10 eateries you should check out in Bishan

By Charmian Lee August 29, 2022
10 eateries you should check out in Bishan
Photo: Canopy Garden Dining/Instagram

Bishan may be a mature residential town that’s made itself popular for meet-ups and hangouts, not only on account of its central location but its diverse food options.

Whether it’s hawker fare or trendy cafe spots, here are 10 eateries in Bishan to visit during your next gathering with family and friends.


1. Ming Kee Chicken Rice

Kim San Leng Coffee Shop, 01-522, Block 511 Bishan Street 13
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Wednesday to Monday (10am to 8pm)

bishan eateries-Ming Kee Chicken Rice
Photo: Charmian Lee/HungryGoWhere

Boasting iconic green plates and a snaking queue that spans almost half the kopitiam, Ming Kee Chicken Rice is armed with a rich history of more than 40 years.

It’s famously known for its chilled chicken meat, where the cooked bird is kept in an ice bath till it’s plated. The result? Juicy and tender meat that melts in your mouth. Paired with a mildly salty yet fragrant sauce, this chicken rice stall has people returning for more.

While a plate of steamed chicken rice is usually priced at S$4, it’s now priced at S$5 because of the limited supply of fresh chicken. Undeterred by the price increase, this chicken rice stall remains popular among Bishan residents. 

What to order: Steamed chicken rice (S$5)


2. Shi Xiang Ge 

Bishan Bus Interchange, Level 2, 514 Bishan Street 13
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Sunday (10.30am to 9.15pm)

Bishan eateries-Shi Xiang Ge
Photo: Charmian Lee/HungryGoWhere

Shi Xiang Ge, a humble stall specialising in Shanxi cuisine, comes highly recommended by a friend, a Bishan resident. Owner Liu Yi Jun is a former director of Crystal Jade La Mian and has almost 30 years of experience in making la mian.

A visit to the kopitiam above Bishan Bus Interchange proved just how well-loved this stall is; its distinct porcelain blue bowls were seen on almost every table here. 

With Liu’s specialty being beef la mian, it’s no wonder that it’s a must-have here. It’s an ode to his hometown, and uses beef bones and meat for the stock, in place of the usual pork bone.

What to order: Beef la mian (S$6), hot-and-spicy intestine shaved noodles (S$7)


3. 284 Kway Chap

KPT Ka Fei Dian, 284 Bishan Street 22
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Sunday (8pm to 3am)

Bishan eateries-284 Kway Chap
Pick your desired ingredients at the front of the queue. Photo: presleykai/Instagram

284 Kway Chap is one of the oldest hawker stalls in Bishan. It’s also a popular supper spot, opening early in the morning and serving bowls of kway chap till 3am.

Each bowl of kway (flat broad rice sheets) is filled with a soy-based broth and you can choose a variety of ingredients to add to your bowl. Compared with the usual herbal soy-rich sauce, the one offered here is a lighter-bodied version that still packs a flavourful punch.

What to order: Kway chap (60 cents), large intestines (from S$2) 

4. Grin Affair

Block 505D Bishan Street 11, 01-408
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Thursday (1pm to 11pm), Friday (1pm to 1am), Saturday (12pm to 1am), Sunday (12pm to 12am)

Bishan eateries-Grin Affair
Grin Affair’s signature mousse cakes in reusable jars. Photo: Grin Affair

Grin Affair is a cosy cafe hidden away in an HDB block. With a belief that desserts should make you grin and make your bodies feel great, its desserts are proudly advertised as “real food” — promising no artificial flavourings, preservatives or thickeners.

The store serves elevated desserts in jars, with its signature mousse cakes ranging from decadent banana dark chocolate to light, fruity vanilla and strawberry (S$7.90).

What to order: Earl grey ice cream (S$14.90 for a pint), banana dark chocolate mousse cake (S$8.90)


5. Denzy Gelato

506 Bishan Street 11, 01-404
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 10pm)

Bishan eateries-Denzy Gelato
Double scoops of gelato. Photo: Denzy Gelato/Instagram

I’ve probably visited Denzy Gelato one too many times, visiting friends who worked here part-time. Co-founder Damien Yau, a Bishan resident himself, honed his craft in Italy before launching the shop in 2019 with his then-fiancee Wong Hao Zhen. Soon after, Denzy was crowned “Singapore’s Best Gelato” in the Singapore Gelato Championship 2019.

The gelateria churns its delectable gelato in-house. Pair the handcrafted gelato (from S$3.80 for a single scoop) with its signature light and crispy waffles (S$5.30) for an icy treat to beat the heat. 

What to order: Whisky and salted pecan brittle (S$5 for a single scoop), roasted bronte pistachio (S$5 for a single scoop)


6. Hup Seng Duck Rice

Block 22 Sin Ming Road, 01-258
Nearest MRT station: Upper Thomson
Open: Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Sunday (8am to 2pm)

Photo: mrsraight/Instagram

Hup Seng Duck Rice is helmed by an owner well into his 70s, with more than 35 years of experience. His wealth of experience is translated into hearty plates of duck rice that entice crowds to flock to this unassuming stall.

The star of the show undoubtedly is the tender and juicy duck meat, which is doused in a savoury dark gravy with a mild herbal flavour. 

A close contender to the duck rice is the salted vegetable duck soup. The peppery soup — boasting tender duck meat and bursting with flavour — is prepared by simmering an entire duck with other ingredients in a steam cabinet for at least four hours.

What to order: Duck rice (from S$4.50), salted vegetable duck soup (from S$6.50)


7. Two Chefs Eating Place

410A Sin Ming Avenue, 01-01
Nearest MRT station: Bright Hill
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 11pm)

Bishan eateries-Two Chefs Eating Place
Photo: Charmian Lee/HungryGoWhere

Made famous for a rather unusual dish — butter pork ribs with condensed milk powder — Two Chefs Eating Place is a zi char stall run by two chefs. The chefs are brothers from Ipoh, Malaysia, and their business rose to fame, all thanks to this uncommon dish.

The specially made topping, a secret recipe of butter and condensed milk, takes four hours of slow cooking to prepare. Its sweet and savoury tender meat is encased in a crisp exterior.

What to order: Butter pork ribs (from S$10), drunken cockles (S$7)


8. Good Bites 

Bishan Sports Hall, 03-01, 5 Bishan Street 14
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 5am)

Bishan eateries-Good Bites
Tom yum seafood pasta, and fried chicken and waffle. Photo: Good Bites/Instagram

Good Bites is a halal-certified cafe in Bishan Sports Hall and offers a fusion Western menu.

Outfitted with trendy decor, almost every corner here makes for a ’gram-worthy shot. The al fresco dining place, however, is best enjoyed in the evenings with its fairy lights and soft lighting.

One of its well-loved dishes is the flavourful tom yum pasta that has garnered positive reviews. 

What to order: Tom yum pasta (from S$11.90), molten lava cake (S$12.90)


9. Canopy Garden Dining

Bishan Park 2, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Friday (9am to 12am), Saturday and Sunday (8am to 12am)

Canopy Garden Dining
African shakshuka, Parma ham pizza and a cup of macchiato. Photo: Canopy Garden Dining/Instagram

Canopy Garden Dining is housed in the heart of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The al fresco dining space allows you to enjoy a garden dining experience amid the lush greenery of the park. The indoor space is just as inviting, with large glass windows to allow natural light in. 

Canopy Garden Dining is a pet-friendly eatery. Its signature brunch items include African shakshuka — North African-style poached egg doused with spicy tomato sauce. 

What to order: African shakshuka (S$20), eggs benedict (S$19)


10. Yung Yung

Block 509 Bishan Street 11, 01-380
Nearest MRT station: Bishan
Open: Monday to Friday (11.30am to 9pm), Saturday and Sunday (11am to 9pm)

Yung Yung
Yaowarat bread buns. Photo: Yung Yung/Instagram

Determined to bring something new to the bubble tea scene in Singapore, Yung Yung offers its signature fruit jelly milk teas (from S$4) and a popular Lotus Biscoff smoothie. 

The Lotus Biscoff smoothie is thick and creamy, generously served with crunchy Biscoff bits, while its signature jelly milk tea comes with a myriad of flavoured jellies, such as champagne grape, peach, mango, passionfruit, strawberry, lychee, and coffee. 

This bubble tea store also sells Yaowarat bread buns that have a buttery exterior and are packed with fillings such as pandan kaya and peanut butter.

What to order: Lotus Biscoff smoothie (S$5.20), Yaowarat bread buns (from S$2.80)

Ming Kee Chicken Rice, 284 Kway Chap, Grin Affair, Denzy Gelato, Good Bites,  Canopy Garden Dining, and Yung Yung are on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to these places.

Charmian Lee


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