Allpress Espresso’s first-ever pop-up cafe in Singapore opens on May 2

By Foo Jia-En April 26, 2023
Allpress Espresso’s first-ever pop-up cafe in Singapore opens on May 2
Photo: Allpress Espresso
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You may not have heard of Allpress, but you may have tried its coffee.

The international brand from Auckland, New Zealand, has been supplying its beans and wares to eateries all around Singapore — think Plain Vanilla, Carrotsticks and Cravings, and Baker’s Bench Bakery.

Now, Allpress has partnered homegrown brand The Dark Gallery to open its first pop-up in Singapore — a cosy 25-seater with chrome finishes and pastel hues — for six months, starting from May 2.

Located just off the main thoroughfare of Tanjong Pagar, Allpress@73 Duxton sits within a space formerly occupied by Amuse Dessert Co.

02 je allpress affogato sundae hungrygowhere
Photo: Allpress Espresso

The coffee is the star here. 

Get Allpress’s signature medium-roast blends in all the usual suspects — espresso (S$5), latte (from S$6), flat white (from S$6), and so on.

03 je allpress flat white hungrygowhere
Photo: Foo Jia-En/HungryGoWhere

If you’re looking to sip on something more decadent, there’s the iced latte float (S$11), a buzzy double espresso and fresh milk with a sizeable scoop of artisanal Allpress Dulcey Latte ice cream.

To mark the launch of the pop-up, Allpress will be offering a one-for-one promotion on all espresso-based coffees from May 9 to 14.

Bean connoisseurs will want to try its pour-over coffees (S$8 hot, S$9 iced), too. These feature seasonal single-origin beans, which will vary from time to time.

Customers can also choose to have their pour-overs prepared using either the V60 or Kalita method.

04 je allpress iced latte float hungrygowhere
Iced latte float. Photo: Allpress

There are plenty of sweet and savoury treats to nibble on, too. 

We tried the affogato sundae (S$16) — a double shot of espresso drizzled over an almond Florentine biscuit, a canele, and two scoops of ice cream, one of vanilla and the other Allpress Mocha. It’s a truly luxurious marriage of bitter, sweet and cream.

There’s also a coffee basque cheesecake (S$8) and vanilla espresso cake (S$9) from The Dark Gallery.

05 je allpress ice cream brownie scone hungrygowhere
Vanilla and cranberry scone (left) and ice-cream brownie (right). Photo: Foo Jia-En/HungryGoWhere

Other bakes and bites are also available, in the form of scones, brownies and bagels.

Prices will be subject to GST, though no service charge will be levied. 

This was a hosted tasting.

For more ideas on what to eat, read about the newest tables around town.

The Dark Gallery is on the GrabFood delivery service and offers free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. Alternatively, book a ride to Allpress.

Allpress@73 Duxton

73 Duxton Road
Nearest MRT station: Maxwell
Opens: Tuesdays to Sundays (8am to 5pm)

73 Duxton Road
Nearest MRT station: Maxwell
Opens: Tuesdays to Sundays (8am to 5pm)

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