GrabFood teatime deals: 8 stores with up to S$6 off your afternoon snacks

By Evan Mua October 27, 2023
GrabFood teatime deals: 8 stores with up to S$6 off your afternoon snacks
Grab your favourite mid-day refreshments and nibbles with up to S$6 off on GrabFood. Photos, clockwise from top left: Chicha San Chen/Instagram, Ji De Chi/Facebook, Ishiro Fusion Bowl/Facebook, Ayam Penyet Ria/Instagram

Have you ever felt really peckish between meals and needed a well-deserved perk-me-up?

If that’s you — and you get crabby from hunger — then you should look out for GrabFood’s teatime deals.

How it works

Between 2.30pm and 5.30pm, selected stores on the GrabFood platform are offering discounts of up to S$6 off. 

Not only do you get your hunger pangs sorted, you get to jump on these promos and save some money.

All you have to do is look for merchants that offer GrabFood teatime promos in the Grab app, pick your treats and check out.

In the check out screen, there will be an option to use offers to get discounts: Click in and select the tea-time promotion, which will only be available when you meet the minimum spend amount.

What to order from the GrabFood teatime deals

The timely promo means that coffee- or BBT-runs are much more affordable, and — if you’re feeling extra indulgent — you can treat yo’self to a tasty treat, too, without having to walk out into the sweltering heat.

Looking to have a late lunch or early dinner? You can take advantage of these deals, too!

Not sure which merchants offer these deals? Here are eight teatime deals to justify your mid-day snacking.

1. Chicha San Chen

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets

02 ev-grabfood teatime-chicha san chen-hungrygowhere
Your late-afternoon BBT sesh is now more affordable than ever! Photo: Chicha San Chen/Instagram

Why visit? Chicha San Chen should be no stranger to any bubble tea fanatic out there. The Taiwanese brand is known for its fragrant freshly brewed teas. Luckily for us, it is part of the GrabFood teatime deals lineup, which means we can enjoy discounts off our favourite — and sweetest — productivity boost.

The deal: S$5 off with a minimum spend of S$20

What to order: The perfect perk-me-up? A cup of its signature Dong Ding oolong tea with honey (S$6) or osmanthus oolong tea (S$5) normally brightens our day with their elegant floral fragrance. For days where you’re feeling extra indulgent — opt for the fresh milk with brown sugar bubble tea (S$7.50) for that satisfying sugar rush.

2. The Soup Spoon Union

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets

03 ev-grabfood teatime-the soup spoon union-hungrygowhere
The best place to get some light afternoon nourishment that won’t leave you too stuffed. Photo: The Soup Spoon/Instagram

Why visit? Need some light nourishment that fills the tummy without sending you into a food coma? The Soup Spoon Union provides you just that, with its range of healthy nibbles and wholesome soups that won’t leave you too stuffed.

The deal: S$6 off with a minimum spend of S$30

What to order: Wholesome options such as the caesar salad (S$7.40) or kale salad (S$8.60) are perfect for anyone looking to eat clean or cut down on carbs. For something sweet, there are options such as the carrot walnut sourdough cake (S$8), too.

3. Takagi Ramen

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets

08 ev-grabfood teatime-takagi ramen-hungrygowhere
Did you know Takagi also has a wide selection of drinks, besides just affordable ramen? Photo: Takagi Ramen/Instagram

Why visit? Ramen might sound a little heavy for a mid-day indulgence, but Takagi Ramen isn’t just about ramen nowadays. This popular ramen specialist also offers a plethora of refreshing drinks, ranging from coffee to bubble tea-style beverages, to quench your thirst.

Plus, if you do decide to get its food, here’s a bonus: The eatery’s noodles and soup are carefully delivered in separate containers to ensure they don’t become soggy in transit. This means you can order an early dinner without compromising on taste and texture.

The deal: S$2 off with a minimum spend of S$15

What to order: If you’re game to try something new, Takagi Ramen makes it worth your money with its online-exclusive one-for-one deal on its Fruit Series. While there are other deals throughout the day, this runs from 2pm to 6pm — which coincides with the GrabFood teatime promo — and you can grab options such as one-for-one large strawberry fresh milk (S$6.30) or one-for-one large yuzu oolong cha (S$5.30) at very reasonable prices!

4. Ji De Chi

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets 

04 ev-grabfood teatime-ji de chi-hungrygowhere
Refreshing local-style desserts galore. Photo: Ji De Chi/Facebook

Why visit? If you’re looking for an alternative to bubble tea, Ji De Chi is a fantastic choice for that much-needed sugar boost. This local dessert shop serves a slew of hearty traditional desserts, made even more affordable with GrabFood’s teatime promo.

The deal: S$3 off with a minimum spend of S$20

What to order: If there’s one reason to jump on this deal, it’s for the refreshing and delightfully tangy signature mango pomelo sago (S$6.10). However, durian lovers might also want to share the absolutely fragrant aroma of durian with colleagues by ordering the indulgent durian snowy ice (S$8.90).

5. Ayam Penyet Ria

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets 

05 ev-grabfood teatime-ayam penyet ria-hungrygowhere
Some fried enoki mushroom to go with your Milo Dinosaur? Photo: Ayam Penyet Ria/Instagram

Why visit? Ever get so bogged down with work that you find yourself only having the opportunity to grab lunch later in the day? Soothe that protesting tummy by grabbing some food from Indonesian restaurant Ayam Penyet Ria. Its lineup of comforting dishes will give you the energy boost you’ll need to stay awake through the final stretch of the day. 

Not exactly famished? There is also an abundance of comforting local desserts and drinks to brighten up your afternoon. Who can say no to a sinful iced cendol?

The deal: S$2 off with a minimum spend of S$15 at Nex, Rivervale Mall, Lucky Plaza, Woods Square and Bugis Village locations

What to order: Yes, the rice dishes are usually the star here (can’t go wrong with ayam penyet!), but Ayam Penyet Ria actually has a pretty solid selection of irresistible munchies, too. These include the jamur enoki crispy (fried enoki mushroom, S$5.90) and kulit ayam crispy (fried chicken skin, S$5.90).

And if you’re sick of your usual drink orders, there are also charming alternatives such as soda gila (traditional mix of milky soda and grape, S$2.90) and iced Milo Dinosaur (S$3.20) to sweeten the deal.

6. Ishiro Fusion Bowl

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets 

06 ev-grabfood teatime-ishiro fusion bowl-hungrygowhere
This stall is great for both late lunches and indulgent finger food. Photo: Ishiro Fusion Bowl/Facebook

Why visit? Another great late-lunch option among those offering GrabFood teatime deals is Ishiro Fusion Bowl, which specialises in an array of wholesome Japanese-style rice bowls. With favourites such as mentaiko salmon and iberico pork bowl, the eatery offers wallet-friendly food for a quick fix in between meetings.

Don’t sleep on the finger foods either — you’ll find that the menu is full of indulgent little treats that will keep your spirits high.

The deal: S$4 off with a minimum spend of S$20

What to order: We love snacking on Japanese delicacies, which tend to be seriously addictive. The crunchy tempura mushroom (S$7.50 for seven), saucy mentaiko fries (S$9.90) and juicy chicken karaage (S$8.50 for six) hit the spot if you’re craving a savoury treat. 

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something more substantial, the mentaiko chicken katsu bowl (S$13.90) serves a flavourful, multi-textured meal that’s the right balance of savoury, creamy and crunchy.

7. Tai Feng Wei

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets 

07 ev-grabfood teatime-tai feng wei-hungrygowhere
Can’t resist some addictive Taiwanese fried chicken for a teatime snack. Photo: Tai Feng Wei/Instagram

Why visit? With hearty authentic Taiwanese mains and a selection of addictive snacks, Tai Feng Wei will satisfy both the late-lunch crowd and teatime snackers who are looking to keep the afternoon snooze monster away.

The deal: S$5 off with a minimum spend of S$30

What to order: For a late lunch, you won’t go wrong with bestsellers such as the braised pork rice (S$9.60) or spicy sesame oil noodle (S$6.60). But if you need some bites to nibble on, the Taiwanese popcorn chicken (S$7.20) would make for a great snack.

8. Each A Cup

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets 

09 ev-grabfood teatime-each a cup-hungrygowhere
The OG BBT brand can never go wrong for your afternoon productivity boosts. Photo: Each A Cup/Instagram

Why visit? Established in 1999, Each A Cup is a well-known homegrown brand that many still speak fondly of. In fact, it’s the OG BBT brand in Singapore and has successfully survived the ups and downs of the volatile industry. With a diverse menu and a range of quirky flavours, Each A Cup is a go-to when you’re looking to place those office-wide orders!

The deal: S$5 off with a minimum spend of S$25

What to order: Oh boy, so many choices, so little calories to spare. Who can resist an Oreo Crush (S$3.60) or taro ice-blended (S$3.80) on a sweltering day? The mango passion pop smoothie (S$4.90) would also be a perfect remedy for the heat.

This article was written in partnership with GrabFood.

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All the stores mentioned for the Grabfood teatime deals are on the GrabFood delivery service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. 

Do explore GrabFood Dine-in for awesome deals.

You can also book a ride to the stores mentioned in the article.

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