15 of Singapore’s best curry puff spots to satisfy those cravings

By Celestine Tan April 16, 2024
15 of Singapore’s best curry puff spots to satisfy those cravings
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What sets curry puffs aside from other light bites is how they are usually lovingly handmade, piece by piece. Curry puffs in Singapore come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique, hand-pinched, twirl patterns that help to seal up the puffs. 

Singapore’s multi-cultural heritage makes this little snack even more intriguing, given its multi-faceted forms. 

For curry puffs in Singapore, we have the Indian karipap — triangular, crusty with a spiced up filling. Then we have the Malay epok epok — shaped like a crescent, usually smaller in size and with a thinner crust, filled with rempah (a mix of spices) that’s lightly sweetened and most interestingly, made without curry. The Chinese also came up with their own version, usually comprising a buttery, flaky crust with a filling of curry potatoes, chicken and even hard-boiled egg. 

We might be familiar with the big brand names like Old Chang Kee, Polar and Tip Top, but there are so many other hidden gems in little shops all over the heartlands.

Read on to find out where some of the best curry puffs in Singapore can be found.

1. Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff 

Since 1952 — Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, 02-34, 531A Upper Cross Street
Open: Monday to Saturday (7am to 4pm)

Original — Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, 02-36, 531A Upper Cross Street
Open: Wednesday to Monday (7.30am to 4pm)

curry puff
The subject of a feud between two brothers. Photo: @thebelly_eats/Instagram

Why visit? We jump straight into murky waters with this one. The brand Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff is a subject of family feud between two second-generation hawker brothers who now operate two different stalls, one unit apart from each other in Hong Lim Food Centre. 

The outlet labelled “since 1952” is run by the founder (Ng Yong Cheong) and his younger son (Ray), while the “original” is run by the older son (Peter). This feud is a separate story altogether that’s not going to fit into this space, but all we can say is that if people are fighting over it, it has to be pretty good.

Crowd favourites: Both stalls within the same hawker centre are well-known for their chicken curry puff (S$2). The curry puffs from both stalls look virtually identical on the outside, but there is a slight difference in taste once you bite in — one comes with slightly chunkier ingredients and a tad more flavour. If you have the stomach space, try the curry puffs from both stalls and be the judge yourself!

2. Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff

Tanjong Pagar Market & Food Centre, 02-15, 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza 
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (6am to 2pm)

curry puff
Rolina’s curry puffs are hand twisted beautifully with lots of love. Photo: Rolina/Instagram

Why visit? Here’s a quick fun fact: Its name Rolina originated from the mispronunciation of Novena by its customers of old — how cute! This family-owned stall dates back to the 1960s and is now being run by the granddaughter of the founder, who  took over the helm just a few months back. 

This curry puff is small but mighty. It comes with a thin crust and packed to the brim that’s with a spicy filling made from their special curry paste. It also sells sardine puffs, glutinous rice, as well as yam and pumpkin cakes.

Crowd favourites: Among all the other small bites it serves, its signature curry chicken & egg puff (S$2) strikes all the right chords.

3. 1A Heritage

Multiple outlets islandwide.   
Operating hours vary across stores.

curry puff
Good stuff wrapped it the iconic 1A paper bag. Photo: @jasminetck /Instagram

Why visit? 1A Heritage, or 1A Crispy Puffs as it is better known as, has five outlets in Singapore. It offers seven different fillings, wrapped in its signature flaky crust with a spiral pattern on the pastry. The layers make the pastry even more crispy and fluffy — plus, it lends a beautiful shell-like exterior to the curry puff. 

The filling options here are rather exciting: Chilli crab, otah, black pepper chicken, sardine, durian, yam and of course, the customary chicken curry puff with egg. You’re going to have to come back a few times to try them all!

Crowd favourites: Get ready to catch some crumbs once you bite into 1A Heritage’s chicken curry puff with egg (S$1.90). It’s moist and flavourful with robust and distinct notes that you will certainly enjoy. Special mention goes to its thick and hearty curry chicken with rice/bread (from S$5.50) as well.

4. Isha Curry Puff

Circuit Road Hawker Centre, 01-53, 79 Circuit Road 
Open: Tuesday to Thursday, Saturday (11am to 5pm)

curry puff
Minis vs large. There’s an option for everyone! Photo: @tamkokseng/Instagram

Why visit? Touted as one of the best halal curry puffs in Singapore, Isha Curry Puff is known for its old school karipaps that are made in the Indian-Muslim style. The stall is run by a humble encik and makcik who have been making karipaps for more than 20 years.

The pastry is thin, crispy, flaky, and shaped into triangular or rectangular puffs depending on the type of filling. We like that it also has mini-puff options — about a third of the size of the large ones — that allows you the chance to try more flavours. It even has its own special chilli sauce to go with their puffs, if you’d like. They sell out quickly every day, so head down early!

Crowd favourite: The large potato puff (S$1.50) is a meatless option filled with cubed potato chunks that are tender and moist. For something more unique, try its large chilli padi mutton puff (S$2.30) which will definitely give you a kick in spice and flavours!

5. Best Karipap

1 Changi Village Road
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (1pm to 7pm)

curry puff
Just look at the beauty of those karipap layers. Photo: @bestkaripap/Instagram

Why visit? Hidden away in the far east is Best Karipap, another solid halal option. Here, they make both karipaps as well as epok epoks, so it is the perfect place to visit if you want to see and taste the difference between the two! 

Flavours here are extremely diverse as well — it sells rendang and briyani karipaps with a choice of different meats like chicken, mutton or beef, and even has vegetable epok epok! 

If you love your spice, it has a sweet savoury chilli dip to go along with your selection. Do take note that there are queues and the epok epok sells out rather quickly, so it’s always best to go earlier rather than later.

Crowd favourite: The sardine chilli padi karipap (S$2.50) is high on the spice scale and a must-try for chilli lovers.

6. J2 Famous Curry Puff

Amoy Street Food Centre, 01-21, 7 Maxwell Road
Open: Monday to Friday (8am to 3pm)

curry puff
Generous chunks of chicken are a standard feature in their curry puffs. Photo: @cafehoppingkids/Instagram

Why visit? A Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand awardee, J2 Famous Curry Puff certainly does our Singapore curry puff proud. It is headed by a husband-and-wife team who have spent years perfecting the art of making a good curry puff by hand. Located in the heart of the CBD, this stalls makes one of the best great midday or tea-time snacks, for when you’re feeling the munchies in the middle of the work day.

The crust of the puffs is the clear standout — perfectly buttery and flaky, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The puff is then generously stuffed with a variety of fillings such as curried potatoes, black pepper chicken, sardines, or yam. The filling is moist and juicy, juxtaposing perfectly with the crisp puff pastry.

Crowd favourites: Of course, the classic crispy chicken potato curry puff (S$1.80) is absolutely deserving of all its accolades, but coming in close behind is its crispy yam paste puff (S$1.80) that’s an amazing balance of savoury and sweet, and very often sold out as well.

7. Soon Soon Huat Crispy Curry Puff

220 East Coast Road
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (7.30am to 5pm)

curry puff
Perfect for an afternoon kopi or tea break. Photo: @weiming/Instagram

Why visit? Soon Soon Huat Crispy Curry Puff lays claim to creating the very first spiral curry puff in Singapore. It was the brainchild of Mdm Lim Sai Hiong back in the 1990s and the stall is now run by her third-generation family members carrying on her legacy

The spiral shell patterns in its puffs are exquisite and the texture of the crust perfect – every bite accords a lovely crunch. Those looking to indulge at your own pace, you’re in luck — it also operates a little sit-down coffee stall serving the standard Singapore breakfast of kopi/teh, with hard boiled eggs and kaya toast, as well as other local bites. 

Overall, the spice level of its puffs is very manageable, so this is a great place for a hearty family breakfast as well.

Crowd favourites: If it’s your first visit, go straight for these: The signature curry chicken puff (S$2) and otah puff (S$2.20). Both are generously filled with flavourful curry chicken with potato cubes and an aromatic fish otah paste respectively.

8. Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff

Old Airport Road Food Centre, 01-126, 51 Old Airport Road
Open: Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 5pm)

curry puff
Doesn’t that just look heavenly? Photo: @chrisfoodies/Instagram

Why visit? Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff is another curry puff stall that has mastered the art of the spiral-patterned pastry. Helmed by former hotel pastry chef Chang Lee Won, who has spent years honing his craft, you are guaranteed a beautiful, crisp puff. 

Get a plate ready to catch some crumbs as you devour their curry puffs because the pastry is extremely flaky – in a good way of course. There are four different varieties available — curry chicken, sardine, black pepper chicken, and yam paste — all priced below S$2. 

Crowd favourites: The crispy curry puff (S$1.60) is filled with moist and tender chicken chunks. Interestingly, the curry gravy here takes on a sweeter flavour profile.

9. Fong’s Dee Curry Puff

Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, 01-31, 448 Clementi Avenue 3
Open: Monday to Sunday (6am to 6pm)

curry puff
Fully packed with all that good stuff. Photo: @trolleydolley77/Instagram

Why visit? The Chinese-styled curry puffs here at Fong Dee’s are made with a thin, crisp crust that’s not too flaky or crumbly. While the curry puff leans towards the smaller side, it’s plump enough from the generous filling. The filling itself is made out of moist, well-cooked potato chunks and a few pieces of chicken, while the curry flavour here is slightly sweeter, but lends a good spice kick! 

Crowd favourites: It sells a lot of other snacks and light bites, but the chicken curry puff (S$1.50) is, of course, the highlight here. It does seem like the store may have recently dropped hard-boiled egg as an ingredient though, so do not be too surprised if you do not find any in your puff!

10. Fang Handmade Curry Puff

Zervex Building, 8 Ubi Road 2
Open: Monday to Friday (7am to 4pm), Saturday, (7am to 1pm)

curry puff
Flavours galore – such a treat for the tastebuds! Photo: @crazeforlesswaste/Instagram

Why visit? Here’s a hidden curry puff gem in Singapore, located in a coffee shop within an industrial estate — it serves up not only the standard Singapore curry puff, but also unconventional variations and flavours like salted egg lava, mayo tuna and chicken mushroom. 

While Fang Handmade Curry Puff may not be as well-known as other brands of curry puff, its puff pastry easily matches up to other famous brands, and might we add, it is also extremely generous with its filling. The only downside is that its location is rather far-flung, but what can we say? You gotta travel for the good stuff!

Crowd favourites: The chicken curry puff (S$1.50) is incredible. Just think: Chicken chunks within the flavoursome curry mix — everything you could want in a curry puff. The other item that is highly raved about is its salted egg lava puff (S$1.60) — luscious liquid gold similar to what you’d find in a liu sha bao (custard bun), but this time paired with a buttery, flaky crust that oozes out once you take a bite.

11. Epok Epok Story

Berseh Food Centre, B1-11, 166 Jalan Besar
Open: Monday to Saturday (7am to 3pm)

curry puff
Everyone, meet epok epok. Photo: @matildalim/Instagram

Why visit? Epok Epok Story is another halal option for epok epok lovers out there. Made fresh in batches every day by an elderly Malay couple, the epok epok sold here are simple and no frills, but they are consistently good. 

In addition, the store also sells a number of other authentic and traditional Malay snacks. Think samosas, banana balls, and even Thai fried bananas. Yum!

Crowd favourites: The curry potato, egg & chicken epok epok (S$1) is the go-to option here. 

Special shout out to its roti boyan with sambal ikan bilis (S$2.50), a snack that’s quite rare here. Shaped in a circle and about double the size of an epok epok, it’s filled with mashed potato and diced egg and served with a sambal ikan bilis dip. This is a simple snack, but it’s instantly elevated when you have it with the spicy sambal ikan bilis.

12. Yong Kee Curry Puff

Sembawang Hills Food Centre, 01-02, 590 Upper Thomson Road
Open: Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday to Sunday (7am to 3pm)

curry puff
One of the gems at Sembawang Hills Food Centre. Photo: @jamieleehm/Instagram

Why visit? Yong Kee Curry Puff is an old-school gem that is simplicity at its best. It will not be difficult to decide what to get, with only two options available here: Chicken curry puff, or a curry puff with just potato and egg. 

Both puffs have similar taste profiles, but the main difference is whether you’d prefer it with chicken or not. The filling is fragrant and flavourful, while the pastry is buttery and delicious. Pair this with a kopi or teh from one of the nearby coffee stalls and your breakfast or tea-time snack is settled.

Crowd favourites: At just S$1.60 for a chicken curry puff and S$1.30 for a curry puff without chicken, it really can’t get any better than that. The curry puffs may be a little on the smaller side, but that just means that there will be room in your belly for more!

13. The Baba Curry Puff Cafe

137 Potong Pasir Avenue 3
Open: Monday to Sunday (7:30am to 2pm)

Why visit? This old school curry puff stall is run by an elderly couple and so up to the mark that it doesn’t even need a social media presence to make themselves known. 

Besides the lovely spiral pattern, its puffs are fried to a beautiful golden hue, with great textures and flavours. With all these qualities combined, this little shop in Potong Pasir is certainly giving all the other bigger brand names a run for their money.  

Crowd favourites: Try its chicken curry puff (S$1.60) and sardine puff (S$1.60) — if you order two, there is even a slight discount at $3 for two pieces!

14. Puffs N Deli

Tai Seng Point, 01-16, 11 Irving Place
Open: Monday to Friday (8am to 5.30pm)

curry puff
Labelling themselves famous is not a puff. Photo: Puffs N Deli/Instagram

Why visit? Are curry puffs better baked or fried? At Puffs N Deli, you’ll be able to sample both types and decide for yourself. Puffs N Deli is actually known for its baked crusts that are not only buttery and airy, but also healthier and still as tasty. Did we also mention that its fillings are generous and delish?

This is also the place to visit if you ever want to try something sweet such as an apple puff (S$2.60) or interesting puff variations, such as a chicken mushroom cheese puff (S$2.60).

Crowd favourites: While its fried curry puff (S$1.70) has been said to match up to those from a big brand name, the must-try here would be its baked curry puff (S$2.10) for sure.

15. Yang’s Epok Epok

Bedok Food Centre, 1 Bedok Road
Open: Wednesday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

curry puff
A beautiful stack of freshly fried epok epoks. Photo: @yangs.epok2/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re on the lookout for authentic, halal epok epok and also something priced very affordably, look no further than Yang’s Epok Epok. The epok epok crust here is crispy and crunchy and nicely filled with either a potato or sardine filling. 

The potato epok epoks are sealed with intricate hand twisted pleats, while the sardine epok epoks get a lovely pattern from an artistic fork-press. Other than epok epok, it also sells other Malay favourites such as satay ($0.90 each), mee rebus (S$5) and mee soto (S$4.50).

Crowd favourites: At only $0.70 a piece, both its potato and sardine epok epoks are most certainly worth a try. You won’t regret it!

For the latest on the food scene, read our stories on BBraise, a hawker stall started by a former cabin crew and Fi Woodfire Thai, a new Thai spot blazing it up with its woodfired menu.

Rolina Traditional Hainanese Curry Puff, 1A Heritage, Fang Handmade Curry Puff, Puffs N Deli, and Yang’s Epok Epok are on the GrabFood Delivery Service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. 

Alternatively, book a ride to these places for curry puff in Singapore.

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