20 places to get healthy food in Singapore — for S$10 and less

By Nicholas Wong July 3, 2022
20 places to get healthy food in Singapore — for S$10 and less
Various food combinations at Wafuken. Photo: Wafuken/Facebook

In line with the Government’s campaigns in recent years to encourage healthier eating habits, there’s been a wave of interest in healthy food in Singapore.

But there’s also a lingering belief that healthy food is costly — which led us to create this guide.

Here’s a list of 20 places with healthy food in Singapore with options costing S$10 and less to help kickstart a more balanced lifestyle.


1. Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo

724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, 01-23
Nearest MRT station: Ang Mo Kio
Open: Monday to Saturday (7am to 7pm)

Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo healthy food
Yong tau foo ingredients on display. Photo: Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo/Facebook

Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo is known for its wok hei (or smoky aroma) in its soup, making it stand out from other yong tau foo competitors. Furthermore, all ingredients here are handmade fresh daily and customers are quick to point this out.

For healthier options, you can select vegetables and non-fried items. Apart from those, signature dishes also include chee cheong fun, or rice noodle rolls, which are also well-liked by loyal customers.

This stall tends to attract long queues, so be prepared to wait a while before getting your food.

What to order: Chee cheong fun (80 cents), yong tau foo with rice — tofu and vegetables stuffed with meat paste (from S$3.60)


2. Ri Ji Porridge

269B Queen Street
Nearest MRT station: Bugis
Open: Monday to Sunday (7am to 7pm)

Ri Ji Porridge healthy food
Signature Ri Ji Porridge. Photo: Ri Ji Porridge/Facebook

Ri Ji Porridge has been around since 1979 and serves delightful Cantonese-style porridge, common comfort food in Singapore. Today, the owners have modified the cooking processes and made Ri Ji Porridge’s presence known on social media channels. Apart from its signature porridge, it offers menu items such as fish skin and jellyfish, which are quite uncommon for a stall selling porridge.

What’s more, there is also a separate branch at Suntec City Mall, where customers can enjoy the piping-hot porridge in a comfortable air-conditioned dining area.

What to order: Fish porridge (S$3.80), century egg porridge (S$3.80)


3. Thunderbolt Tea by Boon Lay Hakka Lui Cha

129 Geylang East Avenue 2, 01-100
Nearest MRT station: Paya Lebar
Open: Monday to Sunday (9am to 2pm)

Thunderbolt Tea healthy food
Thunder tea rice (original). Photo: Thunderbolt Tea by Boon Lay Hakka Lui Cha/Facebook

Having been featured in numerous media publications for having one of the best thunder tea rice in Singapore, Thunderbolt Tea has definitely made its mark. While its original stall is in Boon Lay, the second-generation owner of this family-run business helms this outlet in Geylang.

Thunder tea rice consists of assorted vegetables, tofu, nuts, dried shrimps and a special tea paste to provide a variety of textures. Thunderbolt Tea, however, continues to use a secret family recipe, ensuring the continuation of the family’s thunder tea rice legacy.

What to order: White rice thunder tea (S$5.80), brown rice thunder tea (S$6.30)


4. Earth Jar Treasure

22 Sin Ming Road, 01-244
Nearest MRT station: Upper Thomson
Open: Monday to Saturday (10am to 8.30pm); Sunday (10am to 8.15pm)

Earth Jar Treasure healthy food
Cauldron used to prepare soups. Photo: Earth Jar Treasure/Facebook

Offering traditional herbal soups filled with Chinese medicinal herbs such as ginseng and wolfberries, Earth Jar Treasure offers soups that are as good as “health potions”.

Research has shown that ginseng is a strong antioxidant that reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system and reduces fatigue. Perhaps that’s why Chinese elders always got their kids to drink ginseng soup.

In addition to the herbal soups, the fried egg omelette and stir-fried vegetables are also popular with customers.

What to order: Ginseng chicken soup (S$8.30), great health duck soup (S$8)


5. Ah Lock Tofu

Yishun Park Hawker Centre, 01-08, 51 Yishun Avenue 11
Nearest MRT station: Yishun
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (11am to 8.30pm)

Ah Lock Tofu healthy food
Hakka tofu bowl. Photo: Ah Lock Tofu's website

A unique take on the traditional Hakka thunder tea rice, Ah Lock Tofu has modernised the humble dish to appeal to younger customers. Its thunder tea tofu bowl is a fusion between the traditional Hakka dish and Japanese donburi, as evidenced by the shape and design of the bowls. In addition to the assortment of vegetables typically used in thunder tea rice, there are homemade meat-stuffed tofu and meatballs, which customers have grown to love.

The good news is that there’s another branch in Tanjong Pagar.

What to order: Thunder tea tofu bowl (S$6.80), Hakka tofu bowl (S$5.50)


6. Delicacy Fish Soup

Pek Kio Market and Food Centre, 01-33, 41A Cambridge Road
Nearest MRT station: Farrer Park
Open: Monday and Tuesday, and Friday to Sunday (11am to 8pm)

Delicacy Fish Soup healthy food
Different types of fish soup and dishes. Photo: Delicacy Fish Soup/Facebook

In Pek Kio Market and Food Centre lies this wonderful fish soup stall that makes its soup from scratch daily. Using only the freshest seafood ingredients and no MSG, Delicacy Fish Soup always has a steady flow of customers. The fish slices are firm yet tender, and when paired with the clear umami fish broth, it cannot go wrong.

Plus, those looking to add some spice to their meal can try its homemade sambal. You can be sure that these bowls of fish soup hit the spot, especially on rainy days — certified comfort food!

What to order: Sliced fish soup (S$5), la la soup (S$6)


7. Boon Keng Road Fish Head Bee Hoon

416 Bedok North Avenue 2, 01-53
Nearest MRT station: Bedok
Open: Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday to Sunday (10am to 10pm)

Boon Keng Road Fish Head Bee Hoon healthy food
Sliced fish soup with rice. Photo: Boon Keng Road Fish Head Bee Hoon/Facebook

A unique fish soup stall that also sells bak kut teh (Chinese-style pork rib soup), Boon Keng Road Fish Head Bee Hoon is known for its flavourful fish soup filled with fish slices, bitter gourd and handmade meatballs.

The owner’s experience as a fishmonger equips her with the knowledge to source the freshest fish in the market.

Furthermore, the business is actively involved in charity work. Maybe it’s time for more fish soup if that means doing good for others.

What to order: Red grouper head soup (S$9.50), grouper sliced thick bee hoon (S$8.30)


8. My Cosy Corner

Coronation Shopping Plaza, 02-02, 587 Bukit Timah Road
Nearest MRT station: Tan Kah Kee
Open: Monday to Saturday (10am to 6pm); Sunday (11am to 4pm)

My Cosy Corner_healthy
Popiah. Photo: smalleyedasian/Instagram

Next up on the list is this hidden gem located in Coronation Shopping Plaza. My Cosy Corner is a Peranakan stall known for its popiah — Chinese roll stuffed with vegetables, eggs and meat. Its mee siam — rice vermicelli noodles usually served with sweet and spicy gravy — is also a popular choice.

Despite the small dine-in area, it’s common to find a long queue of hungry patrons eagerly waiting to get their hands on the popiah. The many positive reviews from customers indicate that it is one of the best in Singapore when it comes to popiah.

The popiah may be pricier compared with other places, but a popiah roll here is pretty big and can fill you up easily.

What to order: Popiah (S$2.80 per piece)


9. Salad Co.sg

Market Street Hawker Centre at CapitaSpring, 03-30, 88 Market Street
Nearest MRT station: Raffles Place
Open: Monday to Friday (10am to 3pm)

Salad Co.sg_healthy
Salad. Photo: Tan Thye Chuan/Facebook

One of the few hawker stalls selling good-quality, affordable salad bowls in town, Salad Co.sg was formerly known as Green Bites Salad before rebranding and shifting to its present space.

It offers a wide selection of greens and proteins such as smoked duck and feta cheese. It also has salad dressings such as Italian vinaigrette and orange balsamic to add more flavour to your healthy salad bowls.

What to order: Romaine lettuce base with five basic toppings (S$7.90)


10. Wafuken

OUE Downtown Gallery, 02-23, 6A Shenton Way
Nearest MRT stations: Tanjong Pagar and Downtown
Open: Monday to Friday (11am to 8pm); Saturday (11am to 3pm)

Oyster blade steak with rice and egg combination. Photo: Wafuken/Facebook

A fusion between Japanese donburi bowls and Western cuisine, Wafuken offers unique toppings such as miso cauliflower and beetroot quinoa that you can add to your bowl.

Cooking all its proteins sous vide ensures that all the nutrients and natural flavours of the meat are retained. This method is more tedious and time-consuming, but it does result in tender, juicy protein.

Those with dietary restrictions need not worry because Wafuken also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options. There’s also a nutrition calculator on its website for anyone who wishes to compute the nutritional content of its healthy meals.

What to order: Chicken breast (S$5), seared paprika dory (S$8), oyster blade steak (S$9)


11. QQ Rice

Northpoint City (South Wing), B2-145, 930 Yishun Avenue 2
Nearest MRT station: Yishun
Open: Monday to Saturday (6.30am to 9.30pm); Sunday (8am to 9.30pm)

QQ Rice_healthy
From left to right: Emperor vegetable rice roll, chai fish rice roll, Q-tofu rice roll. Photo: QQ Rice/Facebook

Featuring a variety of rice grains, QQ Rice sells healthy and nutritious rice rolls, bento boxes and onigiris. Popular items on its menu include the smoked duck rice roll and bento boxes. All items are takeaway-only, which is a convenient option for anyone with little time to spare.

QQ Rice also has many vegetarian options. For those who are more health-conscious, check out its official website as it shows the nutritional information of its menu items.

What to order: Smoked duck rice roll (S$6.60), Q-tofu rice roll (S$6.60)


12. Yummy Tummy

Northpoint City (South Wing), B2-115, 930 Yishun Avenue 2
Nearest MRT station: Yishun
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Yummy Tummy healthy food
Mexican chicken thigh (left) and lobster mayo (right). Photo: Yummy Tummy/Facebook

Another healthy quick-serve stall located at Northpoint City, Yummy Tummy offers nutritious food in the form of bowls, wraps and quesadillas. It also offers premium ingredients such as lobster and salmon besides the more commonly found chicken and beef.

Despite being relatively new, it has received positive reviews for its high-quality food and reasonable prices.

What to order: Chicken or beef bowl (S$8.50), Mexican chicken thigh wrap (S$6.30)


13. Stuff’d

Compass One, B1-02/03, 1 Sengkang Square
Nearest MRT station: Sengkang
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9.45pm)

Stuff'd healthy food
Daily bowl. Photo: Stuff’d/Facebook

A well-known and affordable healthy food chain in Singapore, Stuff’d has many outlets islandwide.

Selling everything from burritos and kebabs to tacos and healthy bowls, its menu items are also highly customisable.

What to order: Chicken burrito (S$8.40), chicken daily bowl (S$9.30), beef kebab (S$7.80)


14. The Salad Corner

GSH Plaza, 01-08, 20 Cecil Street
Nearest MRT stations: Telok Ayer and Raffles Place
Open: Monday to Friday (10am to 6.30pm)

The Salad Corner
Various salad combinations. Photo: The Salad Corner/Facebook

One of the few budget-friendly salad options in the central business district (CBD), The Salad Corner has been operating for more than a decade. Queues of CBD office workers never fail to appear during the lunch-hour rush. With more than 50 salad toppings to choose from, The Salad Corner is definitely doing its part to encourage healthier living through its extensive menu selection.

Do take note that this place only offers takeaways, with pre-order available before 10.30am.

What to order: Basic salad (S$7 onwards)


15. Dosirak

OUE Downtown Gallery, 01-44, 6A Shenton Way
Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar
Open: Tuesday to Friday (11am to 6pm); Saturday (11am to 2.30pm)

Dosirak healthy food
From top to bottom: Pumpkin tofu, beef bulgogi and cured salmon. Photo: Dosirak/Facebook

Dosirak is a Korean restaurant that makes bibimbap using old family recipes, albeit with a slight twist: It’s been modified to suit the fast-paced living in cities such as Seoul. Here, bibimbap is served in big tubs.

This is so that customers can quickly mix their bibimbap by closing the tub and shaking it instead of using utensils. What’s more, Dosirak uses healthy ingredients in its bibimbap such as chicken breast and kimchi.

For those fond of tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes), that is available, too.

What to order: Beef bulgogi (S$9.90), soy chicken (S$8.90), kimchi tofu (S$7.90)


16. Toss & Turn

Ion Orchard, B4-55, 2 Orchard Turn
Nearest MRT station: Orchard
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9.30pm)

Toss & Turn healthy food
Avocontrol. Photo: Toss & Turn/Facebook

Established in 2012 under the same management company that handles Cedele, Toss & Turn‘s menu is not just limited to salad bowls. It also offers acai and fruit smoothies. If you’re looking for a healthy dessert place, drop by Toss & Turn for something sweet and refreshing.

For those looking for a more substantial meal, its classic bowls start from S$9. There are cold and warm proteins for customers to choose from, and if you’re not up for a salad bowl, try the toasted flat wheat wraps. It’s filled with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, rocket, and protein — all under S$10.

What to order: Basil pesto chicken with wheat bread (S$9.50), classic bowl (S$9)


17. The Good Boys Cafe

The Commerze Building, 01-26, 1 Irving Place
Nearest MRT station: Tai Seng
Open: Monday to Friday (8am to 6.30pm); Saturday and Sunday (10am to 6.30pm)

The Good Boys Cafe healthy food
Fruity matcha. Photo: The Good Boys Cafe/Facebook

A hidden gem in Tai Seng, The Good Boys Cafe serves up a variety of healthy offerings. Apart from salads and healthy bowls, it also has smoothies, coffee, oatmeal porridge, and acai, making it a good place for breakfast and lunch.

Patrons have also said that the friendly staff and chill vibes make for a memorable dining experience. Bonus: Its food is served in wooden heart-shaped bowls, perfect for the ‘gram.

What to order: Triple choccy — yoghurt, banana, almond flakes, dark chocolate, raw cacao, and chocolate sauce (S$7.50), Nihon nippon — soba noodles, smoked duck, baby spinach, cucumber, pineapple, furikake, and soy vinaigrette (S$10)


18. Crunch Salad

Guoco Tower, B1-14, Maxwell Road
Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar
Open: Monday to Friday (10am to 7pm)

Crunch Salad healthy food
Salad with Hong Kong noodles. Photo: Crunch Salad/Facebook

A popular salad place in Tanjong Pagar, Crunch Salad has built a loyal customer base with menu items that are deemed value-for-money. What’s more, the stall has a daily special, where new ingredients or menu items are introduced. This switches things up, so eating healthy is never boring.

Some customer favourites include Hong Kong noodles, cajun chicken and sauteed mushrooms.

What to order: Standard salad (S$7)


19. Kipos

Guoco Tower, B2-19, 7 Wallich Street
Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar
Open: Monday to Friday (11am to 8.30pm); Sunday (10am to 5pm)

Kipos healthy food
Customisable bowl with guacamole. Photo: Kipos/Facebook

Also in Tanjong Pagar, Kipos meets the needs of a variety of diets. But if you’re unsure of what to get, try its classic bowls or wholesome wraps.

Kipos has a variety of recommended combinations that customers can choose from, making it convenient and fuss-free.

What to order: Quinoa lemak bowl — coconut-simmered organic quinoa, cucumber, curry turmeric chicken, onsen egg, sambal chilli, and roasted almonds (S$10), Caesar’s palace wrap — chicken breast, parmesan, Caesar dressing, and hard-boiled egg (S$9.70)


20. Urban Mix

One Raffles Place, B1-01A, 1 Raffles Place
Nearest MRT station: Raffles Place
Open: Monday to Thursday (11am to 8pm); Friday and Saturday (11am to 3pm)

Urban Mix healthy food
Customisable bowl with nacho chips. Photo: Urban Mix/Facebook

Inspired by different food cultures around the world, Urban Mix aims to incorporate elements of Asian and Western cuisines into its food. One can find combinations such as barbecued pulled pork on kimchi fried rice and even Argentinian salsa with Mexican black beans.

In addition, Urban Mix is vegan-, vegetarian-, paleo-, and even keto-friendly.

What to order: Small mix (S$9)


All the eateries on this list, except Ah Lock Tofu and Crunch Salad, are on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to these places.

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