11 places for the best chilli oil dumplings in Singapore

By Sarah Chua May 8, 2023
11 places for the best chilli oil dumplings in Singapore
Hong you chao shou or chilli oil dumplings, and pan-fried dumplings from Zhang Ji Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Photo: @myfoodframes/Instagram

You’ve probably seen these types of dumplings in Singapore at some point — soft, plump wontons soaked in a fiery-red chilli oil and vinegar dressing — while having dim sum or xiao long baos (soup dumplings).

Well, move aside XLBs because chilli oil dumplings, or hong you chao shou as they are called in Chinese, are fast becoming everyone’s new favourite dumpling in Singapore.

Chao shou dumplings are so named because of the way the ends of the dumpling wrapper cross over each other like crossed hands (“chao shou” in Chinese), and “hong you” simply refers to the red chilli oil the dumplings are soaked in.

Doused in a delicious mix of soy sauce, garlic, chilli oil and vinegar, these Sichuan-style dumplings in chilli oil are a great appetiser, or if you order enough, it could even make a hearty main.

If you’re wondering where you can find these red oil wontons, they are usually sold at your favourite xiao long bao and la mian (hand-pulled noodles) stall.

Don’t have a favourite or only know of Din Tai Fung’s spicy wontons?

We round up 11 of the best places around the island for your chilli oil wonton fix. Jump right into one of those queues, order first, dig in and thank us later!


Where to find the best chilli oil dumplings in Singapore

1. Zhang Ji Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Alexandra Village Food Centre, 01-56, 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Open: Thursday to Sunday (11am to 3pm, 5pm to 8pm)

Chilli oil dumplings and xiao long bao at Zhang Ji Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Photo: @carbs.monster/Instagram

Why visit? Zhang Ji Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao’s Szechuan spicy wontons (S$6) are a dream come true for those who prefer their wontons with thinner skins and more filling. Its handmade wontons are well-stuffed and juicy, and they pair well with the chilli oil mix, which isn’t too spicy but has enough of a tangy kick. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Its crispy pan fried dumplings or guo tie (S$7) are its main crowd-puller. If you make it to the end of its snaking queues, grab some of its frozen dumplings or wontons (both at 10 for S$6) to go, too, to make the most out of your trip and wait.


2. Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre, 02-135, 335 Smith Street
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 8.30pm)

Szechuan spicy wontons at Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Photo: @rainraineeataway/Instagram

Why visit? Don’t let the long queues deter you from trying out Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao, as the queue tends to move quite quickly at mealtimes. All its dumplings, including its Szechuan spicy wontons (S$6), are meticulously handmade and crafted such that there is consistency in every bite. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Aside from definitely getting its Szechuan spicy wontons (S$6), its steamed mini buns or xiao long baos (S$7) are said to be one of the best Chinese dumplings in Singapore. If you’re keen on a non-dumpling dish, its beef noodles (S$5) are a hearty contender. The noodles, which come with a lightly seasoned broth, are springy, filling and topped with thick slices of beef. 


3. Ah Wang La Mian Xiao Long Bao Shang Hai Fried Dumplings

Zion Riverside Food Centre, 59 Zion Road
Open: Wednesday to Friday (10.30am to 3.30pm, 4.30pm to 8.40pm), Saturday and Sunday (9am to 3.30pm, 4.30pm to 8.40pm)  

Szechuan spicy wontons at Ah Wang La Mian Xiao Long Bao Shang Hai Fried Dumplings. Photo: @juliuslim/Instagram

Why visit? Compared to its more popular counterparts on the list, Ah Wang’s location at Zion Riverside Food Centre may be a bit of a detour, but trust us, you’ll want to go the distance for its freshly made Szechuan spicy wontons (S$6). The meat parcels are plump and crunchy from its fresh ingredients, and its silky soft dumpling skin is so smooth that each piece just goes down your digestive tract like butter. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Try its Szechuan spicy noodles (S$5), which is a Sichuan-style dan dan noodle dish accompanied by a spicy peanut sauce that is equal parts spicy, savoury and brimming with umami. 


4. Ah Wei Jing Dian Xiao Long Bao 

Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, 01-220, 347 Jurong East Avenue 1
Open: Thursday and Friday (9.30am to 8.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (9.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 8.30pm) 

Szechuan spicy wontons at Ah Wei Jing Dian Xiao Long Bao. Photo: @xp11/Instagram

Why visit? Westies rejoice, because there lies an underrated store selling hong you chao shou in Singapore’s west, at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre. Prices may have risen since but at S$5.50 a plate, Ah Wei is undeniably one of the most value-for-money places to get your chilli oil dumpling fix in Singapore. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Aside from its hot favourite Szechuan spicy wontons (S$5.50 for 10 pieces), its steamed mini buns or xiao long baos (S$5 for seven pieces) also sell like hotcakes.  


5. Rong Xing La Mian Xiao Long Bao 

Redhill Food Centre, 01-77, 85 Redhill Lane
Open: Monday to Sunday (9.30am to 9pm) 

Why visit? Tucked within Redhill Food Centre, Rong Xing appears to be a bit of a sleeper hit, popular among tourists yet known to only the most discerning of locals. You’ll notice that the signature items on its topmost signboard aren’t even labelled in English. Don’t let that stop you though – it’s number 8 you’re looking for, for some spicy wontons (S$4.80). 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: At S$4.80, Rong Xing’s spicy wontons are easily the cheapest on our list so far. We like that its affordable price tag means you can easily order two plates with reckless abandon. It also sells malatang at a very affordable S$6.50, a price almost unheard of for this popular dish

6. Shi Xiang Ge

Bishan Bus Interchange Food Court, level 2, 514 Bishan Street 13
Open: Wednesday to Monday (10.30am to 9.15pm)

Poached Szechuan dumplings in spicy sauce at Shi Xiang Ge. Photo: @myfoodframes/Instagram

Why visit? If you don’t live in Bishan, you’re unlikely to have heard of this heartland favourite Shi Xiang Ge selling Shanxi cuisine, located above the Bishan bus interchange. Shi Xiang Ge is helmed by a former Crystal Jade La Mian chef, which could explain its restaurant-quality dishes at a very affordable price point.  

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Its poached Szechuan dumplings in spicy sauce (S$6 for eight pieces) is a clear winner, stuffed with meat filling and coupled with a well-balanced chilli oil mix. Order its beef noodles (S$5) if you’re down for something hearty yet not overly cloying, and top up an extra dollar for its handmade knife-cut noodles, or dao xiao mian. 


7. Taste of Jiang Nan (Jiang Nan Wei Dao) 

Maxwell Food Centre, 01-62, 1 Kadayanallur Street
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 8pm) 

Red oil dumplings at Taste of Jiang Nan. Photo: @samlivestoeat/Instagram

Why visit? Maxwell Food Centre is a perennial favourite for foodies and tourists alike, with certain stalls drawing hour-long queues. Taste of Jiang Nan, or Jiang Nan Wei Dao, is one of those underrated stalls that serves great food, but yet you needn’t spend your entire lunch hour queuing for it (for now at least)! 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: If its signature red oil dumplings (S$6.50) aren’t enough to satiate your growling tummy, get its pork chop egg fried rice (S$8.50) — fragrant, nicely seasoned and topped with an extremely tender, big slice of pork. 


8. Hong Peng La Mian Xiao Long Bao 

People’s Park Food Centre, 01-1064, 32 New Market Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm) 

Dumplings in spicy sauce at Hong Peng. Photo: @auntiekongfoodie/Instagram

Why visit? Dining in at the bustling People’s Park Food Centre can be quite a sensory overload with its closely packed stalls, limited ventilation and perpetual wafts of mala and chilli in the air. Visit this stall to see your noodles and dumplings made fresh, and to have its signature xiao long baos (S$4) served piping hot. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Hong Peng excels at all things dumplings in Singapore, from its xiao long baos (S$4) to its dumplings in spicy sauce (S$5). Its dumplings are sizable and portioned generously — there are 12 per plate. But if you want to see its chef in action, pulling your noodle order freshly, go for its spicy chicken shredded noodles (S$4) or sweet and sour soup noodles (S$4). 


9. Sum Dim Sum 

HometeamNS Bedok, 02-02, 900 Bedok North Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 11pm)

161 Jalan Besar
Open: Monday to Friday (11.30am to 12am), Saturday and Sunday (10.30am to 12am)

Punggol East Container Park, 50 Punggol East
Open: Monday to Sunday (4.30pm to 11.30pm) 

Signature hot and spicy dumpling. Photo: Sum Dim Sum

Why visit? Located right next to Bedok Reservoir, Sum Dim Sum’s latest outlet at HomeTeam NS Bedok makes for a great family brunch place after those weekend morning walks. Unlike most of the other places on our list, Sum Dim Sum has a whole list of dim sum favourites, roasted meats, congee, noodles and zi char-style dishes, too, so there’s something for everyone.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: You’ve probably seen its fresh prawn tiffany blue XL hargow (S$6.60) or prawn dumplings on social media, but we’d dive straight into its signature hot and spicy dumpling (S$5.30) and mala dumpling (S$5) for our spicy kicks. 


10. DumPrince Dumpling House

Chinatown Point, B1-47C, 133 New Bridge Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm) 

Clarke Quay Central, B1-K7/K8, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm) 

Sichuan spicy dumplings. Photo: @cafehoppingkids/Instagram

Why visit? DumPrince has quietly been drawing fans in with its collagen-rich noodle soup dishes made with chicken. Head there if you’re in Chinatown or Clarke Quay area, or if you just want some chilli oil dumplings made with alternative ingredients such as chicken, prawn and mushroom, instead of the usual pork base. Not only do its dumplings not contain pork or lard, they are also made with halal-certified ingredients.  

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Go for its chicken dumplings noodle soup with collagen broth (S$8.90) to get a taste of its hyped collagen chicken broth, but also opt for its Sichuan spicy dumplings (prices vary from S$6.90 for six chicken ones to S$16.90 for 10 prawn ones) as a side. 


11. Dumpling Darlings 

44 Amoy Street
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm)

86 Circular Road
Open: Monday to Saturday (11am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm)

Spicy Sichuan dumplings and fried pierogi. Photo: @foodbean_/Instagram

Why visit? If you prefer dining in cool comfort, modern dumpling joint Dumpling Darlings also has its own take on chilli oil dumplings – its spicy Sichuan dumplings (five for S$8), stuffed with minced pork collar and dressed with a ginger soy sauce and spicy Sichuan vinaigrette. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: With both of its outlets located right smack in the CBD, its lunch deal (S$17) — one egg noodle dish, four pieces of dumplings and one iced drink — is a hit with office workers around the area. If you’re keen on trying other dumpling flavours aside from its spicy Sichuan ones, its fried pierogi (S$8 for five pieces) are a unique take on the popular Polish dish.


For more ideas on what to eat, read our stories on food spots in Suntec City and Boat Quay

Ah Wei Jing Dian Xiao Long Bao, Sum Dim Sum’s Jalan Besar outlet, Dumpling Darlings and DumPrince Dumpling House are on the GrabFood delivery service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. You can book a ride to all the stores mentioned above.

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