10 supper places that are open 24 hours for your late-night munchies

By Charmian Lee June 22, 2022
10 supper places that are open 24 hours for your late-night munchies
Pratas at Srisun Express. Photo: Srisun Express/Facebook

Covid-19 has robbed us of our comfort supper food and late-night talks. As safe-distancing measures are eased in conjunction with the 10.30pm curfew on alcohol sales being lifted, there’s no better time than the present to rally your friends and family for a scrumptious supper.

The next time you hear your stomach growling, head to one of these 10 eateries that will satisfy your late-night munchies round the clock.


1. The Hainan Story Chapter One

Hotel Boss, 01-09, 500 Jalan Sultan
Nearest MRT station: Lavender
Open: Daily (24 hours)

The Hainan Story_24 hours supper_Hainanese curry rice
Hainanese curry rice (bottom). Photo: The Hainan Story/Facebook

The bright and colourful decor at The Hainan Story Chapter One is an overt nod to the vibrant Hainanese stage opera. Inviting you to take a seat, the marble tables and mismatched chairs bring a blast from the past.

This 24-hour spot offers local delights — kaya toast (starting from S$1.80), kway chap (S$2), chicken rice (starting from S$5.20), and kopi and teh (both starting from S$1.70). Kway chap (S$2), originally a dark-broth noodle dish, is reinvented here using a white broth made with chicken and pork.

Reminisce the good old days with friends at this Instagrammable spot with local comfort grub and unique Singapore-style Hainanese dishes.

What to order: Swiss roll (starting from S$3.70), chicken satay (10 pieces for S$18.00)


2. Mongkok Dim Sum

214 Geylang Road
Nearest MRT station: Kallang
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Mongkok Dim Sum_24 hours supper_Shrimp har gow
Shrimp har gow. Photo: Mongkok Dim Sum/Facebook

Mongkok Dim Sum — a no-frills, self-serve dim sum place situated in a coffee shop-style setting — offers several unique dim sum dishes such as emerald-coloured spinach dumplings (S$4.50).

Choose between a variety of fried and steamed dim sum that are perfect for small bites or add on appetisers and tze char (stir-fried) dishes to beef up your meal.

Do note that only its Geylang outlet is open all-day and there’s no air-conditioning available.

What to order: Custard bun (S$4.20), pan-fried carrot cake (S$4.20)


3. Srisun Express

56 Serangoon Garden Way
Nearest MRT station: Lorong Chuan
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Srisun Express_24 hour supper_Murtabak
Murtabak. Photo: Srisun Express/Facebook

Nestled between popular supper spots such as Chomp Chomp Food Centre and ice-cream store Oblong, Srisun Express is open all day and all night to serve you familiar comfort food in the heartlands.

Other than the usual suspects in the supper food scene such as pratas (starting from S$1.40), murtabak (starting from S$10.10) and roti john (starting from S$4.50), Srisun offers its signature sugar rush prata (S$10), honeymoon prata filled with bananas, chocolate and condensed milk (S$10), masala buffalo wings (S$7.10), and goreng specials (S$9.50).

What to order: Coin prata (from S$7), prata (starting from S$1.40), murtabak (starting from S$10.10)


4. Mosanco Settlers Cafe

39A North Canal Road
Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Mosanco Settlers Cafe_24 hour supper_light bites
Light snacks. Photo: Mosanco Settlers Cafe/Instagram

If you need extra entertainment for your late-night hangs, Mosanco Settlers Cafe is the place to go. Situated in the heart of downtown Singapore, this 24/7 boardgame cafe has more than 600 boardgames in its collection.

Its cafe fare includes an array of Western-influenced light snacks, full meals and drinks to go with some lighthearted gaming sessions. The cafe also offers its signature cold brew (S$6.90).

The next time you miss the last train or bus in town, head to this retro cafe to extend your night. If you’re looking just for food, however, head downstairs to the Mosanco Enchanted Cafe (The Rainforest), also open 24 hours.

What to order: Belgium chocolate crepe cake (S$8.90), Mosanco tea (S$7.90)


5. Nana Original Thai Food

Golden Mile Complex, 01-51/52/66A, 5001 Beach Road
Nearest MRT station: Nicoll Highway
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Nana Original Thai Food_24 hour supper_tom yum soup
Tom yum soup. Photo: Nana Original Thai Food/Website

Nana Original Thai Food is rightfully located in Golden Mile Complex, otherwise known as Singapore’s little Thailand. The casual eatery offers Thai dishes from northeast, northern, southern, and central Thailand with the promise of allowing you to “enjoy Thai food the way Thais do”.

Its menu consists of more than 100 dishes, featuring uncommon gems such as Kao Pad Kai Non Nana (S$35) — Nana’s prawn and crab meat scrambled egg fried rice with fried papaya salad and fried garlic chicken, for a group of two to four. Visit with your family or friends to dig into its variety of food, and wash it all down with a glass of Thai iced milk tea (S$2.50).

Take note: The restaurant is in the midst of updating its menu prices.

What to order: Tum Thai papaya salad (S$8), tom yum soup (S$15), kao ga pow — stir-fried basil rice with egg (S$7.50), and pad thai (S$7.50)


6. Takagi Ramen

51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, 01-01
Nearest MRT station: Ang Mo Kio
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Takagi Ramen_24 hour supper_Tantanmen (Chinese-inspired ramen)
Tantanmen (Chinese-inspired ramen). Photo: Takagi Ramen/Instagram

A bowl of ramen with a price tag of less than S$10 is almost unheard of in Singapore. Takagi Ramen was founded in 2015 with the intention of offering authentic, quality ramen at affordable prices.

With the motto “ramen for the average Singaporean”, a bowl of the Japanese noodles starts at the wallet-friendly price of S$8.50. Despite its fairly low prices, its ramen bowls feature fresh handcrafted Hakata noodles, tonkotsu soup boiled for more than 12 hours and chashu braised and marinated for over 12 hours.

If you’re looking for a hearty bowl of ramen past midnight, Takagi Ramen is probably your best bet. Half of its eight stores are open 24 hours daily.

What to order: Karaka-men (S$10.50), Takagi ramen (S$9.90)


7. Springleaf Prata Place

NEWest, 01-108/109, 1 West Coast Drive
Nearest MRT station: Clementi
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Springleaf Prata_24 hour supper_paper prata drizzled with condensed milk
Paper prata drizzled with condensed milk. Photo: Springleaf Prata Place/Facebook

Founded almost 20 years ago, Springleaf Prata Place was originally named The Prata Place.

Revamping itself as a modern prata place, Springleaf took the same ol’ prata and reinvented it. Some variations include egg floss prata (S$5.50) and portobello mozzarella prata (S$7).

Keep an eye out for its “Ultimate Hawkerfest” category. The first dish, the ultimate murtabak (starting from S$10.50), was introduced in 2012 in conjunction with the Hawkerfest event. Since then, one new creative item has been launched every year.

What to order: Egg prata (S$2.70), egg floss prata (S$5.50)


8. Coffeesmith

Orchard Gateway, 01-09/09A, 277 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT station: Somerset
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Coffeesmith_24 hour supper_interior
Interior of Coffeesmith. Photo: Coffeesmith/Facebook

There’s no need to take a plane ride to fulfil your South Korean drama dreams — you can do so at Coffeesmith.

In 2005, its first store opened its doors at Garosu-gil, South Korea. Since then, it has been featured in popular dramas such as It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014), Sensory Couple (2015), and I’m Not A Robot (2016).

The chain features popular Korean and European options such as bingsu (starting from S$14.90) and injeolmi — Korean rice cake — toast (S$7.50). In addition, there’s no lack of choice in the drink selection that ranges from coffee, teas and beers to cocktail coffees.

What to order: Bingsu (starting from S$14.90), Smith waffle (S$10.90)


9. Balestier Bak Kut Teh

365 and 369 Balestier Road
Nearest MRT station: Novena
Open: Daily (24 hours)

Balestier Bak Kut Teh_24 hour supper_storefront
Storefront of Balestier Bak Kut Teh. Photo: BalestierBakKutTeh.com

Many people associate Balestier, littered with lighting shops, historical sites and delicious chicken rice stores, with some of Singapore’s best-loved bak kut teh.

With more than 50 years under its belt, Balestier Bak Kut Teh has served hordes of tourists and Singaporeans alike. The hearty soup is well-known for being pepper-forward and is well-loved by Mandopop singer Jay Chou.

With added bamboo sugar cane to balance the savoury and peppery notes in the soup, diners can enjoy it two ways — Chinese Teochew and Hokkien style.

What to order: Classic bak kut teh soup (S$7), you tiao (S$1.50)


10. 89.7 Supper Club

5 Changi Village Road, 01-2035
Nearest MRT station: Pasir Ris
Open: Daily (24 hours)

89.7 Supper Club_24 hour supper_signboard
89.7 Supper Club's signboard. Photo: 897SupperClub.com.sg

Open all day, 89.7 Supper Club has drawn crowds for more than 20 years. This restaurant houses a variety of stalls, serving various types of cuisine from different cultures.

Perfect for groups of friends who can never agree on what to eat, you can conveniently find Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Western dishes under one roof.

In spite of the typical coffee-shop-style setting, a staff member will take your orders instead of having to order from individual stores.

What to order: Wheat grass bandung (S$3.20), chicken rice (S$4.70)


The Hainan Story Chapter One, Mongkok Dim Sum, Srisun Express, Nana Original Thai Food, Takagi Ramen, Springleaf Prata Place, Coffeesmith, Balestier Bak Kut Teh, and 89.7 Supper Club are on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to these places.

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