14 cafes in Bukit Timah for brunch and coffee

By Balvinder Sandhu April 5, 2024
14 cafes in Bukit Timah for brunch and coffee
Photos (clockwise from top left): Cowpresso Coffee Roasters/Instagram, The Living Cafe/Instagram

Wondering which cafes in Bukit Timah you should head to for a cuppa?

Bukit Timah is mostly known for private residential estates and shopping centres like Beauty World and Bukit Timah Plaza. It’s also a popular location for hiking, with Bukit Timah Nature Reserve just a few steps away from Beauty World station, thanks to the Downtown Line.

The area has also seen several cosy cafes sprouting within — some even tucked in older malls, with these new, hip tenants giving them a new lease of life. 

Whether you’re seeking a good meal to start your day or craving coffee and cake while catching up with friends, add these 14 cafes in Bukit Timah to your must-visit list the next time you’re heading out.

1. Enchanted Cafe — The Secret Garden

Bukit Timah Plaza, L1-CA1, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Open: Monday to Sunday (24 hours)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Enchanted Cafe — The Secret Garden/Instagram

Why visit? Be transported to a world of wonder at Enchanted Cafe — The Secret Garden. Located just outside Bukit Timah Plaza, this cafe in Bukit Timah may not be spacious, but it’s open 24 hours. Naturally, it’s an ideal place to head to, whether it’s for late-night cravings or after a sunrise hike up Bukit Timah Hill.

In fact, if you purchase any brunch item between 6am and 8am on weekdays, you can enjoy any non-alcoholic drink for just S$1. And, if you’re an early riser, you can enjoy 15% off your total bill on any orders between 2am and 4am on weekdays.

Crowd favourites: The cafe serves all-day brunch, with dishes such as avocado toast (S$12.90) and truffle mushroom with scrambled egg toast (S$13.90). The Enchanted breakfast (S$19.90) is extremely popular and comes with scrambled eggs, baked mushrooms, toasted sourdough, and turkey bacon. Caffeine junkies want to check out its cold brew selection, with unique options such as matcha latte and sea salt caramel chocolate coffee — all priced at S$6.90 each.

2. Coffee Plus

Farrer Gardens, 02-117, 4 Queens Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (8.30am to 5.30pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Coffee Plus/Instagram

Why visit? Located under a block of flats, Coffee Plus roasts its own beans and also sells them as cold brew in cans. Besides coffee, the cafe also churns out its own artisanal gelato.

It’s a small space with few seats, but you can enjoy your drinks to go. Prices are kept affordable, with drinks starting at S$3.50 and pastries setting you back from S$2.

Crowd favourites: Try an espresso (S$3.50) to get the full effect of the coffee beans or its house cold-brew tea (S$5.50). Order pastries to go with your coffee, such as its croissant (S$3.50) or cruffin (from S$5.50).

3. Coexist Coffee Co

48 Hillview Terrace, 08-00
Open: Monday to Sunday (9am to 6pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Coexist Coffee Co/Instagram

Why visit? Coexist Coffee Co is a nice cafe in Bukit Timah that sources and roasts its own beans and goes the extra mile by meeting with its coffee bean farmers, whenever possible. Some may not know this but Coexist also runs a coffee university in Eunos.

Crowd favourites: The Coexist breakfast (S$28) is served all day, with sourdough, eggs, sauteed mushrooms, herbed potatoes, roasted tomato, maple bacon, and Italian pork sausage. For something lighter, try the smoked salmon toast (S$20) or char siew sandwich (S$20). Give its coconut brew (S$7) a try for a twist on sweetened coffee.

4. Atlas Coffeehouse

6 Duke’s Road
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (8am to 7pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Atlas Coffee House/Instagram

Why visit? Located closer to the Farrer Road end of Bukit Timah, Atlas Coffeehouse is a popular cafe in Bukit Timah for locals in the area to gather, especially on weekends. The coffee is from reputable farms worldwide, and its house sodas (S$7.40) come in four delicious flavours — pink guava, peachy perfect, kyoho grape, and honey ginger plus.

The food menu features hearty mains, ranging from S$16 to S$25 per person.

Crowd favourites: Start your day with Gentleman’s Relish (S$16.80) as the soft scrambled eggs, vine tomatoes, tomato chutney, compound butter, honey mascarpone, and sourdough will keep you going for hours. The wurst rosti (S$23) is one of their most popular dishes, while its coffees are available from S$4.60.

5. Camaca

9 King Albert Park, 01-11/12
Open: Monday to Friday (10am to 10pm), Saturday and Sunday (9pm to 10pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Camaca/Instagram

Why visit? Camaca was founded in Taiwan by Dr Leo Li, a Taiwanese traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, who realised that sugar is to blame for many of our health problems. Thus, he started Camaca to introduce healthy desserts that don’t compromise on taste.

This Singapore branch was opened in 2019 and features a menu filled with sugar-free, low-calorie desserts

Crowd favourites: Indulge in a cup of Camaca latte (from $5.80) with a slice of Camaca vanilla swiss roll (S$4.50). If you drop by between 2pm and 5pm on weekdays, you can enjoy a vanilla swiss roll and coffee set for just S$8.80, or a waffles, gelato and coffee set at S$14.30.

6. The Living Cafe

779 Bukit Timah Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (8am to 6pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: The Living Cafe/Instagram

Why visit? Clean eating takes centre stage at The Living Cafe. The decade-old cafe doesn’t serve cow dairy, red meat, refined sugars, preservatives, or vegetable oils, although it does offer a lean selection of white meat and fish. 

The Living Cafe is also located right next to Sixth Avenue MRT station, making it convenient to get to within the area.

Crowd favourites: The cafe serves all-day brunch with dishes like breakfast burrito (S$20) and toast and eggs (S$16). There’s also the big vegan brekkie (S$18), which comes with pesto tofu scramble, eggplant bacon, roast vine tomatoes, truffled mushrooms, guacamole, and sourdough toast. Get your caffeine fix with a cappuccino (S$6) or try a beetroot latte (S$7).

7. Carpenter & Cook

19 Lorong Kilat, 01-06
Open: Monday to Sunday (8am to 6pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Carpenter & Cook/Instagram

Why visit? Carpenter & Cook is an artisanal bakery and cafe that started out serving hand-crafted pastries and cakes, but gradually began serving up brunch and pasta. 

It still makes its pastries and cakes from scratch onsite daily, its eggs are sourced from local farms, and the cafe also makes packed treats such as biscuits and homemade jams that you can enjoy at home.

Crowd favourites: The big breakfast (S$26) will load you up for the rest of the day. Veggie lovers should try the babaganoush toast (S$23) with roasted eggplant spread. Coffees (from S$4.50) are made with Liberty Coffee, while teas (from S$7) are brewed from T2 and Matchaya teas.

8. Shen & Co

Beauty World Plaza, 01-01/04, 140 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Open: Monday to Thursday (10am to 8.30pm), Friday (10am to 10pm), Saturday (9am to 10pm), Sunday (9am to 8.30pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: @tiramisoooo/Instagram

Why visit? If you love admiring old-school trinkets, then Shen & Co is the cafe for you. This hidden gem doesn’t only serve good food, it also has a collection of antiques you can marvel at — from comic book covers, to old suitcases and black-and-white photos of Singapore. 

Crowd favourites: You can enjoy its big breakfast (S$14), served all day, or try a spinach-stuffed waffle with chicken mayo (S$14). Coffees here won’t break the bank, starting at just S$3.50.

9. Daily Ground

619D Bukit Timah Road, 01-01
Open: Monday to Sunday (8am to 5pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Daily Ground/Instagram

Why visit? Daily Ground is easily accessible near Tan Kah Kee MRT station and you’ll probably smell its fresh bakes first. The croissants (from S$5.50) are a speciality, with unique flavours such as pear oolong and Muar otah cheese. Pet owners will especially appreciate the pet-friendly outdoor seating.

Coffees start at S$4 for an espresso, while the priciest menu item — the ultimate rosti — will set you back by S$28.

Crowd favourites: Try the green eggs and ham frittata (S$18) or its take on avocado on toast, the “smavo” toast (smashed avocado toast, S$20). For a different take on latte, take a sip of the coconut latte (S$6), made with cold-pressed coconut oil and espresso.

10. FlagWhite

106 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Open: Monday (10am to 9pm), Wednesday to Friday (10am to 11.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (9am to 11pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Flag White/Instagram

Why visit? Fancy brunch at 3pm? Head to FlagWhite, a cafe in Bukit Timah with an all-day brunch menu. The menu boasts Australian-inspired comfort food and coffee that’s locally roasted. It’s a cosy cafe that can get crowded, so be prepared to wait for a table.

If you’re just swinging by for coffee and cake, it’s handy to know its bakes are from Keong Saik Bakery, so you can be sure of the quality there. 

Crowd favourites: It has an “All Day Flag Your Brunch”, which allows you to create a brunch dish of your choice. Get creative and mix your choice of options, which include roasted pumpkin (S$4), BBQ baked beans (S$3), sunny eggs (S$4), and smoked salmon (S$5). 

Order a single shot of espresso for just S$3.50, or if you prefer something sweeter, the affogato (S$7) will satisfy.

11. Revelry

Sun Court, 01-02, 21 Lorong Kilat
Open: Sunday to Thursday (10am to 9pm), Friday and Saturday (10am to 10pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Revelry/Instagram

Why visit? Whether it’s the cafe’s titular sign in bright lights, or the colourful elephant painted on the wall, you can’t deny that Revelry is an eye-catching cafe . It specialises in sweet and savoury Belgian waffles, which you can order in various combinations.

Crowd favourites: This is a great spot for waffles in Bukit Timah, with chicken and waffles (S$22) worth a try. If you love eggs, try the waffle benedict (S$20), which also comes with bacon. Coffee-wise, you can get a cappuccino or flat white for S$6.

12. The Signature Patisserie

Sun Court, 01-01, 21 Lorong Kilat
Open: Tuesday to Friday (9am to 5pm), Saturday and Sunday (8am to 5pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: The Signature Patisserie/Instagram

Why visit? The Signature Patisserie is run by a husband-and-wife team with one mission: To share their love of freshly baked muffins. Both of them sold their bakes at malls and other venues around Singapore before opening this cafe in 2008. But there’s more than muffins here — it’s a popular spot for affordable brunch and coffee, too.

Crowd favourites: The signature breakfast (S$24) is a hearty way to start the day, with the likes of Swiss cheese sausage, smoked turkey rashers, eggs, sauteed mushrooms, and butter croissant. Fusion food lovers should order the har cheong gai waffles (S$22), which come with prawn-paste chicken chunks and belachan aioli.

Coffee starts at S$4, while a root beer float (S$7.80) is sure to sweeten your day.

13. Cowpresso Coffee Roasters

Sun Court, 01-07, 21 Lorong Kilat
Open: Monday to Thursday (10am to 8pm), Friday and Saturday (8am to 10pm), Sunday (8am to 8pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Cowpresso Coffee/Instagram

Why visit? Coffee is taken seriously at Cowpresso Coffee Roasters. The establishment sells coffee machines, brewing gear, coffee capsules, and coffee beans. This means there’s a huge variety of beans and grinds to enjoy here, which will surely excite any self-respecting coffee connoisseur.

It’s also a laptop-friendly cafe on weekdays, with free Wi-Fi and electric sockets, so you can take your time and savour your favourite brew while you catch up on work.

Crowd favourites: There’s a range of pastries to enjoy with your brew, such as brioche doughnuts (from S$4.90) and soft-serve ice cream (from S$6.90). Try the truffle fries (S$12) for something more filling to snack on. The nitro brew on tap (from S$10) can be served hot or cold and the Ghana cocoa chocolate (from S$6.20) is a comforting alternative drink if you’re looking for a non-coffee beverage.

14. Hello Arigato

551 Bukit Timah Road
Open: Tuesday to Friday (9am to 5pm), Saturday and Sunday (8am to 5pm)

cafes in Bukit Timah
Photo: Hello Arigato/Instagram

Why visit? This Hello Arigato outlet opened in August 2023 as the fourth addition to the Japanese-inspired cafe family. While you might have to wait for a table as the cafe’s quite small, we swear its sandos (sandwiches) are well-worth the wait. 

The priciest sando is the wagyu hamburg gyu sando (S$28), but there are many other wallet-friendly savoury options that cost less than S$20. 

Crowd favourites: Order the chicken katsu sando (S$16) or spam and egg sando (S$16) if you’re feeling like a quick bite. Coffee starts at S$4, while a choco pecan tart or a matcha azuki tart will set you back by S$10 each.

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You can also book a ride to any of these cafes in Bukit Timah.

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