KFC: 5 ways to add more ZING to your Zinger Burger

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
KFC: 5 ways to add more ZING to your Zinger Burger
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How would you describe a “zing”? That feeling when you taste something exciting and you want to keep taking bite after bite of it. Like the spicy, crispy crumbs around a juicy succulent chicken fillet, of which you can’t get enough. No, we are not talking about any Michelin-star dish, we are talking about KFC’s Zinger Burger.

The well-love burger in now back with more options so you can enjoy it more. Here are the many ways that you can get more ZING with your Zinger Burger:


1. Have it on its own

This might be a duh moment for some, but we must give credit when it is due. There is a reason for the popularity of the Zinger Burger and we believe it must be somewhere between the toasted sesame bun, paired with the hot and crispy chicken fillet.


2. Go local

It is no secret that our Southeast Asian spices go best with fried chicken (belachan, anyone?) KFC amps up the spicy kick by adding an asam pedas sauce over their signature Zinger fillet.  A tangy flavour that will please all spice lovers.


3. Oozing with cheese

If you love KFC’s Cheese Fries, you will love this new Cheesy Zinger.  Zinger loaded with cheese sauce and topped with a slice of cheese.  Indulgence in every bite!


4. Pair with all new fries

The best part about eating a burger is the fries that come with it. KFC introduces Thicker. Crispier. Tastier fries.


5. Round off with sweet treats 

Complete the burger meal with dessert.  Get some delectable Portuguese egg tarts made from a unique recipe by Margaret Wong, the woman responsible for the egg tart craze in Macau. The custardy goodness encased in a buttery, flaky shell is the best way to round off any meal at KFC.


Deciding on what to eat at your next meal? Tuck into the original and new Zingers at any KFC outlets. Original Zinger, Cheezy Zinger and Asam Pedas Zinger are now served with thicker, crispier and tastier fries!



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