Taiwan bubble tea Kebuke opens its first outlet in Singapore with exclusive drinks

By Joey Tan June 5, 2024
Taiwan bubble tea Kebuke opens its first outlet in Singapore with exclusive drinks
Photos: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

One of Taiwan’s largest bubble tea chains, Kebuke, has landed in Singapore with its first outpost right in town. The store will open officially tomorrow, Jun 6.

Kebuke (可不可) is a play on the phrase: “Are you thirsty?”. This is particularly apt, especially since its offerings are just the thing if you’re looking for a thirst-quenching drink! 

Having spent some time in Taiwan while on an exchange programme in university, I recognised the brand immediately and was excited to try its black tea signatures and Singapore-exclusive items. I must say, Kebuke Singapore did not disappoint!

It’s known for its premium teas, with tea leaves sourced from Taiwan’s high mountains. 

And, true enough, as I made my way towards Kebuke’s Taste Orchard store, I was instantly hit with the aroma of freshly brewed tea. It brought me back to my memories of Taiwan, with its many tea houses.

Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

Tucked away in a corner of Taste Orchard, the store is warm and rustic, with woodsy accents and charming decor on its walls. 

This outpost in Singapore is Kebuke’s first Southeast Asia branch — besides 280 outlets in Taiwan, the brand also has one in Hong Kong.

Kebuke Singapore’s menu

Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

If you’ve been to Kebuke in Taiwan, you’ll know of its famed black tea latte (from S$4.90), which you can now get your hands on in Singapore.

Of course, this Singapore outpost has exclusive drinks. Besides that, it also has a pretty extensive menu. So whether you’re into fruity drinks, decadent ones, or a simple bubble milk tea, there’s surely something that’ll hit the spot.

Clockwise from top left: Rice oolong milk tea, black tea latte, jasmine green tea with Proton strawberry, Biscoff black tea latte, Milk latte with Proton mango. Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

Its country-exclusives include a Biscoff black tea latte (S$5.60) with fixed sugar levels, a rice oolong milk tea (from S$4.70) and its Proton-series of fruity drinks, which features a method of freezing fruits into ice cubes for maximum freshness. 

The bubble tea chain also prides itself on making drinks to order. For example, if you request for less ice, it’ll adjust its tea levels accordingly. This is in contrast to most other chains, which have a fixed recipe for each drink.

The Biscoff black tea latte is creamy and rich, with a thick layer of cookie butter and cookie bits at the bottom. Be sure to shake and stir well for a good balance between the Biscoff and fragrant black tea latte. You’ll love this if you have a sweet-tooth!

Photo: Joey Tan/HungryGoWhere

We also tried other exclusives from its new fruity Proton Series, a jasmine green tea with Proton strawberry (from S$5.80) and a milk latte with Proton mango (from S$6.30) — refreshing options for those who prefer drinks without a strong tea flavour. These Proton-frozen beverages are handcrafted with fresh seasonal fruits and prevent the drink from becoming diluted.  

If you’re a fan of the classic bubble milk tea, we’d recommend the rice oolong milk tea. It’s a great option for those who simply want an elevated version of the usual, with a nutty essence that adds a welcome layer to the floral notes of oolong tea.

Kebuke Singapore’s opening deals

To mark its grand opening, Kebuke is offering one-for-one deals on its signatures. On Jun 8, its signature black tea latte will be up for grabs and on Jun 9, its rice oolong milk tea. All you have to do is follow Kebuke on Instagram! 

This was a hosted tasting. 

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You can also book a ride to Kebuke’s Singapore store at Taste Orchard.

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Taste Orchard, 01-11/12, 160 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT station: Somerset
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Taste Orchard, 01-11/12, 160 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT station: Somerset
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

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