Cotelato dessert cafe opens at Hillview with gorgeous cakes inspired by designer handbags

By Phyllis Leong August 1, 2023
Cotelato dessert cafe opens at Hillview with gorgeous cakes inspired by designer handbags
Check out the ’gram-worthy desserts that you can order at Cotelato. Photos: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Joining the fray of popular F&B establishments in Hillview is Cotelato cafe, a whimsical dessert parlour offering decadent sweets that delight both the eyes and soul. 

Nestled in the bustling HillV2 shopping mall, it’s the latest concept by Danny Pang, the founder of Spruce restaurant. 

The Cotelato dessert cafe is his take on a multi-sensorial dessert joint serving contemporary treats.

Boasting luscious cakes inspired by designer handbags and teas with flowers that bloom in a pot, it’s not just pretty bakes for the ’gram — diners can look forward to an interactive dessert experience.

Confectioneries are baked in-house with premium ingredients flown in from various parts of the world, including vanilla from Madagascar. Cotelato takes pride in its quality, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth of desserts.

A feast for the eyes

02 pl-cotelato-whimsical carousel-hungrygowhere
Happy Rides Whimsical Carousel. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

The Whimsical Carousel (S$28) impressed us all when it arrived at the table. Touting an assortment of six desserts, this is the chef’s selection of mouthwatering tea cakes and petits gateaux (little cakes). 

It is a sight to behold. The cakes are perched on a rotating merry-go-round, complete with music and dazzling lights. 

The cake flavours include a double chocolate cake that oozes a rich chocolate ganache, a fluffy chocolate brownie and a carrot cake embedded with grated carrots and crunchy walnuts.

03 pl-cotelato-mystic white chocolate-hungrygowhere
Break the Blossom in Mystic white chocolate. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

For a hands-on experience (or if you’d like to vent a lil’ pent-up anger), don’t sleep on the Break the Blossom series (S$16).

It’s a dish unique to Cotelato, as the sweet treat is presented in a chocolate sphere and comes with a hammer. Gently tap on the shell with the hammer to reveal a fluffy cake embellished with a myriad of toppings. 

You can get it in two tantalising flavours: Mystic white chocolate and Red Hot chocolate.

The Mystic white chocolate is our favourite of the two. Encased in a white chocolate sphere, it comprises a strawberry shortcake adorned with edible flowers and fresh raspberries. It’s just the right amount of sweetness without being too cloying. 

04 pl-cotelato-red hot chocolate-hungrygowhere
Break the Blossom in Red Hot chocolate cake. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

The Red Hot chocolate version sees a red velvet cake cocooned in a stunning rouge shell. The shortcake is layered with a sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting that keeps us reaching for a second bite.

05 pl-cotelato-pinky lava-hungrygowhere
The Pinky Lava is such a dream. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

The Pinky Lava (S$16) is a must-order item on Cotelato’s menu if you’re a fan of souffle pancakes (or simply love all things pink). 

Glazed with a rich strawberry cream cheese sauce and edible flowers, the dish features moist, oh-so-thicc hotcakes that melt in your mouth. The marriage of sweet berry-infused cream and fluffy hotcakes makes for a sweet and savoury delight.

06 pl-cotelato-the golden rosa-hungrygowhere
The Golden Rosa. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Another signature dish at Cotelato is The Golden Rosa (S$18), which showcases freshly-made golden crepes crafted into the shape of two roses. 

The crepes are layered with caramel sauce, hazelnut praline and French chantilly cream to create a party of flavours in your mouth. It’s also served with a side of orange caramel sauce a la crepes suzette. 

It’s then plated with decorative “leaves” and a hazelnut praline sauce to create a work of art.

Designer handbag cakes

07 pl-cotelato-surprise package-hungrygowhere
The luxury handbag-inspired cakes are the stars of the show at Cotelato. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

The scene stealers at this Hillview cafe are undoubtedly its designer handbag cakes. Each cake in the Surprise Package (S$48) series is intricately designed to mimic a luxury handbag; it’s perfect for fashionistas and bag lovers alike.

On the menu is a lineup of three miniature bags inspired by designer brands, and these are crafted on rotation every two months. Note that limited orders are available daily.

If you wish to wow your peers with a larger version of the cakes, feel free to place an advanced order.

08 pl-cotelato-cotelato signature blend-hungrygowhere
Cotelato signature blend coffee. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Pair the desserts at Cotelato with its signature blend coffee (S$9). Meticulously brewed by hand, the Cotelato signature blend utilises 100% arabica beans sourced from Tanzania and Ethiopia. They’re also extracted with a slow-brew technique to obtain the rich, natural flavours of the coffee.

09 pl-cotelato-passion oolong-hungrygowhere
Cotelato’s signature passion oolong blend tea. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Not a fan of coffee? The passion oolong (S$9) is a Cotelato signature blend tea that is great as a quick pick-me-up. An aromatic cuppa with a sweet finish, it’s light and refreshing with fruity notes of passion fruit.

This was a hosted tasting.

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Book a ride to Cotelato at HillV2 to try its designer handbag cakes.


HillV2, 01-01, 4 Hillview Rise
Nearest MRT station: Hillview
Open: Monday to Friday (10.30am to 10.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (9am to 10.30pm)

HillV2, 01-01, 4 Hillview Rise
Nearest MRT station: Hillview
Open: Monday to Friday (10.30am to 10.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (9am to 10.30pm)

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