Penang Culture: New look and collab with Penang’s famous Ghee Hiang Bakery

By Evan Mua April 2, 2024
Penang Culture: New look and collab with Penang’s famous Ghee Hiang Bakery
Penang Culture’s new look comes with pastries from the famous Ghee Hiang Bakery. Photos: Abdul Rahim Anwar and Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Penang char kway teow, white kopi and assam laksa — those are things that we miss all the time. 

If you’re like us and too busy to travel, but still wondering where to get an authentic taste of Penang in Singapore, then Penang Culture might be the place you’re looking for.

First founded in 2012, the brand prides in itself as the original, premier halal-certified restaurant dedicated to Penang cuisine.

penang culture
The brand unveiled a new look at its CompassOne outlet, which shares a space with Woke Ramen. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

After more than a decade, it has expanded to five different outlets across the island and had, more recently, unveiled a new look and brand identity at its CompassOne outlet

Besides swanky new trimmings, Penang Culture has also introduced a slew of hearty new items, including pastries from Penang’s famous Ghee Hiang Bakery.

Hearty Penang cuisine

penang culture ghee hiang singapore
The bakery has an assortment of hearty traditional pastries. Photo: Abdul Rahim Anwar/HungryGoWhere

Founded in 1856, it’s a household name in Georgetown, Penang, with more than 160 years of history and is known for its Fujian-style pastries.

For the collaboration with Ghee Hiang, Penang Culture will be carrying four of its best-selling items at all of its Singapore outlets, as well as its coffee (S$13 for eight packets or S$10.80 for the version with less sugar).

The pastry selection includes:

  • Tau sar piah (mung bean biscuit, S$13 for 16 pieces)
  • Beh teh saw (horseshoe biscuits, S$12 for five pieces)
  • Hneoh pneah (pastry with green-bean paste, S$13 for 16 pieces)
  • Phong pneah (pastry with malt and shallot filling, S$11.50 for five pieces).
penang culture ghee hiang
The chicken uses a sauce made with Ghee Hiang’s popular white kopi! Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Besides the traditional pastries, Penang Culture also introduced a new white kopi chicken (S$12.90) that’s slicked in a special sauce. Made from Ghee Hiang’s white kopi, it gives the dish a nice sweet and malty touch.

That’s not the only Penang Culture original though. The brand also carries a plethora of unique creations, including mentaiko ngoh hiong (S$8.90) and a fragrant and crispy salted egg squid fritter you tiao (S$9.90).

penang culture
The Penang food here is as hearty as it gets. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Of course, fans can also try out new additions to the menu such as sambal prawn with petai (S$15.90) and a tangy mango pomelo (S$5.90) served on a mound of shaved ice.

Customers can also expect authentic zi-char-style Penang classics that pack a flavour bomb, such as the Penang assam laksa (S$10.90) and Penang fish skin rojak (S$8.90).

penang culture
The mango pomelo here is rather uniquely presented. Photo: Evan Mua/HungryGoWhere

Our personal favourite? The wonderfully tangy signature curry fish head (S$32.90) loaded with assam fragrance.

Really hits the spot if you are craving Penang food and a very distinct flavour profile from the usual local curry fish head.

This was a hosted tasting.

For more ideas on what to eat, read our stories on where to get the most umami jjajangmyeon in Singapore and our masterlist to ban mian in Singapore.

Penang Culture is on the GrabFood delivery service and offers free delivery (up to S$3 off) with GrabUnlimited. 

Do explore the new GrabFood Dine-in service for awesome deals.

You can also book a ride to Penang Culture to grab Ghee Hiang Bakery biscuits or indulge in authentic Penang bites.

Penang Culture

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets

Multiple stores islandwide
Open: Operating hours vary across outlets

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