11 places for the best fried oyster omelette in Singapore for starchy or crispy indulgence

By Evan Mua August 18, 2023
11 places for the best fried oyster omelette in Singapore for starchy or crispy indulgence
Oyster omelette, or “orh luak”, is one of the most decadent hawker classics out there. Photos (clockwise from top left): @jonnyboyeats/Instagram, @that_dex/Instagram, @indulgentism/Instagram

Ask any man or woman on the street what they think is the most underrated hawker dish locally, and I’m sure quite a few answers will pop up. To us, this honour goes to the fried oyster omelette in Singapore, a decadent hawker classic that is also referred to as “orh luak” or “orh jian”.

You might be confused by the naming convention of the oyster omelette at certain stalls. Most stalls sell both fried oyster (蚝煎), and oyster egg (蚝蛋). There are differences, though, so it comes down to your personal preference on how you’d like your omelette to be.

The latter usually contains no starch and is more eggy and fluffy, while the former has the addition of starch to produce a myriad of textures, ranging from moist and gooey to gratuitously crispy. This (the starchy kind) is the more popular rendition and is usually what is referred to when talking about “oyster omelette” in Singapore. 

Whether you like your omelette starchy or crispy, you might find it tough to find a good plate of fried oyster omelette in Singapore, especially since the last few years have seen a spate of closures among stalwarts who specialised in the dish.

Hence, we’ve curated a list of the stalls where you can get the best fried oyster omelettes in Singapore, including both ends of the textural spectrum, for those looking for a plate of briny indulgence.

1. Maddie’s Kitchen

Far East Plaza, 02-10/11/12/13, 14 Scotts Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm)

02 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-maddie's kitchen-hungrygowhere
Our vote for the best crispy fried oyster omelette in Singapore. Photo: @indulgentism/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re looking for a place with hawker classics done extremely well, yet can be enjoyed in a nice air-conditioned setting in Orchard, Maddie’s Kitchen is a must-visit. 

This cosy eatery in Far East Plaza not only serves — in our opinion — the best oyster omelette in Singapore, it also aces classics such as seafood soup and hor fun, with quality comparable to other popular hawker and zichar stalls.

Price range: $$

Crowd favourites: Getting the oyster omelette (from S$11.80) is imperative at Maddie’s Kitchen if you enjoy your orh luak crispy. The rendition here crackles with a biscuit-like consistency and comes topped with large, succulent oysters.

If you need some carbs to go with it, then pair it with the pork chop rice (S$6.80). It is drenched in a deluge of delicious, comforting Hainanese curry that might rival that from other famous brands.

2. Lim’s Fried Oyster

Berseh Food Centre, 01-32, 166 Jalan Besar
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (6pm to 12am)

03 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-lim's fried oyster-hungrygowhere
A glorious mess of gooey, starchy “wet-style” orh luak. Photo: @indulgentism/Instagram

Why visit? Located in the underrated Berseh area, Lim’s Fried Oyster was considered somewhat of a hidden gem only known to the discerning hawker connoisseur just a few years ago.

That has since changed — it’s now widely known as a must-visit for anyone on the hunt for the best oyster omelette in Singapore. It’s also the de facto go-to spot for the “wetter” style of orh luak.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: If you’re here, there’s no way you’re going for anything but its legendary fried oyster (from S$5). This plate is a glorious mess of gooey, starchy bits that’s topped with fresh juicy oysters. Every bite goes splendidly with the piquant chilli on the side.

3. Song Kee Fried Oyster

East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 01-15, 1220 East Coast Parkway
Open: Thursday to Tuesday (4.30pm to 9pm)

04 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-song kee east coast lagoon-hungrygowhere
Don’t miss out on this popular stall when you’re at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Photo: @juliuslim/Instagram

Why visit? As many like to say: East side, best side. The east side of Singapore is inundated with a glut of scrumptious hawker finds, and a popular foodie spot has to be the East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

It’s common wisdom to follow the queue when you’re in search of the best food at a hawker centre and this orh luak stall commands one of the longest queues at this oft-crowded hawker centre. If that’s not indicative of quality, we’re not sure what is.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: While most fans would concede Song Kee doesn’t use the biggest oysters in its fried oyster dish (from S$5), many swear by the expertly executed texture that balances both fluff and crisp.

4. Hougang Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow

435A Hougang Avenue 8
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (11am to 7pm)

05 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-hougang fried oyster and kway teow-hungrygowhere
Hougang might be an under-the-radar neighbourhood for food gems, but this crispy orh luak is loved by many. Photo: @jonnyboyeats/Instagram

Why visit? Hougang might not be a common destination for hawker hunters, but the area is home to many under-the-radar food gems that are worth checking out.

One such gem is Hougang Oyster Omelette & Fried Kway Teow, a stall that has been operating for a good 15 years and has built a reputation for itself as one of the best oyster omelettes in Singapore.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: The experienced stall-owners are known to fry up plates of wonderfully smoke-kissed fried kway teow (from S$4) and gratifyingly crispy Hougang fried oyster (from S$5.50).

5. Ang Sa Lee Oyster Omelette

Chomp Chomp Food Centre, 01-33, 20 Kensington Park Road
Open: Thursday to Tuesday (4.30pm to 11pm)

06 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-ang sa lee fried oyster chomp chomp food centre-hungrygowhere
Looking for a decadent supper at Chomp Chomp? This crowd favourite has you covered. Photo: @cweizhi/Instagram

Why visit? If you ask Singaporeans what is their favourite time to indulge in a plate of orh luak, “supper time” is probably one of the most common answers.

And when it comes to supper, there’s no more iconic supper spot than the beloved Chomp Chomp Food Centre in Serangoon Gardens. The food centre has no shortage of popular stalls, but Ang Sa Lee remains a hot favourite among the night owls that frequent the spot.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: This stall fries up a moist and starchy fried oyster (from S$5), which acts as perfect foil to other frequently ordered items at Chomp Chomp, such as satay, sambal stingray and sugarcane juice.

6. Xing Li Cooked Food

Old Airport Road Food Centre, 01-28, 51 Old Airport Road
Open: Thursday to Tuesday (11am to 11pm)

07 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-xing li cooked food-hungrygowhere
Less starch and loads of egg in this Old Airport Road favourite. Instagram: @veronicaphua/Instagram

Why visit? A quest for the best oyster omelette in Singapore would inadvertently lead you to Old Airport Road Food Centre — the hawker centre is home to a few highly rated stalls that specialise in the dish.

One of them is Xing Li Cooked Food, a nondescript stall hidden within the massive compound. it has built up a loyal fanbase for itself with its fluffier rendition of orh luak.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: One thing about the fried oyster (from S$4) is you can feel surfeited after a while, due to its decadent starchiness. Those looking for moderation would enjoy the serving from this stall, which is known to produce an eggier and fluffier version.

7. Hup Kee Fried Oyster Omelette

Newton Food Centre, 01-73, Newton Circus
Open: Tuesday to Saturday (6pm to 12am)

08 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-hup kee newton food centre orh luak-hungrygowhere
One of the most well-known oyster omelettes in Singapore, in one of the most well-known hawker centres. Photo: @indulgentism/Instagram

Why visit? This Newton Food Centre icon might well be one of the most well-known fried oyster omelettes in Singapore. It has been operating at this hawker landmark since the 1970s and is widely covered by legions of food bloggers and critics way before the advent of social media.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: There’s no denying Hup Kee’s oyster omelette (from S$8) is pricey for a hawker centre. But as far as quality is concerned, it’s a classic that never fails, especially with the plump array of oysters and addictive chilli.

8. Ghim Guan Fried Oyster

Circuit Road Hawker Centre, 01-60, 79 Circuit Road
Open: Thursday to Tuesday (4.30pm to 9.30pm)

09 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-ghim guan-hungrygowhere
While not the most famous, Ghim Guan is beloved by many residents in the area. Photo: @makanwarrior/Instagram

Why visit? Nestled within the usually overlooked Circuit Road Hawker Centre, Ghim Guan’s orh luak is one that’s filled with rich history, as the stall is manned by a third-generation hawker who still uses the original recipe passed down from his grandfather.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Most head to Ghim Guan for the fried oyster (from S$5), a comforting old-school rendition that has a good mix of both starchy and crisp bits, accompanied by plump oysters.

9. Famous Old Airport Road Fried Oyster

Old Airport Road Food Centre, 01-101, 51 Old Airport Road
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 9pm)

12 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-famous old airport road fried oyster-hungrygowhere
From a “famous” orh luak stall at Old Airport Road. Photo: @okwhootookmyusername/Instagram

Why visit? As mentioned before, Old Airport Road Food Centre is an imperative pit stop when on the hunt for the best oyster omelette in Singapore. Other than the aforementioned Xing Li Cooked Food, Famous Old Airport Road is another stall that’s frequently talked about by orh luak aficionados. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Besides the famous crispy fried oyster (from S$4), the stall also offers versions with other types of seafood, including fried prawn (from S$4), fried sotong (from S$4) and the lavish fried three-in-one (from S$8).

10. Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Omelette

Kim Keat Palm Market and Food Centre, 01-25, 22 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh
Open: Wednesday to Monday (6am to 6pm)

11 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-ah chuan kim keat-hungrygowhere
This legendary oyster omelette stall has been in operation for many decades. Photo: @taroxtaco/Instagram

Why visit? This Toa Payoh stall is legendary — it was run by its former owners for more than 40 years before their eventual retirement. 

While some have suggested that standards have dropped a tad since the stall was taken over by someone else, the bright side is that the previously erratic opening hours — due to the ex-founders’ age — have also been replaced with a more stable schedule. 

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: Even though new dishes such as carrot cake (from S$3) have been introduced, most fans still head down for a taste of the staple oyster omelette (from S$5).

This is the textbook orh luak — you get a delightful mix of starch and eggs, punctuated by crunchy bits, that somehow avoids being overly greasy.

11. Hock Kee Fried Oyster

Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre, 01-19, 49A Serangoon Garden Way
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (7.15am to 2pm, 5.45pm to 10pm)

14 ev-best oyster omelette singapore-hock kee serangoon-hungrygowhere
This stall is loved for both its carrot cake and orh luak. Photo: @that_dex/Instagram

Why visit? Found just down the road from Chomp Chomp, Hock Kee’s array of wok-fried dishes make it a popular breakfast or lunch spot.

Having been in operation since 1997, the stall has already garnered quite a reputation for itself for doling out delicious carrot cake as well as one of the more renowned plates of fried oyster omelette in Singapore.

Price range: $

Crowd favourites: If you’re there for breakfast, the soft and fluffy carrot cake (from S$3.50) is a no-brainer. But if you’re on the hunt for a good plate of orh luak, then you’ll enjoy the medley of crunchiness and starchy chew in this plate of traditional fried oyster (from S$6).

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