We tried the McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie and here’s our verdict

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
We tried the McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie and here’s our verdict
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McDonald’s has gotten fast food fans in Singapore very excited over the launch of its new Choco Banana Pie. Introduced on Oct 31, the dessert pie features a crispy crust filled with a mix of warm chocolate and a smooth banana filling.

On Thursday, we hopped down to our nearest McDonald’s outlet and got ourselves a couple of the dessert pies to try out.

It looks pretty similar to what was promised. And better still, it tasted pretty good.

The Choco Banana Pie has a crispy crust similar to that of the classic Apple Pie. Combined with the banana filling, it tastes like a very crispy goreng pisang, or fried banana.

The warm chocolate filling did not disappoint either. I had expected the chocolate filling to be greasy and bland, so I was quite wowed by the dark chocolate flavours that came through with every bite. My only gripe is that the banana filling was a little too sweet, but people who like their bubble teas at 100% sugar level may find the sweetness just right.

At $1.50, the McDonald’s Choco Banana Pie is a refreshing change for a warm dessert. Get this if you’re a chocolate lover or a goreng pisang fan.



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