Burger King plays Santa for local businesses

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Burger King plays Santa for local businesses
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This Christmas, Burger King is not just giving you a seasonal treat but is also opening its platform to local social enterprises for you to show your support.

The beloved fast-food chain has unveiled a new Snow Cheese WHOPPER, along with its intention to launch a unique e-commerce platform where consumers can shop to support causes they believe in.

Burger King has partnered with Fairmarch, Singapore’s online marketplace for social enterprises, to feature a catalogue of exclusive gifts created by Purple & Pure, a social enterprise focusing on zero-waste and eco-friendly products, Metta, Social Gifting, Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS) and Singapore Anglican Community Centre.

When you visit the site, you will come across two tabs- ‘Order Now’ and ‘Order Gifts only’.

With these tabs, you can choose between ordering Burger King’s four different WHOPPER Sets for your family or ordering gifts from the aforementioned Social Enterprises.

The 4 Sets feature their limited-time-only Snow Cheese WHOPPER, coupled with different combinations like their Tendergrill Chicken, Mexican Drumlets, Cheesy Fries, Onion Rings, Chocolate Pie, Long Chicken and the classic WHOPPER.

The price points range from $16 to $33 accordingly for the sets which are fit for two to four people.

While the Burger King specialties are must-haves, don’t forget to grab these deals fast as they feature the Snow Cheese WHOPPER which is a savoury delectable, topped with a smooth white Cheddar sauce as well as Mozzarella and Swiss Cheese.

At the end of completing your order, you would come across the ‘Add on Gift’ option where you can scroll through the simple yet beautiful gifts our local social enterprises have worked on.

You can even add on personalised messages if it is meant as a gift for a loved one.

Not feeling like getting a WHOPPER, but still want to take a look at the gifts? Don’t worry because that is exactly what the ’Order Gifts Only option’ is for.

You can only add one gift per transaction so keep that in mind while taking a look.

For more Burger King related updates, browse through their Instagram and Facebook or search for more content using the hashtag #BurgerKingSG.



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