8 must-try spots for your late night ice cream cravings

By Phyllis Leong March 17, 2023
8 must-try spots for your late night ice cream cravings
Photos (from left to right): Momolato/Instagram, Burnt Cones/Instagram

When the late-night hunger pangs hit, all it takes is a delightfully sinful cup of ice cream to satiate our dessert fix. Picture this: A decadent scoop of creamy gelato atop fluffy and warm waffles, accompanied by a generous drizzle of maple syrup — boy, have we worked up an appetite! 

The problem is, most dessert parlours in Singapore tend to close early. Thus, it can be challenging for those with a sweet tooth to locate an after-hours joint. Fortunately, we’ve sourced eight ice-cream spots that are open till midnight or later. 

So, grab your supper buddies — these late night ice cream spots are perfect to quell your sweet cravings.

1. Foursome Ice Cream

22 Sin Ming Road, 01-218
Open: Monday to Thursday (6.30pm to 1am), Friday and Saturday (6.30pm to 2am), Sunday (11.30am to 1am)

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Photo: Foursome Ice Cream/Instagram

Why visit? Nestled underneath a HDB block at Upper Thomson, Foursome Ice Cream has joined the enclave of ice-cream spots that operate past midnight. This is a fantastic place to lepak (relax) with your supper kakis (pals) as you sink your teeth into crispy buttermilk waffles and yummy gelato. 

Here, there’s an ice-cream flavour for everyone! Select from an exciting range of 14 different gelato flavours, such as its bestselling green apple yakult (S$3.80 for a single scoop) and cookie monster (S$4.60 for a premium-flavoured single scoop) — a decadent, oreo-based treat. 

Price range: $

Crowd faves: Double Happiness (S$8) is a favourite when sharing with friends, for it comes with a large waffle bowl, two scoops of ice cream and two toppings.

2. No Horse Run

160 Yishun Street 11, 01-216
Open: Monday to Sunday (2pm to 2am)

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Photo: No Horse Run/Instagram

Why visit? No Horse Run is a haven for those seeking quality gelato at affordable prices. If you’re wondering how the cafe thought up its cheeky name, No Horse Run directly translates to the Hokkien phrase “bo beh zao”, which means “in a league on its own”. It signifies the owners’ desire to stand out from the crowd with its menu of unique, locally inspired ice-cream flavours. 

Think: Cereal milk (S$5 for a premium-flavoured single scoop), lemongrass pandan (S$4.20 for a single scoop) and muah chee (S$5 for a premium-flavoured single scoop). These options are a match made in heaven with the signature pandan gula melaka waffles (S$6.50). 

You can pick a complimentary drizzle to go with the dessert, such as housemade jam, childhood Milo or caramelised cookies. 

Price range: $$

Crowd faves: For the true-blue Singaporean experience, the muah chee pairs well with the pandan gula melaka waffles.

3. Burnt Cones

105 Clementi Street 12, 01-02
Open: Monday to Friday (11am to 12am), Saturday and Sunday (9am to 12am)

04 pl-ice cream supper spots-Burnt Cones-ice cream and waffles-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Burnt Cones/Instagram

Why visit? Conveniently located in Clementi, Burnt Cones is a popular industrial-themed cafe famed for its tantalising gelato and bakes. There’re 12 intriguing ice-cream flavours for you to choose from, such as the blood orange thyme (S$6 for a signature-flavoured single scoop) and ube (S$5 for a premium-flavoured single scoop).

We suggest having your ice cream with the fragrant ugly buttermilk waffles (S$7), served with icing sugar and maple syrup. If you’re feeling adventurous, the ugly buttermilk waffles with seasonal fruits (S$17) won’t disappoint with its huge portion. 

Price range: $$

Crowd faves: Banoffee (S$23) from Burnt Cones’ signature waffle series is a stand-out item. A Sunset Way exclusive, the dish is gorgeously plated with fior de latte and speculoos ice cream, topped with caramelised bananas. 

4. Butterspace

Block 55 Chai Chee Drive, 01-198
Open: Monday to Thursday (1pm to 1am), Friday to Sunday (12pm to 2am) 

05 pl-ice cream supper spots-Butterspace-ice cream and waffles-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Butterspace/Instagram

Why visit? You must’ve seen photos of Butterspace’s iconic cookie sandwich (S$8.50) online, which sees a ginormous scoop of ice cream wedged between two chunky cookies. The Instagram-worthy dessert is customisable, and you’re entitled to a choice of gelato and toppings to accompany the cookies. 

But what keeps the customers coming back is Butterspace’s interesting lineup of ice-cream flavours. There’s the bestselling Horlicks Tim Tam (S$3.80 for a single scoop), a heavenly delight boasting aromatic malty notes, and the refreshing raspberry lychee (S$3.80 for a single scoop). 

Price range: $

Crowd faves: Any of its cookie varieties would hit the spot! Our favourite is the birthday cake (S$3.80) — a sprinkle-covered cookie with an oozy marshmallow centre.

5. Oblong

10 Maju Avenue
Open: Sunday to Wednesday (1pm to 11pm), Friday and Saturday (1pm to 1am)

06 pl-ice cream supper spots-Oblong-ice cream and waffles-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Oblong/Instagram

Why visit? Serangoon Gardens is home to a plethora of supper joints that include the reputed ice-cream bar, Oblong. Oblong ice cream bar is the go-to spot for neighbourhood hipsters, for it sports an interior decorated with neon lights and retro memorabilia. 

It’s renowned for its loaded waffles — essentially two waffles that sandwich a ton of fillings. The menu features unconventional options, such as s’mores (S$8.20 ala carte, S$14 combo), which boasts gooey melted marshmallows, and Kinder Bueno (S$7.20 ala carte, S$13 combo). 

Not only do you get to enjoy a refreshing sugar rush, but these sweet treats also offer bang for your buck. Take, for example, the signature combo set (S$12). It comprises a single scoop of ice cream on either plain charcoal (S$6.20 ala carte, S$12 combo) or loaded red velvet waffles (S$6.20 ala carte, S$12 combo). You can also pick your preferred syrup and a beverage to complete the combo. 

Price range: $$

Crowd faves: The earl grey lavender (S$4.20 for a single scoop) ice cream and red velvet waffles are to die for.

6. Lola Faye Cafe

35 Hamilton Road, 01-03
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (2pm to 2am)

07 pl-ice cream supper spots-Lola Faye Cafe-ice cream and waffles-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Lola Faye Cafe/Facebook

Why visit? If you’re searching high and low for a dessert joint that opens till late, look no further. Lola Faye Cafe is a Muslim-owned establishment that opens till 2am daily, boasting premium gelato, waffles and bakes. Situated near Bendemeer MRT, the cafe is easy to spot with its tropical-themed decor and pastel signage. 

The star item on its extensive menu is its gelato croissant (S$10). It comes with a scoop of decadent gelato within a buttery croissant, finished with whipped cream, sauce and toppings. Not only is it the perfect Instagrammable dessert, but it tastes excellent, too. 

Price range: $

Crowd faves: You’ll fall head over heels for the gelato croissant. We suggest having it with Black Fantasy (S$5 for a single scoop), a beloved rendition of dark chocolate ice cream.

7. Momolato

34 Haji Lane
Open: Monday to Thursday (1pm to 11pm), Friday and Saturday (12pm to 2am), Sunday (12pm to 11pm)

08 pl-ice cream supper spots-Momolato-ice cream cone-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Momolato/Instagram

Why visit? Momolato needs no further introduction. Tucked away in Haji Lane, it’s a halal-certified ice-cream shop that prides itself on botanical-inspired gelato. Expect nothing less than quality desserts here — the cafe’s gelato flavour of gula melaka caramel with sea salt, topped with crispy flakes of caramelised tofu skin, was crowned the Asia Pacific champion at the Singapore leg of Gelato World Tour Finals in 2015! 

It serves both regular and keto ice-cream flavours. The latter sees healthier flavours that are great for a low-carb diet, namely the Korean strawberry cheesecake swirl (S$7.40 for a single scoop) and chocolate coconut (S$7.40 for a single scoop). If you’re craving a hassle-free treat to grab and go, then don’t miss out on the popsicles (S$4.90 each).

Price range: $$

Crowd faves: The nama chocolate (S$7.40 for a single scoop) atop pandan waffles (S$6.90) is our go-to at Momolato.

8. Salted Caramel

Thomson Garden Estate, 246F Upper Thomson Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (12pm to 11pm), Friday and Saturday (12pm to 1am)

09 pl-ice cream supper spots-Salted Caramel-ice cream and waffles-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Salted Caramel/Instagram

Why visit? Salted Caramel is undoubtedly one of the top dessert shops to visit at Upper Thomson. The brand has multiple outlets across the island and is recognised for its artisanal ice cream. 

A signature flavour that we recommend is the salted caramel (S$3.90 for a single scoop), made with a sweet and salty blend of fleur de sel. Have it with crispy buttermilk waffles (S$5) or a waffle cone (S$1) for that extra crunch.

Note that the cafe can get crowded over the weekends, so be prepared to queue for a seat. 

Price range: $

Crowd faves: Regulars love the kaya toast (S$3.90 for a single scoop), pineapple tart (S$6.90 for a single scoop) and Gold Digger (S$6.90 for a single scoop).

For more ideas on what to eat, check out healthy desserts in Singapore or our min jiang kueh guide

All cafes are on the GrabFood delivery service and are offering free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. You can also book a ride to their stores.

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