McDonald’s to offer chocolate pies in Singapore from 1 March 2018

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
McDonald’s to offer chocolate pies in Singapore from 1 March 2018
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Salted Egg Yolk Burger, Prosperity Burger, Nasi Lemak Burger, Chendol Gula Melaka Ice Cream Cone…

Whatever limited-time offer McDonald’s rolls out, Singaporeans seem to lap it up. Now McDonald’s has another new item to ruin diets of Singaporeans everywhere: the Chocolate Pie ($1.40), which was first available in South Korea and Japan. I mean, it’s chocolate, and it’s pie — you can’t go wrong with that combination right?

Well, not quite. If you’re gonna have it, have it warm — make sure to microwave-heat it if you’re taking away or ordering delivery — since the dark chocolate lava sauce tastes strangely stale and artificial. The sauce possesses the bitter-sweetness of dark chocolate but none of the richness or decadence (fine, okay, it’s $1.40, understandable). Also, the sauce is more creamy than runny-oozy, though that’s probably because of the (lack of) heat — hence our recommendation to eat the Chocolate Pie when it’s warm.


I’m a fan of McDonald’s other new item, the Fish & Fries ($7.90 for value meal), featuring a crispy battered fish filet and McDonald’s fries (one of the best in the world if you ask me). It ticks all the boxes of what I ask for in a fish filet: a crispy exterior — theirs is legit crispy, so much so that it reminded me of Long John Silver’s offerings — and tender flesh. Nothing special, but a welcome alternative to burgers and McNuggets.

McDonald’s has also launched the Sweet Chili Fish Burger ($7.50 for value meal), featuring the same fish filet, but jazzed up with sweet chili mayo and vegetables, and served on a chili bun. Decent enough that I don’t mind busting my calorie quota for it.


All items are available after breakfast hours in all restaurants and via McDelivery and Uber Eats from 1 March 2018.



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