Warong Pak Sapari: The best mee soto in Singapore!

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
Warong Pak Sapari: The best mee soto in Singapore!
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Now run by third generation owner Sumadi Sapari, Warong Pak Sapari started way back in 1973 when his grandfather was a street hawker at the plot of land where Adam Road Food Centre now stands.

Sumadi took over in 2014 when he stopped working as an engineer to run the business.

Their robust spice-rich chicken broth is so loved that they’ve been invited to cook for the Singapore president’s charities and invited by the government to cook their dishes overseas.

The making of the mee soto broth is quite a painstaking process. Sumadi and his workers has to wake up at 3am to prepare the broth for when they open at 7-9am, depending on when the stock is ready.

The mee soto ($3.50) here has an amazingly robust stock, spice-laden and not overly oily, the result of whole chickens (including its insides) brewed for a minimum of three hours, even the normally bland shredded chicken (used as a topping) is properly seasoned here.

If anything, it can be a little too salty at times.

They automatically splash in some fiery dark soy sauce chili dip but request it to be on the side.

It tastes great when mixed in, but a little goes a long way.

There is the option to add a burgadil (fried potato cake) for an additional $1 which we would recommend as it comes with smooth potato and has a lot of stock and oil richness.
Soak it in the broth and it adds just the right amount of savouriness into each mouthful.

They also sell mee rebus ($3.50) which has a smooth gravy — and it comes reddish brown as some tomato is added in. The colour is unusual for mee rebus as it normally comes brownish in colour.

It comes decently spicy, with noticeable preserved bean, curry and dried prawn flavours but can sometimes come a little too sweet depending on the day.

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