15 must-try Japanese buffets in Singapore for all budgets

By Toh Ee Ming October 20, 2023
15 must-try Japanese buffets in Singapore for all budgets
Photos (clockwise from top left): Shin Yuu/Facebook, Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant/Facebook, @kamlaijiak/Instagram, Gyu-Kaku/Facebook

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, the hefty prices of premium dishes can put a dent on your wallets. But Japanese buffets in Singapore, however, help circumvent that.

If you’re having a Japanese food craving, there’s no better way to enjoy free-flow sashimi, wagyu beef, sushi, tempura and many more Japanese delicacies than at an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Not only is it more value-for-money, you get to enjoy the full spectrum of Japanese cuisine and eat to your heart’s content.

There’s no shortage of delectable Japanese buffets in Singapore, which cater to various tastes and budgets. From sizzling teppanyaki to fresh sashimi for raw seafood enthusiasts and a hotpot extravaganza, we bring you a list of the best all-you-can-eat Japanese food buffets in Singapore.

1. Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Marina Square, 03-129, 6 Raffles Boulevard
Open: Monday to Friday (11.30am to 2.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Tenkaichi specialises in wagyu beef yakiniku while offering a wide variety of a-la-carte dishes and buffet. Photo: Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant/Facebook

Why visit? A hidden gem among Marina Square’s Japanese food haven, Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant specialises in wagyu beef yakiniku using exquisite cuts of beef from Japan. It’s the spot to go to whether you’re looking for a Japanese BBQ buffet in Singapore, or an all-inclusive one.

For meat-lovers on a tight budget, Tenkaichi’s standard buffet (S$21.90 on weekdays) offers a reasonable selection of chicken, pork and marbled beef, as well as sushi and appetisers, to whet your taste buds.

If you’re looking for wider variety of seafood and sashimi, you can partake in the deluxe buffet (S$49.90 on weekdays), which comes with a bounty of meat options, melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, rich Iberico pork, angus beef, and wagyu shabu cuts on top of fried appetisers and sushi.

In the mood to indulge? Opt for the premium buffet (S$85). Get your stomach ready for a lavish spread that boasts a stunning variety of 10 sashimi selections, wagyu beef cuts and the finest seafood delicacies. 

Price: $$

Crowd favourites: With the premium buffet, expect world-renowned Japanese wagyu beef, such as the famed Japanese A4/5 Kagoshima (Kagoshima Satsuma Gyu), giant scallops, white tuna, tender unagi, and an extensive selection of sashimi.


2. Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Orchard Central, 08-01/02/03, 181 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Get your Japanese fix under one roof at this all-you-can-eat buffet in Orchard. Photo: Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant/ Facebook

Why visit? If you’re hankering for a “mega Japanese buffet at mini prices”, Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant ticks all the boxes. 

Its 300-seat venue at Orchard Central offers panoramic views of the cityscape while you dig into more than 200 delectable Japanese buffet items. The wide selection spans over 10 categories, including sashimi, sushi and maki, cold seafood and appetisers, nimono (simmered dishes), tempura and agemono, teppanyaki and yakimono, nabemono (hot pot items), Japanese mini bowls, kushiyaki, and desserts such as delectable puddings, tarts, fruits and ice cream.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: The all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet starts from S$29.80 on weekdays for lunch, and S$45.80 for on weekday dinners. It costs S$45.80 and S$55.80 for weekend lunch and dinners respectively. For seafood lovers who couldn’t get enough of the succulent snow crab legs, Kiseki has made it a staple on its dinner buffet menu.


3. Shaburi and Kintan Buffet

Jem, 03-11/12, 50 Jurong Gateway Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Enjoy the best of both worlds at Shaburi and Kintan Buffet. Photo: Shaburi and Kintan Buffet/Facebook

Why visit? Why stop at one type of buffet when you can have two — the best of both worlds?

Shaburi and Kintan Buffet offers you both hotpot and yakiniku in one seating, so you never have to choose. How it works: Pick your buffet course (lunch, combo lunch, grand and combo grand), choose your soup and meat, and enjoy your unlimited servings of meat plates, vegetables, side dishes, beverages and desserts.

Forget about counting your calories, as the tender meats are an indulgence worth every cent. Every bite is rewarded with a burst of aroma, thanks to the flavourful broth and the savoury sauces that accompany your meal. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: With the premium combo shaburi (S$62.80 for weekday lunch, S$69.80 for dinners and weekend), dig into the likes of premium truffle wagyu karubi, shimofuri steak, iberico pork collar and other mouthwatering dishes.


4. Shima Restaurant

Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Experience the best of fine-dining teppanyaki at Shima. Photo: Shima Restaurant/Facebook

Why visit? Established in 1980, Shima Restaurant is Singapore’s first teppanyaki restaurant, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll be served with the best quality foods and the freshest ingredients from Japan when you’re there. 

The fine-dining restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel has its roots in traditional cuisine; however, the food it serves comes with a modern twist.

With a focus on teppanyaki, it’s best known for its lunchtime teppanyaki buffet in Singapore, with premium items such as Japanese Hiroshima oysters, scallops, swordfish, beef tenderloin and seasonal sashimi. Note that most of the items on the menu are limited to one order only.  

Price: $$

Crowd favourites: Shima’s lunch buffet, priced at S$59 on weekdays and S$79 on weekends, seats a limited number of diners for 90 minutes at a time. Settle for nothing less than its A5 Japanese Wagyu, where just a glimpse of that luscious marbling will make you salivate to no end.


5. Suki-Ya

Multiple outlets islandwide
Operating hours vary across stores

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Aside from quality meats, Suki-Ya offers a bar full of fresh veggies. Photo: Suki-Ya/Facebook

Why visit? This “house of hotpot” offers heartwarming dining experiences at equally affordable prices. Diners enjoy unlimited, top-quality chilled beef and pork in paper-thin slices, farmed chicken, salmon, mussels, scallops, mushrooms, vegetables, and noodles.

Dip them in its sumptuous soups, including its signature sukiyaki, shabu shabu, as well as soy miso and a rich butaniku broth. 

A highlight of Suki-Ya is its vegetable bar featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch. That’s what makes it one of the best Japanese hotpot in Singapore.

Crowd favourites: Prices start from S$22.90 for lunch and S$27.90 for dinner for the all-you-can-eat sukiyaki and shabu-shabu buffet. The sukiyaki soup base is a perfect blend of sugar and bonito stock added to a base of brewed soy sauce, while the shabu-shabu is a classic broth made from simmered kelp and kombu stock that is low in calories and light on the palate.


6. Rocku Yakiniku

Bugis+, 04-06, 201 Victoria Street
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
There are tantalising cuts of meat to be had here. Photo: Rocku Yakiniku/Facebook

Why visit? True to its name, Rocku Yakiniku is a casual, upbeat and edgy yakiniku restaurant at Bugis+.

With options such as the standard and premium buffet, diners get to enjoy a wide range of meats, ranging from beef to pork and chicken. Flown in from the USA, Australia and Japan, premium cuts such as wagyu beef brisket, Australian sirloin and short ribs cater to all meat lovers.

Pair your meal with refreshing beer and irresistible Japanese bar snacks, such as crispy renkon chips, salmon carpaccio, and wagyu beef negiyaki. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: You’ll already be spoilt for choice with more than 40 items from its standard buffet (S$24.90 for lunch, S$29.90 for dinner), but we suggest treating yourself to the premium buffet (S$52.90 for lunch, S$60.90 for dinner), with special items such as the MS5/6 Australia wagyu oyster blade, MS5/6 Australia wagyu short plate, tiger prawn, half shell scallop, salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and truffle wafu onsen tamago. 


7. En Dining 

Capital Tower, 01-10, 168 Robinson Road
Open: Monday to Saturday (10am to 11pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Grilled squid glazed with teriyaki sauce. Photo: En Dining/Facebook

Why visit? Specialising in premium and Okinawan cuisine, En Dining delivers a delicious yet affordable ala carte Japanese buffet to satisfy any craving.

What sets this restaurant apart from the rest is its Okinawa delicacies, such as the rafute (braised pork belly), moyashi champuru (pan-fried bean sprouts with pork), negi chashu (braised chashu with leek & spring onion, pan-fried bitter gourd with pork), and beef carpaccio (thinly sliced sirloin beef drizzled with citrus soy sauce). Wash the food down with its wide selection of sake and highballs. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: At S$58 for adults, En Dining’s buffet is quite a steal, given that you get a range of sashimi, maki, sushi, appetisers, stir-fried, deep-fried and grilled dishes with rice and noodles.

A meal there wouldn’t be complete without its signature rafute dish. Made with tender pork belly, soy sauce, sugar, and awamori, the rafute is slow-cooked to perfection for a rich, savoury flavour. Alternatively, you can opt for the moyashi champuru. Lightly fried, this dish combines juicy pork with crispy bean sprouts for a burst of flavour with every bite.


8. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Multiple outlets islandwide
Operating hours vary across stores

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Gather around the grill and bring your appetite. Photo: Gyu-Kaku/Facebook

Why visit? Though a little pricier than some on this list, the top-notch quality of meats at Gyu-Kaku’s all-you-can-eat wagyu buffet in Singapore makes it worth shelling out some extra bucks for.

Enjoy free-flow wagyu in an assortment of cuts in its Australian wagyu buffet (S$74.80). It’s BBQ-style, where diners get to cook the beef to their heart’s desire over a charcoal grill, and feast on grilled appetisers and seafood such as butter scallops and aburi prawns. 

If you’re looking to indulge, upgrade your buffet to its Japanese wagyu cross buffet (S$87.80), which has everything in the Australian Wagyu Course, with additional premium cuts.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourite: We recommend the highest tier Japanese wagyu buffet (S$94.80), which includes 12 premium offerings, such as the Japanese wagyu premium loin long cut, Japanese wagyu karubi, Australian angus karubi steak and more. 

Pair the fatty tenderness and buttery goodness with your choice of more than 70 items on the menu, such as appetisers, deep-fried food, standard meat cuts and carbs, at one of the best wagyu buffets in Singapore.

9.  Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Hotel Miramar Singapore, 401 Havelock Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.45pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Freshly cut sashimi. Photo: Ikoi Japanese Restaurant/Instagram

Why visit? Nestled in the lobby of Hotel Miramar, Ikoi Japanese Restaurant exudes a simple and cosy atmosphere. Despite its slightly under-the-radar location, you need to make a reservation here as it has garnered a sizable fan base since opening more than a decade ago.

Its popularity is testament to the restaurant’s commitment to delivering great food. It offers a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes, from all-you-can-eat sushi and tempura, to teppanyaki, noodles and rice in an a la carte buffet style.

For sashimi lovers, you’ll be happy to note that the sashimi is of superb quality: Ikoi is famous for its fresh and hefty cuts of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, swordfish, cuttlefish, and octopus.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: The buffet starts from S$50 for adults. You’d be satisfied with its chunks of salmon sashimi that has a rich, slightly buttery note, while the grilled dishes such as its grilled saba hits the spot with its smoky, sweet and fresh flavours. 


10. Irodori Restaurant

Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, 03-01, 382 Havelock Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Grilled prawns with mentaiko. Photo: Irodori Restaurant/Facebook

Why visit? The River Valley area is home to a number of truly stellar Japanese restaurants. It’s here that you’ll find a great buffet deal at Irodori Restaurant

Offering everything from sashimi, sushi, tempura,  assorted hand rolls, grilled foods, deep-fried dishes and teppanyaki selections, you can expect only the freshest seafood and ingredients sourced from  Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Europe.

The buffet lunch and dinner is priced at $39.80++ for adults, a cheap option for sashimi buffet in Singapore for those who are on a budget.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: The Irodori special roll was liberally covered in orange fish roe, and we appreciate the thick and generous cuts of sashimi moriawase. Other standouts were the fresh grilled prawn topped with creamy mentaiko, and the mixed tempura for its light and crisp batter.


11. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant   

UE Square, 03-16, 81 Clemenceau Avenue

Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 2.30pm, 6.15pm to 10.15pm)

Katong Square, 02-08, 88 East Coast Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 2.30pm, 6.15pm to 10.15pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Oyster galore. Photo: @kamlaijiak/Instagram

Why visit? Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant is our de-facto pick when it comes to reliable and good quality Japanese food that does not break the bank. After all, it’s been here for more than 15 years, serving food to its legion of fans who love its wide and tasty selection, fast service, and family-friendly atmosphere. 

What sets Shin Minori apart is its thick, generous slices of sashimi, making it one of the best sashimi buffets in Singapore

Other than fresh sashimi, its buffet menu offers an eye-boggling array of dishes numbering more than 200. You get to try various sushi types, ippinmono (appetizers), mushimono (steamed dishes), teppanyaki dishes, agemono (deep-fried dishes), yakimono (grilled dishes), rice and noodle dishes and nabemono (mini hot pot), among others.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: We recommend going for the Omizu a la carte buffet with free-flow oysters (S$79.90), because as its name suggests, you get to tuck into an unlimited supply of supple, slippery Sakoshi Bay oysters. As mentioned, there are tons of Japanese food to enjoy in the buffet — our favourite is the aburi sushi that’s been blowtorched to smoky perfection — the highlight of any all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in Singapore


12. Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant  

M Hotel Singapore, Level 9, 81 Anson Road
Open: Monday to Friday (11.30am to 2pm, 5.45pm to 10.15pm), Saturday and Sunday (12pm to 2.30pm, 5.45pm to 10.15pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Chefs with bluefin tuna. Photo: Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant/Facebook

Why visit? Imagine watching a chef slice an 80kg bluefin tuna — one of the world’s most premium fish — right in front of you, and then serve the freshly cut pieces to you for your meal. Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant says it is the first and only Japanese buffet restaurant in Singapore to offer this in a buffet at no extra charge (do follow its social media pages for updates).

Located at M Hotel in Tanjong Pagar, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant’s reputation counts as among the best Japanese buffets in Singapore, thanks to its commitment to quality. 

Its seafood, fruits and vegetables are directly air flown from Hokkaido, compared to some other Japanese restaurants in Singapore that obtain supplies from Tsukiji market in Tokyo.

On top of that, it supplies the finest wagyu beef from Ohmi Beef, a brand of wagyu raised in Shiga Prefecture. The black Japanese cattle are raised with extreme care in an environment surrounded by bountiful nature and water. In addition to having a very fine meat grain, this meat is distinctive from other types as it’s the only kind to have fat with viscosity.   

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Prices for its lunch buffet start at a reasonable S$48, while its dinner buffet is S$55 from Monday to Thursday, and $58 from Friday to Sunday, on public holidays and the eve of public holidays. Its bluefish tuna, hamachi, Hiroshima oysters and signature Hokkaido maki are must-haves. 


13. Kumo Japanese Dining

Alexandra Central Mall, 01-08/09, 321 Alexandra Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Melt-in-your-mouth salmon. Photo: Kumo Japanese/Facebook

Why visit? Located in Alexandra Central Mall, Kumo Japanese Dining is a humble eatery offering an extensive array of Japanese dishes at wallet-friendly prices. Its buffet is particularly value-for-money, with prices starting from S$48.90. 

Start off with the sashimi — thick slices of salmon, tuna, yellow tail, swordfish, and octopus — before moving on to more filling options such as beef curry udon, char siew ramen, pork katsu rice, gyudon, yakitori, tempura and grilled unagi with a sweet caramelised glaze, to name a few.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: The star of the buffet would be the salmon sashimi, with each slice melt-in-your-mouth soft and boasting a buttery smooth texture. You’ll be happy to note Kumo does not skimp on thickness. The saba shioyaki (mackerel) is equally moist, tender and delicious. 


14. Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant

Clarke Quay Central, 03-88, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 6pm, 6pm to 10pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Mitsuba’s all-you-can-eat a la carte buffet offers a wide selection of sushi. Photo: Mitsuba/Facebook

Why visit? Located at level 3 of Clarke Quay Central, the spacious Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant is highly rated as a Japanese buffet in Singapore for its wide selection, tasty food and good service. While it has a la carte offerings, most head here for its delectable all-you-can-eat buffet spread.

From sashimi, maki and nigiri to temaki, teppanyaki, deep-fried dishes, noodles and rice — you name it, it’s got it.

Its regular buffet (S$56.90) is already extensive enough, with more than 130 items on the menu. If you’re thinking of indulging a little, opt for the all-you-can-eat premium buffet (S$99.90) instead.

You’ll get everything from the regular buffer and other premium items, such as wagyu steak, iberico pork ribs, oyster shooters (kaki shuta), scallop sashimi (hotate gai sashimi), chilled monkfish liver (ankimo), crayfish, and lobster bisque (isebi bissau).

Order up as many portions as you like and eat to your hearts’ content. 

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Beef lovers can order the Meltique beef that’s simply grilled with garlic and salt and yet bursting with flavour. Pro tip: Have it cooked to medium rare to retain the moistness. 


15. Shin Yuu 

16 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Road
Open: Daily (11.45am to 10pm)

Japanese buffets in Singapore
Dig into a feast at Shin Yuu in Bukit Timah. Photo: Shin Yuu/Facebook

Why visit? If you need a change of dining environments, why not consider venturing to Shin Yuu, a cosy and intimate restaurant tucked away in this leafy Bukit Timah neighbourhood. You’ll be treated to above-average Japanese food and attentive service at this hidden find. 

Swing by for the ala-carte buffet (S$41.90++ for lunch, S$59.90 for dinner), where you get to enjoy a spread of fresh sashimi and delicious cooked food.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: We hear that the aburi sake sushi consists of a salmon belly that’s gratifyingly fatty and torched till it melts in your mouth. Beef lovers can consider the beef skewers for their thick and succulent chunks of beef.


Looking for more Japanese eats? Check out these affordable omakase restaurants and our review on Don Don Donki’s Sen Sen Sushi.

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Shaburi and Kintan Buffet, Suki-Ya, Rocku Yakiniku, En Dining, Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant, and Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant are on the GrabFood Delivery Service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. 

Alternatively, book a ride to these Japanese buffets in Singapore.

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