KOI Thé Singapore launches new Matcha bubble tea drinks

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
KOI Thé Singapore launches new Matcha bubble tea drinks
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In love with bubble tea, or all things Matcha? Well, there’s ‘Matcha’ to love about the new bubble tea creations from KOI. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Originating from Taiwan, the Matcha latte and macchiato bubble tea were first offered by Taiwanese bubble tea chain 50. The striking, contrasting green and white layers of the drinks made them highly instagrammable, which led to them growing wildly popular. The fact that they were sold in limited quantities daily further boosted the hype.

Now the drinks are available in Singapore, thanks to KOI, and locals can finally taste what the craze is about.

The Matcha latte bubble tea ($4.10/$5.70), unlike many of the other bubble teas sold at KOI, isn’t shaken for you; you do the shaking yourself. We couldn’t tell what all the ingredients that went into the drink were, but it’s obvious that milk and matcha powder went into the mix.

When shaken and mixed, the lattes have a light, dirty green hue that was certainly visually arresting. But taste-wise, the drinks fared pretty well too.

The service crew recommended the ‘normal’ sugar level (100%) to fully mask the bitterness of the matcha, but we found it too sweet. In comparison, the less sugar (70%) option tasted better — we could discern the (mild) bitterness from the matcha powder, which blended well with the sweetness of the drink — an ideal matcha mix in our opinion.

The Matcha Macchiato ($4.10/$5.70) differs from the latte in terms of texture. The milk used for the macchiato was creamier as compared to the one used for the latte, which resulted in a milkier and smoother aftertaste.

With that said, there are mulitple ways to enjoy the drink. You can either make an small cut on the top of the cup, taking sips of the creamy milk togther with the matcha goodness, or just shake the whole thing and enjoy it as one complete whole. But one thing is for sure, whichever way you drink it, this is certainly an indulgence to watch out for.

From 1-7 June, KOI Singapore is giving out ‘GotMatcha’d 1FOR1’ vouchers for KOI Card registered members. Simply present your KOI card at any outlet to redeem a one-for-one offer! Available for redemption once only.



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