5 eateries in Malacca to check out on your next trip

By Darren Tan September 5, 2022
5 eateries in Malacca to check out on your next trip
Photo: Heritage Flavours/Facebook

Visiting Malaysia over the September holidays? Head to Malacca, a three-hour drive from Singapore, and check out the city’s eateries.

A melting pot of various cultures, the Unesco World Heritage city’s food offerings reflect its rich heritage, making Malacca one of the best places in the country for food.

Here are five Malacca eateries frequented by locals. 


1. Heritage Flavours

63, Lorong, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Open: Daily, except Tuesday (9am to 6pm)

Nyonya laksa. Photo: Heritage Flavours/Facebook

Designed by a prize-winning Malacca-born architect and situated in a shophouse in the Jonker Street food paradise, Heritage Flavours is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in the area. Coupled with Nyonya food presentation that’s a feast for the eyes, it’s an Instagrammable stop that’s worth making.

Dig into the beautifully coloured and soft assorted Nyonya kuehs (RM6, or S$1.90, for four pieces).

Or spice up your meal with its delectable Nyonya laksa (RM10.90), and get sambal sotong (RM38) and chilli garam chicken (RM28) for your savoury meat fix. Finally, cool off with bubur cha cha (RM5) that’s a perfect salve for a hot day. 

What to order: Nyonya laksa (RM10.90), sambal sotong (RM38), chilli garam chicken (RM28), bubur cha cha (RM5)


2. Patin Claypot House — Taman Krubong Jaya

No 47, Jln KJ 72, Krubong Jaya, 75260 Krubong, Melaka, Malaysia
Open: Daily (9.30am to 9pm)

dtmalacca_authentic_malacca eateries
Food from Patin Claypot House. Photo: Patin Claypot House/Facebook

What’s one of the best ways to enjoy curry? In a claypot. And Patin Claypot House is one of the Malacca eateries that has that nailed down, offering a range of curries and Malaysian-style fare.

Dig into its signature set gulai patin tempoyak (fish curry set, RM13) and take it up a notch with some sambal hitam pahang (black sambal chilli, from RM1.50) for added heat and depth.

What to order: Set gulai patin tempoyak (RM13), sambal hitam pahang (from RM1.50)


3. Eggxcite Cafe

21, Jalan PPPS 1, Taman Sentosa, 75150 Melaka, Malaysia
Open: Daily (9am to 6pm)

dtmalacca_bubble tea_cafe malacca eateries
Various bubble teas. Photo: Eggxcite.business.site

Hungry, and in need of a bubble tea fix and air-conditioning to save you from the sweltering heat? Take shelter at Eggxcite Cafe, which offers a wide selection of breakfast fare, toast and bubble tea.

Located in the Taman Sentosa area, Eggxcite offers cafe fare, such as an omelette ham sandwich (RM10) and almond pesto pasta (RM18), as well as local favourites, including briyani fried brown rice (RM14), for your brunch fix. End off with its signature harimau tea (RM10.80) from its bubble tea range. 

What to order: Omelette ham sandwich (RM10), almond pesto pasta (RM18), briyani fried brown rice (RM14), signature harimau tea (RM10.80)


4. King Kunyit — Bertam Malim

4, Jalan TU 42, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia
Open: Daily (10am to 10pm)

dtmalacca_ayam kunyit_top malacca eateries
Nasi ayam kunyit. Photo: King Kunyit/Facebook

Located in a coffee shop in Ayer Keroh, King Kunyit dishes up delicious and authentic Malaysian mixed rice.

King Kunyit’s popular dishes include its signature nasi ayam kunyit boneless (rice with fried turmeric chicken, RM8), nasi ayam buttermilk (rice with fried buttermilk chicken, RM11), and nasi lemak talapia (rice with fried fish, RM16).

What to order: Nasi ayam kunyit boneless (RM8), nasi ayam buttermilk (RM11), nasi lemak talapia (RM16)


5. The Old Mark Cafe

No 39, Jalan KSB 11, Taman Kota Syahbandar, Melaka, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Open: Daily, except Tuesday (12pm to 7pm)

dtmalacca_coffee_specialty malacca eateries
Food at The Old Mark Cafe. Photo: The Old Mark Cafe/Facebook

Prefer coffee for your caffeine fix? The Old Mark Cafe has got you covered with an array of coffees and other beverages, on top of cafe fare.

Check with the baristas about their daily bean choices for filter coffee (RM17). The cafe uses single-origin beans and brews the coffee with a V60 dripper. 

For mains, we recommend its creamy sauce pasta and mild spice tomato sauce with bread (both RM19). If you’ve a sweet tooth, get the lemon caramel crumble (RM16) for dessert.

What to order: Creamy sauce pasta (RM19), mild spice tomato sauce with bread (RM19), lemon caramel crumble (RM16), filter coffee (RM17)

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