Eat your heart out like a mukbang star with these 8 ASMR-worthy meals and deals

By Phyllis Leong December 1, 2023
Eat your heart out like a mukbang star with these 8 ASMR-worthy meals and deals
Photos, clockwise from left: KFC, Carl’s Jr, Pizza Hut, Wingstop

Swipe through your social feed and you’re likely to come across a mukbang (pronounced as mook-bong) video up on the screen. You’ll see streamers stuffing their mouths with mouth-watering food, bingeing on a feast fit for a family (or more). Somehow, it’s hypnotic — you can’t tear your eyes away. 

But what exactly is this trend, and why is everyone obsessed with it?

In Korean, mukbang directly translates to “eating broadcast”. The trend originated in South Korea back in 2010, where people began filming themselves devouring copious amounts of food — enough to find a village — on live streams. 

The appeal of a mukbang isn’t just in seeing someone enjoy delicious food. It’s the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) element in such videos — the “feel good” noises that come with the eating and drinking. Think opening a fizzy drink, slurping, crunching, chewing and all the riveting sounds that go hand in hand with an amazing meal.

Thinking of taking on this mukbang trend or to just enjoy a colossal feast with your friends? 

Good for you because we’ve sieved out the top cronch-worthy, value-for-money deals that will have you rising to stardom in no time. 

So pull out your camera, grab your friends, crank open that can of fizzy Coca-Cola, and let’s get the show started!

1. Burger King

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Burger King

If you’re an aspiring mukbanger, you’ll know famous Korean eating show celebrities Bonggil, Zach Choi and Lee Gong Sam (Gongsam Table). The trio is high up on the ranks of famed broadcast stars, as they’re reputed for indulging in gargantuan servings of irresistible fast food options — calories be damned. 

The Coca-Cola bundle for three (S$31.90, U.P. S$56.45) from Burger King truly makes the best audio-visual clips, for it features a plethora of snacks with melodic ASMR qualities. 

Between the crinkling of paper as you unwrap the sandwich contained within, to the sharp crackle of crispy chicken, these elements are sure to trigger that indescribable, feel-good auditory response.

The spread won’t disappoint your tastebuds either — the set comes with a double barbecue turkey bacon burger slathered in sauce, crispy long chicken burger, juicy double cheeseburger and crunchy taro turnover pies, among others. The bundle is now going at 43.5% off its usual price on GrabFood, which makes it an incredible steal for the variety provided.

2. Maki-San

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Maki-San

Savouring premium Japanese fare is an occasional indulgence, a treat that not many of us can afford regularly. But that’s not the case with Maki-San’s Double Delight salad combo (S$31.40, U.P. S$52.40). 

Not only do you get to enjoy 40% off a droolworthy set that feeds two, you can savour hearty Mega-San salad bowls and fizzy beverages that make for a heady combination. Nothing shouts “delicious” more than your favourite ingredients drizzled in a range of dressings. 

This GrabFood-only bundle also allows you to get creative with your salad bowls. There are over 70 different ingredients on the menu, but we would pick the ones that produce the best “feel good” sounds. Think crunchy cucumber, creamy avocado chunks and sweet cherry tomatoes that burst with sweet flavour! 

For added crunch, the set is also served with fried nori tori karaage and tempura kani sticks.

3. KFC

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: KFC

Every famous mukbang star has a fried chicken video on their channel. It’s a fantastic money piece, after all. Who doesn’t love the mouthwatering sounds and sights of succulent fried chicken? 

The cult-favourite brand for tender chimken is undoubtedly KFC, which has some of the best fried chicken in town. Here, crispy wings and drumlets are served pipin’ hot and fresh to retain the utmost juiciness and flavour. 

For the most clicks and views, KFC’s luscious five-piece chicken buddy meal (S$29.95, U.P. S$50) will slay with its gigantic hunks of fried chicken, fries and creamy dips! It also comes with five additional pieces of hot and crispy tenders.

Another pro-tip for mukbangers: The meal is never complete without an ice-cold glass of Coca-Cola for that gratifying frizzle. 

Moreover, with a hefty 40% off its original price on GrabFood, it’s the ultimate set for those who wish to climb to stardom without breaking the bank.

4. Pizza Hut

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Pizza Hut

You can never go wrong with pizzas, not when these cheese-laden triangles are some of the yummiest delicacies in the world (and yes, we refuse any other answer). They’re also brilliant dishes for mukbang videos, especially with their colourful adornment of toppings and flavours. 

But with a multitude of pizza chains in Singapore, which one should you go for? Pizza Hut, of course, for it never fails to impress with its thicc pizzas — made all the more tantalising with their cheese pulls. 

There’s a value-for-money set that’s currently up for grabs: The Celebration bundle with Coca-Cola on GrabFood (S$43.60, U.P. S$59.80), which is going for 27% off its usual price. 

It comes with both personal and regular pan-crusted pizzas, your choice of sides and two drinks. For pizza flavours, we recommend Cheese ‘N’ Chic for that stringy cheese galore, or Very Beefy for meat lovers. Sides-wise, we’d choose the chicken tenders for extra crunch.

5. Canadian Pizza

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Canadian Pizza

Another beloved pizza chain that has won hearts is Canadian Pizza. You know the brand for its customisable, all-too-delectable half-and-half pizzas, but have you tried its Deals Bonanza family set meal with Coca-Cola (S$54.90, U.P. S$92.40) on GrabFood

Don’t miss out on this bundle promotion if you’re looking to wow your viewers with ginormous servings of eye-watering pizzas! It feeds up to four people, so expect a hearty inclusion of medium and regular-sized pizzas, sides and beverages. You can also choose between a thin and normal pizza crust, though we prefer the fluffiness of the latter.

FYI, you need that glorious cheese pull if you’re chasing the views. The Super Cheese and Cheesy Sausage would work best, along with a side of crispy cheesy chicken balls. Every sliver of cheese will have your audience drooling from the other side of the screen!

6. Wingstop

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Wingstop

Set yourself apart from other competitors with tasty platters of sauce-coated wings from Wingstop. The brand is a well-loved chicken wing specialist in Singapore, so you know that people will be tapping on your livestream for a glimpse of its flavoursome wings.

Get the views with the GrabFood Coca-Cola Zero bundle for two (S$29.49, U.P S$34.70), which comes with seven boneless wings, seven classic wings as well as curly and Voodoo fries

You’ll also be getting the perfect thirst quenchers to go with the meal: Two cans of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

We’d recommend the Louisiana Rub and Inferno flavours, for they’re the savouriest of the lot. Remember to dip the wings into the ranch sauce and give ’em a good swirl for that finger-licking money shot!

7. Carl’s Jr

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Carl’s Jr

They say size doesn’t matter, but it sure does when it comes to the massive burgers at Carl’s Jr. The bigger the better! 

And with its latest Holiday Burger Delight (S$33.50, U.P. S$39.60) collection, you can stuff your face full of moreish, epic-sized burgers without burning a hole in your pocket.

This GrabFood bundle features a lineup of two toothsome burgers: The original angus beef burger with its smoky, chargrilled beef patty, as well as a chilli cheeseburger that’s layered with a spicy and savoury chilli meat sauce. 

To make your money’s worth, the set is accompanied by the burger chain’s crowd-favourite beef chilli cheese fries and onion rings. For the ultimate mukbang experience, sip on a sparkling bottle of Coca-Cola for that satisfying “ooh” and “ah” moment before getting down and dirty with the main course.

8. Nene Chicken

Coca Cola Combo Deals
Photo: Nene Chicken

Joining the list of must-have ASMR food options is Nene Chicken’s Coca-Cola holidays special (S$31.20, U.P. S$41.60) on GrabFood. This is, by far, the most festive bundle with its indulgent array of Korean-centric dishes. And as its name implies, we believe it’s the perfect mukbang spread to mark the upcoming merry season. 

For starters, there’s the signature Nene bulgogi chicken burger, six pieces of wings and sticks, two fried tteokbboki and sausage skewers, curly fries and cans of Coca-Cola. This collection is not to be under-estimated, as the food is served in huuuuge portions.

And as all mukbangers do, reel in the audience by slowly unfolding the burger wrapper — then, make a show of marvelling at the chonky chicken patty and its accompanying peripheral dishes. Best believe that you’ll be utterly charmed by the harmonious flavours and textures of the meal, just as your viewers would be.

Place your orders now on GrabFood.

This article was written in partnership with Coca-Cola. 

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With these Coca-Cola combo deals chock-full of ASMR-worthy eats, you’re bound to become the next eating show star. They say sharing is caring, so how about rounding up your pals to enjoy these promotions and create magical festive moments with Coca-Cola?

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