New FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay is an experiential grocer with a cocktail bar and food hall all-in-one

By Phyllis Leong February 29, 2024
New FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay is an experiential grocer with a cocktail bar and food hall all-in-one
FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay offers an experiential shopping experience like no other. Photos: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

When you think of Clarke Quay, bars and nightclubs probably first spring to mind. And while the bustling district is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene, its most recent addition, grocer FairPrice Finest also gives plenty to shout about. 

FairPrice Finest at Clarke Quay opened its doors on Feb 21.

Despite being the 40th Fairprice Finest outlet in Singapore, the one at Clarke Quay is far from your run-of-the-mill Finest supermarket. This newly opened store sets itself apart from its counterparts by offering an exclusive experiential shopping experience. 

In theme with its nightlife neighbours, you can swing by and sip on local-inspired concoctions at its in-store cocktail bar or even build your very own kacang puteh with dried fruits and nuts at Tong Garden’s takeaway kiosk.

There is also an outlet-exclusive “you pick, we cook” service offered at Shinshima (one of the six food kiosks in the dining hall) where expert chefs will whip up your choice of beef and seafood, on the spot. 

Fancy a kitchen tip or two? Live cooking masterclasses are also held at the grocer’s Experiential Zone, where well-known local chefs, such as MasterChef Singapore Season 2 runner-up Leon Lim, hold culinary workshops and demonstrations.

At its retail arm, one can also purchase daily essentials across brands sold across all FairPrice branches at the same price point. 

But is the new FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay really worth a visit or are you better off sticking to your regular Finest outlet? Here’s our take on the new space:

Heritage-focused outlet

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
FairPrice Finest has collaborated with Kelly Ser for an outlet-exclusive collection. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

If you think nightlife and a supermarket make for an odd combination, the decision was extremely deliberate. Opening a new Fairprice Finest outlet at Clarke Quay was the company’s way of paying tribute to the precinct’s rich heritage as one of Singapore’s commercial maritime hubs in the mid-1800s. 

This can be seen through the various nautical-themed decorations scattered around the space, and a picturesque wall mural depicting the storied history of the Singapore River. 

It’ll also be hard to miss a merchandise corner stocking unique designs by local artists, such as those by the talented Kelly Ser. Her signature artwork leans towards modern, kaleidoscopic depictions of traditional architecture and landmarks. 

To celebrate the opening of its Clarke Quay outlet, FairPrice Finest has collaborated with Kelly Ser to launch a stunning FairPrice Finest x Kelly Ser Atelier collection. Items include the SG River tote bag (S$9.90) and SG River tumbler (S$6.90), which come with watercolour paintings of the Singapore River and Clarke Quay itself.

Tong Garden’s do-it-yourself kacang puteh kiosk 

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
Pick from a wide range of nuts and dried fruits. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Feeling peckish? Homegrown nut brand Tong Garden has a do-it-yourself kacang puteh station that allows you to build your very own snack with its signature nuts and dried fruits. 

The tidbits are packaged in an old-school box with the front page of a newspaper printed on it, akin to the food packaging of yesteryear when street vendors used newspapers to wrap up food. 

Between the different varieties of nuts and dried fruits to choose from, we recommend getting the local-centric laksa cashew and chilli crackers (S$1.80/30g) — crunchy cashew nuts layered with a fragrant laksa flavour and mixed with spicy chilli chips.

In-store cocktail bar with local-inspired drinks

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
Check out the grocer’s first-ever cocktail bar! Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

When in Clarke Quay, drinks are never too far away. One of the main highlights of the newly opened FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is its first-ever watering hole located within the supermarket itself. 

Named The Grocer Bar, it’s an actual functioning bar area where shoppers can indulge and sip on FairPrice Finest’s range of beers, spirits and wines right after purchase. Just note that there is a corkage fee of S$2.50 per bottle (below 500ml) and S$8 for liquour bottles with a capacity of more than 500ml.

Especially unique to FairPrice Finest’s bar is the local-themed cocktails designed in partnership with Singapore’s sole local gin distillery Brass Lion Distillery and international spirits purveyor Pernod Ricard Singapore.

The beverages reflect familiar Singaporean flavours such as pandan cake, ondeh ondeh and kueh salat (a Nyonya snack with glutinous rice, coconut milk and blue pea extract). 

Pick your poison for the night (or day) from 11 different alcoholic concoctions, all of which are priced at S$15.

Heritage-forward cocktails

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
These local-inspired cocktails are specially crafted for the FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay outlet. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

We hear the Pahit Dino has been an all-time favourite tipple among customers since the launch of The Grocer Bar. It’s a twist on the beloved Milo Dinosaur beverage, and combines Brass Lion’s Pahit Pink gin with Milo powder. 

The cocktail comes topped with a fluffy whipped cream and a full-bodied spice gin base tinged with sweet cocoa notes. It leans towards the bitter end, so we were hoping for stronger hints of chocolate for a more easygoing drink. 

Another popular choice is the Pandan Cake (no, not the cake itself) which is the perfect drink when you can’t decide between a cocktail or dessert

The cocktail comprises Malibu coconut rum, Absolut vodka, fragrant pandan paste and a bite-sized pandan cake. Dessert lovers, this one’s for you — this is on the sweeter side, with aromatic nuances of coconut. 

Those who gravitate towards uplifting, refreshing flavours can try the Lion City Sling, the bar’s take on the familiar Singapore Sling, or Lychee Pride, a gin and lychee soda blend with nata de coco jelly. 

Dining hall with six different food concepts

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
Stop by for some food after a long day of shopping. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay has also introduced a dine-in food hall, where shoppers can tuck into a variety of culinary delights from six different food kiosks across cuisines such as Japanese, Lebanese and Italian.

Tying back to the heritage theme, every store features a local-inspired dish. There is the ika with chilli crab sauce special (S$28) from Japanese grill station Shinshima and Milo tiramisu dessert (S$5) from Italian concept Atavola Pasta & Pane.

Outlet-exclusive pick-and-cook service

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
Lots of different cuts to choose from. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

If you’re swinging by Shinshima, a Japanese grill concept in the food hall, don’t forget to try its pick-and-cook service. 

You can get the skilful chefs at Shinshima to sizzle up fresh seafood purchased off the supermarket shelves, or cuts of beef from FairPrice Finest’s in-house butchery Delicato. After all, Shinshima’s speciality lies in grilled items that you can enjoy on the spot. 

Delicato has an extensive selection of premium beef cuts available, which span across angus, wagyu beef and fresh grass-fed options — so there’s something for everyone.

But the cooking doesn’t come for free, in case you were wondering; you’ll need to shell out S$12 for 300g worth of cooked meat. Every subsequent 100g has an additional S$4 charge.

Delicatessen with artisanal cheeses and cold cuts

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay
LPB Market & Bistro has artisanal cheeses and cold cuts up for grabs. Photo: Phyllis Leong/HungryGoWhere

Charcuterie lovers, this new spot’s got your back too. Cheese lovers should stop by the delicatessen, occupied by artisan cheese brand LPB Market & Bistro (formerly known as La Petite Boutique, which translates to ‘The Little Shop’ in French). 

This is the first time the homegrown brand, which has a shop in Kensington Park, has partnered with a local supermarket in Singapore to bring its products to a wider audience. 

LPB Market & Bistro specialises in artisanal cheeses from around the world, so you’ll definitely find your favourite cheeses.

For starters, there is the creamy burrata that is smoked over wood for maximum flavour and aroma — a best-seller at the grocer. There is also a wide selection of sauces that go nicely with the gourmet cheeses too, such as hummus, tomatoes, truffle and basil.

Alternatively, pair the gourmet cheeses with cured meats and cold cuts that are prepared in-house or sourced from French, Spanish and Italian farms. 

You can also try your hand at crafting your own charcuterie board that you can enjoy with loved ones. If you need cheese recommendations or the best wine pairings, the friendly staff on duty will be more than happy to help.

This was a hosted tasting.

For the latest eats, Singapore’s first apple crumble bar Maltby has a pop-up at Bugis and Rustica at Lavender serves up fusion dishes using locally farmed produce. Alternatively, catch up on the newest openings in town

Book a ride to visit the new experiential grocery store at FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay. 

Do explore the GrabFood Dine-in service for awesome deals.

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay

3 River Valley Road, 01-04/05, Block B
Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay
Open: Sunday to Thursday (8am to 11pm), Friday and Saturday (8am to 12am)

3 River Valley Road, 01-04/05, Block B
Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay
Open: Sunday to Thursday (8am to 11pm), Friday and Saturday (8am to 12am)

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