Popular ice-cream brand Tom’s Palette revamps Bugis store, has a whopping 36 flavours

By Evan Mua September 15, 2023
Popular ice-cream brand Tom’s Palette revamps Bugis store, has a whopping 36 flavours
The iconic gelato brand has been in operation since 2005! Photo: Tom’s Palette

Artisan ice-cream cafes are a dime a dozen in Singapore nowadays, as trendy new spots continue to pop up every so often.

But as far as ice-cream cafes are concerned, not many can top the fond memories dessert fans have of Tom’s Palette, a stalwart artisan gelato brand that’s been around for almost two decades.

The iconic brand was founded in 2005 and operated out of a small unit in the rustic Shaw Tower, before the building’s redevelopment forced a move to its current location in 2020.

In July, the gelateria announced plans for renovations of its Middle Road compound. Good news: It’s now ready to receive all the loyal fans who’ve been patiently waiting.

02 ev-tom's palette-best ice cream singapore-hungrygowhere
It’s recently reopened with a snazzy facelift. Photo: Tom’s Palette

Decked in hues of cream and teak, the revamped Tom’s Palette Bugis space is clean, modern and features an elegant communal table as the centrepiece. 

Besides the furnishing, the walls are now also adorned with a smattering of vibrant artwork that adds a touch of refinement, much like an art studio.

But here’s what we suspect fans will be most excited for: The new-and-improved Tom’s Palette now has an impressive spread of 36 ice-cream flavours to give ice-cream lovers a greater freedom of choice.

These options borrow from the ice-cream expert’s library of over 200 unique creations, all crafted without preservatives or artificial flavouring.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Tom’s Palette has garnered a reputation for being a creativity-filled maverick with the wackiest but most charming ideas.

Some of the unconventional flavours it’s become known for include a motley of Asian-inspired comforts such as white chocolate nori (Japanese seaweed), pipagao cough syrup, nasi lemak, chee cheong fun and so on — there are too many to list.

For the grand reopening, fans can look forward to Tom’s Palette’s new menu, which includes a fresh slate of items.

For example, the newest addition to its extensive flavour library is a simple but hearty maple pecan that combines pure maple syrup-soaked pound cake, toasted pecans and fior di latte mozzarella gelato.

03 ev-tom's palette-reopen new flavour maple pecan-hungrygowhere
The newest flavour packs lots of maple syrup fragrance. Photo: Tom’s Palette

Prices for the gelato start at S$5.20 for a single scoop in a cup and S$6.40 for a single scoop in a cone.

If you’re a waffle lover, crunchy Belgian waffles are also available at S$7.50 with a complimentary topping and free-flow gula melaka.

If you’re looking to upsize your waffles, a scoop of ice cream would cost S$5.20 while a 30ml drizzle of pure maple syrup will set you back S$1.70.

04 ev-tom's palette-omakase ice cream paltter-hungrygowhere
Can’t make up your mind? Let them surprise you. Photo: Tom’s Palette

In the case of those who’re easily struck by decision paralysis, a new omakase-like option of Tom’s Palette (S$29.80) has also been introduced.

This special platter will surprise you with an array of six different flavours that change alongside the daily selection of gelato flavours. It’s great for those who can’t make up their mind!

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You can also book a ride to Tom’s Palette at Bugis. 

Tom’s Palette

51 Middle Road, 01-01
Nearest MRT station: Bugis
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (12pm to 10pm)

51 Middle Road, 01-01
Nearest MRT station: Bugis
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (12pm to 10pm)

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