GrabFood x Coca-Cola®: 8 exclusive combo deals to celebrate Coca-Cola®’s Food Festival

By Phyllis Leong June 26, 2023
GrabFood x Coca-Cola®: 8 exclusive combo deals to celebrate Coca-Cola®’s Food Festival
Photo: Coca-Cola® Singapore

There’s no better way to celebrate life than by spending cherished moments with our loved ones, tucking into sumptuous food and popping an ice-cold can of fizzy Coca-Cola®. If you’re craving the perfect pairing to meals, look no further than Coca-Cola® — a refreshing go-to beverage to round off a feast. 

In light of the Coca-Cola® is Cooking campaign, beloved soft drink brand Coca-Cola® has partnered with Grab to dole out a GrabFood-exclusive Coca-Cola® Virtual Food Festival! Look forward to eight mouthwatering promotions, where you get up to 58% off combo deals. Talk about a great bang for your buck! 

Participating vendors include the crowd-favourite Burger King, Maki-San, Wingstop, and more. Gather your friends and family; each bundle deal by these merchants promises fantastic nosh that’s great for sharing. 

But the fun doesn’t just end here. To mark the Coca-Cola® Virtual Food Festival, Grab and Coca-Cola® have introduced a giveaway to reward participating users! Thirty winners will be randomly chosen and will receive a S$20 GrabFood voucher each. Check out HungryGoWhere’s Instagram page to find out more.

Read on to find out the merchants participating in the Coca-Cola® Virtual Food Festival (and the eight combo deals they’re offering) – you’ll need those details to win. Good luck!

1. Burger King

02 pl-coke® festival-burger king-hungrygowhere
Coca-Cola® Food Fest Bundle. Photo: Burger King

When it comes to popular fast-food chains in Singapore, Burger King undoubtedly springs to mind. This burger maestro has been serving scrumptious burgers since 1954 and is a beloved choice, thanks to its signature recipes, potent flavours and use of premium ingredients. With bestsellers such as the Western Whopper and Double Whopper with cheese, we can see why the hamburger brand has earned its title as the original “Home of the Whopper”. 

For the GrabFood-exclusive event, Burger King has rolled out a Coca-Cola® Food Fest Bundle (now S$39.90, usual price S$60.05) at 34% off its original price. The deal consists of items such as a double turkey bacon burger, a Spicy Chicken King burger, five pieces of Mexican drumlets, a box of onion rings (M), a fudgy Hershey sundae and two cups of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar (M).

2. 4Fingers

03 pl-coke® festival-4fingers-hungrygowhere
Burger and Box buddy meal. Photo: 4Fingers

With its signature hot and spicy sauce, crispy chicken and addictive flavours, how can we say no to 4Fingers’ chicken? Although this homegrown fried chicken chain may not have been in the scene for as long as other bigger names in Singapore, its dishes are as hearty and tasty.

If you’re craving fried chicken dressed in savoury, umami-filled sauces that pack a punch, we’ve got the perfect deal. 4Fingers has a Burger and Box buddy meal (now S$19.30, usual price S$22.70) at 15% off its usual price. It consists of a juicy Chicc Crisp burger, a drumstick rice box, fries (S) and two Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar drinks.

3. Pizza Hut

04 pl-coke® festival-pizza hut-hungrygowhere
Enjoy the Buddy Feast at 40% off with Coca-Cola®. Photo: Pizza Hut

The best way to savour a meal is by enjoying it with your loved ones. And at Pizza Hut, it embodies the spirit of good food and great times. It’s not the largest pizza restaurant chain in Singapore for no reason; with a wide array of dishes that are bound to impress both friends and family, it’s an indisputable go-to for feasts and celebrations. 

Be it for a momentous occasion or a small gathering, Pizza Hut’s yummy pizzas are wonderful sharing dishes to bring your folks together. Don’t miss the Buddy Feast (now S$27.40, usual price S$45.68), a bundle promotion that grants you 40% off its original price with Coca-Cola®. 

These are the items included in the deal: One regular pan pizza, your choice of two sides and two cans of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar or Coca-Cola®. For your first side, choose between four pieces of chicken tenders or six pieces of chicken nuggets. The second side presents options such as two pieces of hazelnut tarts, five pieces of cinnamon breadsticks and five pieces of Milo breadsticks.

4. KFC

05 pl-coke® festival-kfc-hungrygowhere
Five-piece chicken buddy meal. Photo: KFC

When it comes to the best fried chicken in Singapore, KFC is one of the top fast-food chains that we’d make a beeline for. The flavour of its signature hand-breaded fried chicken is unrivalled, thanks to its coating of a secret rub made from 11 different herbs and spices. 

Each chicken is freshly prepared daily and guarantees crispy skin and juicy meat. Pro tip: The best way to savour KFC’s fried chicken is by chowing on a piece and licking the juices off your fingers. Delish. 

Fortunately for fried chicken fanatics, we’ve got just the deal for you. KFC has launched a five-piece chicken buddy meal (now S$29.95, usual price S$47.40), at 37% off its original price, to celebrate our love for all things fried chicken. Grab a friend to enjoy this bundle with you, for the promotion comes with five pieces of chicken, five pieces of tenders, two regular fries and two cans of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar or Coca-Cola®.

5. Maki-San

06 pl-coke® festival-makisan-hungrygowhere
Mega D.I.Y chicken poppers combo (sushi). Photo: Maki-San

Sushi restaurants are a dime a dozen on our sunny shores, but casual sushi joints that boast unique menus at affordable prices are hard to find. Thankfully, Maki-San’s foray into the F&B scene has our sushi cravings fixed. 

Founded in 2012, Maki-San is a local sushi brand that prides itself on being the first to introduce a do-it-yourself sushi and salad concept in Asia. With over 70 fresh ingredients to choose from, diners can take their pick from wraps, fillings, toppings, and sauces to create their own savoury masterpiece. 

You can expect to order a Mega D.I.Y chicken poppers combo (sushi) (now S$15.90, original price S$23.30) on the GrabFood app for the Coca-Cola® Virtual Food Festival. The deal offers 32% off its original price and entitles you to one D.I.Y. Mega-San sushi, twelve pieces of chicken poppers with Japanese curry sauce on the side and one can of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar.

6. Domino’s

07 pl-coke® festival-domino's-hungrygowhere
Buddies Bundle with Coca-Cola®. Photo: Domino’s

If you call yourself a pizza lover, Domino’s is another pizza joint you can make a beeline for to satiate that cheesy craving. The brand is also where you can find limited-time pizza flavours and menu items, such as mentaiko pizzas and chocolate lava cakes. 

For the Coca-Cola® Virtual Food Festival, Domino’s is offering a Buddies Bundle with Coca-Cola® (now S$35.90, usual price S$44.90) that feeds two to three diners. You get to save 15% off! Not only is the deal great value for money, you’re also spoiled with a plethora of dishes, such as a regular pizza and your choice of two sides. 

For the first side, take your pick between items such as Crazy Chicken Crunchies (original or spicy), six pieces of golden-roasted drummets and golden-roasted wings. The second side includes a choice of Breadstix (breadsticks), Cinnastix (cinnamon sticks), garlic twisty bread, cheesy mozzarella stix and a six-inch banana kaya pizza.

7. Wingstop

08 pl-coke® festival-wingstop-hungrygowhere
Grab x Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar bundle. Photo: Wingstop

Wingstop is a fan-favourite eatery among Singaporeans, and that’s because it never misses with its juicy chicken, punchy sauces and moreish sides. For the uninitiated, there are nine different flavours to choose from. The eatery also offers delectable sides such as its popular Louisiana Voodoo fries and mushroom fritters. 

This fast-food restaurant is all for creating bold and innovative flavours that are mixed with spices, and we can’t deny that the rubs at this halal-certified joint are what keep us coming back for more. 

We highly recommend that you order Wingstop’s Grab x Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar bundle (now S$29.49, usual price S$34.70) if you’re craving flavoured wings. At 16% off its standard price, the set comes with seven pieces of boneless wings (one flavour), seven pieces of classic wings (one flavour), Voodoo fries (L), curly fries (L), two ranch dips and two cans of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar. 

8. NeNe Chicken

09 pl-coke® festival-nene chicken-special tenders buddy meal-hungrygowhere
Special Tenders Buddy Meal. Photo: NeNe Chicken

Originating from South Korea, NeNe Chicken is a beloved fried chicken brand that has made waves for its tasty chicken dishes. Today, it’s a prime establishment for locals craving chicken dressed in sauces that are inspired by Korean flavours. Think sauces such as Swicy, Hot Bling and Double Freaking Hot. 

Should you not be feeling chicken, there are other Korean delights on the menu. There is the signature NeNe bulgogi chicken burger and cheesy pizza, too. 

To mark the Coca-Cola® Virtual Food Festival, celebrate the occasion with NeNe Chicken’s Special Tenders Buddy Meal (now S$27.88, usual price S$32.80) at 15% off its usual price. It consists of 12 pieces of tenders, corn salad, chicken skin and two cans of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar. 

Alternatively, at 15% off, there is the sharing meal for two (now S$26.27, usual price S$30.90). It comprises six pieces of tenders, a bulgogi chicken burger, a chicken skin box, corn salad and two cans of Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar. The portion is huge, so be sure to share it with a pal. 

This article was written in partnership with Coca-Cola®. 

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All merchants are on the GrabFood delivery service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. They can also be found on GrabFood dine-in.

Experience a weekend of fun at Coca-Cola® Food Festival, happening August 4 to 6 at Timbre+, One-North. 

Explore different event highlights such as the Coca-Cola®-themed playground, and reward yourself with discounts and prizes by participating in games.

Explore different event highlights such as the Coca-Cola®-themed playground, and reward yourself with discounts and prizes by participating in games.

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