10 food spots in Jurong East to excite your taste buds

By Nicholas Wong August 21, 2022
10 food spots in Jurong East to excite your taste buds
Berry Loving Fuwa Fuwa pancake. Photo: Miam Miam/Facebook

Take this as a handy guide to kickstart your Jurong East food adventure. From Korean fried chicken to chocolate soju, we’re sure you can find something that meets your needs. Whether it is to satisfy certain food cravings or to look for a place to have drinks, we’ve got you covered.


1. Soul Kind Cafe

242 Jurong East Street 24, 01-627
Nearest MRT stations: Jurong East and Bukit Batok
Open: Tuesday to Friday (11am to 9pm), Saturday and Sunday (9.45am to 9pm)

jurong east-soul kind cafe
Photo: Soul Kind Cafe/Facebook

Soul Kind Cafe is an unassuming vegetarian and allium-free (excludes onions, garlic, leek, scallions and chives) cafe. It offers a mixture of local delights such as laksa and char siew rice, as well as Japanese and Korean food options.

Its Japanese curry cutlet rice, in particular, is popular with diners. Apart from its food, the cafe takes pride in its coffee, as evidenced by its cute latte art. What a pleasant way to brighten someone’s day!

What to order: Japanese curry cutlet rice (S$8.90), butter-cream mushrooms (S$11.90)


2. The Carving Board

Block 252, 01-107, Jurong East Street 24
Nearest MRT station: Chinese Garden
Open: Tuesday to Thursday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 4.30pm to 9.30pm), Friday (11.30am to 2pm, 4.30pm to 10pm), Saturday (12pm to 10pm), Sunday (12pm to 9.30pm)

jurong east-The Carving Board
Seafood pesto. Photo: The Carving Board/Facebook

Next up on the list is The Carving Board, a Western eatery that sells quality food at prices that are kinder on your wallet than eating out in a fancy restaurant. For instance, it serves generous portions of mushroom risotto and Angus ribeye steak. 

Alternatively, you could give its pasta offerings — from aglio olio (S$13) to seafood marinara (S$13) — a try.

What to order: 250g AUS grain-fed ribeye steak (S$26), mushroom risotto (S$15), salmon steak (S$18)


3. Your Deli Bite Banh Mi

132 Jurong Gateway Road, 01-277
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday, Wednesday to Friday, and Sunday (9.30am to 9pm), Tuesday and Saturday (9am to 9pm)

jurong east-Your Deli Banh Mi
Different types of banh mi. Photo: Your Deli Bite Banh Mi/Facebook

The cheekily named Your Deli Bite Banh Mi is unlike any other banh mi store in Singapore. Other than the usual crisp and fluffy baguettes, it also has unique creations such as charcoal, green tea and sweet potato buns.

In addition to its selection of bread, you can tweak your banh mi to your liking by requesting more cheese, ham, bacon, or eggs. 

What to order: Special great banh mi (S$6.90), BBQ pork (S$6.50)

4. Chocobar

Vision Exchange, 01-41, 2 Venture Drive
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday to Friday (4pm to 12am), Saturday (5pm to 12am)

jurong east-chocobar
Angus ribeye. Photo: Chocobar/Instagram

Dressed in trendy decor, Chocobar is more than just a place for people to gather and have a few drinks. It’s also a place for a gastronomical experience. 

Menu items such as the mala popcorn chicken and seafood aglio olio are crowd favourites that are worth trying if it’s your first visit. But if there’s one thing you should go for, it’s the choco soju — chocolate-flavoured soju.

What to order: Seafood aglio olio (S$15.90), mala popcorn chicken (S$10.90), choco soju tower (S$70)


5. MP Thai

Vision Exchange, 02-42, 2 Venture Drive
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

jurong east-MP Thai
Curry bean paste prawn. Photo: MP Thai/Facebook

Craving Thai food? Well, you’re in luck because MP Thai serves up downright delicious Thai dishes. Many customers have said the food here reminds them of their time in Thailand.

With generous portions, this is a great food spot to take friends and family. Try the Esan-style hotpot (from S$29) that looks large enough to feed four persons comfortably. If you want to add to your order, we recommend the lap cheong fried rice (S$7) or the crispy catfish salad (S$10).

What to order: Basil minced chicken or pork rice and egg (S$7), Thai pork soup hotpot (S$20), papaya salad (S$7)


6. The Gyu Co

Vision Exchange, 02-35, 2 Venture Drive
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday to Saturday (11am to 2pm, 5pm to 9pm)

jurong east- The Gyu Co
Different types of rice bowls. Photo: The Gyu Co/Facebook

An ex-chef from DB Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud helms The Gyu Co — a restaurant that offers inexpensive premium-quality wagyu beef rice bowls. Here, you can order a wagyu beef bowl from just S$9.90. 

The classic gyudon (Japanese beef rice bowl) consists of Australian wagyu beef sliced thinly, topped with an onsen egg and finished with a special sauce that’s made in-house. If you’re looking for an even more indulgent meal, try the truffle foie gras gyudon. 

What to order: Classic gyudon — Japanese beef rice bowl (S$9.90), truffle foie gras gyudon (S$19.90), mentaiko salmon rice bowl (S$12.90)


7. Anjana Kitchen

Vision Exchange, 01-44, 2 Venture Drive
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday to Sunday (6am to 9.45pm)

Anjana Kitchen
Tandoori chicken. Photo: AnjanaKitchen.com

A popular lunchtime option for those working in Jurong East is Anjana Kitchen. The eatery cooks up authentic Indian dishes — some of which are vegetarian options.  

It takes pride in using only fresh ingredients, which are delivered to the restaurant daily. Popular menu items include naan (Indian flatbread), butter chicken and briyani.

What to order: Tandoori chicken naan set (S$10), butter chicken naan set (S$10)


8. Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant

Science Centre Singapore, Level 2 Snow City, 21 Jurong Town Hall Road
Nearest MRT stations: Jurong East and Chinese Garden
Open: Tuesday to Friday (12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 12am), Saturday and Sunday (12pm to 12am)

Fountain Microbrewery
Fountain platter. Photo: Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant/Facebook

Armed with three decades of experience and using traditional methods developed from old German brewing traditions, master brewer Mung Tjai of Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant created six unique flavours of craft beer.

In addition to craft beers, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes that go with a crisp pint. If you’re craving meat, consider the BBQ ribs that are cooked till soft and tender, and slide effortlessly off the bones. There are even a few platter options such as the Fountain platter — grilled pork shabu shabu, fish bites and BBQ pork ribs.

What to order: Fountain platter (S$55), Fountain signature burger (S$28), fine pearl Jasmine craft beer (S$14), BBQ ribs (S$37)


9. Ahtti Korean Restaurant

Vision Exchange, 02-43, 2 Venture Drive
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday to Saturday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 10pm)

Ahtti Korean Restaurant
A variety of Korean fried chicken. Photo: Ahtti Korean Restaurant/Facebook

For those living in Jurong East, I count you the lucky ones: Ahtti Korean Restaurant serves authentic Korean fried chicken in a multitude of mouthwatering flavours. Whether you’re a spice lover or not, there’s something for everyone.

Diners love its honey butter chicken (S$21 for eight pieces) so much that it added a cheese butter iteration to its menu. To pair with your lip-smacking fried chicken, order the kimchi fried rice (S$12) for a satisfying meal.

The eatery can get packed during peak hours, so reservations are recommended if you’re planning to come in a larger group. 

What to order: Cheese butter chicken (from S$21), ganjang chicken — sweet and salty (S$20), seafood Korean pancake (S$15)


10. Miam Miam

Westgate, 02-27/29, 3 Gateway Drive
Nearest MRT station: Jurong East
Open: Monday to Thursday (11.30am to 9pm), Friday (11.30am to 9.30pm), Saturday (11am to 9.30pm), Sunday (11am to 9pm)

Miam Miam
Miam Miam spaghetti. Photo: Miam Miam/Facebook

Miam Miam is a French-Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of pasta, rice-based dishes and desserts. The pasta is cooked al dente (to a firm texture) and prepared with ingredients such as French butter and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) to create unique flavours.

The desserts are a must-try — in particular, the souffle pancakes. These pancakes are light, airy and fluffy. If you can’t decide what to go for, we suggest the Valrhona chocolate souffle (S$13.80) for a truly decadent end to your meal.

What to order: Creamy miso squid with squid ink pasta (S$26.90), Miam Miam spaghetti — sauteed sausages, tomatoes, baby spinach and bacon, tossed with French butter, a secret broth and shoyu (S$17.20), Berry Loving Fuwa Fuwa pancake (S$15.80)

All the places on this list, except The Carving Board, Your Deli Bite Banh Mi, and Fountain Microbrewery & Restaurant, are on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to these places.

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