15 places for bingsu in Singapore for those hot, hot days

By Shana Tan May 23, 2024
15 places for bingsu in Singapore for those hot, hot days
Photos (clockwise from left): Plan A Dessert Cafe/Instagram, Dal.komm Coffee/Instagram, Seoul Yummy/Instagram

You’ve come to the right place if you’re hunting for the best bingsu in Singapore — with our city’s love for this Korean shaved ice dessert, it’s no surprise that there’s a plethora of spots to choose from.

But first, what exactly is bingsu? Unlike ice cream or sorbet, this Korean dessert combines fluffy, shaved ice with creamy milk, resulting in a velvety texture that differentiates it from other shaved ice Asian desserts. You’ll find classic Korean bingsu flavours here such as red bean but also don’t be too surprised to see a local Singaporean twist at some spots.

Bingsu is not only a delightful treat but also an excellent way to find relief from Singapore’s tropical heat.

To help you find where to eat the best bingsu in Singapore, we’ve compiled a list of 15 top-notch spots that serve the yummiest bingsu creations. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, these spots are sure to cool you down in this scorching weather.

1. Plan A Dessert Cafe

The Star Vista, 02-27A, 1 Vista Exchange Green
Open: Sunday to Thursday (12pm to 10pm), Friday and Saturday (12pm to 11pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Green tea lover (left) and mango cheesecake bingsu (right). Photo: Plan A Dessert Cafe/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re craving a delicious post-meal dessert or cheeky late-night supper in Buona Vista, look no further than Plan A Dessert Cafe. This specialty cafe serves an interesting variety of Korean bingsu, with up to 16 unique flavours, such as the refreshing melon with ice cream (S$15.90) and the earthy matcha cocoa (S$14.90).

For solo diners concerned about finishing a full-sized bingsu bowl: Plan A Dessert Cafe offers petite sizes (starting at S$8.50), allowing you to enjoy a smaller portion without compromising on taste or variety.

Crowd favourites: For green tea lovers, its matcha with azuki red bean (S$13.90) is a clear winner — a refreshing balance between green tea and sweet azuki red bean toppings. You can also opt for the petite version for just S$9.50. 

The melon with ice cream bingsu (S$15.90) is also a great, refreshing choice — it features crunchy melon balls that pair exceptionally well with the light and fluffy texture of the milky snow ice base.

2. Cafe BomBom 

Tampines 1, 04-14 10, Tampines Central 1
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Cafe BomBom’s popular K-ogok bingsu. Photo: Cafe BomBom SG/Instagram

Why visit? Since opening its first store in Daegu, Korea in 2012, Cafe BomBom steadily become a hit among dessert lovers, with more than 400 stores across Korea. Singaporeans got its first dose of BomBom when it opened at Tampines 1 in 2022. Aside from its bingsu, its also well known for its bomcarons, a larger, thicker macaron that’s jam-packed with filling. 

If you’re a fan of the popular K-pop group Ateez, it’s in your interest to know that the group endorses Cafe BomBom and is often involved in collaborations and events with the brand — we’d keep a close eye on this brand if we were you. 

Crowd favourites: We recommend the K-ogok bingsu (five-grain powder bingsu, S$7.80), which has a nutty, slightly sweet taste with hints of roasted grains — adding a subtle toasty note that complements the creamy milk ice base. 

Its dalgona bingsu (S$7.80) is a good option, too, featuring crunchy honeycomb bits and sweet jelly balls.

3. Nayana Kpop Cafe & Restaurant

Flora Vista, 01-13, 7 Ang Mo Kio Street 66
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm)

The Poiz Centre, #01-28, 51 Upper Serangoon Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm) 

Bingsu in Singapore
Airy bingsu topped with red bean and rice cakes. Photo: Nayana Kpop Cafe & Restaurant/Facebook

Why visit? For fans of Korean cuisine and K-pop culture, Nayana Kpop Cafe & Restaurant is the place to be — the restaurant has made a name for itself serving up authentic and delicious Korean dishes. We hear it’s so authentic that some of its regulars say that a visit here saves you a trip to Korea.

From its popular Korean fried chicken (S$12.90) to its comforting army stew (S$28.90) and delicious bingsu (S$12.90), Nayana ensures that every dish is prepared with true Korean flavours in mind while diners relax and enjoy hit K-pop songs playing in the background. 

Bonus: Nayana is also a pet-friendly establishment, making it a welcoming spot for your furry friends to tag along.

Crowd favourites: We highly recommend its red bean bingsu (S$12.90) — its red bean topping tastes just like what we’ve had in Seoul. If that’s not enough for you, the green tea red bean bingsu (S$12.90) is also a fantastic choice. 

Be warned, both desserts tend to sell out quickly (we’re sure even more so in this heat), so head there early if you want some of these icy treats.

4. Coffeesarang

Bedok Mall, 01-78, 311 New Upper Changi Road
Open: Monday to Friday (9.30am to 11pm), Saturday and Sunday (9am to 11pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Chocolate brownie bingsu gets a lot of love. Photo: @nurxeefah/Instagram

Why visit? Nestled within Bedok Mall, CoffeeSarang is a east-side gem that offers a unique blend of specialty coffees, teas and sandwiches — making it quite the popular lunch spot for coffee enthusiasts and foodies alike. 

While it is known for its exceptional coffee, it’s the authentic Korean desserts, particularly the bingsu, that have earned a loyal following among regulars for their quality and taste — the bingsu here has a velvety smooth texture that elevates the accompanying flavours, melting in your mouth with each spoonful.

As for the space, the inviting aroma of coffee creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for social gatherings and some late-night munchies.

Crowd favourites: Regulars love its chocolate brownie bingsu (S$14.90) for its generous portion and delicious chocolate sauce drizzle. Its red bean bingsu (S$12.90) is also not to be overlooked — it stands out with its simplicity but delivers a soothing and nostalgic experience that’s not too sweet, either.

5. O’ma Spoon

313@Somerset, 04-32, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (11am to 10.30pm), Friday and Saturday (11am to 11pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Red bean and shaved ice — a match made in heaven. Photo: Denyse Chua/HungryGoWhere

Why visit? Established in 2015, O’ma Spoon has been a go-to spot for bingsu lovers in town for nearly a decade. This popular Orchard spot serves up flash-frozen, finely shaved milk ice base that creates a unique snow-like texture.

In addition to its popular bingsu offerings, O’ma Spoon also serves a selection of signature honey bread directly imported from Korea, as well as various oven-baked toasts such as original injeolmi toast (toast with rice cake filling, S$10.20) and caramel honey butter bread (S$10.40). 

Crowd favourites: The signature injeolmi bingsu (Korean rice cake bingsu, S$17.50) is well-loved for its subtle sweetness from the rice cakes and unique nuttiness from the soybean powder dressing. 

Regulars of the brand love the matcha mochi bingsu (S$17.90) for its chewy mochi bits and generous red beans, which complement the creamy matcha ice base well.

6. Han Bing Cafe 

Serene Centre, 01-03B, 10 Jalan Serene
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (12pm to 9pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Fluffy bingsu for an icy treat. Photo: Han Bing Cafe/Facebook

Why visit? Nestled in Serene Centre, Han Bing Cafe is a cosy spot for those seeking a unique and flavorful bingsu experience in Singapore. It’s a #IYKYK spot among those who live in the area, known for its innovative flavours, such as mao shan wang durian bingsu (S$13.90) and Nestum bingsu (S$11.90),

Although the space has limited seating, you don’t have to wait long for a table or for your food due to the cafe’s efficient service. 

Crowd favourites: For something unique, its gula melaka bingsu (S$13.90) features fresh strawberries and housemade gula melaka syrup that adds a sweet, toasty flavour, almost like a chendol but with a Korean twist. 

Another popular item is its mao shan wang durian bingsu (S$13.90) — a perfect treat to satisfy your durian cravings in this heat.

Bingsu in Singapore
Bingsu as a late-night snack. Photo: @feelslikewaybackhome/Instagram

Why visit? If you ever have a midnight craving for bingsu, remember this brand: Oriental Ice Bistro. Located a mere 5-minute walk from Farrer Park MRT Station, this halal bingsu spot in Singapore offers convenience and an inviting ambience up till 2 in the morning. 

With a central location and accessible hours, there’s no better place to satisfy your bingsu cravings. Did we also mention it has a colossal XXL overdose bingsu (S$26.90), which are perfect for those group supper sessions?

Crowd favourites: We recommend going for its coffee awakening bingsu (S$15.90), deliciously topped with a scoop of mocha chip ice cream. 

For larger groups, its XXL overdose bingsu is a perfect choice, loaded with red beans and three scoops of ice cream, it’s the ideal dessert to share with up to five people.

8. Dal.komm Coffee

Marina Square, 02-272/273 & 278, 6 Raffles Boulevard
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 10pm)

Funan, 03-17, 107 North Bridge Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 10pm)

Parkway Parade, 01-K33/K34, 80 Marine Parade Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (10am to 10pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Photo: Dal.komm Coffee/Instagram

Why visit? Dal.komm Coffee is a renowned Korean coffee chain that has captured customers’ hearts since 2013. The name comes from a combination of “dal” from the founding company Danal and the German word “komm” (meaning come), inviting customers to experience the unique offerings of this innovative coffee franchise.

After being featured in the popular Korean drama series “Descendants of the Sun”, Dal.komm Coffee shot to international fame, gaining popularity beyond its shores. Although its signature Arabica bean blends are the highlight, its bingsu menu definitely lives up to the hype, too, with four simple flavours.

Crowd favourites: Give its injeolmi bingsu (Korean rice cake bingsu, S$18.90) a try, with chewy rice cakes and generous red bean filling in the middle layer. 

If you’d like something sweeter, the strawberry bingsu (S$18.90) is a popular choice, with swirls of strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries to delight your sugar-craving taste buds.

9. Ice Lab

Bugis Village, 164 Rochor Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (11am to 10pm), Friday and Saturday (11am to 12.30am)

Far East Plaza, 01-01/01A/02, 14 Scotts Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Milky drizzle to pair with a yummy mango bingsu. Photo: Ice Lab/Instagram

Why visit? Founded by Korean comedian and singer Shin Jung Hwan in 2015, Ice Lab brings authentic Korean shaved ice desserts to the masses from its Bugis and Far East Plaza. 

At its peak, the shop had four locations islandwide, but it’s since whittled its outlets down to a very central two locations, both of which continue to draw crowds, particularly on evenings and weekends. Be prepared for a possible short wait during dinner service. Trust us when we say the satisfying portions and delicious bingsu make the wait worthwhile. 

Crowd favourites: You can’t go wrong with its Oreo bingsu (S$10), a crowd-pleasing choice combining classic cookies and cream flavours we all know and love. Having trouble choosing a flavour? Opt for the Traffic Light bingsu set (S$28), which allows you to sample three flavours in separate bowls at a great price to share. 

10. 929 Desserts & Bites

SAFRA Tampines, 01-17, 1/A Tampines Street 92
Open: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (12pm to 8.30pm), Friday and Saturday (12pm to 9pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
A loaded bowl of bingsu with taro and matcha. Photo: 929 Desserts & Bites/Facebook

Why visit? Those living in the far, far east, we’ve got you. Located at Safra Tampines, 929 Desserts & Bites, is a homegrown dessert shop serving waffles, ice cream and our favourite bingsu in Singapore

It is run by a friendly auntie and uncle duo whose warm smiles and attentive service make you feel right at home. What sets this spot apart is its affordable pricing, with its quality dessert prices starting at just S$6.80.

Crowd favourites: The mango madness bingsu (S$6.80) is a popular choice, with juicy mango chunks and a luscious mango puree making for a refreshing bite on a hot afternoon. 

The Spoilt Brat bingsu (S$12) is also well-loved for its rich coconut ice cream, playfully decorated with chocolate rice to create an adorable, eye-catching design.

11. Nunsaram

Plaza Singapura, 04-69 A/B, 68 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Bugis Junction, 01-70, 200 Victoria Street
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Westgate, 04-37, 3 Gateway Drive, K4 Westgate
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
A towering bowl of Nunsaram’s popular choco banana bingsu. Photo: Nunsaram/Facebook

Why visit? Nunsaram is a well-known brand when it comes to bingsu in Singapore, and arguably one of the pioneers in Singapore’s bingsu scene. Its charming snowman mascot (or the “nunsaram” in Korean, itself) has become a recognisable symbol of the delightful shaved ice treats that await you at the shop.

While bingsu takes centre stage at Nunsaram, it also offers a variety of Korean dishes that have garnered a loyal following. The cheese tteokbokki and corndog (S$14.90), as well as the tuna kimchi gimbap (S$11.90), are just a few of the standout items from its diverse menu, regardless if you’re here for a sweet treat or a savoury meal.

Crowd favourites: Don’t miss out on the choco banana bingsu (S$14.90), loaded with rich chocolatey powder and fudgy brownies topped with crunchy almond chips. 

In addition, mango bingsu (S$14.90), which features chunks of chewy rice cakes and freshly cut mangoes, is also a great option to share with friends and family.

12. San Gloo Bingsu

Junction Nine, 02-41, 18 Yishun Avenue 9
Open: Wednesday to Monday (9am to 10pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Classic mango bingsu with freshly cut fruits. Photo: San Gloo Bingsu/Facebook

Why visit? Located at Yishun’s Junction Nine, San Gloo Bingsu is a hidden gem that offers an extensive menu of Belgian waffles and varieties of Korean bingsu, making it a must-visit for dessert enthusiasts. 

With prices starting at an affordable S$5.90, it’s no wonder it has cultivated a loyal following of regulars who have been coming for years.

Crowd favourites:  A popular option is its watermelon bingsu (S$13.20), which comes with watermelon and azuki red bean — a refreshing combination that’ll offer a cool respite from the heat. 

Its blockbuster bingsu (S$9.20) is also a popular choice, featuring popcorn, caramel and chips — sweet and salty flavours that add an addictive quality to San Gloo’s bingsu.

13. Sweet Reservations

Rivervale Plaza, 01-K20, 118 Rivervale Drive
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 9pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
Matcha bingsu. Photo: Sweet Reservations/Instagram

Why visit? Sweet Reservations has earned a reputation among foodies as one of the best spots for bingsu in Singapore, thanks to its skilled execution of classic flavours that consistently hit the spot.

Popular among students in the Rivervale area, Sweet Reservations maintains a loyal following despite its seemingly small presence. The friendly customer service is the proverbial cherry on top of the cake, making this hidden gem a frequent destination for many shaved ice lovers.

Crowd favourites: Amongst its wide variety of desserts, a fan favourite is the injeolmi bingsu (S$12.90), made with snowy milk crystals and glutinous rice cakes. For the purists, get its matcha bingsu (S$13.90), which is a classic must-try at any bingsu place.

14. Oh My Mango 

Gek Poh Shopping Centre, 01-334, 762 Jurong West Street 75
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 10pm)

Bingsu in Singapore
A bowl full of mango goodness. Photo: Oh My Mango/Facebook

Why visit? Oh My Mango stands out in this guide as a Thai-style dessert cafe offering a variety of delicious treats, including Korean-style bingsu, toasts and our favourite mango sticky rice

The fresh mango bingsu (S$14.90) is the most popular item, which incorporates sweet Thai honey mangoes and finely shaved milk ice. Though it isn’t as velvety as classic Korean versions, it still delivers a wonderful and light texture. 

Crowd favourites: Everything on the menu is rather delicious. But for a start, we recommend its fresh mango bingsu as the honey mangoes give the dessert a creamy and sweet taste.

Another must-try is the Thai milk tea bingsu (S$12.90), featuring ChaTraMue tea as its base. The strong-brewed black tea gives this bingsu a unique and rich flavour that differentiates it from other offerings.

15. Seoul Yummy

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across stores

Bingsu in Singapore
Feeling peckish? Seoul Yummy’s matcha bingsu is superb. Photo: Seoul Yummy/Instagram

Why visit? When it comes to Korean food, Seoul Yummy is a popular franchise that often comes to mind. But did you know it also serves one of the best bingsus in Singapore?

Although its dessert menu is short and sweet with only four flavours, it’s all it really needs to stand out from the crowd. From matcha green tea to chocolate banana iterations, you can’t leave Seoul Yummy without indulging in a bingsu, or two, with friends.

Crowd favourites: The most popular bingsu offered here is the Black Yellow (S$8.90), a chocolate delight with crushed Oreo cookies, bananas and crushed cashew nuts. For chocolate lovers, The Baddest (S$8.90) is also an ideal choice, featuring chocolate ice cream, flakes and syrup.

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Alternatively, book a ride to these places for bingsu in Singapore. 

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