A checklist of Friendsgiving party food options, according to MBTI personality traits

By Phyllis Leong November 24, 2023
A checklist of Friendsgiving party food options, according to MBTI personality traits
Photos, clockwise from left: The Alley, Annabella Patisserie, The Ice Cream Store, Maki-San

2023 is almost coming to a close and what a wild ride it has been! 

What’s the best way to show appreciation for your loved ones for sticking with you through thick and thin? By hosting a Friendsgiving get-together of course, where you can round up your dearest pals and savour a hearty meal together. 

However, the logistics of such a huge-scale celebration can be quite complicated, especially when different friend groups are involved. No pressure, though: We’ve got just the thing for a smooth sailing event.

Take a page from our Friendsgiving party food options checklist, according to the different MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator) personalities. Be they extroverted or introverted guests, we have the perfect menu of refreshments that will tickle their fancy. 

Best of all, you get to host your friends while enjoying a good deal! 

GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabFood Dine-in are all having discounts of up to 50% off, so whether you’re ordering food delivery for a party at home, meeting up at a restaurant or just arranging a light tea-time soiree, your party needs can be sorted out for a fraction of the retail price. 

Here’s our list of the best promos for the various types of friends, according to the MBTI. 

And since different groups have different personalities, too, we recommend taking advantage of multiple deals if you have to!

GrabFood deals

ENTJ (The Commander): Meat and seafood platter

02 pl-onegrab-collins restaurant-hungrygowhere
Photo: Collins

As dominant individuals who strive for greatness, ENTJs are always looking to conquer the next big thing. These folks never turn down a challenge and that includes devouring hearty platters befitting royalty — the decadent, eye-watering fare that Collins is reputed for. 

Gear up to have a feast if you’re having these powerhouses over. Collins’ premium meats platter combo will certainly please with its variety of juicy meats, which includes its signature grilled chicken chop, roasted barbecue pork ribs (1/2 slab) and Arabiki pork sausage. 

For those who wish to savour fresh catch, the premium seafood combo is an equally exciting choice with its grilled red sea barramundi, breaded fish fillet and more. 

If you’re a GrabUnlimited subscriber, you can get these platters at the low, low price of S$48 (U.P. S$82.90).

Both sets come with a host of sides each, such as shoestring fries, a classic Hawaiian pizza and wild mushroom soup with baked garlic baguette

GrabUnlimited subscribers can purchase these irresistible combo deals at 42% off, while everyone else can snag the any 2 for S$22 specials (U.P. S$31.50) for 30% off.

ENFP (The Campaigner): Bubble tea

03 pl-onegrab-the alley-hungrygowhere
Photo: The Alley

To spice up your celebration, don’t forget to invite ENFPs! They’re popular, free-spirited personalities that party-goers enjoy having around. And if you’re feeling a lil’ left out among the hip crowd, fret not, for these outgoing individuals will chase the #fomoblues away and rope you into conversations.

In our opinion, bubble tea is the perfect epitome of an ENFP. After all, everyone appreciates a good ol’ pick-me-up, whether it’s the creamy, boba-filled drink that The Alley whips up daily or light-hearted chats with these cheerful creatures.

Should bubble tea be on your drink menu this Friendsgiving party, the cult-favourite Taiwanese brand is rolling out up to 40% off on its Christmas bundle (S$13.62, U.P. S$22.70). 

The set comprises four of its bestselling beverages, such as classic milk tea, peach oolong tea, jasmine green tea and Royal No.9 milk tea. GrabUnlimited subscribers get to enjoy this deal at 40% off, while everyone else has 30% off (S$15.89, U.P. S$22.70).

ENFJ (The Protagonist): Fried chicken

04 pl-onegrab-4fingers-hungrygowhere
Photo: 4Fingers

ENFJs are the mom friends of the group and they never show up to a potluck without a lavish spread. They’re all about indulging in the finer things in life with their loved ones, so you can be assured that your guests will be fed — and their prepared dishes will be excellent, no less. 

So don’t be surprised if these individuals show up to the gathering with cronchy fried chicken from 4Fingers — after all, what’s a party without piping hot, tender chicken to sink your teeth into? 

The beloved fried chicken brand is now offering 30% off its 3-4 pax party bundle (S$42.70, U.P. S$60.90) for GrabUnlimited subscribers, while everyone else gets 20% off (S$48.80, U.P. S$60.90). 

It’s a steal, especially since this set meal feeds a village with its 18-piece combination of succulent wingettes and drumettes. Another 18 pieces of ribs and 16 pieces of churros are also included. The latter is a great dessert fix that’s accompanied by an addictive chocolate dip and cinnamon sugar topping.

ESTP (The Entrepreneur): Sushi

05 pl-onegrab-maki-san-hungrygowhere
Photo: Maki-San

How do you spot an ESTP from afar? From the whirling eddy of partygoers flitting about them, of course! Known to entertain and please, these folks are easily identifiable from the perpetual smile on their faces. And with their loud laughter and boisterous humour, ESTPs are naturally the stars of the show wherever they go.

And similar to how ESTPs catch the eye of everyone they meet, sushi is the beloved go-to dish at every gathering. Pull out a drool-worthy platter of hearty sushi from Maki-San and the crowd will immediately go wild. 

The homegrown sushi brand has rolled out a tantalising offer, where GrabUnlimited subscribers get 50% off the Double Delight sushi combo (S$26.50, U.P. S$53). Everyone else is entitled to 40% off (S$31.80, U.P. S$53) instead. 

Feel free to go all out in crafting your very own sushi combinations. There are over 70 different ingredients to choose from, after all. 

Besides two sushi rolls, the combo also comes with two drinks, five pieces of nori tori karaage and six pieces of tempura kani sticks.

ISTJ (The Logician) and ESTJ (The Executive): Pizza

06 pl-onegrab-canadian pizza-hungrygowhere
Photo: Canadian Pizza

ISTJs and ESTJs are two sides of a coin: One is an extrovert and the other, an introvert. But at their core, both of these personalities are sticklers for tradition and structure. At parties, you can find them tucking into classic options that they know and love. 

Well, old is indeed gold and the saying certainly holds true when it comes to Canadian Pizza’s old-fashioned cheesy delights. If you’re inviting these individuals over, the Deals Bonanza family set meal with Coca-Cola will tickle their fancy. 

This deluxe bundle feeds up to four diners and comes with a medium-sized pizza, a regular pizza, two sides of your choice and drinks. GrabUnlimited subscribers get 50% off the set (S$46.20, U.P. S$92.40), while everyone else has 41% off (S$54.90, U.P. S$92.40).

Make your orders on GrabFood now.

GrabMart deals

INFP (The Mediator): Macarons

07 pl-onegrab-annabella patisserie-hungrygowhere
Photo: Annabella Patisserie

INFPs are some of the most vibrant and passionate people we know. They’re daydreamers (the best kind) who view the world with a child-like wonder, always brimming with imagination and curiosity. They’re not one for savouries, though, but they do love nibbling on decadent sweet treats

Annabella Patisserie’s toothsome macarons will undoubtedly light a smile on their faces, what with their pastel hues and luscious fillings. Each dainty sphere is meticulously crafted to crisp and creamy excellence — and let’s not forget that the dessert is incredibly Instagrammable, too. 

The homegrown macaron brand is now offering 30% off menu-wide items with a minimum spend of S$20. And even if your guests are not feeling up for macarons, there are delightful cakes and brownies on the menu as well.

ISTP (The Virtuoso): Soju

08 pl-onegrab-cheers-hungrygowhere
Photo: Cheers

Every celebration requires mixologists to spruce up the drinks, so look no further than your trusty group of ISTPs. These people are down to get their hands dirty, as long as they get to experiment and explore new things — in this case, the combination of your alcoholic beverages. 

And what a timely moment, too. Cheers has a 40% off mix-and-match promotion for any three selected soju bottles. This includes well-known brands such as Chorong (U.P. S$14.30), Jinro (U.P. S$17.50) and Chuga (U.P. S$17.40).

These are the perfect spirits with mixable flavours for ISTPs to play around with, where they can go big in crafting somaek (soju and beer), somaekcol (soju, beer and Coca-Cola) and whatever alternatives they can dream up.

ESFP (The Entertainer): Wine

09 pl-onegrab-wine connection-hungrygowhere
Photo: Wine Connection

As their title suggests, ESFPs are true-blue entertainers. They’re lively creatures who live and breathe parties and aren’t the type to turn down a good time. You can count on them to jio (invite) you to the latest events in town. 

No matter where they go, they bring the fun with them. ESFPs are must-have individuals at your celebration, for they’ll be sure to ease any tension and awkwardness. Accompanying them is their trusty sidekick: A bottle of wine. 

We’re pretty sure they’ll be arriving at the party with quality booze from Wine Connection, as the leading wine retailer in Thailand and Singapore has doled out a 40% discount on its festive wine bundle (S$99, U.P. S$165). 

The set of three wines includes the Licenciado Rioja Reserva (red wine from Rioja, Spain), Chateau Cazauvieilh (red wine from Bordeaux, France) and Gio Prosecco DOC extra dry (sparkling wine from Italy).

ISFP (The Adventurer): Beer

10 pl-onegrab-drinkies-hungrygowhere
Photo: Drinkies

ISFPs are spontaneous beings who are all about that YOLO (you only live once) mentality. Life is a breeze and they’re just sailing through it. They’re some of the most laidback people you’ll ever meet, because they believe in living in the moment and going with the flow.

So it makes perfect sense that beer from Drinkies is the right beverage for these amiable personalities. Prep your wallet to indulge: The online alcoholic retailer has 40% off selected beers. For example, if you’re eyeing a set of 6s x 320ml Heineken lager beer cans chilled, you can now grab a bundle of three for S$44.82 (U.P. S$74.70).

Not only will these beers instantly win the hearts of ISFPs, but the bundle of 18 drinks is sure to go a long way towards feeding the other guests at the party as well.

ESFJ (The Consul): Ice cream

11 pl-onegrab-the ice cream store-hungrygowhere
Photo: The Ice Cream Store

ESFJs are the sweetest people around, for they’re immensely loving and good-natured. They’re the ones who check up on you to see if you’re doing alright, or if you need an extra set of hands at the party. 

They find the most joy in spending time with their loved ones and sharing life’s greatest pleasures. Ice cream is the ultimate dessert to share among pals, which makes this a quintessential treat when hosting a Friendsgiving celebration. 

Then, you should check out The Ice Cream Store on GrabMart! With a plethora of dessert brands under its wing, there are a multitude of sweet treats to choose from. 

It’s now having 41% off its Ben & Jerry’s Triple Happiness Bundle (S$21.60, U.P. S$36.50), which comes with a pint of ice cream (with a choice of Dublin Mudslide or Salted Caramel Core flavours), a Peace Pop, and Cookie Dough Chunks.

Make your orders on GrabMart now.

GrabFood Dine-in deals

ENTP (The Debater): Hot & spicy burger

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

12 pl-onegrab-burgs-hungrygowhere
Photo: Burgs

ENTPs are never one to blend in with the crowd. Known for their rebellious streak, they don’t believe in societal norms and enjoy thinking out of the box. These individuals are always on the hunt for new adventures and unconventional food combinations and we’ve got just the thing to pique their interest.

Burgs has a one-for-one hot & spicy chicken burger (S$5.80, U.P S$11.60) deal that will thrill tastebuds with its vivid sriracha sauce glaze. Tender chicken thigh is also sandwiched between two fluffy buns, with crisp lettuce nestled within. It’s a spicy monster of a dish that’s only for the bold and is not to be underestimated.

You can purchase the one-for-one voucher on the GrabFood Dine-in service. It is available for redemption at your preferred outlet from Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays. Please note that redemption is limited to one voucher per bill.

ISFJ (The Defender): Cookies

Multiple outlets islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

13 pl-onegrab-melvados-hungrygowhere
Photo: Melvados

ISFJs are loyal creatures of habit who gravitate towards comforting flavours that they’re familiar with. The best way to their heart is by offering them a plate of hearty, nostalgic cookies that reminds them of their mom’s homemade bakes — the kind that Melvados prides itself on. 

This local gourmet brand has a one-for-one deal for its Honest Treats (S$3.80, U.P. S$7.60) on GrabFood Dine-in. Take your pick from nutty citrus pistachio biscotti, Browney brittle and salted caramel brittle. Local-inspired flavours are also on the menu, chiefly its ondeh ondeh brittle

Purchase the voucher for your preferred outlet on your Grab app’s Dine-in service. It is available at any of Melvados’ outlets from Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays. Please note that redemption is limited to one voucher per bill.

INTJ (The Architect): Gelato

Novena Regency, 01-04, 275 Thomson Road
Open: Monday to Thursday (11am to 9pm), Friday and Saturday (11am to 9.30pm), Sunday (12pm to 9pm)

14 pl-onegrab-celine_s gelato-hungrygowhere
Photo: Celine’s Gelato

As detail-oriented, thoughtful personalities with a goal in mind, INTJs are perfectionists who strive for the best — and that extends to their choice of food, too. So if you’re planning to incorporate desserts into your Friendsgiving menu, an ice-cold pint of gelato from Celine’s Gelato will do the trick. 

Gelato is richer, denser and healthier than ice cream, so why wouldn’t INTJs make a beeline for this treat? Should you have a couple of these individuals over, fret not: Celine’s Gelato has a one-for-one deal for its gelato pints (from S$18.50, U.P. S$37). Every flavour on the menu looks incredibly delicious, so how about grabbing one each to go?

You can get your hands on this voucher on the GrabFood Dine-in service. It is redeemable at Celine’s Gelato from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. Please note that redemption is limited to one voucher per bill.

INFJ (The Advocate): Signature soup

Multiple outlets islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

15 pl-onegrab-lao huo tang-hungrygowhere
Photo: Lao Huo Tang

Valuing authenticity above all else, these conscientious individuals tend to opt for tried and tested recipes that are good for the soul. And if you’re at a loss of what party food option fits them best, the hearty signature soups from Lao Huo Tang will do.  

Simple, palatable and yummy, these nourishing herbal broths never fail to charm guests — they’re enjoyed by many for good reason. At just S$15.20, you can get a one-for-one deal on its white radish pork rib soup (U.P. S$30.40). 

Simply purchase the voucher on the GrabFood Dine-in service for your preferred outlet. It is redeemable at any of Lao Huo Tang’s stores from Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays and the eve of public holidays. Please note that redemption is limited to one voucher per bill.

INTP (The Logician): Ice cream

581 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 11pm) 

Westgate Mall, 01-11, 3 Gateway Drive
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm) 

Waterway Point, 01-72/73, 83 Punggol Central
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm) 

16 pl-onegrab-haagen-dasz-hungrygowhere
Photo: Haagen-Dazs

INTPs are the “chillest” individuals of the lot. They’d rather curl up in bed with a pint of ice cream and binge-watch Netflix than wear their dancing shoes at a crowded party. Haagen-Dazs is predictably their favourite ice cream brand, simply because the flavours are classic, timeless and well-loved. 

For just S$10.90, Haagen-Dazs is offering a one-for-one double scoop deal (U.P. S$21.80)! Savour its decadent ice cream all you like (at a wallet-friendly price, too), for this deal is a fabulous bang for buck. You can never go wrong with staple flavours, such as strawberry cheesecake, Belgian chocolate and vanilla

Get the voucher on the GrabFood Dine-in service before it sells out! It is redeemable at the Waterway Point, Westgate Mall and Orchard Road outlets from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. Please note that redemption is limited to one voucher per bill.

Get your vouchers on GrabFood Dine-in now.

This article was written in partnership with Grab. 

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All the stores mentioned for the GrabFood deals are on the GrabFood delivery service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited.

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You can also book a ride to the GrabFood Dine-in stores mentioned in the article.

Save up to 40% of discounts with these GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabFood Dine-in deals

Treat yourself to 40% off discounts on your Friendsgiving celebrations with these scrumptious deals on GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabFood Dine-in! Place your orders now.

Treat yourself to 40% off discounts on your Friendsgiving celebrations with these scrumptious deals on GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabFood Dine-in! Place your orders now.

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