GDMC x Seal Cafe: One-of-a-kind crunchy Roffles burger made with rosti waffles

By Evan Mua December 29, 2023
GDMC x Seal Cafe: One-of-a-kind crunchy Roffles burger made with rosti waffles
Rosti lovers should visit Singapore’s first-ever Roffles cafe. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Ahh, rostis — the universally beloved potato pancakes, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

It’s not hard to find a good rosti in Singapore, but have you heard of Roffles? 

02ev-gdmc x seal cafe-singapore roffles cafe-hungrygowhere
It’s located in a pottery studio in Ubi. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Similar to how croissants are made into croffles, these are unique waffles made by pressing shredded potato — rosti — into a waffle machine. And you can now find them at GDMC x Seal Cafe, which calls itself the first-ever Roffles cafe in Singapore.

You might have seen GDMC x Seal Cafe or its rosti, going viral on social media, after its launch in November.

Interestingly, the cafe is found in Ubi and snuggled inside GDMC, a quaint little premium pottery studio. 

It takes up a cosy little corner spot with sprawling windows, which allows plenty of daylight to trickle in.

Crunchy rosti waffles

03 ev-gdmc x seal cafe-singapore roffles cafe-featured image-hungrygowhere
Have you seen rosti made in waffle-makers? Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

While rosti is more often cooked on a griddle or frying pan, GDMC x Seal Cafe does everything with a waffle maker  — first shredding the potato fresh, then heaping everything into the machine.

The crunchy Seal rosti waffles are featured throughout the menu, which is separated into a Roffle and rosti section. Each section gives you a choice between four different proteins: Chicken, fish, lamb, and beef.

06 ev-gdmc x seal cafe-singapore roffles cafe-roffles burger-hungrygowhere
It’s like the Double Down burger, but less jelak. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

The rosti section features a hearty ensemble of rosti dinner platters, featuring your chosen protein, scrambled eggs, brown sauce, sour cream, coleslaw and, of course, a Roffle. 

Meanwhile, the Roffle section features GDMC x Seal Cafe’s signature sandwiches, with two rosti waffles bookending the protein — somewhat reminiscent of the iconic Double Down burger from KFC. 

It took us a little over ten minutes to get our order on a weekday afternoon, though others have experienced long waiting times during peak timings.

04 ev-gdmc x seal cafe-singapore roffles cafe-roffles burger-hungrygowhere
The rosti waffles “buns” give it a comforting breakfast-y vibe. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

As weird as it sounds, the Roffle “buns” in the chicken Roffle (S$10.80) were crunchy with fluffy, slightly starchy innards and contrasted well against the juicy chicken patty and scrambled eggs.

It’s a wholesome combo that gives a breakfast-y vibe, though it could be a bit messy to eat, since it’s not the easiest to get a full bite of the Roffles and the patty.

05 ev-gdmc x seal cafe-singapore roffles cafe-rosti waffle-hungrygowhere
What if you added rosti to nostalgic Western food? Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

On the other hand, GDMC x Seal Cafe’s steak dinner (S$13.80) gives the feeling of a nostalgic and comforting local-style Western food dinner, especially when drenched in brown sauce.

As far as textures go, the scrambled egg was nice and soft and the medium-rare steak decently tender. More importantly, you get sour cream to go with the Roffles, as you would with a classic rosti.

07 ev-gdmc x seal cafe-singapore roffles cafe-hungrygowhere
GDMC x Seal Cafe serves all its beverages… Sealed. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Of course, a cafe needs to have drinks and the beverage menu at GDMC x Seal Cafe is quite comprehensive, featuring a plethora of teas ranging from black tea (S$6) to pu erh (S$6), along with coffees (from S$5), matcha latte (S$7.50) and ice-cream shakes (S$8)

As befitting its name, Seal’s beverages are served all sealed up, courtesy of a capping machine that adds tab lids over the vessels’ mouths.

Besides beverages, there are also desserts including ice cream (S$6.50), yogurt (S$7.50) and Belgian waffles (S$6.50).

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You can also book a ride to GDMC x Seal Cafe to try the viral Seal rosti in Ubi. 

GDMC x Seal Cafe

Excalibur Centre, 01-01, 71 Ubi Crescent
Nearest MRT station: Ubi
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 10pm)

Excalibur Centre, 01-01, 71 Ubi Crescent
Nearest MRT station: Ubi
Open: Monday to Sunday (12pm to 10pm)

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