Burger King unleashes Chilli Crab galore for CNY 2021

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Burger King unleashes Chilli Crab galore for CNY 2021
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Chilli Crab is rarely a centrepiece for many Lunar New Year dinners. Still, Burger King challenges you to try their seasonal must-haves: the Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Burger ($9.50) and Chilli Crab Long Chicken Burger ($5.90).

The first savoury treat holds delicately balanced pink salmon patties, doused in sweet, savoury, spicy and satisfying chilli crab sauce.

Like the flavour you’d expect from Chilli Crab, the thick sauce is loaded with abundant swirls of egg and fresh cut chillies, topped with crispy lettuce.

The entire package is placed between a freshly baked sourdough bun.

If you would like to enjoy the sauce, try out the new Chilli Crab Fries ($3.20) this Lunar New Year too!

For those who can’t get enough of the sauce’s flavour, you can even buy extra sauce separately.

Get an a la carte portion of the limited edition Chilli Crab Sauce at just $2.90 per tub, to reimagine different dishes and give them the little chilli crab kick they need.

If you want more sauce on your Chilli Crab Burgers, you can add it on at just $2.

Despite being exclusive burgers, prices are kept affordable at $10.80 for the Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Meal and $7.80 for the Chilli Crab Long Chicken Meal.

All meals come with medium-sized fries and a small Minute Maid® Refresh Orange drink.

To get into the Lunar New Year vibes deeper, BURGER KING® is serving up several star buys.

Fans who love traditional sweets will enjoy the fast-food chain’s Golden Pie ($1.60), filled with smooth mung bean paste and bites of fresh coconut – pretty much Ang Ku Kueh and Kueh Bangkit, but with a crispy pie crust.

Next up, you can go for their all-new Huat Huat Box ($6.80).

This ‘pot of gold’ is complete with two Mexican drumlets, a large serving of onion rings and six nuggets.

To add more sweetness and wealth in your life this year, try out the new Huat Huat Orange Strawberry Float ($2.80).

This drink will truly prove to be refreshing on a whole new level.

All items mentioned are currently available at BURGER KING® restaurants island-wide!



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