5 Best Roti Prata

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
5 Best Roti Prata

Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Prata 

Mr Mohgan still prepares the dough in-house and flips every prata himself, hence the rather short opening hours. The prata is generous in size, outer layer is crisp upon serving and the inside is soft and fluffy. A plain prata ($0.80 each) comes with a side of dhal curry that is thick, a lot spicier than it looks and has nice gritty texture to it. We also had a side of mutton curry ($2.80), done well with fork-tender meat that is cooked thoroughly but still pink in colour, yet the gamey flavour is tamed with the use of spices.
Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Prata | Address: Poh Ho Restaurant, 7 Crane Rd | Hours: 6.30am – 1.30pm (closed on Tuesdays)



New Mahamoodiya Restaurant 

There are many restaurants around Simpang Bedok that offers great Muslim food, New Mahamoodiya is one of them that open 24 hours daily. The side alley seating area has charming atmosphere, breezy with surrounding trees. Their prata ($1 each) has been folded multiple times to achieve the thin and fluffy layers. Every order comes with two types of gravy — curry and sambal. While both is mildly spicy, the curry also has tanginess that refreshes our taste buds, while the spiciness of sambal is balanced with a palatable sweetness.
New Mahamoodiya Restaurant | Address: 335 Bedok Rd | Hours: 24 hours



Sin Ming Roti Prata

This stall is best known for their coin prata (five for $3.50), a smaller and thicker prata that’s been swirled like a cinnamon roll. The shape makes a difference, of course, as it gives more outer layer to be crisp. We give a few more points to the curry, it has savouriness of a chicken curry with just enough spicy kick to it. Texture wise, it’s smooth with a little gritty texture of dhal. The stall also offers a great variety of flavours, from chocolate, cheese to chicken floss.
Sin Ming Roti Prata | Address: #01-51 Jin Fa Kopitiam, Blk 24 Sin Ming Rd | Hours: 6am – 7pm



Casuarina Curry Restaurant

What we like about Casuarina’s prata is the fact that it’s not overly greasy. The prata ($1 each) is crispy and flaky like a croissant, just as the signboard promised it to be “Singapore answer to the croissant.” The side of curry here is heavy in spices and thick in consistency. The interestingly named plaster ($1.90 each), a prata on top of fried egg, adds another layer of egg that is crisp on the edges and creamy in the centre of yolk, a favourite among children. 
Casuarina Curry Restaurant | Address: 138 Casuarina Rd | Hours: 7am – 11.30pm (Mon-Fri), 7am – 12am (Sat, Sun & PH)



The Roti Prata House 

The Roti Prata House is considered an institution for roti prata in singapore after Thasevi in Jalan Kayu. Their style of prata ($0.90 each) is very crispy, as if the dough has been deep fried. The side of curry is smooth and a little gooey, mildly spicy with tangy under taste. What we love here is the roti tissue, thin and crispy biscuit-like pan-fried dough dressed in condensed milk or honey, a perfect snack to go with a cup of teh tarik.
The Roti Prata House | Address: 246M Upper Thomson Rd | Hours: 24 hours



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