McDonald’s x New Jeans: Limited-time sweet & spicy McCrispy, Korean fried chicken style

By Evan Mua November 1, 2023
McDonald’s x New Jeans: Limited-time sweet & spicy McCrispy, Korean fried chicken style
New Jeans finally comes to McDonald’s Singapore! Photo: McDonald’s Korea/Instagram

OMG, K-pop fans: The widely anticipated New Jeans x McDonald’s collab finally lands in Singapore!

If you’re now familiar with the K-pop scene, New Jeans is a group that has enjoyed a meteoric rise this year. 

They had taken the world by storm with a deluge of viral earworms that had most notably trended on TikTok, including iconic hits such as “Ditto” and “Super Shy”.

Looking for Attention from Tokkis (Korean for Bunnies, the name for the group’s fans), the Golden Arches has teamed up with the popular K-pop girl group to launch a limited-time special.

The McDonald’s x New Jeans special will be available in Singapore starting from Nov 2 after 11am.

McDonald’s had first teased the Asia-only campaign for the collab back in late May. It was planned for 10 different countries across the region, each with their own specials.

04 ev-new jeans mcdonald's singapore-k-sweet and spicy mccrispy-hungrygowhere
Saucy, sweet and spicy crispy chicken, yum. Photo: McDonald’s Singapore/Instagram

For example, the campaign was launched in Malaysia in September with a spicy crispy chicken wrap.

For Singapore’s collab, we’re getting something a bit more decadent: The KSweet & Spicy McCrispy (S$7.05 a la carte, from S$9.25 for extra value meal with medium crisscut fries and small drink)!

The new creation is built on the popular fried chicken recipe but slicked in a layer of sweet and spicy sauce — a la saucy Korean fried chicken — and orders will come in a combo of one drumstick and one thigh.

And it’ll be served in special packaging too, emblazoned with the group’s iconic bunny and other McDonald’s items in pixel art style.

05 ev-new jeans mcdonald's singapore criss cut fries and dark choc sea salt-hungrygowhere
There's a new frappe and crisscut fries are also back. Photo: McDonald's Singapore

Besides that, there will also be a brand-new dark chocolate sea salt frappé (upgrade your meal for S$1.20) for chocolate lovers, featuring decadent dark chocolate that’s contrasted with a splash of salinity.

Oh, and the all-time favourite crisscut fries (upgrade your meal for S$1) will also be making a comeback!

More importantly, there’ll probably be exclusive merch available like with previous collabs — but we’re still waiting to see what’s in store for New Jeans x McDonald’s Singapore. Fingers crossed for the memo pads and standees that made an appearance in other countries!

03 ev-new jeans mcdonald's singapore hungrygowhere
It comes with cute pixel art packaging, including the iconic bunny mascot! Photo: McDonald's Singapore

So yes, head down right now if you want a taste of McDonald’s take on saucy but crispy Korean fried chicken. As New Jeans put it, you got no time to lose.

But do note that the K-Sweet & Spicy chicken will only be available after breakfast hours (11am on weekdays and 12am on weekends) and only available while stocks last.

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McDonald’s is on the GrabFood delivery service and offers free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. 

Do explore the new GrabFood Dine-in service for awesome deals.

You can also book a ride to any of the outlets islandwide for the McDonald’s x New Jeans collab.

McDonald’s Singapore

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours cary across outlets

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours cary across outlets

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