Cosy Cafe Ren is a great new alternative to Farrer Park’s popular cafe brunch spots

By Evan Mua August 4, 2023
Cosy Cafe Ren is a great new alternative to Farrer Park’s popular cafe brunch spots
Cafe Ren is a great new option for those looking for a Farrer Park brunch spot. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Most hardcore cafe-hoppers would know this: Farrer Park is home to a thriving cafe enclave, which sees the likes of popular fixtures such as SYIP and Old Hen Kitchen.

However, it can be a scramble to get seats for your Farrer Park brunch dates on weekends.

Thankfully, the cool new Cafe Ren is a great alternative to other more established brands.

Opened in July, the sleek cafe is done up tastefully without much extravagance — it’s lush with calming swathes of beiges that are accentuated with contrasting wooden details.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the other cafes, and under a HDB block, it possesses a homelier vibe than the usual voguish minimalist cafes that trend on social media, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

02 ev-cafe ren-farrer park food-hungrygowhere
The cafe is a mix of aesthetic and homely. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

More importantly, the food here is just as solid as the other brunch spots in the area.

While Cafe Ren’s food menu isn’t particularly adventurous or off-the-wall, diners will find it flush with a plethora of comforting classics.

03 ev-cafe ren-farrer park cafe-hungrygowhere
This classic brunch ensemble is one of the signatures on Cafe Ren’s menu. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

One particular crowd favourite is the hearty breakfast ensemble of avocado, mentaiko and egg (S$18) from the all-day brunch section — an oldie but goodie.

As simple as its composition is, the dish is a well-executed rendition of the ubiquitous breakfast combo.

The scrambled eggs are velvety, the avocado creamy, and the ikura (salmon roe) adds a potent touch of umami.

If you’re looking for other wholesome brunch options that don’t involve scrambled eggs, Cafe Ren also has options such as the vegetarian-friendly mushroom cheese toastie (S$16) and healthier banana split yoghurt bowl (S$13).

Carb-partial diners might be more attracted to options such as the scallop and truffle cold pasta (S$14) and Asian prawn and clam chilli pasta (S$22).

04 ev-cafe ren-farrer park cafe-hungrygowhere
The menu isn’t adventurous and focuses more on comfort foods instead. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

While the latter is enjoyably rich and jazzed up with juicy prawns, it could do with a bit more emulsification.

On the other hand, a more substantial dish that also involves carbs is Cafe Ren’s Hawaiian chicken burger (S$19).

Stacked up high with a juicy 24-hour-marinated chicken thigh patty, grilled pineapple and creamy slaw sandwiched between two fluffy charcoal buns, this big-boy burger will satisfy even the hangriest of people.

05 ev-cafe ren-farrer park cafe-kuki lava cookies-hungrygowhere
Fans of Kuki would be glad to hear that the home-based business has found a physical home. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Cafe Ren’s menu has a couple of desserts for those who need some sweets to complete their meal, namely: Artisan gelato and crumble (S$6 for single scoop, S$11 for double), sweet potato cheesecake (S$12) and pistachio lava Kuki (S$10).

Fans of the home-based bakery business scene would be familiar with the last item, a signature of Kuki, an online business known for its open-faced lava cookies — this time served with ice cream on the side!

For more ideas on what to eat, read our stories on Singapore’s coolest hidden bars and the new Taiwan night-market concept that has been trending.

You can book a ride to Cafe Ren in Farrer Park. 

Cafe Ren

681 Race Course Road, 01-305
Nearest MRT station: Farrer Park
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 7pm)

681 Race Course Road, 01-305
Nearest MRT station: Farrer Park
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 7pm)

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