Famous croissant brand Hazukido opens first Singapore outlet

By Chang Qi July 3, 2024
Famous croissant brand Hazukido opens first Singapore outlet
Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

Get ready, croissant lovers: There’s a new range of croissants to sink your teeth into. Japanese-style croissant maker Hazukido is finally opening its doors in Singapore. 

Located in the basement of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Hazukido Singapore joins the wave of brands that have opened there in the past few weeks.

This bakery originates from Taiwan in 2016 but has won hearts internationally with its signature artisanal croissants. They have since opened over 50 outlets in Malaysia, Canada and Hong Kong.

It is still in its soft-launch phase and will open officially on Jul 6 with a slew of opening deals — read on to get all the details!

The craftsman of croissant making

Hazukido embodies the Shokunin spirit (Japanese for craftsman) — absolute devotion to one’s craft. As a result, the brand boasts the highest quality and the finest techniques in every croissant.

hazukido singapore
Taro and pudding croissant. Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

To create its signature croissants, Hazukido uses top-tier natural butter from Europe, premium flour from Japan and certified quality eggs. 

It uses a unique folding technique, which incorporates 64 layers of butter into the dough, in order to achieve optimal texture and taste — something that the Hazukido team says they arrived on after extensive research and development.

Hazukido Singapore is also a Muslim-friendly bakery and hopes to obtain halal certification once it opens officially.

Sweet and savoury picks

Hazukido prides itself on having over 100 flavours in its repertoire, with new ones being developed every few months. The Singapore store is no exception, with new country-exclusive flavours, including chilli crab and curry, set to launch by the end of year. 

The team is also looking at the possibility of introducing viral Taiwanese flavours such as the earl grey bubble croissant (with actual bubbles from bubble tea!), depending on how Singaporeans’ preferences and how they respond to the menu.

The brand’s first outlet is strategically located, right next to the bustling Orchard MRT station exit. Though it hasn’t opened to the public officially, its bright interior and enticing croissant showcase have already drawn the attention of passers-by.

hazukido singapore
Hazukido’s first Singapore outlet at Takashimaya. Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

The initial menu features 20 varieties of sweet and savoury croissants from S$4.50, including popular choices like hazelnut chocolate (S$7.50), lava cheese (S$5.90) and premium durian custard (S$7.80) with D24 durian. 

Hazukido’s croissants are priced slightly higher than many bakeries, but the taste certainly didn’t disappoint. They are crispy on the outside, soft within and have clear layers in between that are both flaky and firm. 

One standout is the taro and pudding croissant (S$6.50), where smooth and velvety taro paste is married with silky milk pudding. 

hazukido singapore
Queen crab truffle cream croissant. Photo: Chang Qi/HungryGoWhere

The savoury items are just as palatable, especially the Queen crab truffle cream croissant (S$7.80). The sweet and umami flavours of the meat and truffle cream blended perfectly with the buttery croissant shell. It makes the ideal breakfast staple or a quick-but-satisfying afternoon snack, especially on days when you feel like treating yourself.

hazukido singapore
Flat croissant. Photo: Hazukido/Instagram

You can also get your hands on Hazukido’s rendition of the viral flat croissant (S$5), a cookie-like variation. HungryGoWhere understands that it will, however, only be available seasonally because a meticulous three-round baking process is involved.

Crispy garlic slices (S$8.50) will also be offered occasionally.

If you’d previously savoured Hazukido’s croissants in Johor Bahru, you may be keen to try the lemon meringue Clouds (S$6.50) and Golden cheese (S$6.50) flavours, which Hazukido says is not available in Malaysia.

Hazukido Singapore’s opening deals

To celebrate its official launch, Hazukido is offering a limited-time promotion from July 6 to 8. During this three-day period, the first 30 customers of the day will enjoy a buy-one-get-five-free deal, while the next 60 customers can take advantage of a buy-three-get-three offer.

If you can’t wait, you can head down during its soft launch until July 5.

Plus, throughout July, you can enjoy 10% off your purchases by following and sharing Hazukido’s social pages.

Meanwhile, HungryGoWhere understands that a second outlet is in the works, so we may yet see even more of Hazukido’s croissants! According to the team, they may expand the menu to include drinks and even a dine-in service.

This was a hosted tasting.

If you happen to be around, pay a visit to the Toast Box concept store at Takashimaya and Ami Patisserie for more baked goodness.

Do explore the GrabFood Dine Out service for awesome deals.

You can also book a ride to savour the crafty croissants at Hazukido.

Hazukido @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Takashimaya Shopping Centre, B1-29, 391 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT station: Orchard
Open: Jul 3 to 5 (11am to 6pm); Mondays to Sundays (10am to 9.30pm, from Jul 6 onwards)

Takashimaya Shopping Centre, B1-29, 391 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT station: Orchard
Open: Jul 3 to 5 (11am to 6pm); Mondays to Sundays (10am to 9.30pm, from Jul 6 onwards)

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