Mr. Baguette: Molten, crunchy bread balls are irresistibly good!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Mr. Baguette: Molten, crunchy bread balls are irresistibly good!
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A bite of the signature pastry at this hole-in-the-wall bakery and you’ll immediately think “why hasn’t the craze for this caught on in Singapore yet?”

Essentially mini-baguette balls ($3, $4 for two, $11 for six) filled with a variety of sweet or savoury molten sauces like red velvet, chocolate, bolognese or carbonara.

It was an instant hit for the four-year-old stall when they introduced it — people loved the contrast between soft gooey fillings and hot, crunchy baguette casings.

Invented by the stall’s owners Kent Wee, 43 and his wife, Irene to help their fledgeling business, they now have over 14 variations to choose from.

The Hazelnut Lava (chocolate and hazelnut) and Baguette tart (egg custard) are hot favourites here but be careful when you break open the balls: as there is so much filling that the ball tends to explode when you tuck into it.

You’ll invariably make a mess, so have a plate and wet wipes ready.

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