17 spots to head to for food at 313@Somerset

By Gracia Ow April 25, 2024
17 spots to head to for food at 313@Somerset
Photos (clockwise from left): Tanyu/Instagram, Mrs Pho/Instagram, Noodle Villa/Instagram, Chimi’s/Instagram

Some adore this Somerset mall for its shopping options, but the variety of options for food at Somerset 313 is also what gets the foodies excited. Be spoilt for choice with the plethora of dining options here for all budgets and all cravings — from Mexican cuisine to Michelin-starred Ramen, this vibrant mall has it all.

While it is known officially as 313@Somerset, it is not uncommon to hear people say: “Let’s meet at Somerset 313”, when referring to this conveniently located mall that sits right above Somerset MRT station. 

So, if you’re due to meet your friends at this go-to shopping spot in Somerset, we’ve got you covered with this list of 313 Somerset food options.

1. Chimi’s

313@Somerset, 01-25B, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Wednesday (12pm to 11pm), Thursday to Sunday (12pm to 12am)

food at Somerset 313
Need a bite of these borracho fish tacos now, pronto! Photo: Chimi’s/Instagram

Why visit? Brought to you by the team behind the popular Chimichanga restaurant, Chimi’s is a casual Mexican eatery located at the mall’s al fresco section, right next to the iconic H&M outlet. Expect to find hearty and soulful Mexican dishes such as burritos and tacos, as well as great cocktails. 

We stan its vibey atmosphere with its neon lights and lively bartenders — perfect for a girls’ night out after all that shopping. 

Crowd favourites: When at Chimi’s, it would be remiss not to try its Chimichanga (a deep-fried burrito) — its chimichanga with carne asada beef (S$18) packs a good punch. Not a fan of beef? Give its borracho fish tacos (S$18) which comes with beer-battered white fish – made using Neon Donkey Hoppy Donkey IPA, to be exact — a go.

2. Tanyu

313@Somerset, B3-30-32, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
We can already smell the spicy mala flavours in this photo. Photo: Tanyu/Instagram

Why visit? With more than 300 branches all over China, Tanyu is arguably one of the most popular grilled fish spots around — it’s no wonder then that it’s enjoying the same fanfare in Singapore. 

Here’s how it works: You choose the type of fish you prefer, from seabass to limbo fish. Then, pick your desired flavour out the fifteen available, and add-on any other sides such as mushrooms, lotus roots and more. Lastly, all that’s left to do is to enjoy the tender and fresh fish meat, and savour every single drop of the broth.

Crowd favourites: Tanyu’s bestseller is its grilled limbo fish with green pepper (S$45.90) and is the perfect dish for anyone who loves spicy and numbing mala flavours. For those who can’t take the heat, go for its grilled sea bass with soy sauce ($42.90) for a more muted option.

3. O’ma Spoon

313@Somerset, 04-32, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (11am to 10.30pm), Friday and Saturday (11am to 11pm)

food at Somerset 313
Ready your spoons, and grab a bite of this injeolmi bingsu. Photo: O'ma Spoon/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re looking for dessert options among all that Somerset 313 food, there’s no better place to go than Korean dessert spot O’ma Spoon, where you can enjoy well-loved sweet treats such as bingsu (Korean shaved ice) and baked thick honey bread. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth here, with up to 20 flavours of its bingsu, made with premium-quality milk, and quench your thirst with its delightful lattes, too. 

Crowd favourites: Gather round and dig into its signature injeolmi bingsu (S$17.50), where soybean powder is dusted onto the shaved ice and topped off with small chewy mochi-like rice cakes. If you prefer something more substantial for a dessert, try its caramel honey butter bread (S$10.40), which is absolutely decadent with its whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

4. Nam Dae Mun

313@Somerset, B3-54, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
Desserts galore here at Nam Dae Mun. Photo: Nam Dae Mun/Instagram

Why visit? There aren’t very many 313 Somerset Korean food options, but if you’ve got some serious K-cravings then there’s Nam Dae Mun, a small shop that sells Korean-style desserts. This outlet at 313@Somerset is the brand’s first global flagship store and you can expect to find Korean-style traditional glutinous rice cakes there. 

The best part is that these yummy desserts are also healthy — made with natural ingredients, less sugar, no oil and no salt, making for the ultimate guilt-free indulgence. 

Crowd favourites: If we were you we’d gun straight for its generously filled rice cakes such as its sweet red bean sticky rice cake (S$4.80). Durian lovers, don’t miss out on its AAA+ maoshan durian handmade mochi (S$6.90), which comes with rich durian puree encased within a soft, chewy mochi. 

5. Josh’s Grill

313@Somerset, B2-15-19, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11.30am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
A juicy and succulent chicken chop for your western food cravings. Photo: Josh’s Grill/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re looking for reliable, good food at 313 Somerset there’s always Josh’s Grill, a grill-focused spot known for its affordable western grub. Its dishes are also generously portioned with two sides to a main, so you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth. 

Other than good ol’ classics, you have to try its unique side dishes such as mala broccoli with crushed peanuts and cheesy butter rice.  

Crowd favourites: Self-proclaimed carnivores will enjoy its classic char-grill chicken chop (S$19.90) where its chicken is succulent and seasoned perfectly. Everyone loves a crispy and crunchy fish and chips dish and the fish and chips with tartar sauce (S$12.90) definitely fits the bill.

6. Mrs Pho Kitchen

313@Somerset, 01-16, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
Authentic Vietnamese cuisine greets you at Mrs Pho. Photo: Mrs Pho/Instagram

Why visit? Be transported to Vietnam instantly with authentic Vietnamese fare at Mrs Pho Kitchen — yes, we’re talking traditional dishes at wallet-friendly prices, but in an elevated setting.

Experience pho-nomenal Vietnamese flavours here, with its mouth-watering phos, banh mis and traditional sides such as fried spring rolls.  

Crowd favourites: Best on a rainy day, its beef combination pho (S$12.80) is easily one of the best in Singapore — it comes with sliced beef, sliced brisket and beef balls simmered in its secret-recipe beef broth that’s boiled for a whopping 12 hours. Try its Mrs Pho dry noodle (S$11.80), featuring well-seasoned grilled pork chop and grilled meatball with homemade fish sauce.

7. Tsuta Japanese Dining

313@Somerset, 01-17, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
Piping hot ramen, any time, any day. Photo: Tsuta Japanese Dining/Instagram

Why visit? When you exit Somerset MRT station, the very first restaurant you see is Tsuta Japanese Dining, and for good reason. It’s a go-to when it comes to 313 Somerset Japanese food options.

Renowned for serving up the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen, Tsuta’s signature dashi broth is brimming with rich umami flavours, and is made without any additive or artificial flavours. Not a fan of soup ramen? There’s also mazesoba (dry noodles) and rice dons too. 

Crowd favourite: Cooked with a one-of-a-kind special shoyu base, its truffle shoyu soba (S$17.80) is rich yet not overly cloying, and keeps us coming back for more. One of its newer creations, premium ebi soba (S$18.80) is made with a killer combination of prawn head, pork and a mix of tonkotsu broth — just the dish to gun for if you’re in the mood to indulge.

8. Yakiniku Like

313@Somerset, B2-01, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
Fix all your Yakiniku cravings here. Photo: Yakiniku Like/Instagram

Why visit? If you’ve dined in Ichiran Ramen’s solo dining booths in Japan and want to replicate that experience, there’s Yakiniku Like, a well-loved Japanese yakiniku chain restaurant that prides itself on wallet-friendly prices. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dining there alone or with company as it delivers a “fast-food style” experience with individual grills. Expect quality juicy meats that pair well with its dipping sauces such as barbecue sauce, garlic soy sauce, sea salt sauce, spicy miso sauce. Its use of electric smokeless grills also means you leave the place smelling clean and fresh. 

Crowd favourites: A value-for-money choice with variety is its Like set (S$19.80), which includes beef tongue, skirt steak and beef short plate. Sets here come with soup, rice, and  either kimchi or salad. Not a fan of beef? Its pork and chicken set (S$7.80) with pork belly, pork jowl and chicken thigh is just as popular.

9. Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen

313@Somerset, B3-35-36, 313 Orchard Road 
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
Photo: Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen/Instagram

Why visit? Looking for 313 Somerset halal food options? Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen serves up halal-certified Hokkaido-style ramen that’s prepared with a chicken-based broth. Its broth is painstakingly simmered using the freshest produce — chicken, vegetables, bonito, mackerel, and kelp — resulting in a rich, umami-laden finish.

Fans of Hokkaido-style ramen will be glad to know that its noodles are specially created with Hokkaido wheat, and have the distinctive springiness you’d expect of ramen from this region. 

Crowd favourites: Go for its Ichikokudo ramen (S$9.90), which comes with a classic shoyu (soy sauce) soup prepared with chicken bones daily. Keen on trying something different? The brand also serves up its own rendition — the Ichi-smoked duck ramen (S$12.90) — which comes with slices of smoked duck in the same robust broth.

10. Go Noodle House 

313@Somerset, B3-37/38, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Sunday to Thursday (11.30am to 9.30pm), Friday and Saturday (11.30am to 10pm)

food at Somerset 313
Brb, salivating while looking at this bowl of noodles. Photo: Go Noodle House/ Instagram

Why visit? Love noodles? This famous Malaysian noodle restaurant Go Noodle House serves up comforting Jiangxi-style handmade noodles at affordable prices, and is worth a try if you love all things noodles.

The Qing dynasty-themed restaurant specialises in mi xian (rice noodles) and we hear that it’s so fastidious about its quality control that it delivers its noodles and soup base fresh from Malaysia. Yes, we’re talking about its robust broth that’s made with 14 types of fish bones!

Crowd favourites: Our top pick is its signature bursting meatballs dish (S$11.90) for juicy pork meatballs with generous fillings — you can also choose to upgrade the soup base to a spicy one (+S$1) or one with pickled vegetables (+S$2). If you’re on team dry noodles, its Hakka sauce with century egg (S$11.90), which comes with chewy noodles, minced meat, and century egg — it’s a flavour-packed dish you shouldn’t miss.

11. JiBiru Yakitori & Craft Beer

313@Somerset, 01-26, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Tuesday to Thursday (11.30am to 11pm), Friday (11.30am to 11.30pm), Saturday (10am to 11.30pm), Sunday (10.am to 10.30pm)

food at Somerset 313
After a long day of week, we just want some beer and bar bites. Photo: JiBiru Yakitori & Craft Beer/ Instagram

Why visit? Need a little something to nurse while you’re at 313@Somerset? Wind down at JiBiru Yakitori & Craft Beer with some craft beer and delish bar bites. This laidback bar is located at the al fresco part of the mall, so you’ll be able to people-watch while knocking back some pints.

If you know your Japanese craft beers, then you’ll definitely enjoy its rather-extensive drinks menu. Don’t forget to grab some of its yakitori while you’re at it — it’s got value-for-money yakitori sets that goes well with any of its beers. 

Crowd favourites: If you can’t make up your mind on which yakitori to get, try its yakitori moriawase (S$28.90 for 12 sticks) — you can enjoy different types of skewers from chicken to mushroom, to bacon. If you want something more substantial, its hamburg cheese curry (S$15.50) is equal parts sinful and satisfying.

12. Ohayo Mama San

313@Somerset, 01-29, 313 Orchard Road 
Open: Monday to Thursday (12pm to 10.30pm), Friday (12pm to 11pm), Saturday and Sunday (11am to 10.30pm)

food at Somerset 313
Yum yum in my tum tum with these sushi rolls. Photo: Ohayo Mama San/Instagram

Why visit? If you’re one of those that enjoys the occasional high tea with your girls, then you’ll want to bookmark Ohayo Mama San, which serves up budget-friendly high-tea sets that can go as low as S$29 per person.

This Japanese fusion establishment is also beautifully decorated to boot — its chic and vibrant coral blue interior contrasts nicely with its delicate high tea sets, making for some very social media-worthy moments. 

Crowd favourites: Its Japanese high-tea sets (from S$29) are seasonal, for example it has a sakura-themed set for spring, that comes with strawberry mochi waffles and cherry blossom rolls, just to name a few. If you get a chance to, try its Pink Lady (S$20) sushi roll, which is a scrumptious mix of panko shrimp, cream cheese, boiled shrimp, sakura denbu (pink fish flakes), and even edible flowers!

13. Cafe de Paris

313@Somerset, B1-37, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Thursday (11am to 10pm), Friday to Sunday (11am to 10.30pm)

food at Somerset 313
Planned the perfect date — art jamming with high tea. Photo: Cafe de Paris/Instagram

Why visit? Y’know those moments where you’re stuck between wanting to be productive, but also want to watch the world while away over some coffee or tea? Get the best of both worlds at Cafe de Paris, where you can unleash your creativity at art jamming, while sampling its afternoon tea sets. 

If tea’s not quite your jam, there’s also brunch specials and pasta dishes, plenty of dessert choices, as well as quality beverages — with such an extensive menu we could really see ourselves staying all day there!

Crowd favourites: Its popular high tea set for art jamming customers (S$23.80) include bites such as crab claw toast and its specialty in-house Mille Crepe — you’ll need to reserve at least a day ahead to enjoy this special rate, though! 

For an instagram-worthy shot, get its Eiffel tower Korean bonbon delights in mango (S15.80), which features mango chunks served with refreshing sorbet and non-dairy cream.

14. Hi Noodle

313@Somerset, B3-19-20, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9.30pm)

Why visit? If you’re a fervent FoodTok (foodie TikTok) follower, then you probably would have seen this viral noodle house, Hi Noodle, all over the platform.

It’s been getting traction thanks to its affordably priced, yummy Chinese noodles, and also for its free ice cream — all you have to do is to return your tray and receive a token to redeem a sweet treat.

Prefer your noodles with as many condiments as possible? Hi Noodle has a condiment bar like those you’d find at HaiDiLao, so help yourself to as much sauces and toppings as you’d like! 

Crowd favourites: If it’s your first visit, start with its classic scallion oil noodles (S$4.90) which is insanely affordable (for a restaurant), flavourful and fragrant. We also can’t quite get enough of its spicy crayfish noodles (S14.90) which packs a punch thanks to the peppers and chilli that accompany the dish.

15. Noodle Villa

313@Somerset, B1-10, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9.30pm)

food at Somerset 313
Authentic Guizhou-style noodles. Photo: Noodle Villa/Instagram

Why visit? Searching for more noodle options at 313@Somerset? Don’t miss out on Qian Zhuang Noodle Villa, a quaint restaurant which serves up Guizhou-style noodles with a flavourful broth that is stewed for hours.

If you love lamb, Qian Zhuang has noodles that feature this protein and even serves up lamb offal, which is well-cleaned and not in the least bit gamey. We also really loved its huge portions of both noodles and protein, which makes it an ideal spot for big eaters out there. 

Crowd favourites: Its stewed beef rice noodles (S$13.80) is a reliable dish that features premium braised beef with slippery smooth noodles. Those who prefer it spicy can try its lamb rice noodles (S$13.80), which comes with a spicy broth and tender lamb slices.

16. Gading Street Food

313@Somerset, B3-10A, 313 Orchard Road 
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 9pm)

food at Somerset 313
Worth every calorie! Photo: Gading Street Food/Instagram

Why visit? Gading Street Food might be a small eatery but its authentic Indonesian cuisine packs a big punch. It specialises in martabak, which is similar to the local snack min jiang kueh, and Gading makes them using ingredients specially imported from Indonesia.

As with any self-respecting Indonesian food stands, it also serves up Indonesian classics such as bihun bakso (meatball beehoon soup, S$8.90), nasi ayam kremes (crispy chicken rice, S$9) and siomay (Indonesian fish cake, S$10 for 8 pieces) 

Crowd favourites: Customers love its classic Jakarta martabak (S$16 for 10 pieces) that is soft and fluffy on the inside, topped with savoury shredded cheese, sweet chocolate sprinkles and creamy condensed milk. For some pandan fragrance with cheesy goodness, dig into its pandan kaya cheese (S$17.90 for 10 pieces) that comes with a generous dollop of kaya and cheese toppings.

17. Tonkatsu Enbiton

313@Somerset, B3-25-27, 313 Orchard Road
Open: Monday to Sunday (11am to 10pm)

Food at Somerset 313
Hands up if you’re drooling like we are. Photo: Tonkatsu ENbiton/Instagram

Why visit? Calling itself the first restaurant to serve yuzu pork in Singapore, Tonkatsu Enbiton prides itself on serving up tender and juicy pork dishes. Lest you think it’s merely yuzu-flavoured pork, yuzu pork actually comes from pigs in Kagoshima, Japan that are fed local yuzu when reared — the resulting meat is tender, has hints of yuzu and is said to be rich in vitamin C.

Aside from the unique yuzu pork it serves up, Tonkatsu Enbiton also has the trending hot stone gyukatsu on its menu. The dish comes with steak strips coated with panko, as well as a teppan hot stone for you to grill your meats as you wish.

Crowd favourites: If you can only try one dish, go for its yuzu rosu katsu set (S$22) for its speciality yuzu pork loin that is deep-fried to perfection — crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The set also comes with rice, veggies and a pork miso soup. If you are feeling spendy, opt for its miyazaki gyukatsu (S$39) for some buttery A5 wagyu strips that are served on a teppan hot stone grill for you to achieve your desired doneness.

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All stores, except Noodle Villa, are on the GrabFood Delivery Service and offer free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited.  

Do explore the GrabFood Dine-in service for awesome deals. 

Book a ride to these 313@Somerset food spots.

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