Old Chang Kee: The Chicken Mushroom ‘O gets a makeover and now it’s bigger and better than ever!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Old Chang Kee: The Chicken Mushroom ‘O gets a makeover and now it’s bigger and better than ever!

Pop into your local Old Chang Kee outlet and you’ll notice something different about the Chicken Mushroom ‘O.

Instead of the standard curry puff shape, it now has a half-moon crescent shape and it’s easily 30 per cent bigger.

But the best news of all? It still costs the same at $1.60 a puff.

Old Chang Kee refreshed its Chicken Mushroom ‘O on 6 July of this year with a new shape and a new pastry that has a noticeable buttery taste and fragrance.

That was always the main criticism with the old Chicken Mushroom ‘O — that it was a good take on the classic Singapore chicken pie, except for the fact that it didn’t have that buttery crust, so this new version moves it closer to its inspiration.

Most outlets will still have stocks of the old Chicken Mushroom ‘O version, so they will sell both versions until the old stock runs out, leaving only the version 2.0 ones.

We bought both to see what the differences are and indeed, the size of the version 2.0 is indeed much bigger especially when you put the old and the new next to each other.

The new crust is indeed more buttery but with less of a crunch as compared to the old crust.

The rest is roughly the same — equal crust thickness and the same filling of carrots, chicken and potato.

What is different for sure is in the eating. Biting into the crust and the filling, the new puff does have a richer taste, almost too rich for some.

Whatever the case, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with its bigger size so that’s an immediate thumbs up from us.

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