Minimalist cafe Syip to open 2nd store in Bendemeer featuring new menu

By HungryGoWhere November 7, 2022
Minimalist cafe Syip to open 2nd store in Bendemeer featuring new menu
Interior of Syip’s new Bendemeer outlet (left) and selected dishes from its new menu (top right and bottom right). Photo: Syip
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Popular minimalist brunch cafe Syip is opening its second outlet on Wednesday (Nov 9). Located within the Luzerne Building in Bendemeer, the new 2,400 sqf store is almost double the size of its first outlet in Farrer Park. It can accommodate up to 70 seated guests.

Syip was founded by Sandee Yip and her older sister Sara Yip in June 2021. Pronounced “sip”, the cafe is known for its signature espressos and delicious toasts, such as the burrata open-faced toast and sweet French toast.

Speaking to HungryGoWhere, Sandee Yip said that the new outlet would continue to feature a clean, minimalist aesthetic, albeit with a more industrial feel. Visitors can expect the usual white chairs and tables iconic to the brand — these will be juxtaposed against the backdrop of grunge grey walls.

She added that the siblings loved the new store’s high ceiling and that it was “not easy to come by”. Having found this spot that’s also conveniently located between Boon Keng and Bendemeer MRT stations, they thought it was a good opportunity to expand with a new concept.

While both of Syip’s stores carry a similar minimalistic interior design, the menus will differ. Syip’s Bendemeer outlet will feature new savoury items — such as burgers, tarts and rosti — that are not found in the original store.

The breakfast tart.
The breakfast tart. Photo: Syip

A highlight from the new menu is the breakfast tart (S$21). Stepping away from the usual breakfast fare of sausages, toasts and eggs, the breakfast tart features a crunchy puff pastry filled with mushroom and bacon

The puff pastry sits gracefully in the middle of a pool of beurre blanc, a classic French sauce made by simmering shallots with white wine and vinegar. A generous amount of ikura caviar is sprinkled around the sauce, infusing a fresh salty flavour to the dish.

Atop the breakfast tart rest fluffy scrambled eggs. Overall, the portion is just right for a morning meal to kickstart the day.

Octopus mentaiko rosti.
Octopus mentaiko rosti. Photo: Syip

If you prefer something more adventurous, get the octopus mentaiko rosti (S$23). As the name suggests, the base of the dish is a potato rosti, a popular breakfast dish in Switzerland of fried grated potatoes.

Similar to the tart above, you will find Japanese-inspired elements in this dish, too. The chewy charred octopus blends well with the sweet-savoury mentaiko mayo and salty ikura caviar, creating an explosion of umami flavours in your mouth.

The lightly sprinkled bonito flakes are a nice touch, providing a subtle crispy texture to the dish.

The signature white coffee. Photo: Syip
The signature white coffee. Photo: Syip

You can’t leave Syip without taking a “syip” of its signature white coffee (S$7). Each cup comprises a double espresso shot, fresh milk, cocoa powder, and a thick layer of whipped cream. It is sweet, creamy and refreshing. 

The chocolate shavings on top not only make for a nice presentation, but also provide guests with something to nibble on as they sip on their beverage.

Syip is on the GrabFood delivery service. You can also book a ride to its stores.


Luzerne Building, 01-05, 72 Bendemeer Road
Nearest MRT station: Bendemeer
Open: Monday to Sunday (9am to 6pm)

Luzerne Building, 01-05, 72 Bendemeer Road
Nearest MRT station: Bendemeer
Open: Monday to Sunday (9am to 6pm)



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