (which means to “cook over fire” in Korean). 

It’s not your average, run-of-the-mill Korean barbeque place — instead, it prides itself on grilled Korean dishes served with a modern, flame-kissed twist. Dishes are prepared over a charcoal grill in an open kitchen and you can catch the chefs in action as they deftly whip up your food. 

Expect to be treated to a quality lineup of meats and seafood while you’re there. Dessert-wise, there are also innovative takes on traditional Korean street snacks, such as roasted sweet potato with smoked vanilla ice cream and hotteok with burnt honey ice cream

Here’s our take on the food at Gu:um:

6. Mashi no Mashi

New April Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Good news for fans of beef ramen, Mashi no Mashi has landed in Singapore!

If you haven’t heard, Mashi no Mashi is a hit Japanese ramen concept from the WagyuMafia collective of restaurants, founded by chef Hisato Hamada in 2019. Today, it boasts outlets in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Jeddah.

After much anticipation, it has finally opened a local outpost in Guoco Midtown. Its launch has garnered a besiege of eager diners, all excited to try its 100% wagyu beef ramen — even us included. 

You’ll want to dive straight into the ramen menu when you’re there, which spans the likes of the Ultra wagyu ramen, wagyu tsukemen and others. 

Read about how the food fared at Mashi no Mashi.

7. Sake+

New April Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

If you’re in the central area, check out Sake+, a brand-new restaurant with affordable Japanese food in Somerset@313.

It’s the latest concept by Fish Mart Sakuraya, a household name that carries premium Japanese groceries and serves Japanese cuisine at four outlets across the island. 

The food at Sake+ is prepared with soul and flair while marrying Japanese and Italian cuisines. There’s even a value-for-money omakase promotion from S$48 per diner that runs from 12pm to 10pm daily, though it requires a minimum order of two portions or more.

Check out various signature dishes on the Sake+ menu before you head down

8. Shinrai

New April Openings
Photo: Shinrai

Those working in Telok Ayer can pop by new sushi izakaya spot Shinrai for post-work drinks and tasty Japanese bites. It’s founded by chef-owner Desmond Fong, who’s also the brains behind omakase restaurant Sushi Yujo at Amara Hotel in Tanjong Pagar

Besides a gorgeous, dark interior fully decked in neon lights and bright light boxes, Shinrai also presents modern, jazzed-up Japanese dishes that are a notch above what you’ll find on a typical izakaya menu. 

Think premium seafood chawanmushi with caviar, hotate with foie gras sushi, ebi with mentaiko and more. Classic maki sushi, grilled and skewered items, as well as affordable lunch sets, are also available on the menu. 

Check out what we thought of Shinrai

9. SG Kopitiam

New April Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

SG Kopitiam is a new makan spot at Bukit Merah that’s unlike your run-of-the-mill coffee shops — instead, it boasts a thoughtful curation of quality hawkers from popular brands. 

For instance, there’s the highly-raved bak chor mee brand No. 25 Minced Meat Noodle, which is spearheaded by a former chef from Burger & Lobster, as well as beloved Korean food chain Jin Kimchi Express. There are also a variety of cuisines and traditional local delights to savour. 

Here’s what to expect from the new SG Kopitiam at Bukit Merah.

10. Croissand Cafe

New April Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

There may be no shortage of aesthetic, ’gram-worthy cafes in town, but one that we’ll certainly return to is the newly launched Croissand Cafe

It’s a casual 23-seater joint at City Gate that’s helmed by an ex-Hilton executive chef. It’s also a family business, where he runs the cafe with his wife and daughter

And as its namesake suggests, expect to sink your teeth into an assortment of loaded croissant sandwiches, pasta and desserts. Some highlight items are the smoked salmon avocado croissant with salmon roe and scrambled eggs, Japanese-inspired carbonara, castella skillet pancake and more.

11. Ne Ne Neko 

New April Openings

Paya Lebar is home to a plethora of well-loved restaurants and bars, and recently joining the fray is newly opened Japanese izakaya spot Ne Ne Neko

Wondering how it got its cutesy name? Ne Neko’s mascot is an adorable cat, and you’ll find the motif plastered all over the storefront. But it’s not just cute cats that will draw your attention at Ne Ne Neko. The place also boasts a hybrid concept, where it’s a cafe by day, and a lively izakaya bar at night

The menu is extensive, too — you’ll be delighted with classic Japanese dishes such as dons, tempuras, otsumami (sharing plates), robatayaki (grilled meat and vegetable skewers) and of course, sake. 

Check out some of the highlights on Ne Ne Neko’s menu:

12. Daily Beer

New April Openings
Photo: Daily Beer

Chicken fanatics will be ecstatic to know that South Korean chimaek (fried chicken and beer) maestro Daily Beer has opened its doors at Telok Ayer

Founded in 2014 in Korea, it’s an insanely popular fried chicken brand that has garnered the approval of various South Korean celebrities, including the likes of Exo’s Xiumin and even the cast of hit Korean variety programme Running Man.

It currently boasts over 370 outlets in Korea, and its Telok Ayer outlet marks its first international outpost in Singapore. 

Besides quality craft beer and finger-lickin’ good fried chicken, you can also tuck into beloved Korean street food classics, such as tteokbokki and fish cake soup.

Check out Daily Beer’s latest outlet in Singapore here:

New openings in Singapore: March 2024

1. Keen’s Bagelry

New March Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Have you heard? Keen’s Bagelry — one of the best bagel shops in town — has just moved to a brand new location at Asia Square! 

Foodies are undoubtedly familiar with the brand, which was formerly located inside curated lifestyle market Curbside Crafters. However, it bid goodbye to its original location last year on Dec 23, and we were all sad to see it go.

Now, Singapore’s best bagel brand is back and better than ever, calling Asia Square Tower 2 its new home. And as with before, it operates as a takeaway kiosk, but there are free seats around the compound. 

There’s also a new bagel item on the menu, which is a must-order dish if you’re a chicken lover.

Here’s our full take on the much-loved bagels at Keen’s Bagelry.

2. Dirty Supper

New March Openings
Photo: Dirty Supper

There’s a new hip supper spot in town, and it’s none other than Dirty Supper. Tucked away in the quaint Tiong Bahru estate, it’s an all-new supper club that took over where the now-shuttered Bincho at Hua Bee used to be.

It’s helmed by chef-owner Peter Smit, who previously cut his teeth at other famed restaurants such as Sago House, Adrift and Underdog Inn. Here, he showcases his love and flair for the grill, dishing up delicious small plates featuring unique cuts. 

You’ll also enjoy savoury cocktails, such as the wagyu boulevardier — comprising wagyu fat-washed rye, Campari and vermouth — a best-seller at the bar. 

With all its pizzaz, is Dirty Supper worth the trip down to Tiong Bahru? Here’s what we thought of it:

3. Summer Bliss

New March Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Looking for a new dessert spot? Then, you have to swing by viral cafe Summer Bliss — also known as Jing Ze Bing Tian — a new dessert spot at Kinex with kawaii animal-themed treats. 

For those who’re unfamiliar, the brand hails from Chengdu and has over 500 stores in China. It finally landed on our shores in March, bringing vibrant, cute-core desserts to locals and foodies alike.

Some stand-out items are the panda ice tube dessert, soy pot bliss and Oreo avalanche cake. The little ones may also enjoy its eye-catching assortment of ice-cream flavours that feature different animal creations. 

We headed down to Summer Bliss to try its desserts and see if it’s worth the hype. Here’s how it went:

4. Swensen’s Unlimited

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Swensen’s

Swensen’s holds a special spot in our hearts, especially when it’s a go-to restaurant for special occasions and celebrations. 

If you’ve ever fantasised about sinking your teeth into its indulgent ice cream all day, now’s the best time to do so — the new Swensen’s Unlimited buffet features free-flow ice cream with over 48 signature flavours!

Those craving something more substantial can tuck into its line-up of classic Swensen’s dishes and a fresh seafood selection. With a smorgasbord of delicious items to tuck into, expect to walk away with a satisfied belly and a bright smile on your face.

Read about Swensen’s Unlimited international buffet here.

5. Jakarta Ropang Project

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

For authentic Indonesian fare in Singapore, check out Jakarta Ropang Project, a new entrant at 111 Somerset. It’s helmed by a young 27-year-old who ventured into the F&B scene to share the hearty flavours of Indonesian gastronomy with Singaporeans. 

The menu is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, spotlighting various classic dishes that are unique to Indonesian cuisine. We tried a couple of its signature items, such as the crowd-favourite sop bakso and ayam bakar — and boy, were they delicious. 

Here’s our review on the cafe, and if it’s worth making a trip to town.

6. Chateraise at Bukit Batok

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

There is a new unmanned dessert shop in the west and it’s none other than Chateraise at Bukit Batok. This is its first fully automated outlet — sans hovering members of staff — that is open 24 hours a day, throughout the week. 

All you have to do is download the Chateraise Singapore app, register for an account, scan the relevant QR code at the automatic gantry, and you can enter the store. Take your pick of Chateraise’s bestselling sweets at your own pace, and head out when you’re done. 

The system will automatically process purchases through your linked payment method when you’re exiting through the gates, which makes checking out super fuss-free! 

The new outlet also has exclusive desserts that you can munch on — read all about them here.

7. Onggii 

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

If Korean food is up on your list of must-have cuisines this weekend, visit the brand-new Onggii at Suntec City! The restaurant is founded by the same team behind the hugely viral Sotpot in the same mall. 

According to the founders, Onggi is a haven for “heartwarming Korean comfort food” with dishes that impart “Korean soul flavour”. This refers to classic, tasty dishes that comfort your soul, such as broths, soups, stews, and others. 

Some of its signature dishes include gomtang (which comes in beef, pork, chicken and ox-bone variations), suyuk (boiled meat) and jjigae (stews). 

If you’re spoilt for choice and not sure which dish to go for, here’s our list of recommended items to try at Onggii.

New openings in Singapore: February 2024

1. Rustica

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Rustica

Rustica is a new restaurant at Lavender that executes wickedly delicious dishes made with local produce — which is highly underrated for its freshness and variety. The team highlights organic, locally sourced produce through its farm-to-table concept and delivers dishes with a creative twist

For instance, the laksa puff draws inspiration from tau pok, a quintessential ingredient in laksa that pairs well with the rich gravy. Even the humble fish soup is elevated — this sees a mangrove red snapper steeped in glass noodles and a milk broth.

Here’s our take on the innovative menu at Rustica.

2. FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay 

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay isn’t your run-of-the-mill supermarket. In fact, this one-of-a-kind grocery store offers customers an exclusive experiential shopping experience, especially with its outlet-exclusive “you pick, we cook” service. Expert chefs will whip up your choice of seafood or beef, on the spot! 

The supermarket also houses an in-store cocktail bar,  where shoppers can imbibe on FairPrice Finest’s premium range of beers, spirits and wines right after purchase. Unique to the bar is also a line-up of creative local-themed cocktails, which reflect familiar flavours such as pandan cake, ondeh ondeh and kueh salat

Read all about our experience at FairPrice Finest’s newest experiential supermarket

3. Prefer

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Prefer

We love initiatives with a cause, and Prefer is a new local bioflavours startup that aims to offer consumers the option of a more sustainable cuppa  — specifically, bean-free coffee.

The brand is backed by a dynamic duo who believes developing coffee variants through fermentation can tackle issues of supply, rising costs and carbon emissions. 

Their solution? To upcycle by-products from local companies (think bread, barley grains and more) and blend them with a secret ratio. The ingredients are then fermented and roasted in an oven to bring out the right flavours and aroma of coffee

You can read more about Prefer’s initiative here.

4. Bar Cicheti 

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Popular pasta and bar joint Bar Cicheti has finally reopened its doors. For those who’re not in the know, this iconic Keong Saik date-spot underwent a makeover early last month. 

Right from the get-go, you’ll notice that the interior is much more vibrant and snazzy now. Decked in crimson red, it’s an upgrade from its old look, which was clad in understated browns and blacks. 

The newly minted Bar Cicheti also comes with a revamped menu that incorporates new dishes, as well as timeless classics that regulars know and love. 

Looking for a new date spot in Singapore? Then, read about our review of Bar Cicheti here.

5. Fourgather

New Openings Singapore
Photo: Abdul Rahim Anwar/HungryGoWhere

Craving authentic Thai fare? Swing by Fourgather, a new cosy spot at Amoy Hotel that serves up delicious Thai dishes and great vibes. The eatery is founded by four friends who wanted to create a space where diners could gather and chit-chat over tasty food. 

It’s a modern restaurant that dishes up modern Thai favourites, such as the refreshing Thai watermelon salad and moo koop foon (roasted pork rice). There is also a variety of booze and drinks on its beverage menu, which is great if you intend to kick back and unwind with your pals this weekend.

Here’s a look at the restaurant and some of the dishes that we tried.

6. Market Bistro

February Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Singapore’s very own Wall Street — our Central Business District or what we call the CBD — is rife with trendy establishments, but the newly opened Market Bistro is top on our list of lunch spots this month. 

Located at Marina Bay Financial Tower 3, Market Bistro is a fast-casual outfit by the group behind Eleven Seventeen Capital, which has a range of thriving F&B accounts in its portfolio such as Meadesmoore, Fat Belly (FBG) and Elixir Coffee and Wine

Proteins are the stars of the show here and they come through in the form of well-executed poultry and seafood dishes. For the budget-conscious, there are also lunch sets and daily happy hour promotions starting from just S$10. 

Read about what to expect from Market Bistro here.

7. Allora Ristorante & Bar 

February Openings
Photo: Allora Ristorante & Bar

On the hunt for a new date spot in eastern Singapore? Italian joint Allora Ristorante & Bar will be right up your alley with its sprawling space, minimalist-modern interior and delectable fare. 

Located at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, the concept is spearheaded by chef Stefano Sanna, who has a decade of culinary experience across the globe — in Italy, Egypt and Michelin-starred spots in Shanghai. 

Allora combines culinary styles from Northern and Southern Italy, so you’ll find tantalising dishes synonymous with the regions, in the form of freshly fired pizzas, artisanal pasta, antipasti, and mains.

Read about our experience at Allora Ristorante & Bar here.

8. Fatt Choy Eating House

February Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Up next on our list of the latest eats in Singapore is Fatt Choy Eating House, nestled along the bustling Haji Lane and conveniently located across from popular beer stalwart Good Luck Beerhouse

This new concept is created by those behind Good Luck, who also had a hand in the now-defunct mod-Sin izakaya The Kongsee. Local comforts take centre-stage at Fatt Choy, with classic Singaporean items reinvented with a modern spin. 

Diners will find some dishes familiar, as it has brought back several popular dishes from the former The Kongsee menu. 

Is Fatt Choy Eating House worth a visit? Read our take here.

9. Jiak Kim House

February Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Remember the good ol’ days when we used to party at Zouk at Jiak Kim Street? Well, the former hit nightclub has completely undergone a revamp and has been taken over by the new restaurant Jiak Kim House

The latest concept by The Brewerkz Group has preserved the familiar street name as a nod to the vibrant nightlife history that its former occupant bore, but instead of a boozy nightclub, it’s now an opulent dining spot.

Jiak Kim House’s menu spotlights Asian flavours intertwined with contemporary elements, such as the Singaporean-favourite bak ku teh reimagined into a herbal tea macchiato — now, how interesting is that?

We swung by Jiak Kim House, and these are our two cents on the swanky new restaurant.

10. Warabimochi Kamakura

February Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

If you haven’t heard of Warabimochi Kamakura’s highly-anticipated opening at One Holland Village, you’re probably living under a social media rock. 

Japan’s famous warabimochi specialist has opened its doors in Singapore to overwhelming fanfare, bringing its cult-favourite warabimochi beverages and sweets to our local shores. This Singapore outpost marks its first foray into the Southeast Asian market; the outlet currently operates as a takeaway kiosk only

Its desserts and drinks have constantly been sold out on a daily basis since its opening on Feb 3, so you should hop over early if you plan to get your hands on an item.

Check out the highly-raved warabimochi drinks and sweets at Warabimochi Kamakura.

11. Wildfire Burgers

February Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Wagyu beef fanatics will love Wildfire Burgers, a cult-favourite local brand that is famed for its artisanal burgers since 2015. The restaurant has just undergone a recent revamp and now operates out of a single flagship outlet at Robertson Quay. 

The highlight of Wildfire Burgers’ menu is the signature wagyu patties — made from award-winning Stone Axe beef — that are charcoal-grilled over Japanese binchotan charcoal and hickory wood to achieve a mouth-watering smokiness. 

The juicy patties are then stuffed between butter-toasted brioche buns that are specially made by local artisan bakery Brera.

These dishes are our favourites at the refurbished Wildfire Burgers.

New openings in Singapore: January 2024

1. Acoustics Coffee Bar 

January Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Beloved Acoustics Coffee Bar at Neil Road has opened its second outlet at Owen House! 

Its new location sits in the heart of Farrer Park, which is also home to throngs of popular cafes in the area — think Cafe Ren and coffee spot Hey Slow Joe, among others.  

A number of dishes on its menu are specially curated by 2023 Masterchef Singapore finalist Mandy Kee, who clinched third place in its most recent fourth season. 

Her creations include the Asian-inspired nasi bakar and pandan tiramisu, both of which are elevated takes on local flavours. We tried both the outlet-exclusive items and cult-favourite coffee beverages at its new outpost.

Here are our thoughts on Acoustics Coffee Bar’s menu.

2. Jjeong’s Jjajang

January Openings
Photo: Gaelmaine Hoong

If you’ve missed the comfort food from popular Korean food stall Jjeong’s Jjajang, it has set up a full-fledged restaurant at Killiney Road! 

Not only does the 55-seater space have more breadth to accommodate more diners, but it has also expanded its menu to include a larger variety of dishes. New items such as army stew and kimchi bibimguksu are some of the highlights. 

For those on a budget, there are also affordable weekday lunch sets that start from S$7.90. It includes the best-selling jjajangmyeon, tangjjamyeon and tangsuyuk, among others.

Here’s a look at the new restaurant, as well as what to expect from its expanded menu.

3. Vernacular Coffee

06 ev-vernacular coffee-ice cream sandwich-hungrygowhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

There are no shortage of ’gram-worthy cafes in Singapore, the one that’s caught our eye recently is the newly opened Vernacular Coffee

Its indulgent ice-cream sandwich has made waves on social media, for it’s a unique combination of decadent ice cream stuffed between two crispy sheets of pastry. Viennoiseries are also up for grabs, such as its buns and danishes. 

It’s tucked inside the former Singapore Badminton Hall along Guillemard Road. Coffee fans might recognise this space as one that previously housed the flagship location of Brawns & Brains Coffee, one of the more popular roasters in Singapore. 

Check out what we tried at Vernacular Coffee.

4. Kwaa Song Bakeshop

04 ev-kwaa song bakeshop-boat quay cafe-pastries-hungrygowhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

If croissants are always on your mind, you’ll need to check out Kwaa Song Bakeshop. It’s a new, all-pink patisserie at Boat Quay with tantalising bakes. It operates as a takeaway concept for now, with no seating. 

Its namesake is catchy, too, and a cheeky double entendre. The term “kwaa song” sounds similar to the French pronunciation of the word “croissant”, or a Hokkien term which means “look until you’re satisfied”. 

Double entrende or not, one thing’s for sure, we were thoroughly satisfied with its pastries! 

Here’s our in-depth review of the Kwaa Song bakes we loved.

5. Ami Patisserie

Ami Patisserie
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

One of the most highly anticipated openings of the year is Ami Patisserie, a new dine-in cafe at Orchard that is opened by acclaimed pastry chef Makoto Arami. 

It first made its debut as an online store in July 2021 and quickly gained a cult following for its gorgeous desserts. We can easily see why — Makoto’s intricate sweets and viennoiseries are clear showstoppers and also incorporate the season’s best, fully utilising the freshest fruits and vegetables for his desserts. 

Here’s what we think about Ami Patiserrie’s space and menu.

6. Twenty Loaf Toasties

Twenty Loaf Toasties
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Have you ever tried a bak kwa sandwich? If you haven’t, hurry down to Twenty Loaf Toasties at Northpoint City to try this tasty creation! 

Opened by the team behind Bee Cheng Hiang, this new brand boasts bite-sized grilled toasts with local flavours such as rendang chicken and avocado. Each toastie comprises a heap of ingredients slathered between crispy bread, so you get a good explosion of flavours and textures with each bite. 

It’s also a takeaway outlet, so feel free to grab a hearty sandwich before rushing off to work or school. 

Here’s what to expect from the menu at Twenty Loaf Toasties.

7. Eat Pizza

03 ev-eat pizza singapore-hungrygowhere
Photo: Eat Pizza

If you’re a Korean culture enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that the next big Korean brand that’s landing in Singapore is none other than popular pizza chain Eat Pizza. Known for its iconic rectangular-shaped pizzas, the brand has close to 100 outlets around the whole of Korea. 

Eat Pizza’s first local outpost is located on the first floor of the buzzy PLQ Mall at Paya Lebar. As part of its Singapore launch, the brand is also introducing Singapore-exclusive flavours, such as kimchi bulgogi, sweet potato and crispy potato bacon.  

Every slice takes only five minutes of preparation time before it’s ready to be served, so it’s perfect for those who love their food fast and quick. 

Here’s a look at the other flavours on the Eat Pizza menu.

8. Sotpot

sotpot suntec city
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Here’s yet another Korean spot that’s got everyone on social media in a tizzy — Sotpot at Suntec City. Said to be one of the first few restaurants in Singapore to specialise in sotbap (also known as pot rice), Sotpot was founded by Korean native James Lee, a serial entrepreneur who has worked with other Korean cuisine brands in Singapore. 

Diners can savour its signature sotbap dish which comes in flavours like beef woodae (special marinated barbecued beef) or spicy cockles, or opt for its phyunbaeg jjim (steamed meat), a healthy, steamed dish which we haven’t seen elsewhere in Singapore yet. 

Here’s our take on the best dishes to go for at Sotpot.

9. Ginkyo by Kinki

Ginkyo by Kinki
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Why book a flight to Japan when you can experience the sights and flavours of its matsuris (Japanese cultural festivals) at Ginkyo by Kinki?

In case you’re wondering, it’s a sister brand of the ever-popular Kinki Restaurant + Bar at Collyer Quay and joins the exciting lineup of prominent F&B outlets at the new One Holland Village.

Ginkyo is a contemporary concept that is inspired by the annual Icho Matsuri “Gingko Festival” in Tokyo, which celebrates the autumn season. If you’re a fan of Japanese festivals, you’ll enjoy its menu which embodies the spirit of celebration and oneness.

We tried some of Ginkyo’s signature dishes, and this is how they fared.

10. KEK Seafood Punggol

KEK Seafood Punggol
Photo: KEK Seafood

Looking for a homely zi char-style restaurant to take your loved ones to? Household brand KEK (Keng Eng Kee) Seafood has just opened its third (and most photo-worthy) outlet at Punggol Safra. 

The 160-seater establishment is designed to reflect its storied history of serving fresh, delectable seafood dishes to locals in Singapore. Besides the various ’grammable spots in the restaurant, diners can also look forward to various outlet-exclusive dishes such as a new grilled seafood platter drizzled with KEK Seafood’s homemade sauce — yum! 

Check out the IG-worthy spots at KEK Seafood Punggol.

11. Sichuan Alley Capitol

05 sichuan alley-capitol singapore-braised pork ribs noodle-hungrygowhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

If you’re a fan of Sichuan food, you should make a beeline for Sichuan Alley’s brand-new outlet at Capitol Singapore. It’s a snazzy, vibey new spot decked in traditional bamboo trimmings and hanging lanterns. 

You’ll find well-loved classics such as the B-52 fried chicken, Sichuan Alley’s take on the classic la zi ji, also known as a firecracker chicken, and Sichuan hot red beef. Oh, don’t forget the Sichuan sour vegetable fish, which is a spicy fan-favourite item. 

From now until the end of March, the restaurant is also offering an opening promotion where guests can enjoy a complimentary homemade iced americano or iced lemon tea with any dish ordered.

The promotion is only applicable to its Capitol Singapore outlet. 

Read more about the Sichuan Alley Capitol Singapore promotion here

12. Hey Kee

02 pl-hey kee-bus stop-hungrygowhere
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

What is it about retro cafes that we can’t get enough of? Perhaps it’s the nostalgia and longing of the yesteryears that we gravitate towards. 

If you’re looking for a slice of the past, you’ll love the newly opened Hey Kee — an old-school restaurant located along Guillemard Road. Despite being relatively new, it’s already garnered quite a bit of attention for its interior and mouth-watering dishes. 

The eatery is a culinary partnership between Keith Kang — the founder of Yang Ming Seafood and Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe — and restaurateur Reuben Chua, who introduced Chinese chain Yun Nans to our local shores. 

We went to the restaurant to see if it lived up to the hype, and here are our thoughts on the place

New openings in Singapore: December 2023

1. Good Gai

New December Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Have you tried the best Thai fried chicken in town? Well, Good Gai at Aperia Mall dishes up the yummiest fried chicken that we’ve ever had!

This new concept marks a culinary partnership between the team at Thai Supermarket and Folks Collective. It functions as a takeaway kiosk, where diners can easily order and go. 

Look forward to authentic Thai fried chicken prepared with a medley of housemade Thai blends. The menu is straight-forward with only four signature items, with each fried dish executed to crisp, golden-brown perfection. 

Here’s a look at Good Gai’s menu.

2. Ju Xing Home

New December Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Michelin-awarded Ju Xing Home has arrived in Singapore! Originating from Hong Kong, it’s a much-lauded Chinese restaurant that has welcomed various popular Hong Kong celebrities such as Alan Tham, Raymond Lam and more. 

Nestled in the bustling basement level of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, this is Ju Xing Home’s first outpost on our sunny shores. The menu is intriguing, comprising classic Cantonese stir-fry dishes elevated with Sichuan flavours. 

Chinese cuisine is one of our go-tos, so we had to visit this restaurant and give its highly-raved dishes a whirl.

Here are our thoughts.

3. Don Don Donki Tiong Bahru

New December Openings
Photo: Don Don Donki

Who can resist affordable and tasty Japanese food — made even better when it’s conveniently located near an MRT station? Well, definitely not us, so imagine our excitement when Don Don Donki announced its 17th outlet at Tiong Bahru! 

The outfit is located at the third floor of Tiong Bahru Plaza, just a stone’s throw away from Tiong Bahru MRT station. If you’re in the vicinity and on the hunt for cheap Japanese grub, this is the place to go. 

Don Don Donki Tiong Bahru also boasts a nostalgic retro theme and new moreish treats. Such additions include inari sushi dishes and maguro steak skewers.

Here’s what you can expect from its new store.

4. The White Tiffin Fusion

New December Openings
Photo: The White Tiffin

Peranakan-inspired restaurant White Tiffin has launched a weekend Peranakan lunch buffet at Hotel Faber Park. It’s a new concept by the brand, where the folks roll out a hearty lunch spread of its best-selling Peranakan dishes. 

There is also an extended Western menu on weekdays and after weekend lunch hours. 

Dishes that will entice even the pickiest of eaters are White Tiffin’s signature nyonya kuehs, nasi lemak and prawn paste chicken wings. There are even do-it-yourself stations where you can prepare your own nyonya laksa and rojak. 

If you’re not yet convinced that the lunch buffet is worth a weekend trip, check out our review here.

5. Miracle Coffee

New December Openings
Photo: Miracle Coffee

Remember when Miracle Coffee — Mandopop celebrity JJ Lin’s homegrown coffee brand — had a pop-up cafe in Singapore? Eager fans were excited to get their hands on the milky creations by their favourite Chinese singer. 

The drinks-only pop-up outlet was located at Marina Bay Sands’ Rain Oculus space outside the museum and opened last December.

A year on, Miracle Coffee has finally declared its permanent residence at the ArtScience Musuem! You’ll find the new outlet indoors in the lobby. 

The menu has also expanded to include heartier, all-day items, as well as two new beverages: Milky Dream and Milky tiramisu.

Here’s a look at the cafe menu

6. Canopy Changi Village

New December Openings
Photo: Canopy Changi Village

Looking for a cosy spot to bring your loved ones and furkids to? Canopy at Changi Village is one of coastal Changi’s latest entrants and the newest establishment to join the Canopy slate of eateries. It’s also pet-friendly.

It’s a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can enjoy the cooling breeze and seaside view as you tuck into familiar Western staples at its alfresco dining area. There is also an air-conditioned indoor space.

Food wise, there are a host of mains to choose from, such as brunch items and dishes inspired by local flavours.

Here’s our two cents on the new Canopy restaurant.

7. Nana Bunsik

New December Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

If you can’t book a flight to Korea just yet, fret not — you can savour the toothsome flavours of the Land of Morning Calm right here in Singapore. 

Nana Bunsik has opened its first physical restaurant at Newest Mall. Founded in late 2020, it was formerly a home-based business known as Nana K Pot. Kimbap, tteokbokki and jjajang (black bean) noodles were on its menu.

 Fast forward to this year, Nana and her partner Jackie decided to move to a physical space, where they could serve the same crowd favourites to a bigger crowd.

And what a smart decision that was, for we tried some of its signature dishes and were quickly impressed.

Here’s what we tried at Nana Bunsik.

8. Cuo Cuo You Yu

New December Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Craving a comforting bowl of bak chor mee? We’ve got you covered. 

New bak chor mee brand Cuo Cuo You Yu has some of the best Teochew-style noodles around, what with its springy noodles and bouncy fish meatballs. 

Despite being one of the newer entrants in the F&B scene, the brand has quickly won hearts for its aromatic bak chor mee. It has also expanded to six outlets located at Kopitiam food courts all over the island, such as Punggol, Paya Lebar and Yishun. 

For a bowl of well-executed noodles, Cuo Cuo You Yu should be next on your list of must-visit spots. 

Check out what we tried at one of its outlets.

New openings in Singapore: November 2023 

1. Martin’s Kitchen

November Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

For fusion fare done right, Martin’s Kitchen is a must-visit spot that should be on your list. It’s the latest outfit by Armenor Collective, which is behind other contemporary concepts such as Armenor and Chapter 3. 

At its helm is chef Cheng Wei Liang, who cut his teeth at various prestigious establishments, such as Super Loco and Ce La Vi. 

The joint offers something unique to the culinary scene, chiefly its fascinating blend of flavours from Hakka, Mexican and European cuisine. But the true highlight here is its modern interpretations of traditional Hakka classics. 

Check out our thoughts on the new establishment here.

2. Patisserie Cle

November Openings
Photo: Patisserie Cle

Patisserie Cle is the place to go if you’re looking for pretty entremets crafted by Michelin-starred pastry chefs that are priced affordably. This homegrown brand is helmed by two aspiring young pastry chefs who had worked at Michelin-starred establishments. 

As part of its fifth anniversary, Patisserie Cle is setting up two new outlets: A flagship takeaway concept at River Valley and a dine-in cafe concept at Dairy Farm. The former opened just a few days ago, while the latter is slated for launch sometime in December. 

Some creations to look forward to include a cow-shaped vanilla mousse treat that’s exclusive to the Dairy Farm outlet, as well as an apple nutmeg cake unique to the River Valley store.

Find out more about the two new openings here.

3. Talad Thai Banana

November Openings
Photo: Talad Thai Banana

If you’re unable to travel to the Land of Smiles presently, fret not. Talad Thai Banana is bringing authentic Thai flavours to you with its variety of cronchy Thai snacks!

Situated at the basement level of AMK Hub, the brand offers the likes of fried banana fritters, sweet potato balls and more. If you can’t decide on one, there’s also a mixed favourite option that combines all of its popular treats in a bag!

We hear the queues are insane, so if you prefer not to vie with residents, Talad Thai Banana can also be found in the Thai Supermarket at Aperia Mall. 

Check out the myriad of fried snacks at Talad Thai Banana.

4. Little Teahouse

November Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

If dainty, kawaii-looking dim sum is up your alley, then you have to add Little Teahouse to your itinerary of must-visit eateries in Singapore. Think animal and fruit-themed baos — how adorable is that? 

Founded by the folks behind Soup Restaurant, this new eatery dishes up 35 handmade dim sum varieties from S$2.90. The new opening is part of Soup Restaurant’s 32nd anniversary celebrations.

To mark its launch, diners get 20% off all dim sum items until Nov 30.

Take a look at the yummy menu at Little Teahouse.

5. Food Junction Westgate

November Openings
Photo: Food Junction

To mark its 30th anniversary, Food Junction has opened its 30th outlet at Westgate! It touts a whopping 12,346 sq ft space that can accommodate up to 400 diners. 

The eatery also plays host to 23 different tenants — 18 stalls and five kiosks — that include a slew of halal establishments. 

Of the 23, you’ll find a couple of familiar names, such as Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient HJH Maimunah, Shanghai Fried Xiao Long Bao, East Coast Lagoon Prawn Noodle and others. 

Read about the new Food Junction Westgate here.

6. Guerlain Cafe with Nesuto

November Openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

For gorgeous pastries with an elevated twist, check out Guerlain Cafe with Nesuto — a pop-up concept by Japanese-French patisserie Nesuto and luxury fragrance brand Guerlain. This is the first culinary partnership between both powerhouses, and one we’re incredibly excited about.

The cafe brings a myriad of outlet-exclusive mousse treats that are inspired by the timeless elegance of Guerlain. Every dessert is crafted to perfection, which is expected of the talented chef Alicia Wong. 

You might want to make a beeline to the outpost stat, as the pop-up cafe will only run until Dec 17. 

Read our review to see how the different entremets we tried fared.

7. Tim Hortons

November Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

You’ve seen it all on the news: Canada’s most famous coffee chain has set up its latest outpost in Singapore! 

A little background information: Tim Hortons was founded by hockey star Tim Horton in 1964 in Ontario. Before long, the coffee shop quickly expanded to become one of the most popular brands in the country. It can now be found in 5,700 global locations — and now it’s in Singapore, too.

For a preview of what’s available at the new Tim Hortons outlet, there’s an array of brews and donuts to choose from (Timbits, anyone?). The latter also features Singapore-exclusive flavours that are designed for the local palate. 

Here’s a peek at the Tim Hortons outlet at VivoCity.

8. NY Chargrill

November Openings
Photo: NY Chargrill

Savour smoky wood-fired grilled meats with a picturesque view at NY Chargrill, the latest Western concept at Changi Airport. The cosy restaurant is set against the backdrop of Jewel’s iconic rain vortex and features a barnhouse-inspired decor. 

Diners can grill their own meats, with an option of wood chips, to jazz up the meats in five tantalising varieties. Think apple, cherry, hickory pecan and mesquite wood — all of which lend a distinct flavour profile to the proteins.

Different cuts of meats and seafood are available on the menu, which can be ordered a la carte. There are also pre-determined set meals for fuss-free ordering. 

Here’s what to expect at NY Chargrill.

New openings in Singapore: October 2023 

1. Paik’s Noodle

October Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Popular Korean-Chinese chain Paik’s Noodle has opened its first outlet at Suntec City! This eatery hails from Korea and is fondly referred to as ‘Hong Kong Banjeom 410’ (read our article to find out what the number represents). 

And if the name sounds a tad familiar, that’s because it’s the sister concept of Paik’s Bibim — a casual bibimbap establishment that’s been in Singapore since 2013. Korean celebrity chef Paik Jong-Won is the mastermind behind both outlets.

Similar to the Paik’s outlet in Korea, the Singapore menu features a range of beloved Korean-Chinese dishes, such as tangsuyuk, jjamppong and others. 

Here’s a look at what we tried.

2. Three Little Coconut

October Openings
Photo: Three Little Coconut

Mr Coconut has rolled out a new coconut-themed cafe at One Punggol! Unlike the regular Mr Coconut stalls that operate as takeaway joints only, this is a full-fledged dine-in outlet. 

Besides the well-loved coconut beverages, the cafe also serves a host of inventive coconut-centric desserts — some boasting a unique, local-inspired twist. Some creations to look forward to include coconut cheesecakes, croffles and a refreshing coconut tang shui.

Check out what’s on the menu at Three Little Coconut.

3. Eat 3 Bowls

New October openings
Photo: Eat 3 Bowls

North-easties will be delighted to know that popular Taiwanese brand Eat 3 Bowls has opened a new outlet at Compass One. This is its first foray into a commercial mall and the north-east. 

To celebrate its launch at Compass One, the brand has doled out several new items on the menu. They span the likes of tasty hashbrown egg crepe rolls, taro and pork floss sandwiches, Taiwanese cold noodles, and more.

Signature items are also available for order, such as the fan-favourite Eat 3 Bowls signature trio combo and braised pig intestines. 

Have a look at what we enjoyed from the menu.

4. Toast Box Coffee House

New October openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

If you can’t help but reminisce about the halcyon days and its nostalgic eats, check out Toast Box’s newest concept: Toast Box Coffee House at Seng Poh Road. 

The latest outfit by BreadTalk Group occupies the space that once housed Old Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh. It pays tribute to the local coffee shop scene, with outlet-exclusive dishes that bring together familiar Nanyang specialities and British-inspired fare. 

There’s even an in-house coffee retail counter where diners can choose their own blends. 

Check out the menu at Toast Box Coffee House here.

5. Gyutan-Tan

New October openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Gyutan-Tan has a new outpost at Ngee Ann City!

For those not in the know, gyutan, or beef tongue, is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine that’s typically grilled up yakiniku-style. And prominent brand Gyutan-Tan serves just that, all while spreading the love for beef tongue through its savoury dishes.

The menu at Gyutan-Tan’s latest outlet will feature a couple of exclusives. One such offering would be its afternoon tea set. Available from 3pm to 5.30pm, it features a wooden serving tray loaded up with sweets and savouries.

Read about the new restaurant here

6. Swee Choon Tim Sum @ Changi

New October openings
Photo: Swee Choon Tim Sum

Dim sum lovers, you can now indulge in dim sum suppers at Swee Choon’s new 24-hour outlet! Located at Changi Airport, its new outpost operates around the clock, which is perfect for passengers on red-eye flights and those with last-minute dim sum fixes before leaving the country. 

Sink your teeth into nostalgic dim sum classics, such as baked Hong Kong egg tarts and salted egg yolk custard buns. 

The branch is located at Changi Airport’s revamped Terminal Two.

Check out the menu at the new outlet here

New openings in Singapore: September 2023

1. Simei Kopitiam

New September Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Good news for Simei residents: Simei Kopitiam Corner is back after a revamp, and it plays host to several well-known and beloved brands. Think Hwa Heng Beef Noodles and Munchi Pancakes, among others. 

Newer names have also joined the fray, such as Hua Dee Hong Kong Roasted Delight and Confirm + Chop. Regardless of your preference, this new coffee shop offers a wide range of cuisines and mains that will satisfy any craving. 

It’s also conveniently located near Simei MRT station. 

Take a look at the new stalls at Simei Kopitiam Corner.

2. F’east

New September Openings
Photo: Far East Flora

Plant parents, you need to check out Far East Flora Centre’s new indoor cafe. Cutely named F’east, the plant-filled joint touts a brunch menu comprising pasta dishes and protein-based mains. 

From 8am, the eatery rolls out “all-day breakfast” and “all-day favourite” dishes. These staples include comforting brunch hits such as avocado toast and shakshuka. There’s also an all-day kids menu for the little ones. 

For a full-fledged meal, we suggest coming by after 12pm when the lunch items are available for order. Diners will be pleased to find a plethora of hearty Western classics, so come with a hungry stomach.

Here’s what you can order at the cafe.

3. Tipsy Unicorn

New September Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

With the festive season just around the corner, Tipsy Unicorn is the perfect spot to host your end-of-year parties. This all-pink beach club at Sentosa is the newest addition to the Tipsy Collective brand. 

Set foot into the place, and you’ll be awed by its sparkly, neon-pink interior and royal purple hues — it’s as if you’ve entered Barbie’s Dreamhouse! 

But of course, the beach club makes for more than just ’gram-worthy pictures. It also has a whimsical menu that includes Tipsy’s signature F&B offerings, as well as other sharing-friendly beachside snacks. 

Read about our experience at Tipsy Unicorn here.

4. Kopitiam @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

New September Openings
Photo: Kopitiam Singapore

After six months of renovation, Kopitiam @ Tiong Bahru Plaza has finally reopened with a new collection of specially curated stalls! 

The lineup sees both newer entrants and big names in the scene. For starters, foodies will recognise Pin Wei Chee Cheong Fun, a popular brand that currently sits on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list. There’s also Kallang Airport Wanton Mee, one of the most prolific noodle stalls in Singapore. 

NTUC members can treat themselves to the Kopitiam signature breakfast set, which is available at S$3 at the Kopi Kiosk from 8am to 11am daily. 

Check out the stalls at the newly revamped kopitiam.

5. Ember

New September Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

If you’re on the hunt for date-worthy eateries in Singapore, you must add Ember Restaurant to your list. Recently opened at North Canal Road, the establishment is the latest concept by the Fleursophy Group. 

For those unfamiliar with the group, it’s the mastermind behind viral hotspots Le Jardin and Nico Cafe. Similar to its sibling establishments, Ember Restaurant is stylishly decked in lush florals, albeit with a moodier palette. 

The restaurant is committed to the art of open-flame cooking, so you can expect a host of smoke-tinged dishes throughout its menu. The team also experiments with Asian flavours. 

Read our article on Ember Restaurant here.

6. Paan

New September Openings
Photo: @shawn_mbasco/Instagram

Good news for fans of the hit cooking show MasterChef Singapore: Fan-favourite Amanda Chia has teamed up with her partner, Alex Ng, to start a home-based Italian sandwich business called Paan. 

Its menu comprises four Italian sandwiches, three savoury and one sweet, all of which are prepared using crispy schiacciata bread. Paan bakes its schiacciata fresh daily and makes the majority of its ingredients from scratch, such as a nutty roasted pistachio spread.

Check out what we thought about Paan.

7. High Bar Society

New September Openings
Photo: High Bar Society

High Bar Society at Tanjong Pagar is chef Sharon Tay’s — the brains behind Momolato at Haji Lane — latest alcoholic gelato concept. 

While alcoholic ice cream and gelato flavours aren’t new, what sets this joint apart is its gelato, which has up to 6% ABV (alcohol by volume). 

The team at High Bar Society has created a mix of 20 diverse gelato flavours and will be introducing them in the next few months. 

Options include the Jonker’s Cream Dream, a coconut gula melaka ice cream with Baileys Irish cream and Teacher’s whiskey, the Jiang Xiaobai baijiu (Chinese wine) and more. There are also alcoholic milkshakes and cocktails on the menu. 

Check out the ice-cream flavours at High Bar Society.

8. Tom’s Palette

New September Openings
Photo: Tom’s Palette

Popular ice-cream brand Tom’s Palette is back! This stalwart artisan gelato brand announced plans for renovation in July, and it’s now ready to receive its loyal customers again.

The newly revamped space reminds us of an art studio, with walls adorned with vibrant artwork. But what’s most exciting about the new-and-improved Tom’s Palette is its impressive spread of 36 ice-cream flavours! Some unconventional flavours include chee cheong fun and pipagao cough syrup

Check out what we ordered at Tom’s Palette.

9. Frying Fish Club

New September Openings
Photo: Frying Fish Club

There’s a new fish and chips specialist in town: Frying Fish Club. Situated just a few minutes from Farrer Park MRT station, it’s located at the Owen Road space that previously housed The Parlour Mirage, a Japanese-Mediterranean bar. 

The popular bar planned an overhaul of its concept and landed on the idea of a chips shop in Singapore. Frying Fish Club focuses on fish and chips with a Japanese-inspired twist. 

The new concept uses shiro maguro (albacore tuna), as it pairs better with the Japanese flavours that dominate the menu. 

This is what you should order at Frying Fish Club.

10. Singapore Jiak

New September Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Those working in the CBD area, heads up! There’s a new affordable lunchtime option at Tanjong Pagar: Singapore Jiak. It’s conveniently located on the second floor of Frasers Tower. 

The 94-seater eatery is opened by Akashi Group, which is behind London Fat Duck in Singapore, Akashi Japanese Restaurant and more.

The cosy food court houses four hawker brands — Teck Kee Fat Duck, Dunman Wanton Mee, Grandma’s and Ah Goh Fish Soup. There’s also a bar that’s opening within the month. 

Here’s what to expect from Singapore Jiak.

11. Nico Cafe

New September Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Looking for a new date spot to impress? They’ll definitely love Nico Cafe, the newest al fresco establishment at Wheelock Place. 

It’s one of the concepts of Fleursophy Group, which is also the brains behind other ’gram-worthy spaces such as Le Jardin, Under the Linden and the original Nico Cafe outlet at Telok Kurau. 

The chic brunch spot can be found outside the two-storey Zall Bookstore. It’s fashioned after an outdoor garden, complete with cute trinkets and a gorgeous wall array that’s studded with vintage books. 

Find out what we ordered at Nico Cafe.

New openings in Singapore: August 2023

1. The Coffee Code

New August Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Avid cafehoppers would have heard of The Coffee Code, a popular Malaysian brand hailing from East Malaysia. It has various outlets dotting the island of Borneo: Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, Sarikei and Sibu. 

For those who’ve yet to savour its menu, the cafe has just opened its doors in Singapore along Neil Road! This marks its first local outpost on our sunny shores.

The menu is a standout with interesting flower-shaped waffles and flavour combinations. For instance, the waffles are prepared with a black rice base and accompanied by sweet and savoury options — bak kwa being one of them. 

Check out what we tried at The Coffee Code.

2. Spectre

New August Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Joining our vibrant bar scene is Spectre, a snazzy hidden bar at Tanjong Pagar that celebrates mental wellness and local-inspired flavours. 

Helmed by local musician Inch Chua and famed mixologist Andrew Pang, the joint is the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Besides recreating familiar classic flavours, the menu also draws inspiration from vintage apothecaries. For instance, elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are woven into the dishes. 

The cocktail programme is crafted around spices and herbs. Some of the drinks even come with whimsical garnishes and theatrics, which add to the immersive experience. 

Check out what you should order from Spectre.

3. Mandai Wildlife West

New August Openings
Photo: Caerus Holding

If you’re visiting Bird Paradise, there’s a new multi-concept restaurant at Mandai Wildlife West that you should check out. 

The latest addition houses three boutique brands under one roof, such as Luke’s Lobster, Mr Holmes Bakehouse and Leckerbaer. All three are under the F&B group Caerus Holding. 

The joint is a sure crowd-pleaser, what with an indoor playing area for the kids and a plethora of dining options to choose from. From lobster rolls to ice-cream sandwiches and donuts, there’s a host of treats that both older folks and children will enjoy. 

Read about the new space at Mandai Wildlife West here.

4. Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe

New Openings in August
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe at Craig Road is truly a peek into the past, what with its tastefully decorated retro interior (vintage memorabilia, anyone?) and nostalgic local fare. 

Headed by Keith Kang, founder of Yang Ming Seafood, the establishment pays homage to old-school coffee shops in Malaysia and Singapore. 

It’s also designed to resemble the heydeys of kopitiams (coffee shops) in the 1950s and 1980s, which makes for a unique dining experience like no other. 

Look forward to classic breakfast favourites, namely handmade toast and soft-boiled eggs, as well as fan-favourite local dishes such as mee siam, hor fun and nasi lemak kukus. 

Check out Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe’s menu here.

5. Frosted by Fang

New Openings in August
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Popular home-based bakery Frosted by Fang has set up shop in a quiet HDB estate that’s right smack in the middle of three MRT stations — Tai Seng included. This is its first brick-and-mortar space, and it operates as a takeaway kiosk. 

The menu changes monthly and August features a lineup of delicious creations, such as the rum cherry tiramisu and classic carrot walnut cake. There are also decadent cookies and brownies that are available for purchase.

Check out what we tried at Frosted by Fang.

6. Kelim Daktoritang

New Openings in August
Photo: Foo Jia-En/HungryGoWhere

Fans of Korean food, don’t sleep on Kelim Daktoritang — a well-known Korean brand that has recently arrived in Singapore. Boasting more than 50 branches back home, it’s said to be one of Korea’s oldest and largest daktoritang (spicy chicken stew) eateries. 

If you haven’t had the chance to try daktoritang in Singapore before, now is the perfect time to do so. Each stew comes chock-full of ingredients, such as chewy tteokbokki, potato, leeks and chicken. You can also add extra toppings to your preference, which includes enoki mushrooms, udon and more. 

Check out how Kelim Daktoritang fared

7. Lou Shang

New Openings in August
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

It goes without saying that Singaporeans love themed cafes, and Lou Shang at Prinsep Street is the latest concept to be spotlighted in the F&B scene. 

A cafe by day and a bar at night, it’s a HDB-themed establishment that’s located on the second floor of hidden bar Mama Diam. 

Founded by Sebastian Ang, owner of Synthesis and Mama Diam, Lou Shang is his newest venture that pays homage to the sights and vibes of HDB dwellings from the 1980s and 1990s. 

The eatery’s menu is an interesting one, spanning the likes of nostalgic childhood favourites, old-school desserts with a modern twist and more. The beverages are also concocted with local-inspired influences. 

Find out what we tried at Lou Shang here.

8. Margaret Market

New Openings in August
Photo: Margaret Market

Arriving at the west is the latest boutique dining concept: Margaret Market. It currently occupies the building where the old Commonwealth Avenue Wet Market and Food Centre once stood. 

The interior has been converted into a chic and modernised boutique market. It has also curated a host of local brands, with an emphasis on local F&B businesses. All-new F&B concepts, as well as various familiar vendors such as Creamier and Ya Kun Kaya Toast, can be found in the market. 

The space also houses a number of tenants that focus on lifestyle and health.

Read about Margaret Market’s new space here

9. Tanyu Exclusive

Photo: Foo Jia-En/HungryGoWhere

Popular grilled fish brand Tanyu has just opened a new outlet at Jewel Changi Airport! It’s the brand’s first late-night concept that operates from 10pm to 3am, so travellers and easties alike can enjoy an indulgent meal despite the late hour. 

Besides boasting its usual slate of signature dishes, there are also all-new elements at the Jewel outlet: A self-service ice jelly bar, for instance. 

Diners can order special supper exclusives, such as stir-fried peanuts with anchovies and spicy grilled chicken feet, as well as enjoy 15% off their meals. 

Check out what to expect at Tanyu Exclusive.

10. Milk & Cookies

New Openings in August
Photo: Milk & Cookies

Have you ever wondered what Famous Amos’ sinful cookies would taste like as desserts? Ponder no more, as Milk & Cookies is offering sweet treats that are created in collaboration with Famous Amos! 

Famous Amos fans will be thrilled to know that the new takeaway concept at Cineleisure shopping mall features their favourite cookies incorporated into various desserts, such as milkshakes and soft-serves. 

For those craving a cookie or two, fret not, as the store will also be selling Famous Amos’ iconic cookies in bags. 

Read about Milk & Cookies’ new opening here.

11. Yao Yao Sauerkraut Fish

New Openings in August
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

China’s famous pickled fish brand Yao Yao Sauerkraut Fish has opened its doors at VivoCity shopping mall! As its name suggests, the restaurant is best known for its toothsome suan cai yu (sour vegetable fish). 

Yao Yao VivoCity’s outlet marks the brand’s first overseas outpost in Singapore, which is also its flagship branch. 

You’ll be impressed by its signature Yao Yao Sauerkraut Fish, which boasts tender slices of California white seabass prepared with suan cai (sauerkraut). It’s then served in a herbaceous broth that’s both tongue-numbing and addictive. 

Find out what we ate at Yao Yao Sauerkraut Fish.

12. Back to Eden

New Openings in August
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Searching for vegan fare done well? Back to Eden is bound to please, what with its tantalising plant-based menu that’s great for both the environment and soul. 

For the uninitiated, the joint was formerly occupied by brunch spot Curious Palette. It recently rebranded as an artisanal, all-day dining concept that is now Back to Eden.

Beyond flavourful contemporary mains, look forward to vegan-friendly bakes, freshly prepared in-house at its micro-bakery. There is also a range of healthy fruit smoothies that are wonderful thirst quenchers.  

Check out what we tried at Back to Eden.

13. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

New Openings in August
Photo: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Singapore’s hot weather certainly calls for creamy, ice-cold desserts. And if you’re looking for a refreshing pick-me-up in town, check out Van Leeuwen Ice Cream at Orchard Central shopping mall. 

Helmed by ice-cream extraordinaire Peter Van Leeuwen, the French ice-cream brand has opened its first international outpost in Singapore. 

The local outlet is a joint venture with Singapore F&B group Caerus Holding, who is behind other big-name franchises such as Lady M and Mr Holmes Bakehouse.

Ice-cream lovers can expect a plethora of delightful flavours, such as Sicilian pistachio, mint chip and praline butter cake. 

Read about Van Leeuwen Ice Cream’s opening here.

14. Thai Supermarket

New Openings in August
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Why book a flight to the Land of Smiles when you can experience authentic Thai vibes right here in Singapore? Heads up, for Aperia Mall welcomes the newly relocated Thai Supermarket, one of Golden Mile’s anchor tenants since 1985. 

Feel free to stock up on Thai groceries and snacks to your heart’s content — we won’t judge. But if you’re craving local delicacies, there’s also a host of Thai street vendors to choose from, such as Folks Collective and Slurp Noodle Bar. 

Fan-favourite dishes at the Thai Supermarket include boat noodles, raw seafood and fried sweet potato balls.

Check out what to eat at the Thai Supermarket.

15. Cotelato

New Openings in August
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Pop by the all-new Cotelato Cafe at HillV2, a dessert parlour serving designer-inspired handbag cakes and teas with flowers that bloom in a pot. It’s a multi-sensorial concept by Danny Pang, the founder of Spruce restaurant. 

Think desserts presented in a breakable chocolate sphere (accompanied by a hammer), gorgeous tea cakes served on a musical carousel and fluffy, jiggly souffle pancakes — what’s not to love? 

All sweet treats are prepared with quality ingredients, so you’re getting a huge bang for your buck. 

Read about our review of Cotelato Cafe here

New openings in Singapore: July 2023

1. Rex Steakhouse

New July Openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

The folks behind the now-defunct Riders Cafe have opened a brand-new establishment, Rex Steakhouse & Bar, at Jalan Besar. It’s a cosy neighbourhood steakhouse that prides itself on quality meats and tipples.

Look forward to a slew of comforting Western dishes, such as the whipped burrata and smash cheeseburger. Accompanying the proteins are speciality cocktails, which include the likes of the pandan sour and brisket old fashioned. 

Check out what’s available on the menu.

2. The Wizard’s Brew

New July Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Potterheads, behold: The Wizard’s Brew is a new Harry Potter-themed cafe nestled in a third-storey shophouse along Trengganu Street. 

It’s quite the hidden gem, with its only indication being a suspicious-looking doorbell. But enter the space, and you’ll be transported into an otherworldly realm, complete with wizard paraphernalia and props. 

The dessert and beverage menu also promises creations befitting the ’gram. Imagine cocktails bursting into fiery flames, as well as sparkly drinks that resemble bewitching potions.

Read our review of the cafe here.

3. Cafe Ren

New Openings in July
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Farrer Park is home to a thriving cafe enclave, with popular establishments such as Wooly’s Bagels and SYIP in the area. 

Now joining the fray of crowd-favourite joints is Cafe Ren, a sleek brunch spot with ’gram-worthy mains. While its menu isn’t particularly adventurous, diners will be pleased to find comforting classics such as the mushroom cheese toastie and Asian prawn and clam chilli pasta, among others. 

You mustn’t miss the desserts, either. Besides its famous lava cookies, sweet treats also include the indulgent Artisan gelato and crumble, sweet potato cheesecake and more. 

Check out Cafe Ren’s menu here.

4. Aimer La Patisserie

New Openings in July
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Besides the influx of Thai restaurants at the newly revived Aperia Mall, the mall also welcomes new openings such as Aimer La Patisserie. Its namesake directly translates to “to love” in French, which is a cute touch to the cosy cafe. 

This is the patisserie’s first brick-and-mortar outlet, having operated in the online space so far. Expect petite, gorgeous sweets that are sure to win you over at first sight, such as the popular daifuku mochis and puddings. 

Our favourite is the classic fraisier — a traditional French cake that perfectly marries both strawberries and cream.

Check out Aimer La Patisserie’s dessert range here.

5. Rise Bakehouse

New Openings in July
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

On the hunt for the next photo-worthy cafe? Then, you’ll love Rise Bakehouse — a picturesque spot with dainty tea cakes and hearty mains. 

Foodies will undoubtedly be familiar with this popular establishment, as it was first introduced to the cafe scene as an aesthetic, all-pink joint in Potong Pasir. The cafe was a huge hit with the crowd, and it now welcomes a new flagship outlet in Somerset. 

Regulars will spot familiar signatures at its latest branch, such as its moreish waffles, fluffy teacakes and sliced cakes. Brunch favourites are also available on the menu, which includes the popular Rise breakfast and eggs on toast.

Click here to find out what we ordered at the cafe.

6. Honbo

July openings
Photo: Honbo

Award-winning burger chain Honbo is finally opening its doors on July 28. Located in Chijmes, this is its first international outpost after six outlets across Hong Kong. 

Look forward to delicious American-style burgers that are designed for the Asian palette, from the cut of the beef down to the making of the bun. The menu will feature Honbo’s crowd-favourite burgers, as well as Singapore exclusives.

That’s not all: The brand’s widely popular housemade Flaming Smash Sauce is also available as the perfect accompaniment to your burger. 

Find out more about Honbo’s launch here.

7. Nesuto Jewel

July openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Regulars of Nesuto will undoubtedly be familiar with the brand’s original outlet at Tras Street. Much to the delight of its customers, the famous Japanese-French patisserie has introduced its second branch at Jewel. 

The new Jewel cafe features an indulgent lineup of outlet-exclusive desserts, such as the whiskey chocolate and chocolate orange cake. It also debuted its decadent chocolate bonbons, which are picture-perfect confectionaries wonderful as gifts.

Check out what to expect from Nesuto’s new cafe here.

8. Jamba Juice

July openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

Beat the heat with Jamba Juice’s refreshing smoothies or tuck into its power-packed energy bowls. The famous American smoothie brand, Jamba Juice, has opened at Changi Airport Terminal 1. 

Familiar flavours from its US menu such as the Mango-a-go-go and Strawberry Wild are available at the local outlet. If you’re not feeling its classic blended smoothies, the brand is also armed with savouries and pastries that serve as a yummy pick-me-up. 

Should the Changi Airport outlet be a tad out of your way, don’t fret: The brand expects to increase the number of Jamba stores in Singapore very soon. 

Check out what to order at Jamba Juice.

9. Taiwan Night Markets

July openings
Photo: Taiwan Night Markets

Good news, you can savour authentic Taiwanese delicacies right here in Singapore! Introducing the latest concept by local F&B group Fei Siong: Taiwan Night Markets. 

Located at the basement of Orchard Cineleisure, Taiwan Night Markets brings Taiwan’s iconic night market charm to our sunny shores. Expect classic Taiwanese snacks such as scallion pancakes and salty crispy chicken, as well as fan-favourite dishes including the silky oyster mee sua. 

From July 28 till August 31, customers are entitled to 50% off a second beverage at Charlie Charlie!, one of the vendors at the night market. 

Read more about Taiwan Night Markets here

10. Poke Theory

July openings
Photo: Poke Theory

Joining the wave of popular cafes in Telok Ayer is Poke Theory, which has taken over the vacant shophouse unit once occupied by Park Bench Deli. The new store is a 104-seater space, complete with its signature poke counter and a fresh colour palette.

It has also revamped its menu to incorporate a gym-diet-appropriate Samsui Chica and addictive Tempeh-tress. Diners can also choose from 18 different toppings and design their own poke bowls.

Check out what to expect at the new cafe.

11. Snap Cafe

July openings
Photo: Snap Cafe/Instagram

You don’t have to fly to Korea to experience its aesthetic cafes when you can check out Snap Cafe in Singapore. A new Korean-inspired concept at Telok Ayer, it serves indulgent pastries and savouries that are influenced by Korean flavours. 

The best part? Its menu is incredibly affordable, wonderful for those who are on a budget. 

Its creative brews are also the draw at the cafe. Look forward to unique offerings such as pistachio espresso latte and orange Americano. Iced versions for all coffee beverages are also free of charge here. 

Read on to find out what to order at Snap Cafe.

12. Pies & Pints

July openings
Photo: Pies & Pints

Treat yourself to authentic Western-style pie at Pies & Pints — a passion project by a group of Brits, Americans and locals who share a love for pies. 

Handmade with premium ingredients, the shop focuses on classic pies with traditional flavours, based on classic pairings commonly found in Sydney and parts of England. This includes the Cornish pasty and English pork pie, among others. 

Click here to find out what to order at Pies & Pints

13. Cafe Margaret

July openings
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Calling all cafe hoppers: Cafe Margaret has opened its first international outpost in Singapore! The popular Seoul dessert cafe brings its unique cube pies and tantalising bakes to our shores, complete with an Instagram-worthy space.

It’s nestled in a two-storey shophouse along Bali Lane in Bugis, and is easily spotted by its picturesque front porch. It also boasts the same homely vibe as its flagship outlet in Seoul. 

For those unsure of its exact location, Cafe Margaret has taken over the unit once occupied by Brotherbird Coffeehouse. 

Check out how the bakes at Cafe Margaret fared.

New openings in Singapore: June 2023

1. Soll

New June Openings
Photo credit: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

There’s a new vibey rooftop joint in the Havelock area, and it’s none other than Sunset on 11 (also known as Soll Cafe). Situated on the seventh floor of Louis Kienne Serviced Residences, the establishment oversees the rooftop pool — it also has a magnificent sunset view. 

Soll Cafe is opened by Adam Chen, who is also the founder of other F&B concepts, namely Birders. Tuck into hearty, all-day brunch dishes or sip on a refreshing tipple as you take in the unobstructed view of the golden hour. 

Check out what we tried at Soll Cafe.

2. Joo Chiat Oyster House

June openings
Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Joo Chiat Oyster House has opened its doors to much fanfare. The latest venture by the folks behind Kings Cart Coffee House, this new establishment marks the team’s first foray into the restaurant scene with a non-coffee concept. 

It’s a one-stop shop for oyster lovers and cocktail enthusiasts, for the restaurant boasts creative boozy concoctions and creamy smooth oysters. 

When you’re here, be sure to order the signature flavoured oysters, which are topped with a myriad of ingredients. Alternatively, its host of mains will undoubtedly tickle your fancy. 

Check out what we ordered at Joo Chiat Oyster House.

3. The Bank

June openings

Another retro joint to check out this month is none other than The Bank — an 80s-inspired burger bar that’s best known for its indulgent burgers. The establishment is located on Craig Road and hidden behind an “ATM”.

Behind the ATM is a swanky, vibrant shindig that oozes retro American-style vibes. Besides its immaculate aesthetic, the restaurant also serves its signature New York-style cheeseburgers that are made with 100% Angus prime beef patty and American cheese.

For those craving a tipple, The Bank offers 12 thirst-quenching craft beers on tap.

Read on to find out more about the burger joint.

4. Mish Mash

June openings
Photo: Mish Mash

If you’re looking for groovy date spots that promise a good time, look no further than Mish Mash. Opened by Prolific Concepts, the architect of famous restaurants such as The Feather Blade and Rappu, it’s a new gastrobar that offers good booze and great vibes.

Found along South Bridge Road, this retro-themed bar has a menu chockfull of quirky fusion bites and salaciously named cocktails. Think tipples such as Bubble Butt, Carnal Carnage, Cocoa Climax and more. What’s not to love?

Find out more about the gastrobar here.

5. SwirlGo Omakase Gelato Lab

01 ev-swirlgo-omakase ice cream lab orchard-featured image-HungryGoWhere
SwirlGo has started an omakase ice-cream lab at Orchard’s Wisma Atria mall. Photos: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Whoever said you can’t have everything you want in life clearly needs a visit to SwirlGo’s new ice-cream parlour.

This homegrown soft-serve brand welcomes you to make the ice-cream creation of your dreams, no matter how outrageous it may look or sound.

Dessert connoisseurs are invited to choose from a whopping 32 mix-in items. Simply pick your desired ingredients on the order chit and wait for the magic to happen.

Love pastries? Include a croissant, eclair or even a nyonya kueh in your ice cream and no one will bat an eye. Those craving durian can also get their hands on D24 durian.

SwirlGo’s signature Lao Gan Ma ice cream is back, too. — Foo Jia-En

Check out our visit to SwirlGo Omakase Gelato Lab in Wisma Atria.

6. Ssada Gimbab

ssada gimbab singapore
Tonkatsu kimbap with a fried pork cutlet. Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

For authentic hand-rolled kimbaps and bunsik (everyday Korean food), head to Ssada Gimbab.

It opened in June and is the newest kid on the mini-Koreatown block in Bukit Timah. 

At this family-run restaurant, you can be sure your kimbaps are made the authentic way. Just look to the kindly ajumma (Korean aunty) methodically rolling your meal by the front till.

Besides Korean staples such as kimchi stew (S$13), we spied unique fusion offerings on its menu. Think kimbaps with thick pork cutlets (S$11), mala pork (S$11), and more. — Foo Jia-En

Find out what we tried at Ssada Gimbab.

7. Fico

03 ev-fico singapore-review-best date night spots singapore-HungryGoWhere
The views are to die for. Photos: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Helmed by Michelin-lauded chef Mirko Febbrile, this buzzy restaurant boasts quality Italian fare, alongside scenic views of our island’s eastern coast.

You might recognise Febbrile from his viral hawker pop-up with Clarence Chooi of the now-defunct Nudedles.4, which saw snaking queues that stretched on for more than four hours.

Febbrile drew on his native Puglia, a coastal area in southern Italy, for the restaurant. On the menu are fresh seafood and produce as well as his signature handmade pasta. 

Be sure to order the spaghetti cacio e pepe (S$26), served tableside from a wheel of pecorino cheese, as well as the toothsome focaccina (from S$18), a focaccia-pizza hybrid. — Foo Jia-En

Here’s our take on Fico at East Coast Park.

8. BKK Bistro & Bar

01 ev-bkk bistro bar-$0.80 boat noodles singapore-featured image-HungryGoWhere
It’s easy to see why this supper spot is so popular, charging 80 cents for comforting boat noodles. Photo: BKK Bistro & Bar/Instagram

If you’ve been a huge fan of the famous 80-cent boat noodles at Orto in Yishun, you’d be pleased to know that you can still get your fix, despite the leisure park’s imminent closure in late June.

While Orto has since moved into its new home at West Coast, BKK Bistro & Bar — the restaurant behind the cheap yet tasty boat-noodle offerings — will not be going there.

Instead, BKK Bistro & Bar has opened a new, more centrally located store in Kallang, with new restaurant exclusives and longer opening hours.

As usual, boat-noodle fans have a choice of glass or rice noodles as well as two broths — red tom yum or herb boat-noodle soup. You can also add on toppings such as prawns, beef balls, pork liver, and more. Larger portions are also available from S$7.80 onwards. — Foo Jia-En

Read the latest on BKK Bistro & Bar’s new Kallang eatery.

9. Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup

koh brother pig's organ soup tampines
Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup store in Tampines. Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

A fan of Michelin Bib Gourmand lister Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup?

Eastside fans will no longer need to travel to Tiong Bahru, its flagship stall, to get their fix.

Third-generation owner Thomas Koh has opened a second outpost in Tampines, dishing up its signature offerings of pig’s organ soup and innards.

This was after he found out that many of his loyal customers were based in the east.

Besides Koh’s mainstays, new braised dishes are now available at the stall. There are big intestines (S$5), big intestine head (S$6) and powdery small intestines (S$5). — Foo Jia-En

Take a closer look at Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup in Tampines.

New openings in Singapore: May 2023

1. Oni Kimbap

New May Openings
Photo: Sarah Chua/HungryGoWhere

If you’re a fan of loaded kimbaps, check out Oni Kimbap at Aperia Mall. It previously operated as a home-based business in July 2021, before moving to its current brick-and-mortar location. 

It is opened by a native Korean unni (older sister), Esther Shin, who helms the shop with her Singaporean husband. 

Besides the usual rice-filled kimbaps, the Korean eatery dishes up tantalising egg kimbaps that are chock-full of shredded egg slices. There are 19 different types of kimbap flavours, which include seasonal soba options. 

This is what you should order from its menu.

2. So Lemak

May openings
Photo: Abdul Rahim Anwar/HungryGoWhere

Helmed by 25-year-old chef Shanice Lim, So Lemak is a nasi lemak hawker stall at Bedok  North that serves tasty har cheong gai paired with coconut rice. 

While its prawn paste wings are undoubtedly the highlight at the eatery, Lim has plans to incorporate seafood and sambal-based dishes into the menu. 

If there’s a dish that we’d come back for, it’s the signature So Lemak set, which comes with prawn paste wings, grilled otah, and fried kuning fish among other sides. 

Check out Shanice’s story here.

3. Mister Donut

02 pl-may openings-Mister Donut Singapore-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Mister Donut Singapore

Calling all donut lovers! Famed donut chain, Mister Donut, is now open at Bishan’s Junction 8 shopping centre. The brand is brought in by local food group RE&S, which is behind other Japanese eateries, such as Yakiniku-GO and Ichiban Boshi. 

Launched on May 21, the store has drawn long queues, with wait times hitting more than three hours at one point.

The brand once held a pop-up store at Jurong Point shopping centre back in 2022. Its brief stint also drew long queues daily, with Singaporeans queuing for up to five hours in line – a testament to how popular the brand is in Singapore.  

If you do manage to get to the front of the queue, be sure to grab its signature Pon De Ring as well as its Singapore-exclusive flavour, strawberry chocolate!

Read more about Mister Donut’s opening here.

4. Pang Pang Western Food

03 pl-may openings-Pang Pang Western Food-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Pang Pang Western Food

There’s nothing we love more than affordable and delicious grub. Our cravings are satiated at Pang Pang Western Food, for the joint boasts hearty, local-style Western classics that are a bang for our buck. 

Situated in a coffee shop at Marine Parade Central Market and Food Centre, the eatery is helmed by two brothers, Lucas and Bernard Pang. Both siblings have previously worked at Astons and iSteaks, among other establishments. 

Though simple, the brothers take pride in their menu. After all, Pang Pang Western Food was born from their love for Western fare and a dream to introduce more diners to their cooking. 

See what Pang Pang Western Food has to offer here.

5. Elijah Pies

04 pl-may openings-Elijah Pies-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Artisanal pie specialist, Elijah Pies, has opened its first dine-in concept at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Foodies may have heard of the brand, for it started out as an online bakery in 2014. Thanks to its imaginative and ’gram-worthy bakes, it has skyrocketed as one of the most-talked-about pie brands in Singapore. 

The story of Elijah Pies is a sweet one. Owners Elijah and Limin first operated out of a central kitchen at King George’s Avenue. Their pies were such a hit that they decided to open a dine-in cafe in the heart of CBD, and rightfully so. 

With a menu of tasty, handcrafted pies touting familiar flavours, it’s love (or a bite) at first sight. 

Check out Elijah Pies here.

6. Marmalade Pantry

05 pl-may openings-Marmalade Pantry Anchorpoint-Hungrygowhere
Photo: The Marmalade Pantry

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre has undergone some redevelopments of late, with new F&B entrants entering the fray. The Marmalade Pantry is one of those occupants, and it boasts a stunning al fresco dining concept that seats 28. 

To mark its opening, diners are spoiled with floral afternoon tea sets that are part of a one-for-one promotion. There’re also gifts up for grabs with minimum spending at the restaurant, with terms and conditions applied. 

Menu-wise, it’s an enticing one, with outlet-exclusive dishes such as the tortilla with mesclun salad. 

Find out more about Marmalade Pantry’s menu here.

7. Lian Wah Kopitiam

06 pl-may openings-Lian Wah Kopitiam-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Lian Wah Kopitiam

Residents in Ang Mo Kio should check out the newly revamped Lian Wah Kopitiam! The 77-year-old brand now sports a new look with vibrant and modern fixtures. 

Diners can expect established food vendors such as Five Star Dim Sum, Heng Heng Herbal Soup and 8889 Chicken Pot, including a welcome addition of craft beer taps.  

Operated by beer bistro, Get Some, diners will be thrilled to know that there are 10 different brews on tap from local and international breweries. 

To mark the coffee shop’s opening, Get Some and Lian Wah Kopitiam are also offering a beer promotion throughout the month of May.

Read more about Lian Wah Kopitiam’s promotion here.

8. Allpress Espresso

07 pl-may openings-Allpress Espresso-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Foo Jia-En/HungryGoWhere

Coffee connoisseurs, rejoice! Another coffee house has opened its doors in Singapore: Allpress Espresso. Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, the brand has been supplying its beans and wares to independent cafes in Singapore. 

It has now joined hands with The Dark Gallery to open its first pop-up cafe in Tanjong Pagar, which will run for six months, starting from May 2. The space is a cosy 25-seater that’s decorated in pastel hues and chrome furnishings.

Customers can expect Allpress’s signature roast blends, as well as a plethora of sweet and savoury nibbles. 

Read more about the Allpress Espresso pop-up cafe here.

New openings in Singapore: April 2023

1. Two Men Bagel House

02 pl-two men bagel house joochiat-new outlet menu-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Two Men Bagel House/Instagram

Calling all bagel lovers! Acclaimed bagel specialist, Two Men Bagel House, is opening its fourth outlet at Joo Chiat on April 29. 

The new branch will be doling out good ol’ hearty, loaded sandwiches that regulars know and love, including classics such as the lox. And of course, one can expect to savour exciting outlet exclusives, though full details have yet to be released. 

Check Two Men Bagel House Joo Chiat out here and read our review about the space.

2. BHC Chicken

03 pl bhc chicken-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Gaelmaine Hoong/HungryGoWhere

The wait is finally over, as BHC Chicken has officially opened its doors in Singapore. This is its fourth overseas outpost, with two located in Hong Kong and another in Malaysia. 

The brand is not titled the maestro of fried chicken in South Korea for nothing. Its menu sees eight different tantalising chicken flavours that are fried to perfection, as well as a myriad of Korean snacks and mains. 

Popular flavours include the Bburinkle and Macho King that are both available boneless or as wings.

Read on for BHC Chicken Singapore’s must-orders here.

3. The Fat Kid Bakery

03 pl the fat kid bakery-sourdough bombolonis-HungryGoWhere
Photo: The Fat Kid Bakery/Instagram

Loyal supporters of The Fat Kid Bakery will be ecstatic to know that the beloved sourdough bomboloni (stuffed Italian donuts) brand has relocated to Amoy Street! 

Previously situated at an ulu (secluded) spot in Ang Mo Kio, the establishment has now moved to a much more convenient location that’s a mere few minutes’ walk from Telok Ayer MRT station. 

There’re both sweet and savoury options to choose from. The latter comprises a drool-worthy torched mentaiko and roasted garlic mascarpone – who knew that savoury donuts could get this good? 

Read about The Fat Kid Bakery here.

4. Krispy Kreme

04 pl-krispy kreme-choco bomb donuts-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Gaelmaine Hoong/HungryGoWhere

What is it about donuts that we simply can’t say no to? If you have a sweet tooth like we do, then Krispy Kreme’s latest donut cafe at Suntec City is right up your alley. 

The world-famous donut brand has given the outlet an overhaul, which comes complete with brand-new furnishings and a seating area that fits around 16. 

Beyond its cosy new space, diners are also spoiled with three store-exclusive flavours that are unique to the Suntec City outlet. Think: Matcha Crunch, Choco Bomb and Espress-o. 

Tap to find out about Krispy Kreme’s launch here.

5. Coach Cafe

05 pl-coach cafe singapore-keong saik-brawn best cafe keong saik-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Luxury fashion house, Coach, has just opened its world’s first Coach Cafe in Singapore! Located along Keong Saik Road, the three-storey establishment boasts gorgeous bubblegum hues and retro American diner vibes. 

It’s a multi-concept store that serves more than just breakfast items and mains, for there’s even a retail space and immersive exhibition to look forward to. Foodwise, the iconic fashion label has collaborated with homegrown cafe brand, Brawns and Brains, for its food and beverage offerings. 

Tap to read about Coach Cafe here.

6. Cafe Lilac

06 pl-cafe-lilac-taro cake-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Cafe Lilac

Foodies who’re into the next big Insta-worthy fad should check out Cafe Lilac, a taro-themed cafe touting stunning purple desserts. Think: Purple-hued taro mochi swiss rolls and lavender taro crepe cakes – they’re bound to attract both the young and old! 

The cafe is opened by the same folks behind Whisking Bakes. The popular homegrown pastry shop underwent an overhaul in February and rebranded to Cafe Lilac, a full-fledged taro haven that’s also serving hot and savoury dishes. 

Besides yummy taro-themed desserts, savouries include all-day breakfasts, stews and sandwiches. 

Check out Cafe Lilac here.

New openings in Singapore: March 2023

1. Pretzel Planet

02 pl pretzel planet-smores supreme-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Pretzel Planet

Joining the bustling F&B scene in Singapore is none other than Pretzel Planet. Situated in the newly opened Sengkang Grand Mall, the outlet is retrofitted in a vintage, cinema-store aesthetic that’s covered in bubblegum pink and bright LED decor. 

It’s not just the interior that’s fantastic for the ’gram. Its array of sweet and savoury pretzels is picture-perfect, too. There’s the umami mentaiko, s’mores supreme and almond crunch – all of which are tasty and highly addictive. 

Check out Pretzel Planet’s opening here.

2. 2KulGuyz

04 pl-2kulguyz-squid ink pasta-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

If you’re on the hunt for wallet-friendly pasta options, be sure to check out 2KulGuyz. The latest occupant in One-North, the bistro is 100% Muslim-owned and spearheaded by chef-owner Sazali Ahmad. 

Ahmad was previously the head chef at Pezzo Group and corporate chef at The Black Hole Group. He has also worked in fine-dining restaurants such as Italy’s acclaimed Cova Pasticceria-Confetteria Singapore.

Here, pasta is handmade in-house and dried. There’s also a wide variety of sides and snacks for you to choose from, which differ at lunch and dinner. A staple that’s available during both lunch and dinner is the smoked duck aglio olio, which comes with a kiss of chilli, housemade herb butter, and at dinnertime, an extra dose of smoke from a smoke chamber.

Find out what to order at 2KulGuyz here.

3. Wild Crumbs

05 pl-wild crumbs by beng who cooks-one north-sando food menu-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Wild Crumbs

The chef behind the now-shuttered poke stall, Beng Who Cooks, Jason Chua, is back in the game with his latest venture: Wild Crumbs. Singaporeans will be familiar with the man, who was a former boxer that represented Singapore internationally. 

Wild Crumbs marks Chua’s return to the F&B scene. It’s his take on a lunch-only, casual sando joint for workers in One-North. The eatery serves mainly fuss-free sandos and hearty rice bowls. 

The sandos are go-to fixtures at the eatery, especially the bestselling egg mayo and pork katsu. There are also other indulgent options, namely the crab roll and pulled pork sandos. 

Read more about Wild Crumbs here.

4. Luckin Coffee

02 pl luckin coffee-iced coconut latte-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Gaelmaine Hoong/HungryGoWhere

China’s biggest coffee chain, Luckin Coffee, has just opened its first-ever overseas outpost in Singapore! Its outlets are conveniently located in town, at Ngee Ann City and Marina Square. 

The popular coffee brand is set to open other branches on our sunny shores, including Guoco Tower, Aperia and Jewel Changi Airport. 

Coffee aficionados can look forward to affordable, quality brews, such as its acclaimed ice coconut latte. All beverages are capped at S$6.80, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to sip on a cup of joe. 

Find out more about Luckin Coffee here.

5. 808 Eating House

03 pl 808 eating house-sweet XL clams-HungryGoWhere
Photo: 808 Eating House

If you’re roaming the streets of Joo Chiat, be sure to pop by 808 Eating House. The newly opened establishment is helmed by Chef Eugene Chee, who previously trained at Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Expect a casual, inviting space at 808 Eating House that seats 29 – it makes for the perfect spot to chill with friends on a Friday evening. The menu also touts Southeast Asian cuisine, with stellar dishes such as the sweet XL clams and seasonal oysters. 

Read more about 808 Eating House here.

6. Synthesis

02 pl synthesis bar-suntec city restaurant-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Helmed by Sebastian Ang, the owner behind popular retro gastrobar Mama Diam, Synthesis is an oriental-themed speakeasy hidden behind a Chinese medicine (TCM) shopfront. Here, diners can look forward to delectable mod-Sin fare, where nostalgic local classics are reimagined into creative new twists. 

Synthesis offers a unique sensorial experience that’s a refreshing breath of fresh air; it’s not quite like anything we’ve seen in Singapore.

Read more about Synthesis bar here.

7. Cantine Corner

03 pl cantine corner-food-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Ravin Thiruchelvam/HungryGoWhere

There’s nothing we love better than affordable meals, and Cantine Corner serves just that. Located at Admiralty Place, the Muslim-friendly food court sees nine curated food stalls that offer dishes at wallet-friendly prices. For those seeking a bang for their buck, each tenant has the option of a budget meal that’s priced at S$3. 

Here’s a pro tip: You save more when you pay with the FairPrice app.  

Check out the article about Cantine Corner here.

8. [Closed] Dakga

04 pl dakga-marinated bone in thigh-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Dakga

If you’re craving a good ol’ plate of grilled chicken, new barbecue joint Dakga will impress you with its flavoursome dishes. It’s a chicken-only restaurant, so you can find quality meats and all manner of parts here. 

Besides the typical thigh, there’re unusual cuts for adventurous eaters, such as the gizzard, neck and heart. The Korean eatery also serves hearty rice-based and noodle dishes, if you’re not feeling barbecue. 

9. Mutiara Seafood

05 pl mutiara-jumbo seafood halal restaurant-signature chilli crab-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Mutiara Seafood

Hands up if you love seafood! Jumbo Group has just launched its first Muslim-friendly seafood restaurant in Singapore: Mutiara Seafood. The eatery is nestled in Wisma Geylang Serai, where diners can feast on a plethora of succulent seafood dishes. 

There’s the signature chilli crab that we know and love, as well as a grilled section with options such as the grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce. 

To celebrate its opening, Mutiara Seafood is giving away vouchers to take S$50 off your next meal. 

Check Mutiara Seafood out here.

For more ideas on what to eat, here’s our take on dim sum restaurants to yum cha at and places for Hainanese curry rice

Do explore the GrabFood Dine Out service for awesome deals.

You can also book a ride to these newly-opened eateries. 

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