16 Greek restaurants in Singapore for all your Mediterranean cravings

By Balvinder Sandhu | Carina Teh April 18, 2024
16 Greek restaurants in Singapore for all your Mediterranean cravings
Photo, clockwise from top left: White Marble/Instagram, Zorba The Greek Taverna/Instagram, Bakalaki Greek Taverna/Instagram, Alati Divine Greek Cuisine/Instagram

It’s not uncommon to hear of Singaporeans flying to the Greek islands for a romantic getaway, but aside from being a holiday hotspot, there’s also been a number of Greek restaurants sprouting up on our little island — in fact, you won’t have to look far to find a spot in Singapore that serves up authentic fare.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best Greek restaurants in Singapore, where you can dig into some moussaka (eggplant-based dish)and spanakopita (savoury spinach pie), and maybe even end off the evening with a glass of ouzo. 

Read on for our pick of the places for the best Greek food in Singapore:

1. Alati Divine Greek Cuisine 

73 Amoy Street
Open: Monday to Saturday (12pm to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 11pm)

Photo: Alati Divine Greek Cuisine/Instagram

Why visit? An Amoy Street mainstay, Alati Greek Divine Greek Cuisine first opened its doors in October 2015 and has been serving up modern Greek cuisine from its Santorini-styled restaurant ever since. 

The restaurant, whose name is taken from the Greek word “salt”, is helmed by Greek chefs and prides itself in serving only the freshest produce from the Aegean Sea. Prices here can be a little steep, but the great-tasting food is worth every dollar.

Crowd favourites: You can’t go to a Greek restaurant and not try its dips. Get the dips platter (two dips and one pita bread, S$38) to sample a variety of flavours. Signature dishes here include grilled octopus (S$42), moussaka (baked dish with eggplant, potato and beef) (S$38) and beef souvlaki (beef skewers, S$49), which uses wagyu beef.

2. Bakalaki Greek Taverna

38A Martin Road, 01-01
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 12am)

Photo: Bakalaki Greek Taverna/Instagram

Why visit? When it comes to authentic Greek restaurants in Singapore, Bakalaki Greek Taverna gets our vote for a place with both great food and unbeatable vibes. You also best believe that you’re getting an authentic Greek meal at Bakalaki, as all the ingredients are sourced from Greek suppliers.

Want some Greek liquor to go with your meal? There’s also an impressive array of Greek wines and beers to choose from. Those who want to recreate the Greek magic in your home, Bakalaki has also got you covered — there are cheeses, sauces, and olives from its deli that you can enjoy at home.

Crowd favourites: No visit to Bakalaki is complete without trying its most popular dishes: horiataki (traditional Greek salad, S$24.90), htapodi (grilled octopus, S$37.90) and paidakia (grilled lamb chops, S$37.90). 

If we were you, we’d also save some space for its baklava (filo pastry stuffed with walnuts, S$16.90) and its loukoumades (Greek-style doughnuts, S$17.90) for that sweet end to the evening.

3. Fotia

28 Duxton Hill
Open: Tuesday (5pm to 11pm), Wednesday to Saturday (12pm to 11pm), Sunday (12pm to 9pm)

Photo: Fotia/Instagram

Why visit? Nestled in Duxton Hill, Fotia is an excellent choice for Greek food in the Tanjong Pagar area. Not only is it located in a chill neighbourhood, its extended al fresco seating area lends a relaxing vibe that only adds to the enjoyment of its food. 

The restaurant is owned by Greek chef Sofia Beleri, who came to Singapore close to a decade ago, and started her own restaurant here after previously working as an executive chef in Athens, Greece.  At Fotia, expect to find a range of mezze, dips, meat skewers, seafood and, of course, delicious desserts.

Crowd favourites: Get a mixed combo platter (S$82.80) to share so you can sample a variety of meats served with vegetables. Traditional favourites include mosharaki kokkinisto (a beef cheek dish) (S$36.80) and moussaka (S$30.80).

4. Mykonos On The Bay

Quayside Isle, 01-10, 31 Ocean Way
Open: Monday to Wednesday, Friday (12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10.30pm), Thursday (6pm to 10.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (12pm to 10.30pm)

Photo: Mykonos on the Bay/Instagram

Why visit? This Greek restaurant in Sentosa, Mykonos On The Bay, will make you feel like you’re relaxing somewhere on a private Greek island, complete with a view of sailing boats and yachts nearby. Aside from its picturesque setting, the restaurant also prides itself on using only the finest and freshest ingredients, with a menu full of handmade classic Greek dishes.

Crowd favourites: Try some of its traditional dishes “from grandma’s recipe book”, as the menu states — such as moussaka (S$30), stifado (a hearty Greek beef stew, S$39) and spanakopita (savoury spinach pie, S$27).

5. Ela, The Little Lost Greek Place

33 Jalan Sultan, 01-09/10
Open: Monday to Sunday (9am to 10pm)

Photo: Ela, The Little Lost Greek Place/Instagram

Why visit? Ela, The Little Lost Greek Place is a halal Greek restaurant in Singapore inspired by the culture of Greek communal dining. It’s owned by the folks at Black Hole Group, who also run the Tipo restaurants and Working Title cafe. 

While this quaint spot may be inspired by the concept of communal dining, it doesn’t mean you have to visit in a big group; whatever the size of your party, you can still savour the delectable flavours here with its wide range of dishes and smaller sharing platters.

Crowd favourites: There are sharing platters suitable for two to three people — the farmhouse platter (S$60) and seabreeze platter (S$75), which serve meat and seafood, respectively. If you prefer something less heavy, it serves wraps such as lamb wrap (S$17) and plant-based wrap (S$14), with tzatziki dip, fries and pickled salad. Alternatively, you may opt for mains such as moussaka (S$22) or paidakia (ribs, from S$32).

Read our review of our visit to Ela at Jalan Sultan.

6. Zorba The Greek Taverna

Block A Clarke Quay, 01-01C to 01D, 3A River Valley Road
Open: Monday and Tuesday (5pm to 11pm), Wednesday and Thursday (11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 11pm), Friday (11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 11.30pm), Saturday (10am to 11.30pm), Sunday (10am to 11pm)

Photo: Zorba The Greek Taverna/Instagram

Why visit? Want to feel like you’re in Santorini? Then pop into Zorba The Greek Taverna, a waterfront restaurant in Clarke Quay that’s regarded as one of the best Greek restaurants in Singapore for a waterfront view. 

The ingredients at this Greek restaurant are mostly sourced from Greece, and it also offers a special brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Crowd favourites: A communal menu (meat or vegetarian options at S$75 per person) is available for lunch and dinner, with a minimum party of four diners — it features dishes such as grilled whole squid and vegetarian moussaka. 

Prefer going rogue? There’s also an a la carte menu, with choices such as saganaki cheese (fried cheese, S$16), Mediterranean seafood stew (S$52) and chicken souvlaki (S$26).

7. Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli

Tanglin Mall, 02-142/144, 163 Tanglin Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Photo: Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli/Instagram

Why visit? Simple, unpretentious grub is what you’ll get at this no-frills Greek restaurant in Singapore. Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli’s menu consists of home-style meals made from the best ingredients from the Mediterranean region. 

Fun fact: Pano Kato means “upstairs, downstairs” in Greek and alludes to how the owners have a store and bistro upstairs, and Pano Kato downstairs. 

The restaurant is spacious and ideal for family gatherings, and you can even pick up something from the in-store deli to enjoy at home.

Crowd favourites: You have to try the 30-cm pizzas, which are served piping hot from the brick oven. Tomato-based options include classic margherita (S$24) and burrata (S$30) or choose a white-based variation such as chicken pesto (S$30). 

You can also go for more traditional Greek dishes there such as papou’s imam bayildi (Greek stuffed eggplant, S$22) or spanakopita (spinach filo pastry with feta, onion and eggs, S$30).

8. White Marble

Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, 01-09, 1 Tanglin Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10.30pm)

Photo: White Marble/Instagram

Why visit? Chef Otto Weibel invites you to join him in celebrating his love of Mediterranean fare —White Marble is a casual Mediterranean grill restaurant in town that uses premium produce, focusing on seafood and vegetables. If you found the name White Marble familiar, chef Otto is also behind the popular steakhouse at Holland Avenue, Black Marble

If your dining party wants a bit more than just Greek fare, you’ll be glad to know that dishes at White Marble are also inspired by flavours from other countries around the Mediterranean region, so there’s a bit of everything for everyone. 

Crowd favourites: Get a mezze plate (can be shared by two, S$34), where you can sample foods like tabbouleh with quinoa, hummus, falafel, and chicken skewers. Grilled meats include lamb merguez kebab (lamb sausage kebab, S$32) and plant-based kofta (S$28).

9. Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

CapitaGreen, 40-01, 138 Market Street
Open: Monday to Friday (11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm)

Photo: Artemis Grill & Sky Bar/Instagram

Why visit? At Mediterranean-inspired rooftop restaurant Artemis Grill & Sky Bar, you’ll be treated to good food with a view. The seasonal menu is inspired by the Mediterranean region, utilising fresh ingredients such as vegetables, seafood and grilled meats. 

Its central location in the CBD also means that it has value-for-money executive set lunches going from just S$55 for two courses. If you wish to pop in for a tipple after work, enjoy a panoramic view of Marina Bay from its Sky Bar.

Crowd favourites: The black cod (S$66) with pea and mint puree, asparagus and ikura caviar keeps its regulars coming back, as does its dark chocolate tart (S$18). 

If you’re looking for more, its burratina (S$30) which comes with sundried tomato pesto and grilled artichoke is a refreshing starter, and does well with any of its tartare dishes, whether its the yellow fin tuna (S$30) or Artemis beef (S$30) variation.

10. Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill

Wheelock Place, 02-04/05, 501 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 9.30pm)

Photo: Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill/Instagram

Why visit? Meat lovers, assemble! At halal-certified Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill, you’ll find some of the most succulent meat dishes in town, with both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Headed by chef Khaled Elelimi, the restaurant hopes to serve its customers food that isn’t just delicious, but helps you to connect, reminisce and make memories.

You’ll also be glad to know that all the food here is made from scratch and served fresh, without artificial or processed ingredients.

Crowd favourites: Some of the specials include tabouleh (Levantine salad, S$30) and beef brisket au jus (serves two to three, S$68). Try the Egyptian fish stingray (S$95) if you’re feasting with friends. If you have space, we hear the pistachio mix grill (for two, S$52) and lamb chops with moussaka (S$38) are also worth ordering.

11. Cappadocia Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

69 Bussorah Street
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 11.30pm)

Photo: Cappadocia Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant/Instagram

Why visit? Dive into modern and traditional interpretations of Turkish dishes at Cappadocia Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant. The restaurant is located right on the bustling Bussorah Street, and it’s the perfect spot for you to enjoy a hearty meal with a stunning view of the iconic Sultan Mosque.

Be sure to leave room for its selection of Turkish signature sweets, which are the perfect way to end a meal.

Crowd favourites: Dive right into its Turkish pizzas such as mushroom pide (S$21.90), lamb pide (S$28.90) and lahmacun (from S$21.90, depending on the choice of meat). If you want more proteins, there’s its mix cappa kebab (S$58.90) which you can share with the whole table. If you’re hungry for your own plate, traditional dishes such as musakka (from S$24.90) will satisfy.

12. Noa

83 Neil Road
Open: Monday to Saturday (12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm)

Photo: Noa by Olivia/Instagram

Why visit? Noa presents a modern take on Mediterranean dishes and was started in end-2023 by well-esteemed Michelin chef Alan Devahive, the same person behind popular Spanish restaurant Olivia. 

Here, you’ll get to savour innovative dishes with influences from the Mediterranean and Spain, and unwind with its speciality cocktails — it’s the perfect spot for both a romantic date night or a girls’ night out.

Crowd favourites: The Noa “bomba” crispy meatballs with harissa and aioli (S$20 for two pieces) is a favourite amongst diners. For mains, try its barbecue scampi rice spanish style (S$65) if you’re a seafood lover, or its stew lamb kofta with fava beans and chickpeas (S$42).

End your meal with one of its many creative cocktails (S$20) at the bar, made by its in-house mixologist, and inspired by flavours of the Mediterranean.

13. Le Rida 

903 Bukit Timah Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 11.30pm)

Photo: @to__joyce/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re craving Med fare but want a little bit of something else, Le Rida at Bukit Timah could be your spot, with its mix of Mediterranean, Indian and French fare. The restaurant is a bit of a #IYKYK gem for residents in the area, and is rustic and cosy enough, whether you’re looking to dine with the family or a special date. 

While there, make sure you get a taste of its wide range of dips and mezze with its freshly baked pita bread.

Crowd favourites: Start your meal with a fresh, steaming pita basket and Le Rida’s popular dips platter for two or four diners (S$35/S$55). Grilled over a charcoal fire, it offers traditionally prepared kebabs with various meats and styles, such as Lebanese kofta kebab (S$23) and Shirazy kebab (S$22).

14. Original Sin

Chip Bee Gardens, 01-62, 23 Jalan Merah Saga
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.45am to 2.15pm, 6pm to 9.30pm)

Photo: Original Sin

Why visit? Singapore’s first and only fully vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant, Original Sin at Chip Bee Gardens has been around for over 25 years. Here, you can find Greek classics prepared with dietary restrictions in mind for vegans, those with gluten sensitivities, and even those with lactose intolerance.

Crowd favourites: You can order traditional Greek fare, such as spanakopita (S$32), and moussaka (S$32), but also choose from innovative creations such as its bosco misto, which features spinach, feta and tofu patties with almonds and sesame, doused in a mushroom plum sauce (S$32).

15. Miska Cafe

31 Ocean Way, 01-07
Open: Monday to Friday (10am to 8.30pm), Saturday and Sunday (10am to 9.30pm)

Photo: @joycet.bell/Instagram

Why visit? The vibrant decor at Miska Cafe, with its tiled walls and colourful tables, will transport you straight to the coasts of Greece. Its large portion sizes, variety of wraps and sharing platters make dining here perfect for groups or families — including pets as the space is pet-friendly

Crowd favourites: To start, order the nachos (S$13), a large bowl of tortilla chips loaded with mango tomato salsa, lettuce and cheese. The mixed seafood grill platter (S$44), featuring salmon, squid, and king prawns, is also an ideal choice if you want a variety of seafood for sharing. Meat lovers can get its mixed meat grill ($S48), which has lamb kofta and ribeye steak.

16. Riviera

One Fullerton, 02-06, 1 Fullerton Road
Open: Tuesday to Saturday (12pm to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 11pm)

Photo: Riviera

Why visit? Experience Mediterranean fine-dining elevated with French techniques at the Michelin Guide-recommended Riviera. Started by chef Yvan Yin, the establishment boasts a range of dishes crafted with Greek, Italian, French, and Moroccan influences. Enjoy a luxurious dining experience with panoramic views of the Marina Bay waterfront. 

Crowd favourites: Indulge in its 3- or 4-course lunch experience (S$78/S$88), with one or two starters, a main and a dessert. We hear its wild turbot (S$68) with a saffron aioli bouillabaisse (seafood and herb-based sauce) is a hit. Alternatively, you can order a la carte dishes such as its iberico pork tenderloin (S$58).

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