[CLOSED] Fu Shi Traditional Roasted: Best roast meats in the north of Singapore?

By HungryGoWhere July 11, 2021
[CLOSED] Fu Shi Traditional Roasted: Best roast meats in the north of Singapore?
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There are quite a number of good Cantonese roast meat stalls in Singapore but very few of them manage to be excellent for all the three types of roast meats which Cantonese roast meat stalls offer — char siu (barbecued pork), siu yok (roast pork) and roast duck.

On a good day, This stall manages to come quite close to being excellent in all three, but only on a good day.

Opened in 2007 and run by Ang Gim Huat and his wife, who both are 53 years of age, Ang was a taxi driver for many decades before deciding to give up his profession to pursue his passion of being a hawker. The stall was located at Shunfu Mart Food Centre before relocating to Marsiling Mall in 2018.

Ang also uses costlier fresh (not chilled or frozen) pork as he feels that it tastes better.

The char siu is the big highlight as it loosely emulates the KL (Kuala Lumpur) style with a dark charred look and has no red colouring. That said,  the meat has been adapted for local tastes to have a little bit more chew and less sweetness.

The savoury sweet tasting meat is tender, moist and fatty, thanks to the use of bu jian tian (pig’s armpit) in their cuts, though

The siu yok (roast pork)  has excellent biscuit-like crunch to the skin, the meat is wonderfully moist and properly seasoned through.

The roast duck is not as alluring as the char siu and the siu yok but only relatively-speaking. It would still be considered good in any other roast meats stall.

The duck comes with a nice, crisp skin and moist meat, though the breast meat could do with a bit more tenderness. The taste is decently savoury and there is a more prominent five-spice seasoning as compared to before.

No matter the meat, they all have a smoky roasti-ness to the taste as all the meats are roasted onsite using large charcoal steel roasters.

Try the noodles which come with a nice springy texture, a gentle soy seasoning and lots of pork lard bits.

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