15 places to enjoy authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore

By Vanessa Tai October 6, 2023
15 places to enjoy authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore
Photos (clockwise from left): Hi Banh Mi/Facebook, Co Hai Banh Mi/Facebook and Tre Caphe/Facebook

Good, authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore is not too hard to find, given the city state’s close proximity to Vietnam and a sizeable Vietnamese population here. 

From lively street food stalls to elegant eateries, the city is packed with a tantalising array of Vietnamese dishes that transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Hanoi or the colourful markets of Ho Chi Minh City

Savour aromatic pho, a fragrant bowl of beef noodle soup, or indulge in the crispiness of banh mi, the beloved Vietnamese sandwich. 

Here are our recommendations for the best Vietnamese food in Singapore.

1. Co Chung Restaurant 

Plaza Singapura, B2-20,  68 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Thursday (11am to 9pm), Friday and Saturday (11am to 9.30pm), Sunday (12pm to 9.30pm)

4 to 5 Lorong Telok
Open: Monday to Friday (11am to 10pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Pho bo. Photo: Co Chung

Why visit? Co Chung (Aunty Chung) is the fruition of the founder’s lifelong dream of running her own restaurant. Featuring a cosy vibe and serving beloved family recipes, this homespun eatery also has an outlet located a stone’s throw from Boat Quay. The Orchard outlet is rather cramped and often crowded, though — be prepared for a bit of a wait. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Start with the refreshing cucumber and carrot salad with prawns and sliced pork (S$9.50) or the Nem Nuong Rolls (S$4.26 per piece), where grilled pork sausage comes wrapped inside rice paper rolls with fresh veggies and herbs. 

For mains, try the Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio (S$12.50 with grilled pork, S$16.90 with grilled pork and chicken, and sausage) – a hearty bowl of dry vermicelli topped with your choice of grilled meat and piled with herbs, vegetables and crispy spring rolls.

2. Long Phung

159 Joo Chiat Road
Open: Daily (12pm to 10pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Long Phung/Facebook

Why visit? Located along the buzzy Joo Chiat strip, Long Phung has been serving authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore since 2009 and has recently opened a new outlet in Chinatown Point. 

You know it’s legit when you see the scores of Vietnamese people dining here. Regulars swear by its robust and flavourful dishes that offer a variety of mouthwatering textures.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Well-loved for its unpretentious and delicious cooking, Long Phung dishes out comfort food such as the spicy beef stew with rice (S$7.90), stir-fried cockles with garlic (S$8.90) and spring rolls (S$12), which are fried to crispy perfection and served with a sweet dipping sauce.

3. Hi Banh Mi 

Le Regal, 01-15,  340 Geylang Road 
Open: Daily (10am to 9pm)  

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Hi Banh Mi/Facebook

Why visit? With its low tables and chairs and majority Vietnamese clientele, Hi Banh Mi may be in Geylang but it looks and feels like the thousands of tiny family-run eateries in Saigon. 

Run by Tammy Tran, who is originally from Vietnam, this unassuming cafe specialises in Southern-style banh mi, which comes with different types of sauces. We’ve heard it serves a strong and legit cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: There are nine types of banh mi available here, but a must-try is the homemade special banh mi (S$6.90). The fresh, crusty baguette is slathered with pork pate and a Vietnamese-style Hollandaise sauce before being packed with four different types of house-cured pork, including cha lua (Vietnamese ham). 

For a Singapore-Vietnam mix, try the crispy roast pork banh mi (S$5.90), which comes with sio bak.

4. Tre Caphe

75 Killiney Road
Open: Daily (8am to 10pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Tre Caphe/Facebook

Why visit? Tre Caphe prides itself on its “honest Vietnamese dining experience”, offering homely Vietnamese fare using traditional cooking methods. It’s certainly expanding fast, with two outlets opening in quick succession (the Suntec City outlet opened in March 2023 while the Killiney Road outlet opened in April 2023). 

Beyond the usual banh mi and beef pho, it also offers a decent plant-based selection, including a vegetarian pho and a vegan grilled “sausage”.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: If you’re dining with friends, don’t miss out on the hotpot (S$39.80), which comes with either salmon fish head, beef tail or beef. 

Alternatively, try the classic pho (S$15.80), which comes with rice noodles in a rich and herbaceous broth, or the insanely flavourful charcoal grilled skewers with bamboo rice (S$16.80), available with either chicken or pork.

5. Lang Nuong Viet Nam

18 Foch Road
Open: 24 hours  

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Lang Nuong/Facebook

Why visit? Ask a Vietnamese person about Vietnamese food in Singapore and Lang Nuong is likely to come up. Touting itself as the “first authentic Vietnamese BBQ and hotpot restaurant in Singapore”, this convivial eatery is your go-to for Vietnamese comfort food. 

Regular patrons say the cosy ambience and friendly hospitality sets it apart. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Carnivores will love the premium meat platter (S$39.90), which comes with slices of pork collar, pork belly, chicken thigh, seafood, and assorted vegetables. Pair the cooked ingredients with the various sweet and savoury dipping sauces for an extra oomph. 

6. Pham Quyen

440 Pasir Panjang Road
Open: Daily (11am to 11pm)  

308 Bedok Road
Open: Daily (10am till 10pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Pham Quyen/Facebook

Why visit? Founded by a Singaporean Malay man and his Vietnamese wife, Pham Quyen has two outlets — one a bakery in Bedok that specialises in making banh mi, and another in Pasir Panjang focusing on Vietnamese cuisine.

At the Bedok bakery, which Pham Quyen says is the only halal Vietnamese bakery in Singapore, you can get several variations of the banh mi, while at Pasir Panjang, you can tuck into spring rolls, bun cha (noodles with grilled meat) and pho. The menu is extensive and the food is affordable and delicious.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Try the traditional pho bo (S$8) at Pasir Panjang that comes with a generous serving of sliced beef, beef balls and beef tendon, soaked in an aromatic broth that has been painstakingly boiled for 16 hours. Or go for the ever-comforting and familiar grilled chicken with rice (S$10.40).

Over at Bedok, any of its nine varieties of banh mi (from S$4.90 each) is worth a try, as the baguettes have a perfect crispy-chewy ratio and are chock-full of flavourful ingredients.

7. Co Hai Banh Mi

359 Beach Road
Open: Daily (11am to 10pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Co Hai Banh Mi/Facebook

Why visit? Headed by chef Nguyen Thi Hanh, who leads a team of Vietnamese staff, Co Hai Banh Mi offers good Vietnamese food at wallet-friendly prices. Given that they supply bread to other Vietnamese restaurants, you know the banh mi here is top-notch. Bonus: The space is small and charming, and portions are big.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: The signature item is the Co Hai baguette (S$12), a voluminous sandwich packed with hams, BBQ roast pork, pork floss pate and mixed butter with egg. 

Try the stir-fried beef and cheese baguette (S$12), which is like an Asian-style Philly cheesesteak, or the roasted chicken, pate and mayonnaise (S$10), which comes with juicy, tender meat.

8. Banh Mi Saigon

505 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, 01-2668
Open: Daily (9am to 9pm)   

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Banh Mi Saigon/Facebook

Why visit? Better known as “Ang Mo Kio Banh Mi”, Banh Mi Saigon shares shop space with a Vietnamese grocery and is often packed with hungry diners queuing for a taste of its famous banh mi. 

What’s enjoyable about this store is you can watch your sandwich getting assembled through its glass display. Do note that the incredibly popular eatery only does takeaways. 

Price range:

Crowd favourites: There are 13 types of banh mi available here, but the standouts include the banh mi thit (S$6.90), which comes with three different types of housemade Vietnamese hams, as well as the umami-laden banh mi pha lau heo (S$9.90), which is packed with pork viscera (including pig’s ear).  

9. Miss Saigon Singapore

Orchard Plaza, 02-56, 50 Orchard Road
Open: 24 hours

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Miss Saigon/Instagram

Why visit? If it’s the middle of the night and you’re feeling peckish, head to the newly opened Miss Saigon at Orchard Plaza. Opened by the folks behind Banh Mi Saigon, this cheap and cheerful 24-hour eatery serves Vietnamese classics such as pho bo and banh mi that will definitely hit the spot. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Try the banh mi chao (S$12), a “deconstructed” sandwich where eggs, pate and sausage mixed in a tomato-based sauce is served in a hot skillet with fresh bread on the side. 

Other delectable dishes include the rice paper rolls (S$10), and the broken rice with grilled pork (S$12). 

10. Saigon Food Street

7 Jurong West Avenue 5, #18
Open: Daily (8am to 9.45am) 

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: @bbjiaksimi/Instagram

Why visit? Saigon Food Street is the westsiders’ go-to spot for authentic Vietnamese food at super affordable prices — think S$2.50 for a bowl of beef pho. Run by Singaporean Steven Kok and his Vietnamese wife Tran Thi Giau, the stall features treasured recipes from Tran’s family. 

Many swear by the pho’s well-balanced and flavourful broth, often making a pit stop here when they have a craving.

Price range:

Crowd favourites: The pho (S$2.50) comes with a generous serving of tender meat and greens, in a fragrant broth that has been simmered with beef bones and Vietnamese herbs and spices for more than five hours. 

Another popular item is the banh xeo (S$5) — a wafer-thin, crispy pancake wrapped around soft shrimp, tender pork slices and crunchy bean sprouts.

11. Nhung Kitchen

279 Balestier Road, 01-02
Open: Daily (11am to 3am)  

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Nhung Kitchen/Facebook

Why visit? Tucked away in the sleepy Balestier Plaza, Nhung Kitchen is a down-to-earth eatery run by a Vietnamese woman and her Singaporean husband, and they serve an array of homestyle Vietnamese food. 

The highly rated hidden gem has built a loyal fanbase, who regularly return for its crispy and tasty banh mi and spring rolls.

Price range:

Crowd favourites: Ask the couple for recommendations and they’re likely to recommend the banh mi bo xao (S$8), which comes with perfectly marinated beef slices, or the grilled chicken with rice vermicelli (S$11.20), a deceptively simple yet delicious noodle dish that pairs perfectly with a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

12. Moc Quan

UE Square, 01-23, 81 Clemenceau Avenue
Open: Daily (11am to 9pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Moc Quan/Facebook

Why visit? Priding itself on serving authentic Vietnamese food, the people behind Moc Quan work closely with street food chefs in Ho Chi Minh City to recreate Vietnamese classics at this UE Square restaurant. You can find the usual standard fare here, but dishes are a little pricey. However, patrons say the service is impeccable.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Try elevated versions of traditional Vietnamese dishes such as the pho bo with sliced wagyu beef (S$24) or the bun thit nuong (S$28), where rice noodles are served with barbecued Kurobuta pork. 

There’s also a selection of vegetarian dishes, including a sweet and sour vegetable soup (S$11.90) and a Vietnamese pan-fried carrot cake served with green papaya salad (S$10.90).

13. Bami Express

Blk 5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 02-02
Open: Monday to Friday (9am to 4.30pm), Saturday (9am to 2.30pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: Bami Express/Facebook

Why visit? Open since 2015, Bami Express is a humble banh mi joint that has gained a devoted legion of fans, thanks to its delicious homemade bread and fresh ingredients. 

Most grab a sandwich to-go from this hole-in-the-wall store — while fuss-free, the food here is authentic, value-for-money and hearty enough for a quick and satisfying lunch.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: The baguettes here have a distinctive crispy crust and a soft, chewy centre, and are the perfect base for the housemade ingredients. 

Try the bami sai gon (S$5), a harmonious combination of stewed pork, pork ham and pate topped with chicken floss, or the bestselling bami BBQ chicken (S$5), which comes with grilled chicken, lemongrass and chicken floss.

14. LeVie5

151 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Open: Daily except Tuesdays (11am to 9.30pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: LeVie5/Facebook

Why visit? If you’re looking for egg coffee in Singapore, make a beeline for LeVie5. Also known as ca phe trung, Vietnamese egg coffee is made by beating an egg yolk into condensed milk until it becomes light, fluffy and creamy and is slowly poured over a cup of joe. 

LeVie5’s version is smooth and rich — authentic enough for you to pay a visit just for a taste. Most suggest pairing it with its flavourful prawn noodles.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Apart from the rich and delicious egg coffee (S$6.50), LeVie5 also offers other Vietnamese beverages such as coffee with coconut oil and refined butter (S$5.50), alongside Vietnamese comfort food such as fried crab rolls (S$12) and pork meatballs with plain baguette (S$12.90). 

15. An La Ghien Com Tam

527 Bedok North Street 3, 01-514 
Open: Daily (11am to 11pm)

Vietnamese food Singapore
Photo: An La Ghien Bedok/Facebook

Why visit? You know the food at An La Ghien Com Tam is legit if Vietnamese diners say they feel like they’re back home when eating here.

If you’re looking for tasty Vietnamese fare such as pho, hotpot and BBQ at wallet-friendly prices, this quaint and homely HDB eatery is a must-visit. It also has outlets in Geylang, Kallang and Chinatown.

Price range:

Crowd favourites: Start your meal with a platter of plump and juicy oysters (S$1.90 per piece) before moving on to your mains. If you’re there for hotpot and BBQ, there’re a variety of platters comprising different proteins and vegetables. 

Some popular a la carte items include the fried red tilapia with rice paper and fish sauce (S$24.90); bun cha (S$9.90), which comes with impossibly crispy minced pork balls; and the claypot stewed catfish with rice (S$6.90).

Craving more comfort food? Read our stories on the best Teochew porridge in Singapore or the must-try stalls at East Coast Lagoon Food Village.  

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