8 food spots to check out along the Thomson-East Coast MRT line

By Charmian Lee September 3, 2022
8 food spots to check out along the Thomson-East Coast MRT line
Tacos and burgers. Photo: Burp Kitchen and Bar/Facebook

With the opening of Phase 1 of the Thomson-East Coast MRT line in 2020 and Phase 2 introduced in August last year, exploring new food places has never been easier — from Woodlands North to Caldecott.

If you’re looking for something delicious to discover over the weekend, here are eight food spots to check out. 


1. Nasi SG Power 

Woodlands North Plaza, 01-20, 883 Woodlands Street 82
Nearest MRT station: Woodlands North
Open: Monday (6pm to 12am), Tuesday to Saturday (24 hours), Sunday (12am to 2pm)

Thomson-East Coast_nasi sambal goreng_nasi sg power
Nasi sambal goreng. Photo: Nasi SG Power/Facebook

Nasi SG Power, also known as “Nasi Sambal Goreng Power”, is a gem of a find in Woodlands North Plaza. Being in an open market, the stall owners are restricted to using electric cookers, which take a longer time to prepare food. Despite the restrictions, however, the dishes are freshly prepared daily and turn out incredibly tasty. 

Its delicious dishes and generous servings draw crowds throughout the day and make this place a popular supper spot.

Nasi sambal goreng is a popular dish in the Malay community and a must-try here. The version from this stall is served with long beans, tofu, tempeh, and side dishes of your choice: sotong, ayam (fish), daging (meat, usually beef), and paru (beef lung).

What to order: Nasi sambal goreng (from S$6)

2. 9pm Kkochi 

Causeway Point, B1-K11, 1 Woodlands Square
Nearest MRT station: Woodlands
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 8.15pm)

Thomson-East Coast_kkochi_skewers
Grilling zig-zag skewers. Photo: 9pm Kkochi/Facebook

Seeking to recreate the experience of a pojangmacha, a commercial establishment based out of a small tent or street stall found in South Korea, 9pm Kkochi specialises in, you guessed it, kkocchi (Korean skewers).

Try its pork zig-zag kkochi and beef zig-zag kkochi, where fleshy meat is threaded on a wooden skewer in a zig-zag fashion. Both are marinated with Korean seasonings for a tender and flavourful bite.

9pm Kkochi also offers a kkocchi box (from S$6.90), where you can sample a variety of skewers with a side of rice.

What to order: Pork zig-zag kkochi (S$2), beef zig-zag kkochi (S$2.20), tteokbokki in a cup (S$5.90) 


3. Kuai San Dim Sum

Primz Bizhub, 21 Woodlands Close
Nearest MRT station: Woodlands South
Open: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

Thomson-East Coast_kuai san dim_dumpling
Fried prawn dumpling (foreground) and prawn chee cheong fun (background). Kuai San Dim Sum/Facebook

If you’re looking for a 24-hour haunt in Singapore’s north, Kuai San Dim Sum is a good choice. As its name suggests, each dish here is priced at only S$1.30 — a real steal for freshly handmade dim sum. 

With a wide selection of more than 20 dishes, be spoilt for choice with its dim sum, which includes usual favourites such as century egg porridge, siew mai and fried carrot cake.

What to order: Century egg porridge (S$1.30), HK-style prawn chee cheong fun (S$1.30)


4. Cafe Bakeaholic 

01-12/13, 25 Springside Green
Nearest MRT station: Springleaf
Open: Wednesday to Monday (9am to 5.30pm)

Thomson-East Coast_lemon madeleine_bakeholic
Lemon madeleine. Photo: Cafe Bakeaholic/Instagram

Cafe Bakeaholic started humbly as a home bakery during the pandemic in 2020 and blossomed into an artisanal cafe. Owner Charmaine Hui is the daughter of veteran Hong Kong actor Benz Hui.

The cafe is set against an Instagram-worthy backdrop, where you can take your pick between its sweet and savoury options. The signature croffles come with various toppings, including maple syrup, strawberries and cinnamon sugar.

It also has madeleines that’ll make a great gift as well as fluffy cinnamon rolls (S$4.50 for plain) drizzled with a light glaze.

What to order: Croffles (from S$6), madeleines (S$22 for a box of six) 


5. Grillhood Mains X Desserts

603 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, 01-2661
Nearest MRT station: Lentor
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 9pm)

Thomson-East Coast_pasta_grillhood mains
Grillhood pasta. Photo: Grillhood Mains X Desserts/Facebook

Grillhood Mains X Desserts is a little-known neighbourhood cafe that serves homely Western fare at pocket-friendly prices. 

The cafe believes in “cook(ing) what customers want to eat, exactly how they love it”. Chef Song, the man behind Grillhood, has decades of experience working in different kitchens, with a focus on Western cuisine throughout his career. 

If you’re curious about what to have on your first visit, a reliable choice would be the signature Grillhood pasta — a homemade carbonara sauce topped with oven-baked bacon, onions and capsicum.  

What to order: Grillhood pasta (S$9.90), chicken mushroom quesadilla (S$10.90)


6. Zhen Ming Pork Ribs and Prawn Noodles 

Mayflower Market and Food Centre, 01-04, 162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4
Nearest MRT station: Mayflower
Open: Wednesday to Monday (5am to 2pm)

prawn noodle_zhen ming
Zhen Ming Pork Ribs and Prawn Noodles' owners with MP Baey Yam Keng. Photo: Zhen Ming Prawn Noodles/Facebook

Zhen Ming Pork Ribs and Prawn Noodles is located at Mayflower Market and Food Centre and comes highly recommended by a friend who religiously orders its prawn noodles at least once a week.

With a wealth of experience — 20 years to be exact — the stall boasts bowls of traditional prawn noodles. The hearty bowl is sweeter than most, thanks to the use of red dates and black sugar cane from Malaysia.

Pork ribs and pig skin are used for the broth, which simmers for six hours. The dry version of the prawn noodles (from S$3) and fried prawn lor mee are also worth a try.

What to order: Prawn noodles (from S$3), fried prawn lor mee (from S$3) 


7. Burp Kitchen and Bar

510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Nearest MRT station: Bright Hill
Open: Monday to Friday (12pm to 12am), Saturday and Sunday (10am to 12am)

Photo: Burp Kitchen and Bar/Facebook

Burp Kitchen and Bar serves hungry diners looking for a meal in BishanAng Mo Kio Park. With the park’s greenery as a backdrop, the cafe-and-bar focuses on casual Western fare inspired by American street food.

The black-and-white rustic design adds charm to the space, while the glass windows allow ample sunlight to filter through. Have a go at its brunch items, such as French toast (S$10) and truffle mushroom and eggs toast (S$14).

A selection of burgers, pastas and tacos are available as well. The tacos (from S$16) are a crowd favourite and come with a side of corn chips and nacho cheese dip. 

What to order: Baja fish tacos (S$16), truffle beefy shrooms burger (S$18)


8. Woodlands Sourdough

The Longhaus, 01-03, 183 Upper Thomson Road
Nearest MRT station: Upper Thomson
Open: Thursday to Sunday (8.30am to 3pm)

Sourdough bread. Photo: Woodlands Sourdough/Instagram

Woodlands Sourdough is a popular Muslim-owned bakery-cafe opened by a couple who are ex-engineers. 

If it’s your first time trying its bakes, don’t be surprised by its trademark stickiness in the sourdough bread. The bread is indeed fully baked and features a thin, caramelised crust with a light springy texture. Other than its signature sourdough, the bakery’s also well-known for brownies made with rye. 

It also offers handmade spreads inspired by the couple’s travels. 

What to order: Sourdough loaves (from S$10), brownies (from S$5.50), tea cakes (from S$5.50)


Nasi SG Power, 9pm Kkochi, Cafe Bakeaholic, and Burp Kitchen and Bar are on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to these places.

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