Not satisfied with your KFC chicken? Get a 1-for-1 exchange

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Not satisfied with your KFC chicken? Get a 1-for-1 exchange
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Starting Feb 24, KFC is determined to make an important commitment to you – giving you only the tastiest chicken.

Bringing the ‘Good’ back into Finger Lickin’ Good via the Colonel’s Guarantee Campaign, the fast food chain is unveiling a 1-for-1 exchange programme.

Should you be unsatisfied with either your KFC’s Original Recipe or Hot and Crispy Chicken, exchange your piece for a new one.

This bold move was inspired by KFC’s promise to only churn out the best for its customers.

In line with this guarantee, KFC’s cooks have completed intensive re-training to ensure that the products are ‘good, fresh, tender and juicy’.

If you would like an exchange while dining in, bring your uneaten or partially eaten chicken to the counter. You will have to fill out a feedback form that can be accessed via a QR Code as well.

Upon showing the completed feedback form to the KFC staff, your replacement chicken will be handed to you and the old one will be discarded.

Similarly, if you opt for takeaway and feel unsatisfied with the quality of your chicken, you can make an exchange.

You must do so in person at the same store of purchase, and on the same day of your purchase.

Additionally, you would need to show your receipt and the uneaten or partially eaten product.

Loving your crispy and delicious chicken from KFC?

You can give the cooks and their team a pat on the shoulder by simply scanning the same QR code and tapping on the ‘Well Done” button.

To express the KFC’s team appreciation for your feedback, a promotion code will be given to you in return, securing you one free piece of chicken in your next purchase.

If you would like to know more about KFC’s latest offerings, visit today.



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