11 cafes at Takashimaya and Ngee Ann City for your shopping breaks

By Celestine Tan March 22, 2024
11 cafes at Takashimaya and Ngee Ann City for your shopping breaks
Photos (clockwise from left): @liveloveatwithjie/Instagram, Matchaya/Instagram, The Dark Gallery/Instagram, @ann.wch/Instagram

Wondering just how many cafes at Takashimaya there are and where can you find them?

Japanese department store Takashimaya has made a home in Singapore’s Ngee Ann City since 1993. Fast forward three decades, Ngee Ann City and Takashimaya Shopping Centre are now synonymous and used interchangeably when referring to the iconic brown building along the busiest stretch of Orchard Road.

Whichever name you know it by, it’s undeniable that Takashimaya is quite the shopper’s paradise. It’s also a foodie’s haven, with its very own food hall and regular food events held at the atrium. Besides food kiosks and restaurants, numerous cafes at Takashimaya have also popped up in recent years.

Since shopping burns calories (though we have to admit it burns cash faster), we have picked out some cafes at Takashimaya to replenish these said calories, though the same cannot be said for your hard-earned money.

So save this list for those moments when you’re wondering what to eat at Takashimaya, or which cafes at Takashimaya to head to.


1. Wanderlust Cafe

Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Department Store, Level 3, 391A Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10:30am to 9pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Pastel pink and beautiful at Wanderlust Cafe. Photo: @saltyaaron/Instagram

Why visit? A pretty, pastel pink themed cafe located right in the middle of the ladies’ department on Level 3, this cafe in Takashimaya is the perfect spot to relax at after some intense shopping. 

Wanderlust Cafe is a relatively new cafe at Takashimaya with an interesting concept – it is a multi-label cafe that has brought small local businesses and its products together under one roof. 

For example, its coffee is supplied by Caffe Affogato, its teas from Gifel Tea and Tily Tea, its cakes and tarts from Cream and Custard, and its baked goods from Belly Good Bakehouse

Having a cuppa at this cafe is a great way to support multiple local businesses and to be able to “travel” to these cafes without going to different places (hence the wanderlust, we suppose?).

Crowd favourites: If you’re Team Savoury, its truffle egg mayo toast / bagel (S$9.90) is a clear winner. However, if you’re Team Sweet, we’d say it’s a tough choice given the variety of sweet treats, but we’d go for the passion fruit meringue tart (S$9.90) that’s the perfect mix of a buttery and citrusy finish. Wash everything down with a refreshing berry lychee soda (S$8) — the best drink for a warm afternoon.


2. Hvala

Ngee Ann City, B2-28, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (10:30am to 9:30pm), Friday and Saturday (11am to 9:30pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Matc-ha love to everything in this picture. Photo: @foodee.diaree/Instagram

Why visit? Hvala at Takashimaya is a place that celebrates the art of tea brewing, as well as other art forms by showcasing the crafts of various artists in-store.

Specialising in matcha drinks and desserts, as well as other tea blends such as hojicha and earl grey, Hvala is a haven for tea lovers and connoisseurs. The quality of the tea it uses is of the highest tier, imported straight from a traditional tea wholesaler in Japan

It also has the option of different grades and intensities of matcha in its menu offerings, making it a must-visit for any matcha aficionado.

Crowd favourites: Matcha is usually the star at Hvala, but the hojicha here has its own loyal following too. A nice compromise would be the matcha hojicha latte (S$5.90) or ice blend (S$8.50). 

Its dairy-free waffles (S$14.80) that’s chewy on the inside and crusty on the outside, served alongside a scoop of ice cream flavour of your choice, is another crowd favourite. 


Ngee Ann City, B2-29, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 9:30pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Dark, brown and beautiful. Photo: @discoverthedark/Instagram

Why visit? Chocolate lovers are in for a treat here — The Dark Gallery prides itself in using only the finest grade of cacao from around the world in crafting its chocolate. 

The result is a decadent array of chocolate cakes, ice cream, tarts, and drinks that are guaranteed to melt the hearts of all who appreciate good chocolate (especially dark!). 

Pair any chocolate treat with a cup of fine coffee or tea, along with the cafe’s warm hospitality and a lovely ambience, and you’ll get the ultimate treat for your post-shopping senses.

Crowd favourites: Its 88% very dark chocolate ice cream (S$10) hits all the right spots — mildly sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste. 

If you want to indulge, the single origin chocolate platter (S$18) takes you on a spectrum of cacao percentages, while the single origin chocolate & coffee pairing (S$18) is a great option for those who want a bit of everything the cafe has to offer.


4. Pazzion Cafe

Ngee Ann City, B1-39/40, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (9:30am to 9:30pm), Friday and Saturday (9:30am to 10pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
A feast for the eyes and belly. Photo: @nikolai_eats/Instagram

Why visit? Did you know that the local footwear brand Pazzion actually has its own cafe? Pazzion Cafe cleverly integrates a retail and F&B concept so you can first do your shopping, then head next door to rest your weary legs — all-rounded service, we’d say. 

Pazzion Cafe offers an enticing menu of dishes and drinks that taste just as good as they look. Portions here are rather generous, justifying the higher price point. Given that it closes at 9.30pm, this incredibly versatile cafe at Takashimaya is suitable for anything from a hearty brunch to post-dinner cuppa.

Crowd favourite: Regulars swear by its king prawn linguine (S$24) prepared with a garlic butter cream sauce, as well as the braised beef cheeks (S$28) that is melt-in-your-mouth tender. Prefer sweet treats? The chocolate granola french toast with berries (S$20) is the star dessert here — just look at the thick crusty brioche toast with all its beautiful toppings! 


5. Cafe Found

Ngee Ann City, B1-16 to 24, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 7pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
We’ve found a good spot for a lovely tea break. Photo: @knifingthrufood/Instagram

Why visit? A cozy little place situated in The Editor’s Market, a fashion and lifestyle store, this quaint little coffee and cake shop at Takashimaya is the perfect spot for a midday shopping break. 

Sweet and savoury bakes and pastries are available at Cafe Found, but most interestingly, these delicate morsels of desserts are sourced from a range of cafes around Singapore and rotated weekly. Not only does it help smaller-scale cafes and bakers get visibility, but it’s also a great way of making sure its customers will never get bored!

The cafe also serves up a good cuppa and prides itself in constantly keeping coffee lovers on their toes through its frequent introduction of new beans and roasts from various partners, such as Afloat Coffee Roaster and Apartment Coffee

Crowd favourites: We really like its half and half toast (from S$16) which gives you a choice of two different flavours on a toasted sourdough slice; truly the best of both worlds. Pastry lovers, make a beeline for its gelato croffles (from S$15), which are rather lovely as well.

6. Matchaya

Ngee Ann City, 03-10A, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (10am to 9:30pm), Friday and Saturday (10am to 10pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Signature Matchaya Parfait — a taste of four different soft-serve flavours. Photo: @foodokis/Instagram

Why visit? Matchaya is a lifestyle brand that specialises in an extensive range of Japanese teas and desserts, or what it terms as “tea-sserts”.  These special desserts are crafted with premium ingredients that have been sourced from various prefectures in Japan. 

If the tea-lover in you isn’t convinced yet, the Takashimaya flagship store also has a “Progressive Tea Bar”, which features tea baristas or “tea-ristas” showcasing their gamut of artisanal tea brewing skills — whisking, dripping and mixing of tea powder and leaves. 

Not that big a fan of tea-ing everything up? It also does savoury Japanese sandos, sides and mains. 

Crowd favourites: This place promises a quality, authentic Uji matcha soft serve (from S$6). The depth of the slightly bitter matcha shines through the sweetness and creaminess of the soft-serve. Its signature koicha milk (S$8.50 for hot, S$9 for cold) is a go-to for matcha purists, as it involves a “thicker” concoction of matcha — a great drink to fully enjoy the complex flavour profile of Matchaya’s rich and earthy matcha. 


7. Bacha Coffee

Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Department Store, Basement 1, 391A Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 9:30pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Is it good? You Ba-cha!. Photo: @maneklady/Instagram

Why visit? If you fancy yourself some good, quality coffee at Takashimaya, but want a spot that you can sit and chill at, head over to the Bacha Coffee bar and boutique at the mall’s basement one (not to be confused with the boutique and takeaway on B2). 

What’s so special about the coffee here is the wide choices of blends from countries all around the world, each with its own special profile and flavour notes.

However, those who are more caffeine-sensitive, take note: This place does cater more to those who can better appreciate a more intense experience. Enjoy your selected coffee served in its signature gooseneck coffee pots with delightful vanilla Chantilly cream, raw sugar or cracked vanilla beans. 

Crowd favourites: The Bacha Coffee baristas are knowledgeable about its wide selection of coffees and are usually more than happy to assist you in your selection of the right coffee for your palate. Need something to pair the intense coffee with? Its gourmet sweet croissants (S$8 for two) are buttery, flakey and everything a good croissant should be. 


8. Tag Espresso

Ngee Ann City, 02-11, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Friday (8am to 8pm), Saturday and Sunday (10am to 8pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Photo: @sluts.4food/Instagram

Why visit? Tucked away in a rather secluded and nondescript corner on the second floor of Ngee Ann City, Tag Espresso is not as easily located as the other cafes at Takashimaya but trust us, the search for this spot will be worth your while. 

It serves up some pretty good food here but it’s the coffee that will keep you coming back — it is, after all, what the cafe is known for. The coffee here is brewed using 100% arabica beans from regions such as Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Sumatra. 

Those looking for a deal: Its weekday lunch set, available on weekdays from 11am to 2pm, goes for S$19.90 and includes a hearty main and drink. 

Crowd favourites: It is a spot that specialises in espressos so you won’t go wrong with its aromatic flat white (from S$6) or latte (from S$6). For those who have a sweet tooth, the kaya pandan latte (S$9) is an intriguing special that somehow makes the combination of pandan and coffee work!


9. TWG Tea

Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Department Store, Level 2, 391A Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 9pm)

Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Department Store, B2, 391A Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 9:30pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Even their buns are too good to resist. Photo: @ann.wch/Instagram

Why visit? Boasting two outlets in the same building, TWG Tea in Takashimaya is known for its exceptional service, food and beverages. As you may infer from its brand name, the cafe offers an excellent selection of luxury teas that cater to the different palates — you can find fruity, floral, and even spicy tea blends from various tea-producing regions all over the world. 

Its cafes are the perfect spot for a charming lunch or an afternoon high-tea session, with a range of hearty mains and exquisite desserts to go along with your selected tea. Special mention also goes to the fantastic service at TWG that never fails to deliver.

Crowd favourites: It’s honestly hard to make a choice when everything is so good. To get a little taste of both sweet and savoury, try its chic tea time set menu (from S$35) that is available from 2pm to 6pm. It comes with your choice of hot or iced tea, a selection of finger sandwiches and two freshly baked muffins or scones, or a chosen patisserie. 


10. Cafe Q Classified

Ngee Ann City, 03-15, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (9:30am to 10pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
A wide variety of food, drinks and desserts can be found here. Photo: Cafe Q Classified/Instagram

Why visit? This floral and pastel themed cafe in Takashimaya certainly checks all the boxes for #girlycore and is most definitely IG-worthy — it is filled with florals and greens draped all around the cafe, accompanied by elegant arches and charming pendant lamps. 

Beyond its pretty exterior, Cafe Q Classified prides itself in its culinary creativity, injecting a local twist on western fare. The menu is rather sizeable and its dishes start at a slightly higher price point at around S$18 for mains, but given its extensive menu, it’s not difficult to find something here that fits your budget.

Crowd favourites: For the best value, you can give its daily value lunch set (S$18.80) a try if you are at Takashimaya on a weekday from 11am to 3pm. It comes with a choice of a main and a drink from a curated list. With the lunch set, you can also opt to add on a bowl of soup or cake at 50% off — now isn’t that a deal or what?  


11. Paul

Ngee Ann City, 03-16/17, 391 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (9:30am to 10pm)

Cafes at Takashimaya
Lovely French bread, pastries and bakes. Photo: @lingnette/Instagram

Why visit? An established brand with a number of outlets in other parts of Singapore, Paul in Takashimaya houses both a bakery and a restaurant. Expect to find handcrafted coffee drinks alongside traditional French breads and an array of pastries, as well as a wide selection of main courses.

The food here is up to the mark, but do be prepared for a wait due to the high shopper traffic in Takashimaya looking for a place to dine during meal-times. The space is spacious though, so the queue moves relatively quickly, and more importantly, you will leave with a contented belly.

Crowd favourites: Naturally, Paul does its French desserts best. Its signature creme brulee (S$12.90) and bread and butter pudding (S$16.90) are decadently sinful. Not forgetting another French special, the crepe au chocolat au chantilly (S$10.90) that will transport your tastebuds to France. They have savoury crepe options too for those who prefer that.

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Alternatively, book a ride to these cafes in Takashimaya.

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