Korea’s biggest pizza chain Eat Pizza lands in Singapore with S$1.99 pizza on opening day

By Evan Mua January 4, 2024
Korea’s biggest pizza chain Eat Pizza lands in Singapore with S$1.99 pizza on opening day
Another hot international brand opens in Singapore. Photo: Eat Pizza

In case you’re one of the Korean culture enthusiasts out here in Singapore who’ve been waiting for the next Korean brand to drop in Singapore, the wait is over: Eat Pizza is coming.

If you didn’t know, the brand is the biggest chain in South Korea and boasts over 100 outlets throughout the country.

It’s known as 피자먹다 (Pizza Meokda, which means “to eat a pizza”) in Korea and interestingly, most of the outlets are located outside Seoul.

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It has over 100 outlets in Korea. Photo: Eat Pizza

Eat Pizza’s first Singapore outlet will be located on the first floor of PLQ Mall at Paya Lebar and is slated to open officially on Jan 13.

The popular brand is known for its unique, 25cm rectangular-shaped pizzas that are freshly — and quickly — cooked when ordered. 

It takes as little as five minutes and the staff will transform the ready-proofed dough ball into a piping hot pizza that’s ready and convenient for eating on the go.

Freshly made, with 10 flavours

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Photo: Eat Pizza

Besides its freshly made pizza, the chain is also known for its plethora of flavours. Of the ten available, a few include some unique toppings that are quite different from the usual.

One good example is Eat Pizza’s Singapore-exclusive flavour, the kimchi bulgogi (S$9.90), as well as the starchy sweet potato (S$6.50) and crispy potato bacon (S$6.90), which are flavours well-loved in Korea but not commonly found in Singapore.

04 ev-eat pizza singapore-pizza flavours-hungrygowhere
These are the flavours to expect, plus a Singapore exclusive! Photo: Eat Pizza

Of course, there are plenty of other Korean influences injected into the pizzas too, including the sweet bulgogi pizza ($7.90) and fiery signature hot spicy chicken pizza ($7.90).

In case you’re not a fan of the more whimsical fusion flavours, standard options are also found on Eat Pizza’s Singapore menu.

05 ev-eat pizza singapore-25cm nemo pizza-hungrygowhere
Freshly made is the only way to enjoy pizza. Photo: Eat Pizza

We’re talking about classics such as pepperoni (S$6.50), shrimp pizza (S$8.90), double cheese bacon (S$6.90) and the 100% real cheese pizza ($5.90) for simple cheesy goodness.

For those who enjoy watching the world burn, you can also grab yourself a slice of pineapple-filled Hawaiian (S$6.50). But hey, if people are fine with sweet potato and kimchi on pizza — pineapple ain’t that bad… right?

To top off the meal, diners can also choose to get the pizza with the Hana set, (from S$10.20) that has a pizza, a side of banchan (kimchi, pickled radish, or spicy cucumber) and a Korean canned drink (grape or pear juice).

If you’re there with a friend, the Bestie set (from S$20) would be a better choice — which is essentially everything in the Hana set but doubled.

S$1.99 pizza promo at Eat Pizza Singapore

06 ev-eat pizza singapore-opening promo-hungrygowhere
Grab this for only S$1.99 on opening day. Photo: Eat Pizza

If you’re looking to head down ASAP, here’s how you can convince bae to brave the queue with you: Eat Pizza is offering an opening promo, where the signature pizzas are only S$1.99 each.

Available on Jan 13 only, each customer will be entitled to up to four pizzas, chosen from the following flavours: pepperoni, crispy potato bacon, hot & spicy chicken.

Do note that the offer is only valid for the first 300 pizzas, so head down early to Eat Pizza in Singapore!

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You can also book a ride to Eat Pizza in Singapore when it opens.

Eat Pizza Singapore

PLQ Mall, 01-K5, 10 Paya Lebar Road
Nearest MRT station: Paya Lebar
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

PLQ Mall, 01-K5, 10 Paya Lebar Road
Nearest MRT station: Paya Lebar
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

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