14 of the best supper spots around National Stadium to head to after a concert

By Maegan Ong March 2, 2024
14 of the best supper spots around National Stadium to head to after a concert
Photos: G7 Frog Porridge & Live Seafood, Siam Square Mookata

Looking for new supper spots around the National Stadium in Singapore? 

This week, as Swifties descend upon the Stadium for the concert of a lifetime, we’ve curated a list of must-try supper spots to satisfy those hunger pangs after singing your heart out. 

Whether you’re gearing up for a concert or just a hungry foodie enjoying a night out, we’ve got you covered with our list of food spots around the Stadium, from trendy food joints to local eateries serving up comfort food.

1. Sin Hock Heng (Teochew Porridge)

Teambuild Centre, 701 Geylang Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (8.30am to 3.45am)

02-mo-Stadium supper-Sin Hock Heng-HungryGoWhere
Photo: Sin Hock Heng Teochew Porridge/Facebook

Why visit? Craving comfort after a night out? Swing by Sin Hock Heng Teochew Porridge for authentic Teochew porridge that won’t break the bank.

This 21-year-old eatery keeps the lights on till the early hours, offering a variety of cai fan (economic rice) side dishes such as steamed egg and eggplant, alongside its satisfying bak kut teh.

As it’s a bit of an underrated gem, it’s the perfect place for groups seeking a spot near Stadium for supper.

Crowd favourites: As with all Teochew porridge places, it’s anyone’s guess on what the exact prices might be, but expect to pay around S$6 for a meat and two vegetables with rice or porridge. Don’t miss the san chun rou (three-layered pork) which comes with a mouth-watering sauce for you to dribble over the porridge. To complete your meal, get a bowl of piping-hot bak kut teh (S$6).

How to get there from the stadium: Take bus 70M from the bus stop opposite the National Stadium. Alight after five stops at Grandlink Square; Sin Hock Heng is just a short four-minute walk away.

2. Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice – Jalan Besar

229 Jalan Besar
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 3am)

Why visit? A familiar name amongst Singaporeans, Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice is a popular spot near the stadium for supper. Just follow the bright yellow signs drawing you in from along the streets. 

It’s best known for its generous slathering of “Chinese-style” curry sauce that will coat every rice grain and ingredient and remains a must-try, day or night.

Crowd favourites: Customise your curry plate with a minimum of two dishes. Our picks? Get a plate of rice (S$0.80 onwards), add the perfectly seasoned pork chop (S$2) that comes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and some cabbage (S$1), bringing your total to S$3.80. These simple ingredients, doused in a flavourful, thick curry sauce with just the right amount of spice, is just the perfect end to a night of singing your heart out.

How to get there from the stadium: Walk to the bus stop at Kallang Squash Centre and take bus 11. After three stops, take bus 67, and take a short 2-minute walk to the roadside stall.

If your legs are aching, you can book a Grab ride directly to Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice.

3. Siam Square Mookata

Golden Mile Tower, B1-63, 6001 Beach Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 6am)

04-mo-Stadium supper-Siam Square Mookata-Hungrygowhere
Photo: Siam Square Mookata/Instagram

Why visit? Satiate your post-concert hunger at Siam Square Mookata, known for its authentic Thai-style barbecue and steamboat. While it has multiple locations islandwide, this outlet aptly nestles in Golden Mile Tower, in an area commonly known as the “Little Thailand” of Singapore. 

It offers affordably priced ingredients, as well as buffet options in an air-conditioned hawker-style environment that is equal parts comfortable and cosy.

Crowd favourites: For those with a hearty appetite, indulge in its buffet (S$29.90 on weekdays, S$32.90 on weekends), which offers unlimited ingredients for barbecuing or boiling. Its well-marinated meats, including the sliced pork and chicken, are highly recommended by regulars. Don’t forget to add its addictive chilli sauce for a spicy kick.

How to get there from the stadium: Take buses 10, 14, 16, 70M, 196 from the  National Stadium bus stop to the bus stop at Nicoll Highway Station. From there, you can walk to the eatery, just a mere 500m away.

4. Chops! Grill & Sides (Kallang)

8 Jalan Ayer, 01-02
Open: Sunday to Wednesday (12pm to 10pm), Thursday to Saturday (12pm to 3am)

05-mo-Stadium supper-chopsgirllandsides-Hungrygowhere
Photo: Chops! Grill & Sides/Instagram

Why visit? Indulge in casual western fare at Chops! Grill & Sides, a halal chain in Singapore. It began as a humble coffee shop in Yishun eight years ago and has since grown into a three-outlet chain that’s become a go-to for affordable and hearty fast food. The Kallang outlet in particular, is perfect for keeping the midnight cravings at bay.

Crowd favourites: Here, you have to try its outlet-exclusive midnight breakfast series, available only from 8pm to 3am, Thursdays to Saturdays. Indulge in the hot chick n’ waffles (S$12.90), which features tender-crispy fried chicken chops.

For larger groups, the original XXL platter (S$69.90) is the one to get, comprising a sizable meat platter of salmon, steak, chicken schnitzel and more, accompanied by sides like fries, coleslaw and mac and cheese. 

How to get there from the stadium: Hop on bus 11 at the Kallang Squash Centre, and ride for four stops to Lorong 1 Geylang Terrace. From there, Chops! Grill & Sides is just a short two-minute walk away.

5. An La Ghien-Lau Nuong

4 Jalan Ayer
Open: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

45 Lor 27 Geylang
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 11pm)

06-mo-Stadium supper-anlaghienlaunuong-Hungrygowhere
Photo: An La Ghien-Lau Nuong/Facebook

Why visit? If you’re in the mood for something light yet comforting, Vietnamese restaurant An La Ghien-Lau Nuong is the place to go. Drawing crowds for its genuine flavours and extensive menu, this spot garners rave reviews for its exceptional service and wallet-friendly prices.

Crowd favourites: Dive into the pho tai nam bo vien (S$8.90), featuring velvety soft noodles in an umami broth with sliced beef, beef balls and fresh greens — it’s a clear hit with customers, especially for first-timers.

If you prefer something smaller for supper, the banh mi thit nuong (S$4.90), roast pork in a crispy Vietnamese baguette, is an economical yet satisfying choice.

How to get there from the stadium: Should Taylor’s concert end later than 11pm, head straight to the Jalan Ayer outlet to avoid disappointment. 

Since it’s about a 17-minute walk to the eatery with no public transport, we recommend that you travel by car, which will take you to your destination in five minutes. Or y’know, just sing All Too Well’s 10-minute version twice and you’ll be there before you know it.

6. Mufiz Spice Restaurant

18 Upper Boon Keng Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

Why visit? Located along Upper Boon Keng Road, Mufiz Spice Restaurant is an Indian-Muslim restaurant where you can get your classic supper fare — prata — along with other dishes such as mee goreng and putu mayam. The best part? The dishes are all served with a quick turnaround and it’s open round the clock!

Crowd favourites: Get the paper prata with milk (S$2), a crispy prata drizzled with sweet milk. For a savoury option, we’d say go for the cheese prata with mushroom (S$3), best enjoyed with a generous spoonful of their curry.

How to get there from the stadium: Take bus 11 from Kallang Squash Centre and alight at Lorong 1 Geylang Terrace. From there, take a nine-minute stroll to the restaurant.

7. Man Dang Dang

91 Geylang Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 2am)

08-mo-Stadium Supper-mandangdang-Hungrygowhere
Photo: Man Dang Dang/Facebook

Why visit? Open till 2am daily, Man Dang Dang is a Chinese joint known for its bold northeastern flavours. Marinated thoroughly with Dongbei spices, its array of skewers and barbecue delights pack a delightful punch. It’s the perfect spot near the stadium for supper, especially if you’re dining in a group.

Crowd favourites: You’ll be spoilt for choice with the sheer number of options on the menu, but the barbecued skewers are the one to get. Indulge in the beef (S$1.30), pork belly (S$1.30), and mutton (S$1.30) skewers — tender, flavourful and extremely value-for-money, allowing you to try as many of them as your heart desires.

To complement the robust flavours, pair them with a side of white rice (S$1), or wash it all down with an Iceberg beer (S$5).

How to get there from the stadium: Take bus 11 from the stop at Kallang Squash Centre and ride three stops to the bus stop after Sims Way. From there, take a leisurely 140-metre walk to Man Dang Dang.

8. S7 Live Frog Porridge

213/215 Geylang Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (4pm to 4am)

09-mo-Stadium supper-S7 Live Frog Porridge-Hungrygowhere
Photo: S7 Live Frog Porridge

Why visit? Situated along the vibrant Geylang stretch, S7 Live Frog Porridge stands out as a top spot for frog porridge and supper near Stadium. Aside from dishing out a delectable rendition of one of Singapore’s beloved dishes — frog porridge — it also serves up zi char favourites such as fish head curry for communal sharing.

Crowd favourites: The dried chilli frog (from S$8) comes highly recommended here  and can be served in three ascending spice levels. Pair it with white congee (S$2 onwards) for a fuller meal. 

For something lighter yet robust, opt for the claypot frog porridge (S$10 onwards), also guaranteed to satisfy.

How to get there from the stadium: You can either take an 18-minute walk or three-minute drive from the National Stadium to the eatery.

9. G7 Frog Porridge & Live Seafood

163 Geylang Road, Lorong 3 Geylang 
Open: Monday to Sunday (3pm to 3am)

10-mo-Stadium supper-g7frogporridgeandliveseafood-Hungrygowhere
Photo: G7 Frog Porridge & Live Seafood/Instagram

Why visit? Another strong contender for the ultimate supper spot in the food haven of Geylang is G7 Frog Porridge & Live Seafood, also known as Sin Ma Live Seafood. From a small frog porridge stall in Geylang, this establishment has since evolved into a bustling Chinese restaurant that’s been running for two decades. Frog porridge, chilli crab and shark’s head — you can find almost anything here!

Crowd favourites: The ginger spring onion frog (S$18 onwards) and dried chilli frog (S$18 onwards) are unanimously crowd-approved and come chock-full of ingredients. On the side, get a fried egg with shrimps (S$12) to share.

How to get there from the stadium: Ride three stops on bus 11 from Kallang Squash Centre, which takes you to the bus stop after Sims Way. Thereafter it’s a 100m walk away to the eatery.

10. BBQ Box

182 Geylang Road
Open: Monday to Friday (1.30pm to 1.30am), Saturday to Sunday (Midday to 1.30am)

11-mo-Stadium supper-bbqbox-Hungrygowhere
Photo: BBQ Box/Facebook

Why visit? BBQ Box is a barbecue chain that boasts six outlets across the island and specialises in Chinese-style grilled delicacies ranging from seafood, to meat and vegetable skewers. Since you have to cook the skewers over hotplates yourself, we suggest dining al fresco here to prevent your post-Taylor-concert selves from smelling like the grill. 

With its reasonably priced and perfectly portioned skewers, it is the perfect pit stop for those feeling just a little peckish. 

Crowd favourites: Perhaps what keeps the crowd coming back is its original cumin lamb (S$1.80) skewer, which consistently gets rave reviews across diners. Additionally, the grilled shiitake mushroom (S$1.60) and grilled potato chips (S$2.80 for three pieces) are also popular amongst adults and children alike.

How to get there from the stadium: Ride two stops on bus 11 from Kallang Squash Centre. After arriving at the bus stop before Geylang Road, take a short 5-minute stroll to the brightly signboarded BBQ box outlet.

11. Mongkok Dim Sum

214 Geylang Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

12-mo-Stadium supper-mongkokdimsum-Hungrygowhere
Photo: Mongkok Dim Sum/Facebook

Why visit? Another famous eatery in the Geylang district is Mongkok Dim Sum, an old-school establishment that’s perfect for both family lunches and a supper out with friends. Its wide selection of dim sum is not only budget-friendly, but also hailed by some as authentically Hong Kong-style.

Do bring cash if you’re not looking to indulge, as the minimum spending required for credit card payment is S$20.

Crowd favourites: Treat yourself to the addictive prawn paste chicken skin (S$5.80) or the steamed rice roll with BBQ pork (S$4.50) — smooth and slippery with a toothsome sweet-savoury sauce.

Be sure to also try the house special prawn dumplings (S$4.80), which come generously stuffed for the perfect bite.

How to get there from the stadium: Hop onto bus 70 from opposite the National Stadium and alight after just one stop. Mongkok Dim Sum is just a 600-metre walk away.

12. Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow

237 Geylang Road
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 12.30am)

13-mo-Stadium supper-Lor9BeefKwayTeow-Hungrygowhere
Photo: @d_0bliqiuez/Instagram

Why visit? As we all know, some of the best food comes from the most simply named stalls and Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow is one of them. This hawker gem, better known as “Geylang Famous Beef Kway Teow”, is arguably one of Geylang’s biggest foodie draws and has even once earned a Michelin Plate for its hefty and generous plate of beef kway teow. 

Crowd favourites: The beef hor fun (S$8 onwards), comes full of wok hei and is doused in a glossy, savoury sauce, with plentiful, tender beef slices. Have it with some sambal potato leaves (S$8) for a truly indulgent meal.

How to get there from the stadium: Hop on bus 11 from Kallang Squash Centre and ride it for two stops, then walk for about 450m to your destination.

13. Mae Toi Mahasarakahm Thai Restaurant

198 Geylang Road, 02-02
Open: Monday to Sunday (Midday to 6am)

14-mo-Stadium supper-maetoimahasarakahmthairestaurant-Hungrygowhere
Photo: Mae-toi-mahasarakahm-thai-restaurant.business.site

Why visit? Mae Toi Mahasarakahm Thai Restaurant is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Geylang. Its cuisine is inspired by the northeastern region of Thailand, Isa, and regulars laud the place for authentic Thai flavours. Though it’s one of the more affordable Thai restaurants around, its quality is certainly far from compromised, making it a must-visit all hours of the day — not just for supper.

Crowd favourites: The pad thai (S$10.60) is popular amongst regulars and rightfully so. The chewy rice noodles are flavourful with a perfect balance of  sweet, savoury and sour.

If you’re dining with others, try the crispy catfish served with spicy mango salad (S$36.90), great for sharing and guaranteed to impress.

How to get there from the stadium: Take bus 11 from Kallang Squash Centre and ride two stops. You can then walk to the eatery, which is about 350m away.

14. Gong He Guan

217 Geylang Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 2am)

15-mo-Stadium supper-gongheguan-Hungrygowhere
Photo: Gong He Guan/Facebook

Why visit? If you’re looking for the supper after the supper, head on down to Gong He Guan for your late-night dessert fix. While the Geylang outlet is smaller than its flagship spot at Upper Cross Street, the Geylang outlet stays open later, serving up old-school Hong Kong desserts. Have your pick from the 17 desserts on the menu, all epitomising the best of Asian desserts, with just the right amount of sweetness.

Crowd favourites: Don’t miss its signature original gui ling gao (S$8.60), a type of cooling herbal jelly that is a must-try, especially if you spent the past few hours belting out to Taylor’s hits. 

Alternatively, get the yang zhi gan lu (S$6.20), which consists of mango fruit, aloe vera, sago in a mango juice and coconut milk base — a refreshing treat for those with a sweet tooth.

How to get there from the stadium: Ride three stops from Kallang Squash Centre on bus 11. Gong He Guan is just a five-minute walk away from there.

Hungry for more? Check out the best Peking Duck restaurants for your next family gathering, or newly opened for food places to impress your friends.

All restaurants except Sin Hock Heng, Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice and S7 Live Frog Porridge are on the GrabFood Delivery Service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited.  

Do explore the GrabFood Dine-in service for awesome deals. 

Alternatively, book a ride to these places for supper spots near Stadium.

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