16 best cafes at Tiong Bahru for a leisurely brunch

By Shana Tan December 29, 2023
16 best cafes at Tiong Bahru for a leisurely brunch
Photos (clockwise from left): @plainvanillasg/Instagram, @caffepraletsg/Instagram, @microbakerykitchen/Instagram, @mercimarcel/Instagram

Looking for the best cafes at Tiong Bahru? We’ve got you covered! 

Located just outside of Singapore’s major attractions and business districts, Tiong Bahru is locally known as a charming residential district in the central area of Singapore, popular among the expatriate community and locals alike.

Aside from being a picturesque heritage neighborhood, there’s plenty of things to do at Tiong Bahru and one of the best things to do there is to go cafe-hopping — even those who live there love it for its many cafes. 

There’s something special for every coffee lover and food enthusiast in every corner. From artisanal coffee shops to bakeries serving up homemade treats, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

So take our lead — this specially curated guide will help you discover the 16 best cafes at Tiong Bahru.

1. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee 

170 Stirling Road, 01-1133
Open: Monday to Friday (8am to 4.45pm), Saturday and Sunday (8.30am to 4.15pm)

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee
Rise and grind with the perfect pair: Freshly baked delights and a perfect cup of coffee! Photo: @tionghoespecialtycoffee/Instagram

Why visit? Tucked in a quiet neighborhood, Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee is a cafe that prides itself on the freshest brews and pour overs, evident from the crowds that pack the cafe daily. 

Its brews are reliable, comforting and consistent. You’ll definitely catch a whiff of the fresh coffee brewing when you pass by — so don’t be afraid to pop in if you do! Tiong Hoe also has coffee beans for sale, making it a highly recommended spot for aspiring home brewers. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: A good entry option would be its piccolo latte (S$4.80). Other favourites include its cafe latte (S$5.30) and flat white (S$5.30), which offer a well-balanced aroma and flavour, with a perfect amount of acidity. 

2. Merci Marcel Tiong Bahru

56 Eng Hoon Street, 01-68
Open: Sunday to Wednesday (8am to 11pm), Thursday to Saturday (8am to 12am)

Merci Marcel Tiong Bahru
Colourful platters of kale pesto risoni Salad and signature drinks. Photo: @mercimarcel/Instagram

Why visit? Merci Marcel is a culinary melting pot of the best French flavours with a modern twist. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a satisfying breakfast or savour a delicious brunch, Merci Marcel captures the yummiest parts of French delicacies and carefully packages them onto a fine plate, making it one of the best cafes in Tiong Bahru.

Aside from its menu, its stylish, French cafe-inspired interior also make it a perfect spot for Instagram-worthy food photos. Give it a visit and you’ll see why this is a perennial favourite among Tiong Bahru cafe-hoppers!

Price range: $$$

Crowd favourites: You can’t say that you’ve been to Merci Marcel unless you’ve tried its ravioles de royan (from S$20), an assortment of petite French dumplings dressed in savoury cream sauce. Its French ratatouille (S$23), slow-cooked to bring out its flavours, is also popular among regulars.

3. Micro Bakery Kitchen 

78 Yong Siak Street, 01-12
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (8am to 4pm)

Micro bakery kitchen
Imagine having these perfectly crafted sourdough delights every day! Photo: @microbakerykitchen/Instagram

Why visit? As its name suggests, Micro Bakery Kitchen specialises in meticulously handcrafting micro-batches of sourdough and patisseries each day. Its friendly staffs’ commitment to quality shows in every loaf it bakes. 

Because of its reputation as one of the best bakeries, its outlet in Tiong Bahru often draws a loyal crowd of patrons, especially those who are cafe-hopping in Singapore. So be sure to come early if you’re looking to grab a bite!

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: If you’re new to the world of sourdough breads, you’re in for a real treat! Pick up a loaf of its sourdoughs, with popular choices being its country sourdough (S$12), a hearty and tangy satisfaction and its seeded sourdough (S$13), which adds a nutty crunch amidst the tanginess of its dough. Its all-day dining menu is also well-curated — a must-try is the tomato tartine (S$16), a special sourdough topped with tomatoes, ricotta and Thai basil. 

4. Drips Bakery Cafe @ Tiong Bahru 

82 Tiong Poh Road, 01-05
Open: Sunday, Monday to Friday (9am to 9pm), Saturday (9am to 10pm)

Drips Bakery Cafe @ Tiong Bahru
Each bite of these seasonal tarts comes with a burst of summer sweetness! Photo: @dripsbakerycafe/Instagram

Why visit? Started in 2010, Drips Bakery Cafe at Tiong Bahru offers a wide selection of tarts and puff pastries, in a quaint, quiet space designed to have deep, meaningful conversations.

Word has it that the cafe’s undergone a minor revamp recently, which translates to more seats for everyone. So if you’re looking for a chill spot in Tiong Bahru, give this unapologetically homey cafe in Tiong Bahru a go. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Tea time is not complete with Drips’ pastries! In particular, its seasonal fruit tarts (starting from S$13.90) is a delectable treat that is hailed as being “not too sweet”, which is the highest of praise among Singaporean foodies. Another great recommendation would be its yuzu tart (S$10.90), a zesty treat with carefully torched meringue for a heavenly bite!

5. Caffe Pralet 

Eng Hoon Mansions, 01-04 , 17 Eng Hoon Street, 
Open: Monday to Sunday (9am to 6pm)

Caffe Pralet
Sammies, meringues and sweet bakes are all of Caffe Pralet’s specialties. Photo: @caffepraletsg/Instagram

Why visit? Caffe Pralet is another notable cafe that began its operations in 2006, and has since developed a strong reputation for offering the most authentic bakes. Here at Caffe Pralet, you’ll find everything you need, from gourmet donuts, to roasted coffee and hearty soups.

If you’re looking to visit during peak hour, be prepared for a wait as crowds tend to throng the place for a taste of its must-have sandwiches! 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Caffe Pralet’s sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes and one thing’s for sure — everything is incredibly filling! Made with chye poh (preserved radish) sourdough, its salmon and hijiki sandwich (S$15.50) brings an incredibly harmonious blend of savoury and salmon-y goodness. If you prefer your sandwiches veggie-loaded, its magic mushrooms sandwich (S$14.50) comprises a multigrain sourdough that balances out the loaded mushrooms and many greens! We also adored its lemon cremeux (S$3.80), a unique sourdough donut that’s filled with citrusy and tangy gold.

6. The Butcher’s Wife 

19 Yong Siak Street
Open: Tuesday to Friday (12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 9.30pm), Saturday to Sunday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 9.30pm)

The Butcher’s Wife
A symphony of flavours await at The Butcher’s Wife, all of the best flavours along with its house-brewed kombucha! Photo: @thebutcherswifesg/Instagram

Why visit? Though built more like a restaurant, The Butcher’s Wife is a proud 100% gluten-free Brazilian establishment that’s known to make you want to come back for more. For those with dietary restrictions, its menu is a dream come true — it’s packed with colour and flavours, while steering clear of allergens and gluten. 

To get the best of all flavours, it is advisable to bring a friend or family to share its plates at The Butcher’s Wife — this spot is just the place for endless conversations over food.

Price range: $$$

Crowd favourites: Some of its best selections include its miso corn ribs (S$15), cobs that are roasted so perfectly that the juices ooze out with every bite. There’s also its special Brazilian treat dadinhos de sago (S$15), which translates into “little sago and cheese dice”, a plate of finger food with sago and cheese cubes, topped with a local twist — spicy gula melaka dip. For mains, don’t miss the chance to enjoy a deliciously tender char-grilled Spanish octopus (S$39) that’s paired with tapioca puree and kimchi for an extra kick! 

7. Flock Cafe 

78 Moh Guan Terrace, 01-25 
Open: Monday to Thursday (8am to 8.30pm), Friday to Sunday (8am to 9.30pm)

Flock Cafe
Oh, to be woken up by this beautiful breakfast platter and banana bacon waffles! Photo: @chewwwie/Instagram

Why visit? Flock Cafe is one of our favourite cafes at Tiong Bahru to bring your friends, families, or even clients for a private conversation. This quaint cafe is brimming with vibes and the scent of its aromatic flat whites is plenty inviting. For a small cafe, its service is also remarkably fast and its staff have been known to be fairly accommodating to requests — a dream for those of us who may be lactose-intolerant or sensitive! 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Though its coffees are decent, it has a unique item worth a try — its banana caramel latte (S$7) is equal parts buttery and sweet and guaranteed to fill you up even if you’re not a huge banana fan. Its big breakfast set ($20.80) comes with a platter full of your classic English breakfast ingredients, topped with its house-special sourdough bread and is one for the books if you’re looking for the most drool-worthy photos. 

8. Tiong Bahru Bakery 

Multiple stores islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores.

Tiong Bahru Bakery
Burst of buttery goodness in every bite from the freshest bakes at Tiong Bahru Bakery! Photo: @tiongbahrubakery/Instagram

Why visit? Any guide on Tiong Bahru cafes is incomplete without mentioning the OG Tiong Bahru Bakery, which even bears the locale’s namesake. A bakery mainstay in Singapore, Tiong Bahru Bakery, or TBB as it’s known to its regulars, has multiple outlets across the country with an extensive menu that’s bound to contain your favourite baked goods. 

Everyone has their favourites at TBB, whether it’s a kouign amann, almond croissant or its delicious pies, which taste amazing when heated. If you prefer to enjoy your bakes at home, meticulous instructions will be given on how to heat up your baked goods, so you can tell just how serious TBB is about spreading its love for bread and pastries! 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Regular swear by its kouign amann (S$6.90), a caramelised treat with buttery layers of goodness. You absolutely should give its nutty almond croissant (S$6.90) a shot, though you’ll be spoiled by the many choices of croissants here. Aside from sweet treats, its brie and roasted mushroom croissant (S$15) is a savoury bake worth a try. 

9. Starter Lab Bakery 

721 Havelock Road
Open: Monday to Friday (7.30pm to 3.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (7.30pm to 4pm)

Starter Lab Bakery
Starter Lab Bakery brings life to a new sourdough baby every morning! Photo: @starterlab.bali/Instagram

Why visit? After a successful run selling artisanal sourdough bread in Bali, Starter Lab Bakery opened its doors to Singaporean patrons at Tiong Bahru in 2019. The owners strive to bring the same dedication to sourdough craftsmanship to Singapore’s vibrant food scene and its efforts have paid off, with many touting this as a must-try sourdough spot. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Don’t leave this cafe without a loaf of its handcrafted sourdough bread! A favourite is its country sourdough (S$12.20 for half, S$19.80 for whole), which comes with a slight chewiness alongside a sweet, fragrant and earthy taste. For those looking for a quick bite, the OG 3 cheese sandwich (S$23.10) combines emmental, red and white cheddar cheese between fresh toast — yum!

10. Prive Tiong Bahru 

Multiple stores islandwide.
Open: Operating hours vary across stores.

Privé Tiong Bahru
Photo: @theprivegroup/Instagram

Why visit? Founded in 2007, The Prive Group is no stranger to the average Singaporean diner, with multiple concepts across the island. Since its inception, Prive has become a popular brunch spot in Singapore, offering all-day dining choices from hearty breakfasts to tasty brunches. 

While Prive certainly serves well-rounded dishes and fresh brews, the attention to detail in its interior and exterior planning is cozy and welcoming — bringing you an elevated dining experience like no other!

Price range: $$$

Crowd favourites: For a satisfying breakfast, try its awesome acai bowls (S$18) that are packed with wholesome goodness — bananas, berries and mango, topped with toasted coconut, granola and chia seeds for that perfect crunch. Another recommendation would be its Middle Eastern avocado toast (S$21), where you can choose between poached eggs or zesty cumin-lime chickpeas for a tasty vegan option.

11. Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee 

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee
Pure joy of creamy scoops atop of Creamier’s signature Belgian waffles. Photo: @creamier_sg/Instagram

Why visit? Known for its yummy, reliable flavours and dedication to quality ingredients, Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee is a popular go-to among those discerning with their desserts. The owners deliberately prepare its ice cream in small batches, so the premium quality of every Cremier scoop is always preserved! 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Without a doubt, the earl grey lavender (S$13.90 per pint) ice cream. This fan favourite comes with light notes of its titular ingredients and an unbelievably creamy texture. Prefer something a little less sweet? Its sea salt gula melaka (S$13.90 per pint) is also a popular choice worth trying. If there’s space for more, opt for its waffles with a single scoop (starting at S$10.90) — warm, crispy and oh-so-satisfying. 

12. Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru
Everyone’s favourite smashed avocado toast with the juiciest eggs benedict! Photo: @plainvanillasg/Instagram

Why visit? Plain Vanilla is a confectionery gem that’s been around the block in Singapore for over a decade — in fact, the Yong Siak outlet was its very first before it started serving cupcakes islandwide. It might have carved out a reputation for serving up the best artisanal cupcakes and pastries, but over time, Plain Vanilla has also become a spot for some of the heartiest brunches and most robust brews. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: A popular brunch option, Plain Vanilla’s smashed avocado toast (S$22) features a toasty sourdough base, with a spread of creamy, ripped avocado alongside two poached eggs and a side of greens. It’s simple, filling, and pairs exceptionally well with a nice cup of its house brew latte (S$4)! We love grabbing its banana muffins ($3.80) to go when we’re popping off for a workout class. 

13. Sunbeam Cafe 

22 Havelock Road, 01-705
Open: Thursday to Tuesday (12pm to 10pm)

Sunbeam Cafe
Waffles and brownies pair with ice cream like a match made in heaven! Photo: @foodiedreaa/Instagram

Why visit? Sunbeam Cafe is one of the hidden gems in Tiong Bahru that you probably wouldn’t know about unless you frequent the hood. Aside from its wide range of ice cream flavours, customers of Sunbeam Cafe can also play with its many board games and table football while digging into dessert.

If you’re looking for a quaint, no-frills weekend spot for some sweets and special memories then Sunbeam should be right on your list of Tiong Bahru cafes to check out.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Definitely head straight for its signature waffles (S$7.50) that can come with ice cream, fruit compote, Nutella, kaya, peanut butter, and more. Its apple pies (S$4.50) are scrumptious yet reasonably priced and have just the right level of sweetness. If you’re looking to wind down with some alcohol, Sunbeam Cafe also offers Tiger (S$26 for three) and Heineken draft pints (S$29 for three) to complement your meals!

14. Binky Star 

729 Havelock Road
Open: Wednesday to Friday (4pm to 10pm), Saturday (2pm to 10pm), Sunday and Monday (6pm to 10pm)

Binky Star
Waffles and ice cream, simple and simply the best. Photo: @ah8heng/Instagram

Why visit? We’re not exaggerating when we say that Binky Star is an incredibly underrated spot for ice cream in Tiong Bahru! The cafe has a welcoming, cozy atmosphere and its friendly faces make Binky Star the perfect sweet escape, so much that you have regulars who keep this a secret so they can gatekeep this Tiong Bahru cafe spot. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Though you won’t go wrong with any flavour, you’d absolutely want to give its drunken brownie ice cream (S$5.50) and yuzu gelato (S$5.50) a shot. We also recommend ordering a crispy waffle to go with your ice cream (price starts from S$12 depending on flavour) for a more well-rounded experience. 

15. Tiann’s 

71 Seng Poh Road, 01-35
Open: Saturday to Thursday (8.30am to 4.30pm), Friday (8.30am to 9.30pm)

Balanced meals at Tiann’s, all day every day! Photo: @tiannsbakery/Instagram

Why visit? Tiann’s is a cafe in Tiong Bahru that is known for being a healthy eatery with sugar- and gluten-free delicacies. Its attention to detail in sourcing only the best and freshest ingredients for its dishes has garnered this cafe a strong following, especially among those who live in the area. 

Did we also mention everything — yes, everything — is crafted from scratch at this eatery? It’s the perfect spot for anyone who wants to eat clean or is just looking for something real and fresh. 

Price range: $$$

Crowd favourites: Though it’s difficult to pick favourites, you absolutely have to try the signature Tiann’s waffles (S$24.50), which allows you to opt for your topping of choice. Its KFC (S$33), which stands for Korean-style fried chicken, is also a popular dish that comes drizzled in mouth-watering gochujang sauce. If you want to go all-out indulgent, opt for its house duck fat fries (S$19). We’re nearly drooling thinking about it!

16. Monument Lifestyle Cafe

21 Yong Siak Street
Open: Friday to Monday (9am to 6pm), Tuesday and Thursday (9am to 5pm)

Monument Lifestyle Cafe
Just pure, simple delicacies tucked in a yummy bagel. Photo: @monumentlifestyle/Instagram

Why visit? Founded by Californian couple Dustin and Iris Ramos, Monument Lifestyle was established as a way of bringing a slice of California to Singapore. This cafe doubles as both a marketplace for classic homeware and local designer goods, and a place to share the couple’s favourite San Francisco coffee with this part of the world. You’ll also get a wide array of New York-style bagels at this authentically American spot. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: A trip to Monument Lifestyle Cafe is incomplete without going for its bagels. Regulars swear by the simple, unbeatable combination of a plain bagel (S$5) with piccolo coffee (S$6). For an extra burst of flavour, opt for the Everything bagel (S$5) with sesame, sea salt, onion, and garlic. Want a little more? Add $3 for additional cream cheese for a little creamy pizzazz. 

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You can also book a ride to any of these cafes at Tiong Bahru. 

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