Lazy CNY preppers, here’s how you can plan a huat-tastic CNY gathering in just two easy steps

By Phyllis Leong February 6, 2024
Lazy CNY preppers, here’s how you can plan a huat-tastic CNY gathering in just two easy steps
Photos (clockwise from left): Canadian Pizza, Soup Restaurant, A-One Signature, New Ubin Seafood

The festive Chinese New Year is just around the corner! It’s the season of tucking into feasts and receiving (or for some of us, giving) ang baos (red packets). 

Besides clearing out our closets to get rid of the old and welcome the new, kiasu (competitive) families are also gearing up to prepare for upcoming gatherings. There’s also no better time to bond with your relatives and friends over delectable treats. 

But we get it, organising a get-together can be a chore (and bore). Wouldn’t it be nice if we could effortlessly put together a joyous, fun-filled evening, with everything you need readily available at our fingertips? 

’Tis is truly the season of huat (prosper) because we’ve got just the hack for you. You just need to follow these two easy steps — and a bonus tip! — to get huat-ever you want for a fantastic CNY party.

Step 1: Download or open your Grab app  

It’s not easy to find an accessible platform for all our foodie needs — especially not one with the best discounts and a wide selection of offerings and reputable merchants in one place. 

Thankfully, the Grab app has you covered, with a host of tasty promotions from your favourite merchants across GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabFood Dine-in. 

Various household brands have also rolled out festive offerings (at huge discounted prices, too) to celebrate the upcoming CNY holiday. Think well-loved eateries such as Collin’s & Common Grill, New Ubin Seafood, Fragrance, and more.

Download the Grab app if you don’t have it installed yet, then launch the app and scroll through the different food options — you’ll be spoilt for choice by the number of deals available! 

For a better bang for your buck, don’t forget to subscribe to GrabUnlimited to stretch your savings and cut back on food and delivery prices. P.S., you can save up to 60% of discounts this festive season! So, what are you waiting for?

Step 2: Zoom in on the best CNY deals across GrabFood and GrabMart for your festive needs

GrabFood Deals

1. Samsui chicken, fried rice and lou hei set from Soup Restaurant 

Chinese New Year
Photo: Soup Restaurant

Chinese New Year is not just about celebrating the spirit of togetherness, but it’s also a time to savour a memorable meal with your loved ones. 

If we had to pick the perfect eatery to order homely, comfort fare from, it would be none other than Soup Restaurant. It serves nostalgic, home cooked dishes that draw influence from Cantonese cuisine.

Good news for the budget-conscious: Soup Restaurant has a wallet-friendly savings deal for GrabUnlimited and non-GrabUnlimited subscribers, though the former gets to save a whole lotta more. 

The deal: Kick off the festivities with its CNY Grab exclusive five-course bundle for four (50% off for GrabUnlimited subscribers at S$87.89, 30% off for everybody else at S$123, U.P. S$175.78). It’s a set that includes the signature Samsui ginger chicken, fried rice and lo hei platter. 

If your relatives prefer dining in, Soup Restaurant also has GrabFood Dine-in deals at up to 30% off for its yusheng (S$40.36, U.P. S$57.66) and its CNY bundle for three diners (S$81.84, U.P. S$116.91). The bundle is perfect for smaller families and includes its signature Samsui ginger chicken, among many others, as well as its golden mango dessert.  

2. Luscious duck and pork meat from Hua Zai Roasted Duck

Chinese New Year
Photo: Hua Zai Roasted Duck

If you’re prepping for a gathering, don’t forget to include an assortment of juicy proteins for the meat lovers. Hua Zai Roasted Duck is our top pick for quality meats — and its attractive newly launched promotion on the GrabFood app makes it taste extra sweet. 

Unlike other bigger, flashier names, Hua Zai Roasted Duck is a humble hawker brand that has slowly grown its franchise over the years — regulars swear by it for its affordable roasted meats, all of which flaunt crispy brown skin and a smoky char.

The deal: If you haven’t had the chance to try its signature meats yet, listen up. Enjoy huge savings on its Treasure Signature combo set (50% off for GrabUnlimited subscribers at S$28.15, 30% off for everybody else at S$39.41, U.P. S$56.30), which comes with generous servings of both pork and duck. 

3. Prosperity set and cordyceps fish maw soup from A-One Signature

Chinese New Year
Photo: A-One Signature

When we think of Chinese New Year, a luxurious smorgasbord of classic festive items springs to mind. I’m sure we can all agree that there’s nothing like an aromatic, indulgent soup paired with a sweet and sour yusheng dish adorned with plenty of toppings — yum! 

And if the dinner theme for this year revolves around having a feast (as it should!), A-One Signature’s menu will catch you and your loved one’s fancy. This Chinese establishment has it all, from sizzling claypot dishes to traditional local favourites such as cereal prawns and handmade beancurd with chai po in a Hong Kong-style sauce

Not keen on getting in line for a table at the Chinese restaurant? Feel free to order from the Grab app, which will conveniently deliver the food to your doorstep. 

The deal: We recommend getting the Prosperity Set 2G (58% off for GrabUnlimited subscribers at S$47.36, 38% off for everybody else at S$69.90, U.P. S$112.75). It comes with the quintessential Prosperity abalone yusheng and a comforting cordyceps fish maw soup

4. Pizzas from Canadian Pizza

Chinese New Year
Photo: Canadian Pizza

Not everyone is into extravagant, over-the-top parties. For those who prefer a casual, laid-back affair, the ingredient-packed pizzas from Canadian Pizza will be suitable for catch-up sessions with your relatives and friends. 

There’re plenty of tantalising pizza flavours on its online menu, so we don’t blame you if you can’t decide on which to go for! But hey, if you need a second opinion, a no-brainer would be to go for its latest festive promotion on the Grab app — and priced at a hefty discount, too! 

The deal: Order the yummy Huat celebration bundle with Coke (50% off for GrabUnlimited subscribers at S$46.20, 41% off for everybody else at S$51.51, U.P. S$94.20), which is just the right bundle if you have a party of four. It comes with two pizzas, two sides of your choice and two drinks.

5. Mega DIY wild Alaskan pollock fish meal from Maki-San

Chinese New Year
Photo: Maki-San

If you’d like to add a touch of Japanese flair to your celebratory menu instead, give fan-favourite sushi brand Maki-San a go.

The homegrown Japanese chain is reputed for its do-it-yourself sushi rolls, where diners can mix and match different ingredients to craft their own creations — the perfect solution for picky or selective eaters. 

If you’re having the younger ones over, we’re sure they’ll have a fun time taking their pick of ingredients to zhng up their sushi rolls, too.

The deal: To get the greatest bang for your buck, order its mega DIY wild Alaskan pollock fish meal (60% off for GrabUnlimited subscribers at S$10.96, 40% for everybody else at S$16.44, U.P.  S$27.40). It features a customisable sushi roll, two pieces of wild Alaskan pollock fish snacks, a sauce of your choice (plum mayo or Japanese mayo) and a canned drink. 

GrabMart Deals

6. Annabella Patisserie’s macarons

Chinese New Year
Photo: Annabella Patisserie

Every self-respecting dinner party needs a centrepiece, and for some of us, that centrepiece could very well be an indulgent dessert setup. This macaron hamper set from Annabella Patisserie, which has colourful macarons neatly packaged in a vibrant red box and adorned with an adorable fortune cat, is bound to make some dessert-lovers and fortune-seekers very happy.

The deal: Aptly named after this year’s zodiac sign, the Year of the Dragon Happy Hamper set is currently going at 40% off for only S$29.88 (U.P. S$49.80) on GrabMart. For a set that comes with 18 eye-watering macaron flavours, you best bet this is quite the steal — take your pick of refreshing flavours such as matcha, rose and lemonade, among others.

7. Marks & Spencer’s chocolates

Chinese New Year
Photo: Marks & Spencer

Besides the traditional Chinese New Year cookies and kuehs, another snack that your guests will inevitably reach for is chocolate. If you’re hoping to entice the little ones with a treat or two, sweets are a no-brainer to getting in their good books and keeping the peace within the house. 

But with chocolate labels aplenty, which should you go for? Well, we definitely have one brand in mind: Marks & Spencer.

The deal: We love the wide range of premium chocolate offerings from household grocer Marks & Spencer — there’s something for every chocolate lover. Just for the festive season, GrabMart is offering 40% off selected chocolates, which includes the chocolate biscuit selection (S$14.94 for 450g, U.P. S$24.90), zesty cherry liqueurs (S$8.94 for 250g, U.P. S$14.90) and more.

8. Cheers & Fairprice Xpress’ selection of alcohol

Chinese New Year
Photo: Cheers & Fairprice Xpress

It goes without saying that no celebration is complete without alcohol. But with rising costs, purchasing liquor isn’t cheap and if you’re hosting several Chinese New Year parties, you can be sure the costs will definitely add up. 

The deal: Fortunately, we’ve found the ultimate deal on GrabMart to counter our financial (and alcoholic) woes. Cheers & Fairprice Xpress has doled out a promotion of three soju bottles for 40% off its total bill! You’ll only be paying as low as S$9 per bottle (U.P. S$14.30 to S$17.50 per bottle), depending on the flavour that you pick.

Bonus tip: Dining at home ain’t your vibe? How about these restaurants, available on Dine-in, which are perfect for gatherings

1. New Ubin Seafood

Chinese New Year
Photo: New Ubin Seafood

For families that prefer to dress up and splurge on indulgent fare for CNY, why not bond over a succulent seafood spread at New Ubin Seafood? Nothing says “celebration” more than a feast of premium seafood dishes, after all. 

A famed zi char-style establishment in Singapore, the outfit serves up authentic kampong-style seafood. With items such as live tiger prawns and mud crabs, the food is best enjoyed in a physical outlet, where it’s served fresh and piping hot.

The deal: Splurge on the seafood but save on the yusheng with the Golden Fortune lo hei (S$57.07, U.P. S$81.53) to mark the super huat occasion. At a major discount of 30% off, the lavish yusheng platter comes with a myriad of classic toppings, such as abalone, topshell and smoked salmon slices — it also feeds 10 people!

2. Ichiban Sushi & Ichiban Boshi 

Chinese New Year
Photo: Ichiban

This one’s for the Japanese food lovers — wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could commemorate the festive affair with loads of velvety sashimi and sushi, but tick the festive yusheng box at the same time? Then, add Ichiban to your list of go-to restaurants for your New Year celebrations. 

Over the years, the popular sushi chain has garnered a reputation for its budget-friendly sushi and top-notch quality. Besides a celebratory yusheng dish, you can also order its sushi boxes, which come in a variety of colourful sushi from different cuts of fish. 

The deal: It isn’t a true-blue Chinese New Year gathering without a heaping plate of yusheng. Order the Celebration yusheng (S$33.40, U.P. S$47.72), which is currently going at 30% off. It comes with 12 silken slices of salmon to spice up the dish!

This article was written in partnership with Grab.  

Hungry for more festive deals? Check out these five last-minute Chinese New Year delivery and takeaway options, as well as a list of weekly GrabFood Dine-in flash deals to help you stretch your ang bao dollar.

The stores mentioned above are available on GrabFood and GrabMart with the best deals and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited.

Zhng your CNY parties with up to 60% of discounts on Lunar New Year deals across GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabFood Dine-in!

From lavish spreads to moreish set meals and dessert hampers, planning a CNY gathering has never been easier. Don’t say we bojio, but you can now easily settle huat-ever you need on the Grab app! 

Browse these huat-tastic deals on the platform here.

From lavish spreads to moreish set meals and dessert hampers, planning a CNY gathering has never been easier. Don’t say we bojio, but you can now easily settle huat-ever you need on the Grab app! 

Browse these huat-tastic deals on the platform here.

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