Our Team

Foo Jia-En

Foo Jia-En, Deputy Editor

Jia-En has worn several hats in her career — first writing TV scripts, then food and lifestyle stories at Wine & Dine. But some things will never change: Her love of words, cats and caffeine.

Sarah Chua

Sarah Chua, Assistant Editor

Sarah is constantly seeking out new coffee spots and cocktail bars around the world, and should probably drink more water while at it.

Evan Mua

Evan Mua, Writer

Evan started off writing about food on Instagram, before joining outlets such as Buro and Confirm Good to pursue his passion. His best work usually comes after his first whisky shot in the morning.

Phyllis Leong

Phyllis Leong, Writer

The resident sweet tooth with a severe addiction to desserts.

Abdul Rahim Anwar

Abdul Rahim Anwar, Videographer

Rahim wields his camera, like a prized katana, during the day, and then dreams of conquering the world at night.

Toh Ee Ming

Toh Ee Ming, Writer

Curious and quietly passionate, Ee Ming is a storyteller with a love of photography, insightful reads, films, and offbeat and obscure places. Her work has appeared in outlets such as the Associated Press, South China Morning Post, National Geographic, CNBC and Southeast Asia Globe.

Chang Qi

Chang Qi, Writer

Chang is in an everlasting relationship with food and tries to have fun every now and then.

Joey Tan

Joey Tan, Writer

Status not found — Joey is busy eating and will probably get back to this later! P.S. She might miss your text if she’s having a good meal.

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